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  1. Beautiful build sir, an awesome replica.
  2. Another absolutely stunning build Mark. I remember Roy and this car very well and you have done a great job replicating it. Now you need to do the A/MP wagon.
  3. Outstanding build sir. Beautifully done.
  4. ... the 2000 Kellogg's Monte Carlo celebrating the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" movie ... owned by Rick Hendrick and driven by Terry Labonte ... Box stock Revell/Monogram kit, Testors paint, Three Amigos decals
  5. Thanks Tim .... I saw this monster up close at Amarillo Dragway in 1974 .... unbelievable noise .... it shook the ground like a fuel dragster
  6. ... owned by the Porche brothers, sponsored by Howard Johansen, and driven by Larry Dixon Sr. ... a somewhat close replica of the Howard Cams Rattler ... the only items not included in the Revell Beebe & Mulligan 1/16th kit were the corrected body panels and drag chute from Comp Resins, the Rattler decals from Slixx, and the scratch built injector scoop ... everything else came in the box ... the magneto was moved to the rear of the block "392" style ... paints were MCW gloss black and orange
  7. Gorgeous build sir, very stunning replica.
  8. Beautiful build Mark, spectacular as usual. But, isn't this getting a little "modern" for you?😎
  9. Yes, Revell molded both these cars in 1/16th. However, both had substantial inaccuracies. The Fighting Irish kit had incorrect body panels, and the K&C kit had rear wheels that were only run once. It's ironic, my K&C build used a Fighting Irish kit as a basis and the California Charger started with a Fighting Irish kit. Both builds used Competition Resin body parts and the Irish used Comp Resins rear wheels, valve covers, injector, and scoop. Both builds had the magnetos relocated to the rear of the block to simulate "392" blocks.
  10. ... what I would have given to see these two square off against one another ..... but, alas, it was never to be
  11. Another absolutely stunning build Mark.The paint and the decal work are outstanding. You are a master of this craft.
  12. Excellent build sir ... very nicely executed.
  13. Gorgeous builds ... beautiful paint jobs
  14. Gorgeous build sir. Very nicely done. Beautiful photography.
  15. Great looking build sir, beautiful craftsmanship.
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