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  1. Another option I am looking into is https://www.ghost-white-toner.com/ghost-white-toner-for-your-printer/
  2. My wife and I have discussed it a couple of times. No real information has been published beyond the accident. There is an indication they are finishing a documentary on her Land Speed attempt which will culminate with the crash. Supposedly a Go Fund Me was set up to collect funds to finish it. If true, we may not know anything more until then. An accident can mean a lot of things in a racer like that. Assuming some kind of investigation occurred, information has yet to be disseminated.
  3. Yesterday was a nice day here, but we had some workmen at the house in the morning. They left at lunch time and I then took a run over to the Black Dog Speed Shop (Lincolnshire Illinois) Open House. Got there with an hour left in the event. Not a large show, but you also got to tour their facilities. I did take some photos and the album link is below Link to the Flickr Photo Album
  4. Not used the connectors, but used the microtubes to create an aerial. Dollop of Testor clear on top then silver paint. The connectors look very interesting
  5. My druthers would be a 67. Of course I have a couple or three of the 72's, excluding the short bed.
  6. Transkit to make the Fujimi F12 Berlinetta into a F12 TdF Transkit to make the AMT Gen6 Camaro SS into a ZL1
  7. Which is why I stopped buying from him. Either he presents you with a good product and stands by it, or.... I have a couple of pieces that are in decent shape. But a third I was going to buy was excrement. He didn't like my opening it right there, but I said no Lookie, no money.
  8. SHe appeared at a Wyotech segment in Overhaulin' while still in school and hosted Extreme 4x4 (Powerblock TV) for four years, leaving in 2008. Covered on Mythbusters in 2009. Then on to AGG and Overhaulin' (as a host)
  9. I have the AMT 62 Tempest kit and it is the all parts blobby chassis common to that era (as already described by Ace). I won't be home for two weeks, so can't take a photo of what the actual piece looks like. Better other options as described above
  10. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/08/28/jessi-combs-dies-land-speed-record-attempt/
  11. I consider them a necessary evil. The bills need to be paid. I can ignore or react depending on the ad. Ad's get tailored anyway depending on site and search.
  12. I have a bunch of Ken's Fuzzy Fur I've been going through. Have some embossing powder I plan to try once the shop "reopens". I have used another technique a couple of times on closed top cars where the floor is barely visible. That is to use textured spray paint. It gives the impression of a tight nap carpet and, with floor mats (I make mine), can be realistic. What I do depends on vehicle and the nap of the carpeting. I try to get as close as possible.
  13. Well, because of some surprises as we finished getting ready to turn the old house over to the realtor and head West, we wound up with a delay. So far, since coming back, I’ve missed the Cruise the Couve, Forest Grove Concours, the Puyallup Goodguys, and a wisp of a chance to head down to Motor Week in Monterey/Carmel. But I did get a chance to go to the Geneva (Illinois) Concours and stopped by a charity car show put on by the DuPage County Sheriff. I took a bunch of photos of an wide ranging mix of autos, including some details of a Ferrari 812 Superfast so I can use on the soon to arrive Alpha Model of the same. As usual click the link to get to the Flickr album. Link to the Flickr Album...
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