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  1. I have that set. It is pretty good. I will still check my stash this PM. The decal sheet I used MAY have been Scale Equipment versus HLJ. If Scale Equipment, they don't do those any more.
  2. The open one has a chopped resin body it from Morgan Automotive Detail. The other is a sealed kit. I will peruse you fotki pix and see if there is something to trade. Seeing where you live, are you a member of Lake Michigan Model Car Club?
  3. I think I still have 2, one unopened. This is the kit you are referencing, correct?
  4. I had a decal sheet in my stash that I bought from Hobby Link Japan that was very close. I used it on my 68 Firebird Sprint. I will check if the have the manufacturer info still available. I have some left, but not for trade.
  5. Noting is currently listed on their eBay store as well
  6. https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/amt-instructions/vans--recreational/amt-open-road-chevy/
  7. Have that or the C1 Models version
  8. For whatever reason, mine was in good shape. But the Senna is of way more interest
  9. No, it isn't if we are thinking of the same one. I built the convertible version back in the early 90's and the kits were different. The Lorinser also has custom body moldings and spoiler
  10. I have had this kit on the back burner for many years now and was deciding it would be a good build for a period "tuner" car. However, when opening it, I discovered that Parts Tree C is MIA. I've searched through the boxes from the move and not been successful. Without that tree, the kit is unbuildable. Tamiya USA does not have replacement parts for this kit as it long out of production and no internet vendors have it either. Perhaps someone has a parts kit that they would like to trade the parts. Here is a photo of the instruction sheet parts tree.
  11. That is why when I built the Revell 68 Firebird, I chose this engine and did it as a Sprint.
  12. Got these shots at the Museum of American Speed about 4 years ago.
  13. Interesting. Just checked the instruction sheet and it looked like a standard rear transaxle. Should have pulled the kit out of the stash and checked. That would be a prime candidate since readily available on eBay for decent prices.
  14. The same with the 12 cylinder Ferrari kits. Similar transaxle concept. The Shelby Series 1 also has this similar transaxle. For a detailed midengined transaxle, you would need to look at the Tamiya 360 Modena, Tamiya F40 Tamiya Enzo Revell Enzo Revell or Tamiya LaFerrari. Revell McLaren 570S Or any of a variety of Porsche 911 kits. Most of the 911's are rear engined, so shifting linkage is geared towards the front from the rear of the tranny. Some Porsches, like the 918 are mid-engine. The Revell Porsche 914 kit is also mid engined. Fujimi offers more detail in the Porsche transaxles on the older (EM series) kits. But, you would have to evaluate the instructions for that which would best fit your need. A couple of sources for instructions to evaluate are Spot Model https://www.spotmodel.com/manuals.php?manufacturers_id=32&language=en and HobbySearch Japan https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/car/
  15. Mark, I don't have the reissue Mod Rod, but do you know if that contains the body that Jon could use? Or is it the newer Ala Kart body? I know Round2 said you could not do a full Ala Kart out of that kit
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