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  1. Chassis Bracing work in progress: I have made a little progress here. I am doing this old school. I started with a card stock template based on the rescaled photo. I then transferred this to .020 evergreen plastic and scribed it out. I then tweaked the edges to get some round over, drilled the holes (one is too far offset and needs fixing), and scribed the outboard ends for fold down to the model chassis. The center section (drawn in X) will eventually be cut out as I am making the center piece (which is separate in the 1:1) from .010 plastic and will eventually glue that in place. Prepping for chassis attachment, I sanded down the chassis ribbing that will be covered. Needs a little more cleanup and then I will work the center brace plate.
  2. Are the tires okay? The ones on my 25 year old Unimog Fire were "melting". I had to get replacements from RoG.
  3. Just got this today in a trade. Box not pristine and a couple of damaged parts, but it is going to be built anyway
  4. Not very knowledgeable on Pontiacs. More on Chevy (and Ferraris). I know, odd mix. I am improving my knowledge on Pontiacs, as I have several interesting ones to build that have been sitting in the stash for some time No problem, glad I could help.
  5. I was told it was a 64? Okay. Let me ping a friend who has (or had) a 64 and see if he can enlighten us.
  6. Love it. You answered a question I was eventually going to get to on the chassis. I have an unbuilt 64 waiting on the shelf. Mine will be more custom. Will follow this closely
  7. Since I got the room, I decided to use it. In the old house, a part of the work area was in the basement and the rest in the bonus room over the garage. Here, we don't have any basement, just crawl space. The floor of the lower level is 5 1/2 feet above ground level
  8. They are, but are lagged to each other and the wall. I also slid some dowel rod (such as for closet rods) down them. Don't recollect the diameter. I have an adjustable height desk, because I stand most of the time I'm working on a model. I also have a couple of work areas for special tasks that regular height desks. Yet to set those up.
  9. Slow at the moment. Fabricating the cross brace the old fashioned way. I was going to buy a 3D printer after we settled in, but have put that off until after this craziness ends. So I'm doing it with the card stock template now glued on a .020 plastic sheet and scribing it out. To fit to the AMT chassis would need modification. I'm concentrating now on the 69 Pace Car, then the 67 and then will go to a replica of my 68. I'm still setting up the hobby room and we're still unpacking. One key thing here is to lag cabinets and bookshelves to the wall to keep from falling over in an earthquake. Doing that slower now as my wife is not able to help moving the heavier stuff and I don't want the odd jobs guy over doing anything inside the house for a while (for obvious reasons). Also, a display cabinet was damaged and needs to have glass replaced before I can load it up. Again, waiting until things settle down.
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