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  1. Everything about the scratch built box looks great. The rollaway doors are perfect, are they scratch built or a 3D printed piece? The scene lights are a nice touch too.
  2. Looking good, what is the red color on the 2nd bee?
  3. This one is almost done. Still need to add the wing, some exhaust tips, door handles and a couple small things. Debating on if I want to detail a motor so for now it’s curbside.
  4. Added side windows, finished the BMF trim & created the exhaust from solder. The rear end is the kit piece removed from the one piece plastic exhaust. The original decals for the nose were too old to save so I masked off the black area & added a little parking light detail.
  5. Looking for the interior , one piece engine plastic, grill & Cadillac logo decals if anyone has them to trade.
  6. The purple bird is the look I’m going for. Not a factory color but I love it. I removed and filled an extra fluid tank that didn’t need to be there & detailed the dash. Drilled out the molded gauges and placed printed aftermarket gauges on clear plastic.
  7. Got this as an eBay junk kit, working on salvaging it and going for an artist image i found.
  8. kymdlr

    AAR Cuda

    Added the cloth roof using the tape method, would use textured paint next time. Changed the wheels & tires. Detailed the motor. Made a three piece air cleaner set up from the molded kit part.Added bracing to the underside of the trunk & created a spare tire. Paint is rattle can rustoleum polished out.
  9. Looking to get a Revell/Monogram Plymouth Superbird. Started or unbuilt is fine as long as it’s something that is salvageable. Send me a PM letting me know what you would like in trade. Also if anyone has a Revell 69 Super BEE I could use for parts im interested in that as well.
  10. What is Hamb? All of these cars are gorgeous. That green elcamino & the chevelle’s are awesome.
  11. Another one that I lost interest in is this 69 Talladega. Pretty much finished it except for some chassis pieces.
  12. EDIT: everything has been traded.
  13. Moderators: This post can be DELETED.
  14. Icemancollections on eBay has some great quality turbos
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