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  1. LOL....it's still mighty crowded here and home prices continue to rise....
  2. Not "him" but both wheels are 1/25th.
  3. That's the only one of those I've ever liked....good job!
  4. I'm pretty sure that's a 1940 Pontiac.....Google it and see what you think.
  5. if you click on the pics they get big enuff to see
  6. The Galaxy 46-48 Chevys are 1/25 and the tires seem rather short to me.... The Monogram 41 Lincoln has the only 1/24 scale steel wheels and tall skinny tires I can think of...but they have no lug nut detail as already mentioned. The Monogram first issue 40 Ford pick up had steel wheels but I can't remember if they had lug nuts ,,,,, and they might be hard to find..
  7. mike 51

    A Idea for NASCAR

    I agree they're my favorite too (the BTCC).. .though the graphics make it hard to tell what kind of car they are sometimes.. I gave up on NASCAR several years ago...
  8. Wasn't there something quite wrong with Lindberg's first issue of the 61..something with the shape of the cowl/hood/windshield? I know they fixed it later.
  9. Both models are VERY nice...thanks for sharing them! What kit did you use for the Pontiac?
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