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  1. Did this 3 series about 20 years ago and was not overly difficult. One thing I found on many premium series was shallow body lines that needed careful attention.
  2. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. As we are still unpacking and setting up, it may be a while. I might convince the "boss" to make an outing to Cannon Beach for the holiday display and some events. Since we are retired, we can work traffic. We're in NW part of Camas. Will let you know. Been a tad since we were in Newport. Looks like several of the shops have changed over the years (we used to live in Bellevue until transfer to the Chicago area).
  3. their 750il kit gave up its front end (plus a Fujimi M635csi engine) to get me this. So I hope they get back in the groove
  4. Me as well. I remember their premium kits BMW and Mercedes of the early 90's. Would love to see more of that. Think of a modern M5 for example.
  5. Don't you worry about a seismic event throwing them off the shelves? As I am setting my room up as well, I am watching this for ideas. My place is about 100 miles from Sam I Am and closer to the Cascades, but I want to have some security on the paints. My room at this point.
  6. After almost a week, I have loaded up the photos from the opening of the World of Speed Museum (Wilsonville OR) Mustang Exhibit. Although small, there are some significant cars on display. I also took some photos of other unique vehicles on display. And am eagerly awaiting the Spring, when a Ferrari exhibit is coming. Mustang aficionados may know more about many of these cars. Link to Flickr Album....
  7. Unloading most truck kits I have accumulated. This is one of the remaining. Not looking for any truck related items in trade.
  8. Are you looking for unstarted? Or one that has been started, is complete, but the box is shot?
  9. Just have too many that I know I will not build. At my rate, I'll be over 200 to get through them (not counting any I might buy as well). I am just rearranging what my build likes are and culling out the ones I am least likely to enjoy building
  10. Trying to reduce it further. I unloaded about 150 before the move. Looking to knock it down by another 200-250.
  11. Doesn't include the aftermarket or diecast.
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