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  1. Sad day for NASCAR fans

    He will be missed.
  2. Russ Davis Ford

    That's a Tommy Ivo kit with the SOHC engine added.
  3. 1948 Thames

    Thank you for the kind comments ...... he's powered by a '65 327 Corvette engine, "double hump" fuelie heads, Comp 270H cam and kit, Pete Jackson gear drive, Hedman headers, MSD ignition, Edelbrock intake and carburetor, and a custom shroud over the carb built by Alan Shadwick in New Zealand ...... the engine is backed up by a TurboHydro 350 with a B&M 2800 stall converter and a 9" Ford rear end with a 3.50:1 gearset ...... all the fabrication, body work and paint was done by Josh Richardson ..... and the custom upholstery was stitched by Tim Scarlett.
  4. 1948 Thames

    ..... here'a a picture of "Timmy", my 1948 English Ford Thames 1/4 ct. panel van at a recent Cars and Coffee event in Kernersville, NC ....... at 7-1/2 years old he's getting a little "long in the tooth", but he still looks pretty good
  5. Winter project car from Ollie's

    Yes sir, apologies are totally in order. Sorry sir.
  6. Winter project car from Ollie's

    I'm with you 100% on that statement !
  7. Winter project car from Ollie's

    I agree with you both, with the exception that I believe the 600 miler at Charlotte should be kept simply for its historic value. And the all star race (whatever they happen to call it each year) should go back to being a short race and not a staged circus inviting massive wrecks. It should be for race winners only, and the "Busch Clash" style race for the pole winners could be brought back in its original format.
  8. Jim DeFrank Barracuda

    Gorgeous build sir, very nicely done.
  9. 1983 Winston Cup Champion

    That's just Testors gold out of the little bottle ....... thinned and shot through my airbrush.
  10. 1983 Winston Cup Champion

    ..... the 1983 Winston Cup Champion ...... the Miller High Life Buick Regal owned by Mike DiProspero and Bill Gardner ( DiGard ) and driven by Bobby Allison
  11. 2015 Dale Jr Daytona winner

    Beautiful build sir ..... it doesn't matter how many paint jobs and how many sets of decals you use, the only thing that matters is the result. Great work.
  12. Jeff Gordon 2010 Patriotic Dupont

    Stunning build sir, very nicely done.
  13. Sterling Marlin - Coors / Coors Light

    Great looking build Jim. Beautiful job on the paint and decals.
  14. Kelloggs / Delphi Monte Carlo

    .... the 2004 Kellogg's / Delphi Monte Carlo owned by Rick Hendrick and driven by Terry Labonte ...... the car ran at Texas, Richmond, Indianapolis, and Michigan
  15. Winter project car from Ollie's

    I understand what you were saying Mark, and I agree with you totally. However, the NHRA has gone to a "Playoff" point format which qualifies only the top 10 competitors in each pro category to compete for the title of Champion. The championship is decided in the six races that follow the U.S. Nationals. All the points that the top ten competitors have earned during the year are discarded and a "Dummy" set of points is assigned to each of the competitors, starting with 2000 points for the 10th place driver and increasing by 10 points for each of the higher ranked drivers. What it means is that a team, through hard work and dedication could have built up a huge points lead of 250-300 points by U.S. Nationals time, but that lead is trimmed back to the artificial lead that is assigned. A season's worth of hard work can be tossed down the toilet just to satisfy the NHRA's biased attempt to "level the field" and create more interest in the final six races. To me it boils down to NHRA's greed and desire to plant more paying customer's butts in the seats at those last races. I'll be honest with you, I have also totally lost all interest in NASCAR racing also because of their stupid "stages" during races and their ridiculous (to me) fanatic belief that winning races is the most important thing in determining a championship. I remember the 1985 Nascar championship race between Bill Elliott and Darrell Waltrip. Elliott won 11 races that year and Waltrip only 3. Elliott dominated the super-speedway races but his short track, medium length, and road course program was total futility. In those races, he couldn't get out of his own way. Waltrip won the title because of a better overall performance spanning the entire season. I'm sorry, that's the way I still think it should be. OK, off my soapbox.