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  1. Looks like a reboxed Hasegawa. I have an original and it has full engine detail (not quite Fujimi EM Level). Good snag on the Studio 27 Wheels.
  2. Unfortunately I have the Nickey version with the Corvette style hood scoop. I had thought of that, but not interested in getting another full kit if I can avoid it. That may be my option.
  3. The suspension would fit earlier vehicles in the Impala and Chevelle lines. Anyway, I have had conversations.
  4. To be clear on my part the hood has the faux air vents
  5. I am searching for a source for a 1967 Camaro SS hood for the AMT kit. I have a convertible resin body and a 67 Z/28 kit but am trying to replicate the 67 Pace Car Replica. I have searched a bunch of resin casters and looked at online parts sources and have had no luck. Does anyone know of a source? Or does anyone have a hood they would be willing to trade? Thanks
  6. My club has a build challenge for Traditional Customs, defined as a custom from 1935 to 1964. This is a genre that I do not frequently build (only two that would qualify in my whole building career). So, now that my shop is coming together post move, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give it a try. Several years back, I acquired a resin custom 1948 Ford from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland. The kit was mastered by Juha Airio and is quite a stunning design. I don’t recollect why I decided to buy it in the first place, but now seemed like the time to build. The kit needs chassis components from the AMT 68 El Camino or 70 Monte Carlo and I already had the El Camino parts combined with this kit. For an engine choice (given I can’t go past 1964 in the components) I chose a Revell Parts Pack Cadillac 354 (331 CI engine stroked?). I pulled out a set of American Satco white walls from the parts bin (now have only two left) and pulled some MCG wheel covers for the wheel/tire set. Although the chassis is kit provided, the El Camino is donating the front and rear suspension. I also dug into the parts bin and pulled out some wheel backs that have drum brake rear detail on them. Since the hubcaps will totally cover the front view, I will not be using any front brake components. Below is the body with the hubcap and tire combo. The hubcaps will need holes drilled into them to allow for valve stems.
  7. Well I went down to the lower level and pulled out the original kit and one of the reissues. From the original, here is the taillight assembly (I just placed them into the bumper, no glue: There is NO ribbing on the taillights in this version. I then opened up the reissue kit #8201 and took a photo of its taillights: There is ribbing on this one, but quite light.
  8. I have an original unbuilt 65 that I could check if need be. Have to pull it out.
  9. Lots of good answers. On classic cars, the wiring harnesses depicted are good. Fo exotics or modern EFI cars, there are also harnesses on the engine that control the injectors and often the plugs. Some of the techniques above can be applied to that as well. I did a version of this to my Ferrari SA Aperta about 3 years ago. It was very minimal as was barely visible in the engine bay
  10. Moving to the body, the clean up of sink marks continued. Everywhere a rib or part connection is, a corresponding sink is on the reverse. I did decide to open the hatch on the cab. I will need to figure out how to hinge it. The kit provides the roof hatch, but it mounts on a roof section that then gets mounted to the cab. I assume this is to account for other variants of the Unimog. But there is no reflecting hatch detail on the cab inner roof. The kit comes with an engine, but the hood is molded shut and there is no engine bay detail. So, it is basically a curbside. I think I will let that be and concentrate on detail in other areas.
  11. Well, I pulled it out and it seems that I glued the engine halves together and that it that.
  12. I do have this one. Would have to check if I ever started it.
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