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  1. Beautifully done. A great replica of an iconic race car.
  2. Beautiful build sir, very impressive.
  3. I'm not into the newer Nascar cars, however this build is so good I just have to comment. Simply outstanding.
  4. Gorgeous build Wayne. But that is to be expected, as all of your builds are outstanding.
  5. This was built using the AMT Flying Wedge kit.
  6. ... the 2004 Kelloggs/Delphi Monte Carlo owned by Rick Hendrick and driven by Terry Labonte
  7. I haven't built a model from the box in, well since God was a boy. But I finished one last night. Since getting older (and I'm older than dirt) I don't have the abilities to do extensive detailing. So most of my builds are pretty much "box stock" with minimal detailing. I normally try to build replicas of some 1:1 car, but this latest build is not a replica. It is based on a real individual, but the model is pure imagination. More of a "show" car than what you would really see at the strip. The build combines an AMT "Flying Wedge" kit, Testors Dark Cherry Pearl paint, and decals from SLIXX.
  8. Beautiful Jonathan, simply gorgeous. Those were the days.
  9. Old Coyote

    Pizza Hut

    Thank you for the nice comments. You're correct in your assumption. I do build the chassis box stock, and spend the majority of the time on the paint and decal application. Right now I'm working on Terry's championship winning '96 Monte Carlo and the standard Kellogg's livery '98 Monte Carlo. Since they are so similar, I painted both at the same time and I'm just finishing up the decals. When finished with the body shells I'll start on both chassis' and running gear.
  10. Like Jonathan, I have this kit but have never seen it built. Outstanding work. Beautiful.
  11. Beautiful build sir. Very nicely done.
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