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  1. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Should I thin decanted Testors clear enamel?   

    I usually thin as well.  For the reasons already stated.
  2. Exotics_Builder added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville Oregon
    While we were in the Pacific Northwest dealing with the start of the new house (yes there will be a dedicated hobby room in the lower level), we had a chance to go down to Wilsonville Oregon and visit the World of Speed Museum.  They had a muscle car and Indy car display going on.  Part of the Indy car display was an honor to Art Pollard, a driver who, sadly, lost his life prepping for the 1973 race.  His daughter was there and we struck up a conversation with her.  I could not resist taking a couple of photos of her by a car her father had driven.  Anyway, here are some photos from our visit.

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  3. Exotics_Builder added a calendar event in Model Car Shows/Events   

    GTR Summer NNL 10th Annual Contest & Swap Meet


    The Summer NNL will be held on Sunday August 6th 2017 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM at the Algonquin Township Building, 3702 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014

    For the out-of-towners, there are tons of local accommodations from Days Inn to Holiday Inn.

    Admission to the show is a measly 5 bucks; you can enter as many models on the tables as you like (no additional charge) and we will serve a pizza lunch (again, no additional charge, soda extra; sorry had to draw a line somewhere) to all show entrants.

    Did we mention that there is a swap meet too? There will be a free “trunk sale” swap meet in our spacious parking lot, vendors and show goers are encouraged to open their trunks and sell-sell-sell rain or shine. Vendor set-up starts at 8:30AM.

    We also we raffle off some nice prizes too!

    Our NNL style contest bestows “Best Of” awards as mandated by popular vote as determined by show attendees, official judging and nit-picking is strictly forbidden, praise and admiration from fellow modelers strongly encouraged.


    Competition Open Wheel       All scales                    F1, Indy, Drag, etc

    Competition Closed Wheel     All scales                    NASCAR, LeMans/IMSA, Can-Am, Drag
    Street                                      All scales                    Street legal - Muscle Cars, Sports/Exotics, Tuners, beaters, factory stock
    Custom                                  All scales                    Modified custom vehicles

    Commercial                            All scales                    Trucks, Taxis, Police, Ambulance and Emergency

    Motorcycles/Miscellaneous    All scales                    All types
    Curbside                                All scales,                   all types   Hood closed, judged as displayed, includes slammers

    Out of the Box                      All scales,                     all types   No modifications to the kit except filler, paint, decals and foil
    Theme: 50 Years of Camaro/Firebird   All scales,     all types

    SubTheme: Ford GT40                         All scales,     all types

    Chris Ducey Memorial Award   All scales,                all types   Best Ford Kit

    Tim Leicht People's Choice        Any model in the contest

     Contact: gtrchab@yahoo.com
  4. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic 1957 Chevy Black Widow   

    I think you meant Revell
  5. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic To Trade - AMT Kenworth Canepa   

    Yes, I still have it.
  6. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Edelbrock air cleaner?   

    I was thinking off the top of my head as I am out of town watching the start of our new house.  I thought the original issue 66 Nova had the Weiand air cleaner.  On Edelbrock air cleaners, for sure MCG did several different versions.
  7. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Edelbrock air cleaner?   

    I think the 66 Nova has the Weiand for a SBC
  8. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic To Trade - AMT Kenworth Canepa   

    I am pretty sure I have it.  Out of town at the moment.  Will be back late next week.  The "BOSS" would not know what she would be looking for to confirm it.
  9. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Sources for 1/24 stretch-walls?   

    Matt could also mean tires that can stretch over a larger wheel size rather than tied to a specific wheel diameter (assuming one does not modify the tire).  In that case, several Fujimi and Aoshima tires have some give to them depending on what one wants to do.  The same with some of the Pegasus non lowrider tires.
    So, maybe more clarification is needed from Matt?
  10. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Testor ModelMaster paint bottle lids   

    I've used one of these for years.  Had an extra one in the kitchen.  Will use a scrap of microfiber towel if need extra grip or a drop of lacquer thinner in rare instances

  11. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Where Do The Model Companies Get Extra Parts?   

    20 odd years ago, they still were in Morton Grove and had injection machines and molds on site.  I remember on a trip out to Chicago getting a tour from Bill and seeing a test shot of a B-36 in Purple Styrene
  12. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Where Do The Model Companies Get Extra Parts?   

    That is what Revell USA does.  They have kits in a storage area and search through for the part.
  13. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic New tool 1/24 BMW 2002 from Hasegawa   

    Supposedly curbside
  14. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    Not a problem.  I live 11 miles from their HQ at the moment.  In October it will be 2100 miles.  And, they often come to club meetings with "stuff" to show.  It was better in the IHOBBY days, because I could get a lot of photos and info to share.  But, times are different now.  
  15. Exotics_Builder added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    If they had the models there, I would photographed them as I always bring my camera when I visit.  Sometimes, though, even when they have stuff there, they will not allow photos.  If they let me I will, if not, that is the way it is.