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  1. this is awesome! I need to get one of these kits now.
  2. Looking for this AMT redline tires parts pack if anyone has one they want to trade. LMK what you are looking for in trade.
  3. Love the color, what brand/code is it?
  4. Nice build. I’m curious what are the steps for laser printing at fedex? Do you put your design on a usb drive and supply your own decal paper to fedex?
  5. Beautiful build, super clean !
  6. Thank you all for the replies, especially @oldcarfan27 for the detailed list.
  7. Anyone know of where to find plastic, resin or 3D printed toppers for pick up truck beds? Not tonneau covers.
  8. Good build. Where can I find that LTD grill ?
  9. Good work on the hood buldge.
  10. very clean accurate build. good photography.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I only brush acrylics for interiors and small parts on motors. I was curious if this paint was comparable to Vallejo model acrylics or tamiya acrylics when brushing.
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