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  1. kymdlr added a post in a topic New & Junker's for Trade   

    Updated wanted list. The 48 Ford is gone.
  2. kymdlr added a post in a topic Revell 1/25 Expedition: Tyler, TX Police   

    Very clean build. Great job on the Vector bar & push bar is sweet. Nice touch with the tailgate lights.
  3. kymdlr added a post in a topic Lindberg F-150   

    did a good job on it.
  4. kymdlr added a topic in Under Glass   

    Viper GTS rebuild
    I received this kit already built in pretty bad shape . The paint was in several layers and super thick. Glue was everywhere. All of the glass was either missing or beyond repair so thanks to "Randy D" for saving me with new glass! I stripped all of the paint and started it over, here are the results.

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  5. kymdlr added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    LAPD Hummer H2
    This was a fairly quick build that is based on a real 1:1 that LAPD uses as a PR tool. Homemade decals, all the chrome accents were done with my new chrome pen (highly recommended). Revell kit w/ Model Master Lacquers.

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  6. kymdlr added a post in a topic 4th Gen Firebird   

    detailed the motor a little & mounted it to the chassis. you can see that not all of the glue from the previous builder was removed.

  7. kymdlr added a topic in On The Workbench   

    4th Gen Firebird
    Purchased this one as a junker. It was already assembled with tons of glue everywhere and terrible paint. I stripped away all the original paint and salvaged what I could to rebuild it. The color is testor's firery orange over flat black which made it to GM "Sunset Orange Metallic". All the body paint is finished , currently working on everything else.
    Original paint:

    New paint, pre-polished:

    After Polishing & adding decals

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  8. kymdlr added a topic in Trading Post   

    New & Junker's for Trade
    Ive got a couple kits for trade that are new with all the parts sealed & a couple junk kits w/ parts that can still be saved by someone. More photo's available if needed & willing to make some deals. Looking for the following, they don't have to be new or sealed:
    Revell Ford F-150 or Lighting (97-2003 body style)
    Revell Dodge Challenger SRT
    Revell 2015 Mustang Snap kit
    Revell 90's 5.0 Mustang
    Revell Corvette Snap kit
    Wheels: Dodge Sidewinder, New gen Camaro, or Aftermarket

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  9. kymdlr added a topic in Under Glass   

    70 1/2 Camaro
    this build was based off a 1:1 that I saw at a car show. The kit is the AMT baldwin Motion Camaro, I decided against the side exit pipes after having problems with the exhaust manifolds. I also had a lot of problems getting the front end of the chassis to mount correctly. Paint is plain Testor's white with one coat clear that was polished out. Everything is pretty much out of box except for the stripes.


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  10. kymdlr added a post in a topic Wild Idea Kit-Bash 57 Belair and 74 Chevy Van - FINISHED   

    This is an awesome idea. I like the black wheels over the cragar style.
  11. kymdlr added a topic in Wanted!   

    Revell Viper Glass Wanted
    If anyone can help out, I need pretty much all the glass from the Revell Viper GTS kit. Front & Rear windshield, Headlights & turn signal lights. Could also use the Passenger side view mirror as well. I have plenty of parts to trade.
    This is the kit FYI:     http://www.revell.com/model-kits/cars/85-6359.html#.WNqsAqK1s2w
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  12. kymdlr added a post in a topic Revell Starsky and Hutch Ford Gran Torino   

    Download the photobucket app on your iphone. add your iphone pics to the photobucket app, then open up photo bucket on your computer and paste the link from there.
  13. kymdlr added a post in a topic Chevy S-10 Parts   

    Still Looking for these parts in case anyone has them.
  14. kymdlr added a post in a topic Calling All Units   

  15. kymdlr added a post in a topic Calling All Units   

    This is sweet, I never knew these were ever casted. Reminds me of Hodges' car from the movie Colors.