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  1. Wow, that's great. Can't wait to see it finished.
  2. I knew there was something about you that I really like ! SSGT, USAF escaped after 1,461 days active (but who counts) 😆
  3. No offense taken Gary. I just wanted to explain my reasoning when I posted the original in this thread. I do admire your sense of history when it comes to this sport.
  4. Just to show you that "legs under" fuelers with their nose down engines really did exist, here is a picture of "Terrible" Ted Gotelli's gorgeous Chrysler powered unit. and here's a picture of the last Chevy powered top fueler I saw at Amarillo Dragway in June of 1972.
  5. Gary, I'm sure there were more of those short wheelbased Chevy powered fuelers out there in the late '60's, but I was getting to see the world courtesy of the U.S. Air Force during those years (I have a hole in my drag racing memories from July 1967 to July 1971) ..... the first of those rigs I have pictures of was at Amarillo Dragway in October 1971 just after I got out of the service. That's why I related them to the early '70's. Besides, we were always 5-10 years behind California when I lived in the Texas Panhandle😉
  6. .... don't know how many of you can remember the early '70's ....... short wheelbase top fuelers ....... and shock, some of them were powered by big block Chevrolets ......... and some were a "legs under" design which raised the rear end so the drivers legs could go under the axles ...... that also caused the engines to sit in a very "nose down" attitude ....... not many drivers liked that configuration, but some of those cars were very competitive I built this "phantom" BBC Chevrolet fueler from a Ramchargers kit ....... used the 427 Chevy from an AMT '37 Chevy which was perfect for the "legs under" configuration ....... Painted the car Testors gloss black with a Testors Orange chassis ...... details from Pro Tech ..... and a set of Slixx decals designed for use on Graeme Cowin's funny car ..... and of course the cowl had to sport a Chevrolet "Bow Tie" and "Taz" wreaking a little havoc
  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.
  8. ...... well. sort of. After seeing Hmman68's beautiful build of this very marginal kit, I thought I would show you my feeble attempt at this competition coupe. Not liking the Ramchargers nose and chassis, I kitbashed my coupe using a Two Much chassis and an engine from a Bantam Blast. A set of plug wires and a couple of fuel lines were the only detailing and the paint is Cobracolors Sunset Orange Metallic.
  9. Everything on that poorly designed kit is a pain ! However, that is one of the finest builds of that dog of a kit that I have ever seen. Simply outstanding.
  10. Looks like a drift car to me, but I'm old and prefer the cars and racing from 35 years ago.
  11. Great looking build Neil, very nicely done.
  12. Beautiful build sir. Your work is quite impressive. Well done.
  13. Old Coyote

    1980 Olds

    Outstanding Bruce. Looks really great considering what you started with.
  14. ..... while the big blown AA/GS cars were the crowd pleasers and the biggest draws back during the "Gasser Wars", the majority of the Gas class cars I saw back in the '60's were the lower class gassers, most of them powered by Hilborn injected small block Chevrolets ..... below is a replica of the K. S. Pittman 1941 Willys C/G car powered by an injected 301 Chevrolet
  15. Outstanding build sir. Superb replica.
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