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  1. I had white decals that I used to do this one some years back. Did the BMF, then the white decals followed by the emblem decals.
  2. More work on the interior. Carbon fiber templates from Scale Motorsport (SMS) and the kit decals have been used. I also have used PE parts from SMS. The real car has two lines running from the unit between the seats. I added these by bending fine wire, sizing them, and gluing in place. For the dashboard, I applied the templates and the kit decals. Then I added labels from the Spot Model sheet. I was debating how to replicate the dash dymo labels on the real car and found this decal sheet as I was ordering replacement tire markings (the Tamiya ones did not stick). So, the dashboard represents 16 decals plus fine brush painting. Need to do a little touchup on that and then onward.
  3. Came in last Thursday and Saturday. An international mix. From left to right, decals from Germany; wheel sets from the Ukraine; and decals from Spot Model in Spain.
  4. I've also given them an alcohol "bath" before washing in soapy water.
  5. Generally, when someone mentions LS engines they mean the modern era LS/LT engines. The AMT 70 1/2 B-M Camaro has a very nice Big Block engine that would certainly fit the 66 Suburban, but is a totally different vibe than the modern LS. For that, one needs to look at Revell Gen5 Camaros for attached transmission versions, the above mentioned Chevy pickup or SSR (their Vortec engines are iron block LS), or C5 and C6 Revell Corvettes if you want to cut off the torque tube and add a transmission (or go all out with a transaxle and IRS). That is why I asked above what engine family the OP was referencing
  6. Are you asking about modern LS engines (or LT engines in the Gen6 Camaro)? Or older LS engines which are big block. Chevrolet has reused the engine designations more than once on different families of engines.
  7. Love it. If I could figure out the engine and get a Vega kit, I would be all into doing a Cosworth Vega
  8. Agree on the Tamiya acrylics. I have used a mixture of paint types on this. Initially, Tamiya lacquers. Then some Testor enamels. Final, the Tamiya acrylics
  9. I pretty much have the chassis assembled and started on the interior. For the wheels, Tamiya provides 3 decals for each one to reflect the actual car. On top of that, I decided to add valve stems (from Decalcas). The stems come in a set of 20, and, unlike the first time), I did not lose any in cutting from the base). I also took some Evergreen strip plastic and scribed with a vee-shaped file to simulate stick on wheel weights. The strip is thicker than I wanted, but I could not find a thinner one in my stash that would work. Given where they are on the wheel, the effect looks good. For the tires, other than spare, I sanded the treads to give a more realistic look. Unfortunately, the Michelin decals supplied for the tires by Tamiya did not stick at all (dry transfer). I don’t know if it is age of the decals or something else. The waterslide decals seem to be fine (I store all decals in zip seal plastic bags to protect them. I’ll need to figure out a solution for that, or just let them go.
  10. If I recollect right, the stock is to be a 64 and the gasser a 65.
  11. Those look like the ones taken at the IHOBBY show of several years ago or the 2017 NNL .
  12. Thanks. It looks like I have scored one. Hope all is well with you and your family
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