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  1. The Missing Corvette

    I certainly wasn't missing an '83. The only good things about C4's was the ZL1 and the somewhat improved suspension
  2. Best Corvette C5 Z06 kit?

    Someone did sell a resin manual transaxle conversion. I bought a couple. But I can't remember who did it or even if they are still in business. I do believe the C6 does have a manual, but am 2,000 miles from home (and the stash) at the moment to confirm
  3. George Barris Villa Rivera and RTS RR

    Thanks, forgot about that. Away from home and all my reference material. Personally, I think the kit custom parts look nice just by themselves. Only matters if you are trying to replicate the actual car. If I remember correctly, it was actually in two movies with different color schemes, one all white and the second the red/white scheme
  4. George Barris Villa Rivera and RTS RR

    If you're going for accuracy on the Villa Riviera, the AMT kit is not exact. The tail lights are incorrect and the hood needs strips.
  5. longshot decal request

    Keith Marks does the decals for the Revellogram version (1/24) that can be adapted. But, there is a slight inaccuracy in the Plymouth name for the side panel. Note the slight tick in the real car, whereas the Petty Car does not. Can be corrected or just left alone. Car I am replicating that is authenticated and was at the November 2018 MCACN show: From Keith Marks site (I altered it so it can't be copied and modified so we respect his work)
  6. 1955 Corvette Indy Pace Car

  7. FPP Models 1/24 Ferrari 250 GT Bertone

    I've had that site bookmarked for years. Lots of info. There also was a site that is now gone that actually had owners' manuals on it that you could download in PDF. But, they dropped out about 4-5 years ago. Another useful site is Eurospares for details, but can be vague on older models.
  8. FPP Models 1/24 Ferrari 250 GT Bertone

    As I said, I'll have to "grok" it when I get back home at the end of the month. I have a 250 chassis/engine bay from the old AMT kit that I was keeping for just such an occasion. I'll need to lay it out and see where it goes. Will post more when I get there
  9. FPP Models 1/24 Ferrari 250 GT Bertone

    True. But the wheel wells go straight up and need addressing. And, there also is potential hood thickness to deal with as well. I will look at more closely when I get back home
  10. July Supercar Saturday

    I’ve missed a few shows at the new and old “homestead”, but got out this A.M. to catch the July Supercar Saturday at the Arboretum in South Barrington IL. Quite a few cars, especially Bimmers, Mercs, and Audis. Thus, I took selected photos of the most unique. Link to the photo album…
  11. New AMT Items

    Weren't some of the 60's cars like the Camaro referenced as "Coke Bottle Shaped"?
  12. Weld Seams

    Have those and the Archer.
  13. New Revell Landrover Kit.

    Revell has started a sie on the development of the kit. Use Google translate to convert to English https://discover.revell.de/
  14. FPP Models 1/24 Ferrari 250 GT Bertone

    The car is unique, which is why I decided to drop the hammer. But, have more interest in the ALpha 812 Superfast, GTC4Lusso and 488 Pista first. The 812 will be on its way to me when I get back home in 3 weeks. Hoping the GTC4Lusso is ready and perhaps they'll come together. Not sure if I can get (or want to spend the energy) the 812 to fit on the Fujimi F12 chassis. Would be nice to do an engine (the soul of the auto). But, would have to decide what to do about the 4 wheel steering apparatus the car has.