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  1. 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria

    During your painting process, what are you using to attach the parts to the popsicle sticks?
  2. 2010 Dodge Challenger, replica of 1:1

    Here's the hood I went with. It's a resin piece w/ photo etched scripts. Not sure if I will keep the scripts on it, I think they look out of scale.
  3. Looking for the chassis and or the chassis parts for Revell's 99 silverado. new/started/painted is not important. Have plenty to trade.
  4. I detailed this kit as much as I could to match the real 1:1 in the garage. aftermarket 5 spokes & vinyl decals. The kit motor is a 6.1 SRT, mine is the 5.7 RT so I took the motor from a lindberg charger & scratch built the CAI setup & throttle body. added carbon fiber & seatbelts to the interior.
  5. Challenger RT stripes

    If anyone has them, I need a set of black RT stripe decals. They can be found in the AMT challenger kit.
  6. This looks great. I like to see resto builds
  7. Problems with Dust

    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to keep your model room or display cases dust free? I feel like no matter what ive tried, my displayed models become caked with dust in a short amount of time. I have to dig them out and clean them by hand because the compressed cans of air don't help. I have a plug in air purifier but not sure if its doing much help either.
  8. Let's see some police cars

    This is the first time ive ever seen this done in model form. The real one is on display at our state fair every year and Ive got a couple pictures of it. This is spot on, great job.
  9. Pay It Forward

    its yours sir.
  10. Pay It Forward

    Its free to the person who receives it is what I meant. Technically I could have paid $1 for a kit that retails for $30, and then ship that samekit to someone for around $8 postage. In return I could be receiving a kit that retails for $30. would you consider that a loss? I wouldn't. So as I said, enjoy your free kit's everyone. All it takes is a few who are greedy or ungrateful to ruin it for everyone.
  11. Pay It Forward

    I posted what I was going to send out last night but for whatever reason Photobucket isn't cooperating. I'm not going to be logged in every 5minutes to check this site so those of you who are impatient will have to wait. The concept of this thread is you are getting a FREE kit from another member, so get your free kit and enjoy it. Anyway, the kits I posted that didn't show up in my link are : revell ZR1 corvette (2010-ish year) & a snap 73 Cuda.