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  1. I'll reply here as well. Owencraft (in British Columbia) used to do some over 20 years back. You can get some from ProTech Model Parts
  2. Found that one (not in stash) as an option and another not deep dish enough. So some more research to do. Have Firestone tires that would work. John Teresi did a thread here about 10 years back. Need to dig that up and see what he did
  3. Thanks. Had it on my radar off and on for several years. Sort of an iconic and unusual custom with an interesting history. Need to source correct wheels and figure out how it was originally painted. It was a candy metallic apricot color but trying to determine if fading or fogging of white pearl was done. Lighting of the photos (that are color) really matters
  4. Got to source the correct wheels. The wheels in the kit are not the ones I've seen in the original photos
  5. Back at this project. To recap: Chassis: Added bracing for Convertible Body (kit chassis is for coupe body). Modified and added stock exhaust from a 68 Firebird (Kit has chambered exhausts, which are nice but very common). Painted and detailed. About 90% complete (needs engine to compete plus a couple of suspension pieces. Body: Cleaned up mold lines and removed some emblems (to be replaced by MCG parts from PE Fret). Removed molded in windshield wipers and cleaned up frame and panel (parts bin wipers will be used). Opened up grill and corrected depth of headlight covers then added MCG cover parts. Primed and painted base color. Ready for decaling/finishing. Wheels and tires: Using AMT Parts Pack White lettered tires. Found slightly better Rally wheels with open slots in parts bin. Will add valve stems and clean up detail. Interior: Just finished; using Hugger Orange covered with Semi-Gloss Clear. Applied kit Hounds Tooth decals for inserts. Upgraded interior with MCG photoetch for console. Added Microscale decals to reflect faux wood trip on dash and console. To better mimic color of 1:1, added Tamiya Clear Orange over decals. Opened up door grab handles. Added grab handle to passenger side dash to reflect trim level of 1:1. Drilled out and added door lock buttons. Just some tweaks remain. Engine: Basic assembly started. Added PE wire looms on valve covers. Added coupling for PCV on valve cover. Started adding pulleys and accessories to reflect a 396 375 HP engine. This includes power steering pump and AIR smog pump as well as different alternator (not included in kit). Started crafting the AIR piping. About 40% complete here. Next steps: Continue engine detail. Start decals on body. Assemble wheel/tires. Progress Pix below
  6. I would add decal quality (at least in several kits I have) to that
  7. Not that I am into movie cars that much, but your suggestions sound good. Only other ones that come to mind are the John Wick cars (Mustang and Chevelle)? I was thinking the C8 and Shelby GT500 myself. Although the Mustang/Bronco would be with one manufacturer
  8. I did some quick screen captures of what was presented. This is coming oon. There are several references to items in the loop but no specifics other than a movie car and two current showroom vehicles (let the speculations begin). Yes, the MPC Californian is being reissued. Already discussed 63 Chevy 2 Nova Wagon with details is coming soon Remake of Ghostbusters Cadillac into a Surf Caddy Working parts Trash Truck announced
  9. To my eyes, the Bertone was more tempting than the 410. But, there are some upcoming Alpha Model kits that are intriguing.
  10. I'm in the same boat. If I can use a good rattle can, I will. If there is something intricate or color unavailable, the airbrush comes out. For some small jobs like brake detailing, I recently bought one of those battery compressors with airbrush (and it takes my Iwata gravity feed as well).
  11. I keep telling myself no more kits as well except for really special items. I have 3 of Fernando's offerings pending and think I'm passing on this one.
  12. Still need to do a little more cleanup, especially of a little polish spatter in the engine bay but calling this one done. I accidentally damaged the paint job in final finishing and needed to strip and redo. Of course, that meant new decals. Fortunately, I was able to get a set rather than working with a hi-res scan of the kit decals I had made. But, in both sets, the red stripes broke apart, even with a coating of Micro Scale Liquid Decal Film. Otherwise, the decals were fine. I also had a little warpage in the hood that did not like being adjusted. I got it as close as possible and decided to let it be. Engine fully detailed including adding a (non-working) dipstick; Engine Bay also detailed as was the interior, including seat belts; added valve stems to the wheels; and added AMT M&H narrow slicks to the car instead of street redlines. There were some light scratches on the bumper chrome, especially the front, that needed attention. I used C1 Models chrome powder on it to clean it up. Painted with Scale Finishes Pontiac Tiger Gold and Cameo Ivory. Part of the cleanup is tweaking the trunk line on the driver’s side. It is not as clean as I want.
  13. An area Corvette Club was one of the major attendees at the event. Hence, a lot of Vette photos. But, I am a Chevy person. First car (bought from my parents) was a 1965 Impala SS 327 CID 300 Horse (Powerglide sadly)
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