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  1. Beautiful build Bruce ... outstanding paint and craftsmanship ... so typical of all your work.
  2. Beautiful build Carl ... most impressive
  3. Another gorgeous piece of work from you bench Mark ... you research these cars you build so well that the results are simply spectacular .... outstanding, even though it is a Ford🤐
  4. Outstanding build Joe. Love the red paint.
  5. Very nice build sir .... great looking Duece.
  6. Beautiful build Dave, so representative of all your work.
  7. Wow Dave, you've been busy. Another beautiful build.
  8. Very nice build sir, quite impressive.
  9. Great looking replica of one of my favorite team's vehicles. Very nicely done Dave.
  10. Nice looking build Dave, another fine looking quartermiler for your collection.
  11. Another really nice build sir. Sorry about the circumstance that brought the model back to you. A keeper for sure.
  12. Great build Dave. All of your work is outstanding.
  13. Absolutely stunning sir. Beautiful build.
  14. Gorgeous build Mark. A beautiful recreation of a very different car. I also can't believe that it is brush painted, it looks so good. Outstanding build sir.
  15. Great looking Nova Bruce. Very nicely done sir.
  16. Beautiful build sir. Outstanding paint and graphics.
  17. Super beautiful build Joe. Absolutely stunning ! But where's the front plate? Texas cars are supposed to have front plates😉
  18. Gorgeous build Bruce. Altogether outstanding.
  19. Great looking model Bruce. The paint is spectacular, but that's to be expected from you.
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