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  1. yes I got mine from ebay in less than a week .. my only beef is there is a tad bit to much flash in some areas. Other than that . Kit is awsome ..
  2. Just got my 70 hemi cuda in the mail today .. to bad no room on the bench right now . Lol
  3. Oh thanks for this updated b info .. I just orderd mine today cant wait to get started ... I see a full detail an opened up ride b in my future. ..
  4. Anyone kw were I can get a 05 an up mustang Roush wing from . I got one off eBay an have never been able to find another one .. the one I had got severely damaged. Any help would be great . Thanks davin .
  5. Thanks . I to love the movie an if u didn't notice there is a revell 69 DMCL in the back ground . Davin
  6. So I wanted to fix the body of the reissue dukes charger . An then I remembered I have a set of DMCL decals so with that in mind . I gonna build it . With opened doors an trunk fix the wheel openings add a full engine bay with . Most of my reffrence are from the revell 69 charger .. First here's the decals.. The wheels I got from Casey from evilbay . I opened the doors an trunk . Fixed the wheel arches as best I could . Started on the radiator support.. An also started I guess the hood latch brace . That's it for now this will be slow as I want to get as much detail in this thing as I can .. Later days davin
  7. Well here she is all primed an gettin taped for some paint . That was 60+hrs of body work ..here she is after paint .. the paint I use was the original hotrod black ( john deer blitz black ). And here with my lime green sparco 18s. Dropped 2 more inches. Still gotta do some decal work .. . . . I live the way it turned out . But its a pain to keep clean .. oh yeah it was my father's day gift . Was painted on sat . An picked up on Sunday. Later days davin.
  8. Got a huge update on my 1:1 eclipse... Pics soon.
  9. LOL. Right .. I'm gonna try not to do that again. Seein how my buddy had half the money in the car.. oops.
  10. What's the deal .. pics are not showin .. ugh. .. Well here's the final shot.
  11. Thanks fellas .. yes were workin it out .. been great so far .. lol Well as promised here's the before an after. Pics . http://i760.photobucket.com/albums/xx245/mopar01lee/IMAG0198_zps32d99cef.jpg[/img http://i760.photobucket.com/albums/xx245/mopar01lee/IMAG0207_zps30ef1582.jpg[/img [ url="http://i760.photobucket.com/albums/xx245/mopar01lee/IMAG0202_zpscb5043c8.jpg%5B/IMG]http://i760.photobucket.com/albums/xx245/mopar01lee/IMAG0202_zpscb5043c8.jpg[/img http://i760.photobucket.com/albums/xx245/mopar01lee/IMAG0204_zps59b616c4.jpg[/img] Hood http://i760.photobucket.com/albums/xx245/mopar01lee/IMAG0218_zps7993b9dd.jpg
  12. Well the Roush stang is dead for now . Till I get another body . Wife an I were havin some probs an I pissed her off an . Well she smashed the mustang to pieces . Warning don't piss off the wife . The only thing I could save was the hood an a damaged front bumper... She feels real bad about smashing it almost cried .. but it is what it is .. I had it all painted up to .. I will show some pics before it was totaled.. Later days davin
  13. I just got one .. all I've done was open the box an look at it .. dut so far looks to be a fun build ahead of me ...nice detail.. the one I have is the red convert. With steel wheels an white walls.. I'm lookin to hop it up .. lol
  14. As topic states I'm lookin to get a F40 . What is or was the best detailed kit made in 1/24 or 1/25 scale.. Thanks for the help. Later days Davin
  15. Well got a lil update.. got the 16,piece billet grill done.. ALSO Did some of the interior trim .an some floor mats. . That's it for now.. later days davin
  16. Here's my general lee dash... Dash of my 69 pro touring gtx..
  17. Man I would love a set of them honeycombs. Got a 70 t/a beggin for em.. to bad my budget can't make room for em.. bummer.. They look great..
  18. I redid the pipeing on the turbo . Didn't realise I use flux core soder . So got some solid wire . Ran the crossover pipe an to the turbo not pretty but it works . Also the downpipe . And here's the full exhaust. That's it for now ..later days Davin
  19. Sry took so long to update. Here's the PE set I got from Japan. It comes with a 16 piece billet grill. Hood pins. An. Loads of other goodies it also come with 2 sets of rotors http://i760.photobucket.com/albums/xx245/mopar01lee/06%20roush%20mustang/IMAG0058_zps99233943.jpg[/img Here's the front rotor an caliper done And the rear http://i760.photobucket.com/albums/xx245/mopar01lee/06%20roush%20mustang/IMAG0069_zps7fa627b6.jpg[/img
  20. Thanks for the info guys.. that's what I was afraid of was losing money. I may do smaller lots .. cuz yall kw theres a lot of money in 70 kits. Some paid over 50 for. I'll look in on some of the links an go from there .. was hoping for at least 15 a kit on most ..But well see. Thanks again guys. Davin
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