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  1. It is our downtown. We're wedged between Vancouver WA and Washougal WA on the Columbia where the Washougal River empties into it. Only 26,000 population, but metro area is over 2 million (we're considered part of Portland Metro Area).
  2. Our city has its first summer car show since 2019. Albeit about 15 degrees above average temperature this time of year, the day was beautiful. Use the link to get to the album https://www.flickr.com/photos/142581265@N08/albums/72177720300108192
  3. Portland area - Tammies Hobbies in Beaverton Seattle area - Skyway Model Shop
  4. I ordered back on February 21 and there was a backlog due to a large number of orders. Shipped 5/13. Arrived here 5/31 but we were away on a trip, and it sat at the PO until today. He was quite up front about it and I've no problems on previous orders either. You can always message him and get an estimate.
  5. Well, this arrived the day we left on our trip. We just picked up at the Post Office an hour ago.
  6. Assuming you are NOT referencing specifc fire/rescue decal sets, then for PE, you have this as an option: https://detailjunkees.bigcartel.com/product/70-s-chevy-van Decals: https://rayskits.com/product/chevy-gmc-emblem-set-large/
  7. I got the dually parts from Scenes Unlimited plus HD bumpers for an eventual build
  8. Not available, just to help out in your search. Are you talking about this kit?
  9. What might you offer to trade? Message me with options.
  10. Well, everything looks to be there except for the tires, which are MIA at the moment. But this is a 1/24 scale kit and looking at what you want to achieve, you would need at one 1/25 kit as I don't recollect any 1963 split window in 1/24.
  11. I have a bit of an easier time to get mine underway
  12. I have one I might trade off. I'd have to check it out to see if intact
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