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  1. NitroJunky added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Replacement 1/8th scale wheels and tyres
    Having spent the last few years building 1/24th scale trucks and cars and some 16th scale dragsters ive decided to have a change in scale for a while.

    So ive bought me 1/8th T Bucket, 1/8th 67 Corvette and the 1/12th Mustang.

    Ive got plans for the bucket and ideas for the Mustang but its the Corvette i am not happy with.

    I want to try and turn it into a more updated style vette rather than the classis 67 look.

    Would anyone know if you can buy suitable 1/8th scale wheels and tyres? When ive searched the net and looked on ebay all i can find is replacement wheels for R/C trucks etc.

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  2. NitroJunky added a post in a topic 1/16th scale resin funny car bodies   

    Thanks for the info guys i will be looking at buying a couple of bodies in the near future
  3. NitroJunky added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    1/16th scale resin funny car bodies
    Would anyone know if anyone out there makes a Chevy Monza and a Mustang II body shell in resin to fit the 1/16th scale Revell Chassis?

    Ive got a couple of ideas for future projects if i can find these bodies.
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  4. NitroJunky added a post in a topic WIP Jet Dragster   

    Like it,

    There is a similar style jet dragster that runs over here in the UK, I think ive got some photos somewhere you could use for reference.
  5. NitroJunky added a post in a topic Mickey Thompson 1/16th Scale - Pontiac Grand AM F/C   

    Thanks Mooneyzs, following the progress on your Vega Army car, Great build you have their.

    I got the idea for the ghosting photo from a drag racing poster that was out in the 70s maybe the 80s over here in the UK and thought it would look good if i tried it with a model.

    thanks to for the rest of comments aswell guys, Will post more of builds soon
  6. NitroJunky added a post in a topic Mickey Thompson 1/16th Scale - Pontiac Grand AM F/C   

    Thanks Niko,

    The rear tyres where sanded with various grades of sand paper to try to remove the moulding rib around the middle of the tyre.

    I didnt do anything to the front tyres, the only thing that was done was they were used to produce a mould to try and cast my own tyres for my older 70s kits the RTV rubber must have taken the shine out of them and give them a bit of used look.

    Ive got a few photos of the body being painted, i will find them out.

    This one one i was playing about with

  7. NitroJunky added a post in a topic Mickey Thompson 1/16th Scale - Pontiac Grand AM F/C   

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    As for the decals, Its not that easy to see in the photos but the decal on the point of the front nose is creased. You are trying to shape the decal to 4 different angles and its not easy. I have thought about masking the shape out air brush some yellow onto the body and try and blend it into the rest of the decal near the windscreen.
  8. NitroJunky added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Mickey Thompson 1/16th Scale - Pontiac Grand AM F/C
    I picked this kit cheap when a model shop was closing down and decided to build it as an "out of the box" build.

    The only thing that was changed was that i stripped all of the factory chrome and repianted most of it with Alclad.

    The main body was painted gloss black first, followed by a coat of fine metal flake followed several coats of candy apple red. Once dried 4 coats of clear lacquer was applied before the decals went on.

    The chassis was painted with Tamiya Gold.

    The kit in general was not to bad to build but the decals became a problem when trying to get them to wrap around front nose. This was even an issue using decal softner and decal setting solution.

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  9. NitroJunky added a post in a topic Drag Racing, In Finland?!   

    Sorry just re-read my post and could have worded that better. I was/am crew on a top fuel dragster. Only wished i could aford my own but sadly not and have to settle for 24th & 16th scale models lol

    2010 season i crewed for Andy Carter until he retired at the end of last season.

    This year i crewed for returning guy Chris Andrews, This car is a former 2010 NHRA car owned by Mr Morgan Lucas himself.

    I was one of the lucky ones and walked straight into a position on Top Fuel team and never had to work my way up through the ranks on stock cars etc. It will be good fun for you and you will have a great laugh and will always be able to look back in years to come and say "I did that"

    Sadly i lost all of my photos from my first trip Finland when my PC crashed. A friend of my mine took this one us rushing to the start line for our final shot to make the field at this years Nitro Nationals at Alasataro.

  10. NitroJunky added a post in a topic Drag Racing, In Finland?!   

    Ive been to Alastaro for the last 2 years now with a top fuel dragster with not the best results but all good fun at the same time.

    My first year of going the rest our team kept saying i had to sample the legendary "giant" meal att he trackside resturant. A challange to say the least.

    This year was the first time i had a chance to get to the top of the track and i have to say i like the view from the top of the hill on the tow back road, As its a nice view of the track and espeacialy if you catch the end of top fuel race.
  11. NitroJunky added a post in a topic Prudhomme's Pepsi/Wendy's Firebird   

    Nice looking model you have built. I bought one of these in a job lot when a model shop closed down. It sat in my pile of "to do" kits.
  12. NitroJunky added a post in a topic If you want to see a cool video of nitro-fueled nostalgia F/Cs   

    Ha just realised what i did wrong, I clicked the link above and could not see any related links so i typed "american nitro" just re-read above to see its "nitroamerica" My fault

    I will have a look for that as i am big fan of the nostalgic funny cars etc
  13. NitroJunky added a post in a topic If you want to see a cool video of nitro-fueled nostalgia F/Cs   

    I think that was a film from the 1970s and was shown in cinemas at the time. I managed to get a genuine copy of the film direct from america for about £20 and the best £20 ive spent on entertainment in a long while.

    During the film there is an interview with the "mongoose" and he shows the revell 1/16th scale models of his us navy f/c and dragster, shame he calls them 25th scale.
  14. NitroJunky added a post in a topic Jungle Jim Vega   

    Looking good. I would like one of these myself in 16th scale but for now will have to make do with a 25th scale version.