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  1. looks great! who made the body? does it come with chrome and glass?
  2. LOL....it's still mighty crowded here and home prices continue to rise....
  3. Not "him" but both wheels are 1/25th.
  4. That's the only one of those I've ever liked....good job!
  5. I'm pretty sure that's a 1940 Pontiac.....Google it and see what you think.
  6. if you click on the pics they get big enuff to see
  7. The Galaxy 46-48 Chevys are 1/25 and the tires seem rather short to me.... The Monogram 41 Lincoln has the only 1/24 scale steel wheels and tall skinny tires I can think of...but they have no lug nut detail as already mentioned. The Monogram first issue 40 Ford pick up had steel wheels but I can't remember if they had lug nuts ,,,,, and they might be hard to find..
  8. I agree they're my favorite too (the BTCC).. .though the graphics make it hard to tell what kind of car they are sometimes.. I gave up on NASCAR several years ago...
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