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  1. kymdlr added a post in a topic 2 Door Tahoe   

    What did you use for the longer side glass in the suburban?
  2. kymdlr added a post in a topic Slowly firing back up- 71 Charger   

    Im a real big fan of this color. Anyone have any suggestions of a rattle can manufacturer that makes something close to this?
  3. kymdlr added a post in a topic 1970 Corvette Stingray Coupe   

    Slick build. To echo everyone else, Whats the color!
  4. kymdlr added a post in a topic AAR cuda B5 rebuild   

    I took one of the original rallye wheels and cut the lip off of it. Then placed the lip on top of another rallye wheel. Essentially it was a homemade wheel sleeve. Thanks
  5. kymdlr added a post in a topic AAR cuda B5 rebuild   

    Minus a few minor things, this one is done. Here are a couple shots of the final product.

  6. kymdlr added a topic in Wanted!   

    AAR Cuda Decals needed!
    Really Really need a set of the side stripes from one of the Revell AAR Cuda kits. I have everything done on the kit but no decals (see my WIP). Any help is appreciated and I have plenty of stuff to trade.
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  7. kymdlr added a post in a topic AAR cuda B5 rebuild   

    The chrysler color code for the shade of blue in the 1:1
  8. kymdlr added a post in a topic AAR cuda B5 rebuild   

    Thanks gents.RR, I wouldn't dare put some wild wheels on a classic muscle car. Quick update: working on some wiring / plumbing that will mostly be hidden by the air cleaner anyway.

  9. kymdlr added a post in a topic Built in 1975 Custom Ford Van - StarTruk   

    This is cool, even more so the fact that it was made with all the custom stuff in the 1970's before all this aftermarket stuff we have available now was even around and the fact that you were 12!. I started building around that age in the 90's and my early builds were no where near as good lookin.
  10. kymdlr added a topic in Under Glass   

    Storm Trooper SSR
    This Kit started as the disaster of this thread-
    Stripped all the terrible paint and had the idea to give it a Star Wars theme.

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  11. kymdlr added a post in a topic AAR cuda B5 rebuild   

    All of the paint is finished & has been polished out. Added the chrome trim and panel washes today. Still in need of some replacement AAR stripe decals.

  12. kymdlr added a post in a topic AAR cuda B5 rebuild   

    Got a few things taken care of. cut out the plastic that should have been a gap below the front bumper. Also will be using wide tires in the rear like the 1:1 so I made the wheels a bit deeper. Added plug wires to the motor and got rid of the one piece plastic pulley and fan belt. made a bracket for the alternator which I will be making a scratchbuilt belt for.

  13. kymdlr added a topic in On The Workbench   

    AAR cuda B5 rebuild
    Originally built this kit some years back with some moderate experience. I decided it was time to strip it and start over instead of buying a new kit. First pic is the inspiration for the build, then the before pics, followed by where im at currently after I stripped the paint and re-painted. Still have a lot of things to do including polishing the body, applying decals & foil etc.

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  14. kymdlr added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Tamiya Acrylic not drying
    I need some advice on how to fix this. I airbrushed Tamiya white from a jar that I thinned with Tamiya acrylic thinner. I left it to dry for two days, and then used Tamiya and 3M tapes to mask it off. Ive never had a problem with Tamiya jar paints taking any longer than a few hours to dry. Well after taking the tape off, i noticed the tape either A) stripped the paint or B ) left tape residue behind. How can I correct this without having to respray?

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  15. kymdlr added a post in a topic Trading   

    For what it's worth, many police departments allow you to make a report over the phone. If you guy's are passionate about seeking potential reimbursement for the kits that you lost, I would encourage you to contact the local PD that service's his mailing address. There is a chance that an officer/detective would follow up with your reports and seek arrest warrants for the scammer due to his intent to deprive you of items of monetary value with no intention of actually fulfilling his end of the deal. I saw that his profile listed a Kentucky City. If he infact lived in kentucky the charge would likely be Theft by Deception, Im sure Ohio has something similar. Just a thought.