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  1. AMT Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker

    im so glad to have this truck back out, i sent round 2 an email every 3 to 4 weeks for almost a year asking if they would bring it back. all the responces i got said "there are no plans to modle the peterbilt 352 at this time" lol so i started askin if i could buy the molds and they said there are no molds for sale. im guessin that enouph of us bugged em over it to get it back out. ill clean flashing and fill lil sink holes anyday on this truck. this is my favorite truck of all time, i sepnt alot of time riding in one with dad and grampa, like em so much i went and bought me a 1:1 1974 a few weeks ago, and i just cant have enouph of these in my model stash.
  2. Pabst Blue Ribbon & Coors Truck colors

    On coors I think the 50's they had red on black trucks and a stainless box with mint green reefer and suspension The others from the 70' and 80's was white on red trucks and white boxes with red reefer and suspension And I think I recall seeing a white , gold and black scheme sometime also I know pabst had red , white , blue and black trucks and trailers sometime. Hope this helps
  3. AMT Freightshaker COE

    Nice , your doing a good job on this ol frieght shaker !
  4. Kenworth W900 custom stealth build

    Nice project ! Fo strait stacks I've also used ink pens , just pull the ends and inners out and cut to size, alluminum tubing is quite cheep . Them hangers worked out good , I like the bend in em. Gonna be a nice one
  5. ok here are the parts i have pulled so far for this build, it will be all parts box except the cab is one of leo vanderstelts 63" daycabs. i will either put a cummins or cat in it. im thinkin of goin for a west coast custom with a lil bling and maybe lowered a bit.
  6. Kenworth Aerodyne COE

    nice job on the cut down. any updates ??
  7. The name's Pete!

    les you are out of control and it is coooooooooooooool !!!!! B)
  8. IH 9300 eagle custom update 8/25

    Thanks james, I was a lil worried about it myself lol but I'm happy with the results. I will post some update pics later, thanks to daddy's lil girl I get to redo the hood. But I made a new visor ad got a few other things done. And I also got my new 53' great dane reefer in to put behind it
  9. 1/16 ''BLUE MULE'' ford wt9000 truck model(new updates)

    Very cool project !! The grill does look a lot better then the first one. Sure is gonna be a nice one when its all done
  10. 1970 Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker

    Very nice dave !! Any updaes on this build?? I just bought me a 74' 352 1:1 and it has the cat 1693 turbo aftercooled motor in it. The guy I got it from has a 70' with a baby 270 cuma'long in it. Let me know if you need any referance pics.
  11. 359 Peterbilt (customised)

    You are most definately makin this one have that custom outlaw look. Nice work so far I like it
  12. IPMS swapmeet and contest Sat sept 08 2012 Eureka Mo

    I hope to see ya there steve, providing I don't get called out.
  13. Sleeper brand questions

    Brian its not uncommon to have seen different brand sleepers on trucks back in the day when a cab was a cab and the sleeper was the sleeper box. Most common I seen used was the 63" pete walk in and the 60" kw walk in on other trucks. Even pete and kw tanks was put on other brand trucks by the owners. So mix it up my man , no "sacreligion" there ;-)
  14. Moebius ProStar 1st test shot build-up

    This is most definately what the truck model building community needed. Y'all are doing a steller job dave , keep up the great work