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  1. For street vehicles, I aim for 32 or 34 awg insulated wire. 30 awg for racing. That said, I have a stash of older Detail Master and MCG wire that I bought years back when it was just easy to pick up at the local LHS. Radio Shack, when it was around, sold wrapping wire that was a good option. I have also found that headsets for cordless phones, which fail, have thin wire that can be used for many options.
  2. Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4

    I traded the 700 in November. Have the SV, which is the one I'll likely build. May also build the Anniversario as well, but more into Ferraris.
  3. What did you get today?

    Yes I will. Won't start them until after we've moved and settled in. I was thinking, longer term, of displaying these and others (F12 Novitec N-Largo, La Ferrari, etc,) in a diorama relecting something the Irongate Motor Condos
  4. Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4

    Don't have that one anymore. But do have a 720-4 that I would consider unloading.
  5. What did you get today?

  6. What did you get today?

    These have arrived in the past 9 days. Just catching up.
  7. What kit would have a good Chevy/GMC 454?

    The SS 454 engine looks undersized to me. It is as if the modified they used the small block with new heads. Since it is packed away, I can't dig it out to check with other BBC's. An 84 would, IIRC, use a TH 400. There are a lot of BBC engines in kits. The big consideration is finding the one with the closest intake setup and accessory belts to match your 84
  8. Aftermarket Pro-touring parts???

    When you say Pro-Touring parts, you referenced a chassis. But, what type of parts do you seek? Suspension components? Brakes? Wheels/tires (which are the most referenced above)? engine/engine mods? Interior parts such as seats, dash mods, etc. (again a bit referenced above)? Body kits?
  9. D-Revell Panamera

    I am seeing these on recent photos of the real car, but not in the spot on the model
  10. Vintage Revell Parts Packs -complete set

    Bob Paeth had a HUGE collection before he passed away. Since he had worked for Revell, he had the ability to get all those goodies and hang on to them. I wonder what happened with that?
  11. Cheddar head? In Washington state? Haven't heard that one before. Will have a very decent model room in the lower level. Have to decide how to organize and where the paint booth will go, garage (insulated and will be heated) or furnace room (furnace takes in outside air for combustion when the gas furnace takes over from the heat pump). For perspective, the ceiling height is 10 feet.
  12. Sound wall the city required as we parallel a local road. Cuts down the road noise. Road is not a major artery, but does have rush hour traffic. Only six houses on the street.
  13. House is finished. Timing on move is bad since it ran into the holidays and winter weather. The nice thing about a sound wall is that the Google Street View car didn't catch the construction work going on when it went by.
  14. Everything is now boxed up for moving. I don't have the time to go through the trade/vend processes. So, I reassess after we move into the new house and get organized.