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  1. Not that I have found. Creating one for my 69 Camaro pace car project. part way into the process. used the pump from the Nova kit and adding the extra bits.
  2. Multiple deliveries yesterday and today to keep me going on projects this year. The Splash paints are for several different projects. The first Shapeways photo is of a Ron Olsen designed (3D Model Specialties) 6 cylinder LS engine with Edelbrock injection intake.
  3. Getting the decals. Now all I need are the engine mods and wheels, and I can do a Cosworth Vega
  4. Can't help on 1 or 3. I have a DTM 2000 kit untouched if you want more photos that someone may be able to help. I THINK I may have a S10 6 cylinder in the parts bin as well, though would have to look
  5. 190 SL's have been modified with V8's (even a V12 for a SEMA Build)
  6. Yes, a V8. I know the 190 has an I4 but wasn't sure what you would be doing to the engine bay. There are no modern Mercedes kits that I can recollect with small engines. The 2000 and up DTM's are 8 cylinders. A Revell 300 SL-24 came with an I6. The Tamiya C-Class DTM's of the 90's have V6 engines Their CLK DTM2000 is an engine "insert". The Revell Mercedes DTM's of the mid-2000's are 8 cylinders If you are more open to engine options and don't care if 1/25 versus 1/24, AMT Opel GT has a 6 cylinder option Revell Chevy S10 or GMC Syclone has a V6 (1/25 scale)
  7. How new? I may have an 80's 500 SEC engine in the parts bin. But I'm thinking too old for what you're seeking.
  8. As well as can be expected. Hopefully things will start to loosen up. We are VERY wet right now, about 1.5 inches of rain in the last 24 hours and the Columbia Gorge has had heavy snow. We had a small shot of snow around Christmas, but the Cascade foothills harder hit (and Puget Sound even worse). View from our deck just before New Year's Day
  9. First start of 2022. I need a break from heavy detailing after the last few models. I also put the in work 69 Camaro Pace Car away for a bit while I decide what to do on the stripes. The decals are not quite Hugger Orange (and the Fred Cady decals I have are even more Orange). So, I decided to pull out the Alpha Models Ferrari GTC4Lusso for a build. For those of us unfamiliar with Alpha, they are the full model division of Hobby Design. They do high quality resin replicas of cars, mainly European. The kits are curbside, so limited chassis/suspension detail and engine detail only on cars that are midship with engines viewable from the rear hatch. And, in those cases, the engine is simplified. I would enjoy more detail in the engine area, even for a few more dollars. But modern engine bays are usually crowded and shrouded, so detail is limited. The same goes for suspension. Many modern high-performance cars have aerodynamic chassis “trays” to manage airflow, up to and including diffusers. Other manufacturers such as Tamiya, Aoshima and Revell of Germany have included more chassis detail in their styrene cars, and it would be nice to see Alpha do it as well. However, I would rather have the subjects available to build. Alpha does, in my opinion, do a great job in providing interior detail. This is an area where it would be nice to have a door opening option. The bodies are thick and attempting to open a door would be a major undertaking. So, I will concentrate more on visible detail. I have included photos of the resin parts (very well cast and looks as good as styrene). There is also an extensive PE set plus pre-cut windows with the blackened areas already applied (kudos there). I have cleaned the parts with soap and water plus an alcohol wipe and getting ready to prime. The panel and door/trunk lines are a bit soft and needed to be scribed deeper. Newer kits from Alpha have much crisper panel and door/trunk lines. Even though the kit comes with two different sets of 19” wheels, I opted to go with Hobby Design Novitec 20” with Hobby Design Michelin tires. I am still deciding on color scheme. I have three different choices and will narrow down after first primer coat and clean up.
  10. Yes. First Rally car. Next one will be this one. Now, working on a Alpha Models GTC4Lusso. Stay tuned for a WIP posting 😎
  11. The Tamiya one may not have been reissued but the Fujimi version has.
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