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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Fires still burning here....woke up to red light in my house from the rising sun....TV says air quality is hazardous>>>stay indoors. No end in sight
  2. A kit? I've never seen before ....

    I'm sure it was just a joke....read what it says on the box.
  3. MPC Tiger Shark Out Now

    Yawn.....not much of a "review".
  4. Tamiya Morgan 4/4

    very nice!
  5. '50 Ford dual cowl

    very clever and very well done...both of 'em.
  6. Bucket T Body Restyle Like Tex Smith's XR6 Build

    Who's the "we" you keep referring to?
  7. 2017 Riley Weathertech Mercedes AMG

    ^^^^^^^^ Probably American owned...look closer some of the drivers are Americans too.
  8. no it does not..... but .the chopped 48 coupe has one.
  9. Jag XJR-9LM

    I think most race cars look better without all the ads n numbers....that hide the lines/styling.
  10. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    Sigh...nope. It is what it says on the box....
  11. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    What guess are you making? The Merc kits are the same. No difference other than lettering on the box. The 61 Ford was never a Trophy Series. Yep nothing at all. Hope this is finally clear for you
  12. What Irked You Today?

    ^^^ They are not looking for drugs when they swabbed your hands/handles...they are looking for (traces of)explosives or for weapons.
  13. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    I think you might be confused about what this thread is for ....it's for model kit news and /or model kit reviews.