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  1. Recently found one of both trailers at Hobby Town in the Buffalo Grove area here inn Illinois. Both kits contain a tire rack. Excellent molding execution.
  2. Wow. I'm breaking out the pastels and trying some shading tonight.
  3. Really like this project and your use of the ''67 Chevelle ProStreet. Looking forward to seeing use of the axle/link combo.
  4. What's the name of that fellow out east that built quite a few of these types of constructs? Augie something, anyway , he was always putting old and new together. Mustangs and '32 Fords. Corvettes and '27 Ford Coupes. Great eye for proportion.
  5. That's some of the cleanest work I have ever seen. Really, really exceptional. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Beautiful design. Great choice of colors. The foiling takes patience and practice. That is some really like work!
  7. Wow, now that's clean...but tell us about your spray booth. Is that a reclaimed industrial unit?
  8. This is one of my favorite lead-sleds. Thanks for building this particular kit.
  9. That is a terrific choice of period correct color. The foiling work looks really sharp, too. Super clean work. Thanks for raising the bar.
  10. Really like the clear blue on the headers. Steering solution is very clever...thanks for sharing.
  11. I checked out the Pro Mod Kit at my LHS yesterday. Boy howdy, a lot of the parts seem very familiar for some reason.
  12. This is one of my all time favorite kits. Thanks for sharing.
  13. When my brother and I were much younger we liked to build brass slot car frames. It's great to see other using metals in their builds.
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