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  1. The only thing that is curious to me is that engine looks much larger than 1/24 scale when compared to the Revell 1/25 Hemi. Not spending the time, at this point, to dimension it out.
  2. There was an Escalade (Yukon/Tahoe), Escalade ESV (Suburban) and EXT (Avalanche) The Revell, I believe, is a standard Escalade, not ESV. AMT did a version of the EXT
  3. I wish they would do the engine and chassis as well, but MFH doesn't do much more for some of their offerings and a lot more money. These are the ALpha kits I have so far, plus the HD 599 GTO transkit that was eliminated by the Revell kit
  4. You know, for some time I was wondering if there was a relationship, given your last name On this list, likely the P1 and M4. RS6 Avant DTM is hopefully coming out soon.
  5. Maybe. I originally was saving for a project I had in mind, but now not likely to go that way
  6. I, too, am surprised by the number of McLarens. I would love to see a Roma, SF90 and SP1/SP2 even though the latter is not legal for road use in the USA. I would also have loved for them them to do a transkit to take the Fujimi F12 to a F12 TdF. They indicated there would be more Porsche variants, so the RS is a possibility. Time will tell, I guess. I wonder if Tamiya might do a SF90, given their run of Ferrari hypercars?
  7. Here is the other part of the decal sheet that I found in a YouTube video. Hope this helps your quest
  8. They appear to be from this kit. This is essentially 2 sets that I wound up getting when our Club got a large stash of decal sheets that Revell was throwing out.
  9. I think that is from a Revell kit. Need to check my stash to see
  10. Not yet. Coming attractions. I think the Porsche may be close along with the not displayed RS6 Avant
  11. The McLarens and Porsche not much interest, except, possibly the P1. The Bimmer looks interesting. Would be nice if they did some 4 door sport sedans, especially since they are coming out the RS6 Avant. But, the wallet does cringe with this type of goody list
  12. It'll do until a detail kit arrives (if ever). Seems specialty stuff like the C8, newer Ferraris, etc are diescat or diecast like resin that are curbside. Plan is to strip the paint and detail the interior and?
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