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  1. Excellent build sir ... very nicely executed.
  2. Gorgeous builds ... beautiful paint jobs
  3. Gorgeous build sir. Very nicely done. Beautiful photography.
  4. Great looking build sir, beautiful craftsmanship.
  5. Gorgeous build sir, beautiful work.
  6. Thank you all for the nice comments.
  7. These "legs under" fuelers actually did exist back in the '60's ... you could easily identify them by their extreme nose down attitude of the engines ... this was caused by the elevated rear end position to allow the driver's legs to go under the rear axle ... these cars were extremely quick but were not popular with the drivers because it placed the rear end directly in front of their crotch ... below are pictures of "Terrible Ted" Gotelli's gorgeous legs under rig along with a picture of the car under construction showing the unique driver's position and the modified steering position
  8. Here's one built a few years ago ..... a phantom "legs under" fueler powered by a big block Chevrolet engine ... MPC Ramchargers kit, big block Chevy engine from the AMT '37 Chevy kit, Comp Resins injector and scoop, MCW black lacquer, Slixx decals ... ... the Chevy "bowtie" and "Taz" just had to make an appearance on the cowl of this Aussie themed rig ...
  9. Great job on a very marginal kit. Your attention to detail is outstanding. Well done.
  10. Old Coyote

    Jungle Jim

    Beautiful build sir. Outstanding box stock build.
  11. Beautiful builds sir, Simply outstanding.
  12. Very nice build sir. You do beautiful work.
  13. Very nice builds sir, extremely clean.
  14. Stunning build sir .... very nicely done ..... beautiful work.
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