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  1. Outspoken added a post in a topic Attention mods/Gregg   

  2. Outspoken added a post in a topic 49 merc   

    mike, what in the world is a nissing post???

    Oh nevermind -- you meant missing
  3. Outspoken added a post in a topic '57 Thunderbird Mild Custom - Completed 08/19 with a TEASER   

    on the skirt / no skirt issue you could always do what I do when faced with that very same decision and cant convince myself of a direction --- go with 1/2skirts. You know take the stock skirts and section them to around 1/2 their original size. Best of both worlds american style and itallian sport.
  4. Outspoken added a post in a topic 49 merc   

    Although that does look decent so far, it has no bearing on the point at hand as that is AMT and he was asking about the new REVEL kit.
  5. Outspoken added a post in a topic Purple Power - Where Can I Get It???   

    I honestly have never noticed fumes from the purple pond (by either name). One thing to keep in mind it is not very effective on the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLD Testors model paints (50's 60's era as they contained lead and are very stubborn to remove. I am dealing with this right now and may have to resort to easy-off anyway.
  6. Outspoken added a post in a topic Purple Power - Where Can I Get It???   

    There actually is a brand called Purple Power. I think you are confusing it with people calling both "the purple pond". Coincidentally Purple Power iis the bargain brand of Superclean, they're made by the same parent company. And yes both are sold at WalMart. SuperClean for around 7 bucks per gallon and Purple Powwe for around 4 per gallon. Look in the automotive section of walmart they are right next to each other.
  7. Outspoken added a post in a topic Build for yourself-FIRST!   

    AMEN!!!!!!!! Preach-on raymanz! Be a much better place and much better world if others would take this approach to heart.
  8. Outspoken added a post in a topic 67 Chevelle Hot Rod   

    Only thing scary is how good you are ( only thing scarier than that would be goin up against you at a contest ) Seriously though this is awesome and the compliments (from me and others) are WELL DESERVED!!!!
  9. Outspoken added a post in a topic 67 Chevelle Hot Rod   


    This is incredible! cant wait to see it finished.
  10. Outspoken added a post in a topic So how big is the garage?   

    OUCH!!!! That sucks. I bet if you could see the plate it would be a Rhode Island driver.
  11. Outspoken added a post in a topic 1978 Pontiac Firebird Formula   

    Even with the bad photo, it's easy to see that it looks like you coulda got the stance down some. looks far to high (scale speaking) for stock. almost like the front's been lifted 3" gasser style. Rear may be ok height but tough to tell with the ose in the air.

    let ya know more when ya get some reasonable pics up.
  12. Outspoken added a post in a topic My first submission   

    Not too shabby - Nice job rookie.

    A couple points of constructive critisism (since you asked)
    1) careful of the finger prints (hood shot)
    2) could have detailed the interior a little better (some flat black appplied with a fine brush to the door handlesand window cranks would have really brought them to life better)

    just my thoughts take em ffor what they're worth
  13. Outspoken added a post in a topic 1958 Impala   


    Great build - paint looks terrific and the color looks right at home on that bodystyle.

    see i can be positive
  14. Outspoken added a post in a topic Well I'm back   

    Thanks Mike. Glad someone cares. lol glad I could bring some joy to ya

    Harry thanks for the second chance

    Ledsled -- you aint too bright is ya? Even I'm smarter than to not think out the consequenses of a move like that..... Twas funny though.
  15. Outspoken added a topic in General   

    Well I'm back
    first off harry and I have made peace. All else hopefully can fall into place.

    Just so everyone knows..... I AM willing to try to see others points of view, but i am very opinionated, and speak my mind freely. If I offend you don't read what I say. And I will always reserve the right to disagree and say so - but I will try VERY HARD to keep my Tact Switch turned ON
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