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  1. Old Coyote added a post in a topic Brad Keselowski 2014 Richmond winnerr   

    I'm not a fan of the "new Nascar" .......... cars or drivers ............ but I am a fan of well built models .............. very nicely done 
  2. Old Coyote added a topic in NASCAR   

    The Oldest Labonte Car in my collection
    This 1981 Buick Regal owned by Billy Hagen and driven by Terry Labonte is the oldest (model year) build in my Terry Labonte collection ....... a box stock Monogram kit with decals sourced from multiple sources

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  3. Old Coyote added a post in a topic Rain For Rent TF   

    Beautiful build of an iconic dragster ........... great work 
  4. Old Coyote added a post in a topic Fastest Chicken In The South   

    Really cool build ............ I like that 
  5. Old Coyote added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered...Frame Jig and Slicks   

    Fascinating build Michael ........... your talents are off the scale ................ can't wait to see the finished product 
  6. Old Coyote added a post in a topic Correct shade of green Jimmy Means Turtle Wax rides   

    The green I used building the Turtle Wax Grand Prix was just Testors Green Enamel from the little 1/4 oz jar. Thinned and put through my airbrush over a light gray primer. Don't know if it's totally correct, but it looked close to me. By the way, this car was built over 25 years ago with JNJ decals, Testors enamels, and rather limited building skills 

  7. Old Coyote added a post in a topic 99' Firebird Pro Mod....   

    Beautiful build sir ............. simply stunning 
  8. Old Coyote added a post in a topic 2000 "Bud" Dale Earnhardt Jr Monte Carlo. Lots of pics!   

    Very nice build sir ............. quite impressive 
  9. Old Coyote added a post in a topic Finished Jack Chrisman's Comet Roadster 8-22-16   

    Another outstanding build sir ........... your work is beautiful 
  10. Old Coyote added a post in a topic Amt vs R/M Nascar kits   

    I prefer the Revell/Monogram kits over the AMT kits for a trio of reasons. As mentioned, the tires and wheels were more in line with the Bassett and Aero wheels which were being used in Nascar at the time. Second, I felt the Monogram engines were much more representative. And third, AMT never refined its chassis/roll cage to reflect the changes that the cars were going through.
    There's nothing really wrong with the AMT kits, they build up rather nicely (with the exception of the rear window on the Olds Cutlass }. I just feel the Monogram kits built up into a better looking representation of a time period Nascar.
    MarkJ has a good idea on blocking paint and color bleed through. I'd give that a try if I were you.


    Just my opinion, I think the Monogram looks more realistic 
  11. Old Coyote added a post in a topic #75 Powerpuff Girls Taurus   

    Great looking build sir 
  12. Old Coyote added a post in a topic Jade Grenade FED   

    Beautiful build sir 
  13. Old Coyote added a topic in NASCAR   

    Four old Buicks
    Darrell Waltrip

    Terry Labonte

    Terry Labonte

    Ron Bouchard

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  14. Old Coyote added a post in a topic DW's Mountain Dew Buick   

    Very nice build Neil 
  15. Old Coyote added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Roy Rastetter A/A ... new pictures
    New photographs ......
    ...... Roy Rastetter from Hale Center, Texas ........... NHRA A/A '32 Austin Bantam roadster .............. 484 cubic inch Stage II Chrysler engine, Hilborn injected .......... glass body on a Don Hardy chassis
    The model contains a Bantam Blast chassis ..... Ross Gibson injected Hemi engine ..... modified Competition Resins body, front tires and wheels ..... MCW paint and custom decals

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