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  1. 66 El Camino instructions

  2. Decal Sheets from Tamiya 500 SEC Lorenser (Updated)

    Hmm. Well, I don't like the seat pattern anyway. I'd do mine as leather. Instrument panel and trim are no issues. Can't figure why I thought there were decals. Thanks all for your help
  3. Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona/Competizione *

    That is in the moving box getting ready to get back to Washington State. I have a slew more Ferraris.
  4. Decal Sheets from Tamiya 500 SEC Lorenser (Updated)

    No, just the one version. The kit had decals for the seat pattern, instrument cluster and some other things. At worst, I will try to cobble up something when I get to it.
  5. Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona/Competizione *

    As do I.
  6. 1/25 AMT '65 Chevy II Hardtop

    The 64 Moebius Chevy II is a Hardtop. But the 65 is a sedan (different roofline)
  7. Who has built the Fujimi Ferrari 288 GTO?

    Have 2 plus 1 PE set. And EM series can be fidgety to build. Take your time and test fit often.
  8. Decal Sheets from Tamiya 500 SEC Lorenser (Updated)

    I'm going to BUMP this as I am still looking for Tamiya Mercedes 500 SEC Lorinser decals. I've exhausted all other options. Even a scan would be helpful as I can work on recreating them in Corel. Thanks
  9. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    I'd preorder except that we're getting ready for the moving van to show up in a few days
  10. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    This just popped up for preordering
  11. Who has built the Fujimi Ferrari 288 GTO?

    No problem. My unbuilt EM's are in boxes waiting for the movers to start loading, so can't get to them. Fortunately, these folks did have the instructions online.
  12. Who has built the Fujimi Ferrari 288 GTO?

    What version did you get? There are some versions that are simpler than the original EM series but include many of the trees. Gio here for a detail instruction and compare to what you got https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10070285
  13. AMT 65 Impala versus Revell 65 Impala

    Got the 65 Coupe and Convertible plus the 66 Coupe, all yet to be built
  14. Is it Original?

    Thanks, forgot about that site for instructions. Just was not into digging into the move boxes to find it.
  15. Is it Original?

    Interesting. I know of the Polar Lights kit. But, there was a 64 Tempest GTO hardtop annual AMT kit. AMT 64 Tempest GTO instructions I have a 64 Tempest LeMans Convertible kit packed away for the move, so I can't tell if it also has the GTO option as well.