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  1. My cars over the years

    Wow Nick ....... that's a couple of polar opposites ....... a Super Bee and a Corvair ..... a couple of nice cars ..... and that '60 Pontiac was quite a "land yacht" ..... I know because I also owned a "yacht", a 1968 Buick Wildcat
  2. Hut Stricklen

    very nice build sir ........... quite pretty
  3. The Cartoon Network Monte Carlo III

    ... the third of the Cartoon Network Monte Carlos ..... Tom & Jerry
  4. The Cartoon Network Monte Carlo II

    ... the second of the Cartoon Network Monte Carlos ...... Scooby Doo
  5. Cartoon Network Monte Carlo

    ... the first of the Cartoon Network Monte Carlos ...... the Flintstones
  6. My cars over the years

    I found some more old photos of some of the cars ..... they're not great pictures (as they were created by taking digital pictures of old paper pictures) ........ but at least you can get a somewhat blurred image of the cars The 1978 Blazer which pulled the pop-up camper trailer (they were painted to match) The 1984 Bronco II which pulled the motorcycle/ATV trailer (after I had sold the '78 El Camino) A side shot of the 1977 Corvette A side shot of the 1977 Trans Am Firebird A couple of pictures of the 1978 Super Sport El Camino
  7. Ted Musgrave

    Very nicely done ..... that's a great looking car ..... beautiful work on the paint and decals.
  8. My cars over the years

    Found these pictures of a '61 Corvette I owned for a while ........... started out as a 270 horse 283 ....... but was the engine was later built for drag racing by Kelly Chadwick ........ after racing it for a couple of years I tried to put it back on the street with the racing engine still in it ........... didn't work out well ....... the pictures show it where it sat most of the time ...... charging the battery from trying to spin the 13.5:1 compression engine
  9. Miller Genuine Draft

    ..... the Miller Genuine Draft Ford Thunderbird owned by Roger Penske and driven by Rusty Wallace
  10. Another Robert Pressley

    .... another build of the Alliance Olds driven by Robert Pressley
  11. My cars over the years

    No sir, that's the only picture I have of the '60 Impala ....... that picture was taken in 1965 and I had to borrow my parents camera to take that shot ...... I didn't own a camera until I was in the Air Force and could afford to get one at the Base Exchange. Your '60 looks quite nice, you've done a great job on it.
  12. My cars over the years

    Thanks for the memory jog. I couldn't remember the name of that dealership to save my soul. But then again, it's only been 50 years since I was there.
  13. Robert Pressley

    There's a blast from the past .......... haven't thought of Robert Pressley in years ....... nice build.
  14. folgers color

    The correct paint for the #25 Folgers cars is #2052 red from Model Car World, it's a lacquer.
  15. Skoal Classic

    .... the 1990 Skoal Classic Olds Cutlass owned by Richard Jackson and driven by Terry Labonte .... box stock Revell / Monogram kit, Testors enamels, and Powerslide decals