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  1. Great looking Nova Bruce. Very nicely done sir.
  2. Beautiful build sir. Outstanding paint and graphics.
  3. Super beautiful build Joe. Absolutely stunning ! But where's the front plate? Texas cars are supposed to have front plates😉
  4. Gorgeous build Bruce. Altogether outstanding.
  5. Great looking model Bruce. The paint is spectacular, but that's to be expected from you.
  6. Thank you for the kind words. That is a Competition Resins body sitting on a modified and lengthened "Rat Packer" chassis. The kit interior was also shortened to reduce the interior/roll bar height. Both the front and rear springs are inverted to reduce the chassis ride height.
  7. This is my rendition of Don Gay's '66 Pontiac GTO altered wheelbase "funny car"
  8. That's really cool. I didn't even know that kit existed. Great work sir.
  9. Old Coyote

    Brett Bodine

    ... the 1999 Paychex Taurus ... owned and driven by Brett Bodine ... box stock build with Slixx decals
  10. Gorgeous build sir ... looks like the real thing.
  11. Absolutely gorgeous build sir ... it just looks so right.
  12. Beautiful build Dave ... simply stunning. I don't care if it's not exact, I like it just as it is.
  13. Another beautiful build Dave .... great work sir.
  14. Gorgeous build Dave ... love the paint ....outstanding work as usual.
  15. Nothing special underneath Mike, 100% box stock. This was an exercise to create the War Eagle paint job on a resin Trans Am body. The mechanicals of the build were secondary.
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