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  1. Thanks so much for your replies guys. Ive got a few more small power slide decals stuck down on some scrap so Im going to try a few different clears. The decals have been stuck down for 3 days. Ill do a few light coats 30 mins or so apart & see what happens. As mentioned Ive used Alps printed & some kit decals with Tamiya clear & never had a problem. I contacted Mike at Mikes Decals & he recommended to not use any clear at all on Powerslide Decals. He has heard of some guys using 2K clear with great results but no guarantees. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hi guys, Im wondering if anyone has used Powerslide decals & sprayed clear over the top? If so what clear did you use? Im working on a #43 Petty & #40 Hamilton Superbird. Just did a test with a decal on some scrap & Tamiya clear just annihilated the decal. Ive used Tamiya clear with Alps printed decals for years & never had a problem. Any help would be great. Thanks Greg
  3. Looks great thanks for sharing. Looks spot on! Was the black paint from MCW as well? Also did you use flat or satin black?
  4. Yes it’s been about 8-10 years. I purchased 2x Mercury Cougar kits. I chased him for about 18-24 months & gave up in the end. He either didn’t reply or when he did gave numerous excuses. It’s a shame as he has some great parts & kits I would buy.
  5. I’m still waiting for my order I paid for from nearly 10 years ago. I would never deal with RR again.
  6. Wow that’s beautiful Rich. Gives me some motivation to start mine but like you I’m trying to finish my started projects first.
  7. Hi guys, Im looking for the Rear Panel (Part number 3) & Tail Light Panel (Parts number 4) parts for the Monogram/Revell 1969 Dodge Superbee or 440 6 Pack kit. Let me know if you have any spares you are happy to sell. Would be interested in a cheap rebuilder. Thanks & let me know.
  8. Im starting to build the Graffiti cars as well. Ive been trying to find the Revell American Graffiti figures that came in some of the 1/64 cars & 1/24 Diecast. But wow they fetch a lot of money now. Well above what I would pay for a figure. I had really hoped that someone may resin cast them but never have. Ive been looking for these figures on & off for 10 years or so. The search continues.
  9. Thanks for the kind comments guys. Much appreciated, it was a fun build. Ill share a few other cars soon. I have a lot more Forward Look Mopars to build but those will be all mostly stock. Theres another Kustom Mopar I am planning on building but its before the Forward Look era. Ed Sloans 1953 Plymouth. Its such a killer car! Yes I agree, the 57 Plymouth is a great starting point for a custom. Its a shame that you don't see many Forward Look Mopars in the 1:1 world & if they are, rarely they are tastefully built like Watsons 57. Thanks! Yes I would love to do one of Watsons seaweed flames but a paint job like that is way out of my league. This 57 was a good intro to paint that is more than just a standard 2 tone paint job. Tom & Sledsel, The Modelhaus kit came with body, hood, grille, bumpers, tail lights & cowl panel. The rest of the car is from the AMT 1958 Plymouth kit. The hood was already a seperate part on the Modelhaus kit just like the AMT 58 Plymouth. Actually the Modelhaus body is based from the AMT 58 Plymouth kit & the bodies are identical other than the side trim which Modelhaus changed & backdated to 57. The Modelhaus 57 Plymouth wagon kit is based of Johan but I would expect the AMT 58 Plymouth kits parts would work well.
  10. Done, Just posted another in Under Glass! Thanks
  11. Hi all, Just thought I would share another car I finished a while ago. This was a stalled project I started in 2017 & finished a few months ago. A 1957 Plymouth inspired by Larry Watson's Plymouth. For those that don't know Larry Watson, he was a custom painter back in the day who had his own unique style. From what I understand this car was painted in 1958. Im a fan of Larry's work, also a fan of Forward Look mopars so this was a no brainer. Usually I prefer Forward Look Mopars to be plain stock like the day they rolled off the production line. But Ive always really loved this car as I feel the Kustom paint on this really helps accentuate the body lines & moldings of the 57 Plymouth. It was my first time painting a car with this type of paint work so I was a little nervous but Im happy with the results. The body is Modelhaus Resin kit bashed with AMT 1958 Plymouth. Wheel caps are Modelhaus, spotlights & side pipes are RMCM resin. Driver figure is by Scale Equipment Ltd. The Yellow is Testors Model master Phoeician Yellow sprayed straight from the can & the green is Citrus Yellow Metallic, even though the color is green not yellow. Unless In color blind. I also still need to add the windshield wipers, my AMT 58 kit only had 1 windshield wiper so Im waiting to get another kit. Also need to add the license plates, our printer stopped working. Thanks for looking, Greg
  12. Yes, I agree. Modelhaus was the holy grail for Forward Look Mopars. It’s slim pickings for any Forward Look Mopars in aftermarket now. I have all the Modelhaus kits you posted minus the 62 Chrysler plus some others. 😀
  13. How does the Lacquer thinner not affect the paint around the script? Some of the script is very small.
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