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  1. Kevin LePage's TV Guide/Family Click Taurus

    That's really cool, very nice build.
  2. Eliot Sawyer's Hot Tamales Taurus

    Great looking build, very nice work.
  3. Terry Labonte's Kellogg's car

    The lower nose panel in the kit is a half mile/superspeedway nose piece ..... the picture on the box shows a short track car with additional lower scoops for front brake cooling ducts, as extra braking is required on short and road course tracks ..... and you are correct, that is a "slab sided" kit which lends itself to replicating '97-'99 Monte Carlos When I build a replica of one of the '97-'99 Kellogg's speedway cars, I sand off the raised plastic lower air duct grilles and replace them with more authentic looking decals from a Slixx decal sheet ..... as you can see below on my replica of the '99 Winston All Star race winning Kellogg's K-Sentials car ..... if you build a short track car you can match the center duct decal with short track duct decals which usually come on the same sheet ..... some Slixx sheets are still available from Mike's decals and from Southern Motorsports Hobbies
  4. 69 SuperNova

    Beautiful build sir ...... very clean and nicely done !
  5. Terry Labonte's Kellogg's car

    Being a Terry Labonte fanatic, I'm really glad to see that you're building this car. By the way, the car pictured on the model box is the standard paint configuration on Terry's '97 Monte Carlos. Revell/Monogram produced two different bodies/kits of the mid to late '90's Monte Carlos. The first was the "rounded side" Monte Carlo cars '('95-'96) that had the "oval topped" lower air intake and the oil cooler lines which ran behind the radiator. (shown below on the Interstate Batteries car.) The second was a "slab sided" body that better represented the '97-'99 Monte Carlos. It has a molded in rectangular lower air intake and had no oil cooler lines. (shown below on the '97 Kelloggs car.) I normally don't comment on "work in progress" threads, preferring to wait and comment on the finished items. But rest assured that I will be closely watching your progress. John
  6. Built 27 years ago

    ..... I thought you might get a kick out of this ....... I found these pictures today ..... built for a club build way back when I lived in Albuquerque in 1991 ......... we all had to build a Revell '67 Chevelle ....... I chose to modify mine into a Nascar sportsman ...... used an AMT chassis under the Chevelle SS body and some spare Nascar decals .....
  7. Bill Elliott 1985 Coors Thunderbird...built 30 years ago

    I'm not an Elliott fan, but I am a fan of outstanding models. And this build qualifies in that category.
  8. Bobby Isaac Dodge Daytona built 30 years ago

    Beautiful old build sir, so typical of your work.
  9. Beautiful build. I love all these old builds of yours. They are from the timeframe I enjoyed NASCAR and I built some of these same cars. Great work.
  10. Tim Richmond Old Milwaukee Pontiac...built 30 years ago

    What a gorgeous build, I really love your work.
  11. Great looking build sir, and yes, Harry was a true gentleman. Was privileged to meet him at Phoenix International. That car is beautifully done.
  12. DW’s 1993 Western Auto Lumina

    Gorgeous build sir. Very nicely done.
  13. Buddy Baker Crisco Olds 1986

    Beautiful build sir. I have this one to do, and I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours.
  14. Funny car rear tires

    Like Wayne, I use the later Revell slicks and the Comp Resins slicks for the Revell funny cars. Some of those bodies have huge rear wheel well openings and the kit tires look grotesquely small inside them. I sand the tread area of both types of tires with a sanding drum on a Dremel motor tool. I use the CRT501 slicks and CRT504 wrinkle walls.
  15. Mythical Pro Comp Dragster

    ... a mythical 1980's Pro Comp Dragster sponsored by Don Blair's speed shop and named for Butch Blair's famous dragsters .... Fugowie ..... AMT kit, Cobracolors paint, details from Pro Tech, Slixx decals