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  1. Thanks for the replies. I only brush acrylics for interiors and small parts on motors. I was curious if this paint was comparable to Vallejo model acrylics or tamiya acrylics when brushing.
  2. I’ve had some great experiences with rust-o & some bad experiences. The clear coats have always been good sprays for me with no problems. Some of the solid gloss color’s have been hit or miss. The flat/satin is usually good. I had a textured black that sprayed fine a couple times but then eventually the entire van got clogged and nothing would unclog it.
  3. Anyone have any experience with this paint? I had never heard of it but Michael’s had a big selection of them and there’re less than $2 per bottle.
  4. What’s the color on the Challenger?
  5. Anyone have this motor or at least the top 392 motor cover portion? Let me know what you are needing In trade!
  6. Are the wheels & redlines on the blue one from the kit or aftermarket?
  7. Nice work, I’ve got a WIP in the same color I was debating on the vinyl roof.
  8. The white Merc is sweet, is it a matte pearl white? Also that Taurus is sick.
  9. Im thinking about getting one as well. the majority of the dehydrators I found are circle shaped and have stackable "shelves" that are not tall enough to fit bodies in. I think im understanding corectly but to make sure, are yall cutting all the shelves out and just keeping the outer ring portion for height?
  10. this is a beautiful build!
  11. The pearl clear adds a slight pearl effect if you are close up on the model , I wouldn’t equal it to an actual color based metallic paint color. Here is tamiya pearl over yellow and a turquoise.
  12. Easily one of the best detailed drag models I’ve ever seen.
  13. WTT for: Revell Dodge Magnum or just the body & motor. Revell GMC square body pickup Revell Foose Pickup Revell 65 Chevelle Revell 96 impala Revell 64 Fairlaine Revell Ram VTS Revell Suburban
  14. Need to clear up some space and get rid of some kits. Everything pictured is complete, some sealed but the majority have been opened. Some include extra parts . The firebird has some glue damage to the kit hood. The s-10 has 3 body shells. I can provide more pics of any kits to ensure completeness. Also pictured are a couple built models that are missing parts .
  15. I mask with Tamiya tape then spray a thin coat of clear to seal the tape line, once the clear is dry then Spray your main color over it and you should have no problems with bleeding. I also use kitchen plastic wrap or newspaper to cover the parts of the body i dont want overspray to ruin. Ive had some very bad results with Blue painters tape leaving residue on my paint jobs that took some extra effort to get off, not always but its happened several times.
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