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  1. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Chevy/gmc resin 4x4 conversions???   

    Don't think Randy sells it anymore.  It was a simplified front end.  I'd have to check my version to see if a transfer case was included.  I don't remember that there was one.
    Also, the AMT Cadillac Escalade has a 4x4 suspension that can be adapted as does the curbside Revell Escalade (needs work to open the engine bay)
  2. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Air Brush Paint   

    Gravity paints
  3. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Most of the models on my wish list will likely never be done by Revell, or perhaps any major manufacturer.  This thread seems to me to be a variation of Revell of Germany's online wish list that sort of evaporated.  I just can't get excited about these lists anymore as I feel they mainly a waste of time.  Not that there might not be something on here that can get produced, but how long and far out?
  4. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Has Anyone Assembled The Model Car Garage Brembo Calipers?   

    They look like, but I passed at the moment since I have Hobby Design resin Brembos in the stash.  I do like that Robert included the brake pads.
  5. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Corvair PG Dash   

    Okay, an update.  I originally looked at the instructions of my 67 kit and there is no indication of anything but a floor shifter.  When I take the parts out, the dash DOES have the Powerglide shift mechanism in the right corner, even though the instructions have you use the floor shift only.
    That said, I know of no option to get the part.  It would seem to be a relatively easy scratchbuild on a 69 dash (that doesn't have this part molded).
  6. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Replicating Body Side Marker Lights How 2: Suggestioins Anyone   

    You didn't mention model, but sometimes PE frets will have side marker lights included.  If yes, applying Tamiya clear yellow over the front and clear red over the rear does a respectable job.  Otherwise, decals are sometimes provided or available.  Not as convincing, but can be workable.  Otherwise, you need to scratch build them one of two ways.  One would be with plastic strip to create the frame and you "color" in or build a template to cut a recess in the body (more modern cars) and fill smooth with liquid clear and then color.
  7. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Polishing Glass   

    Polishing cloths only go so far.  Then it is on to either Novus or Wright's silver cream.  Then Future only if required.
  8. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Corvair PG Dash   

    Powerglides had a dash mounted selector for 65-69 for certain, perhaps earlier.  But, the AMT Gen II Corvairs have manual transmissions only in the kits I have seen or possess (such as the 67 and 69's).  The trans is a manual and the only option is a gear shift.  So, I am not sure where a PG gear shift option could be obtained other than scratch built

    And that is assuming the builder does not care that the engine has a manual or has converted it to a PG.
  9. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Corvair PG Dash   

    What are you talking about? There is only a single Dashboard in the 67 kit and it should be similar enough (if not the same) to the 69 kit that is available.
  10. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Exactly a year to GSL XXVI, are you planning to be there?   

    Not likely.
  11. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic PE emblem question   

    The same.  The only time I don't is if the scripts are so light (such as some AMT kits) that the ghosting after primer and paint gives a shot at placing it correctly (assuming the model is correct).  But a lot of thought goes into that including any size differences, etc.  So, normally sand off
  12. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Anyone used C-1Models?   

    Product is great, service is greater.  He will also work with you on PayPal, even though his site doesn't have that checkout option.
  13. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Build Order   

    I'm with Steve on that.  I start on the body and will test fit things out, finalize the theme and get paint and finish underway.  This allows me plenty of time to let the finish "percolate" as I get the rest done.  Also, I save chassis and engine bay to last in case I wind up changing the paint color.
  14. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Corvette C7R   

    No full detail C7 from Revell.  This easier build seems to be the way they're going on more modern car releases.  Also the prepaint seems popular as well.  Even Revell of Germany is thinking that on their newer cars such as McLaren 570S and AMG GT.
    I am not a fan of that simplified style, particularly the chassis.  But, if it improves sales and gets more modelers into the game, I guess I can accept that.
    I did suggest Revell should up to C7 to a Z06.  Didn't get a big OH YEAH! back form them though.  The Z06, per their design rules would be a new tool, since 50% or more of the kit would need to be modified.  However, the Revell guy also said that Z06's are a large percentage of C7 sales (didn't give me more specifics).  So I reiterated that a Z06 would fill that niche for modelers
  15. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Corvette C7 Wide Body   

    So did I.