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  1. Some orders arrived the other day and then I went to a sale where the owner had a bunch of purchased collections up for the buying
  2. Had to do a little more adjustment of the floor of the interior to get the chassis to finally lay in. The engine has pieces from the parts box to improve. I did add a dip stick and some Detail Master PE to “hang” the generator. The engine bay does not seem to match any of the reference photos I have nor the Revell 59 Impala, but it will do. The 348 was a very tight fit (it is a wide engine in 1:1, but the headers from the kit are touching the frame to get it to fit right. Not visible, but not a happy camper. Also, the hood sticks up a bit even with some shaving I had to do to improve it. There is no interference with the air cleaner or engine parts as the problem manifested itself in test fitting with no engine in place. Even initial test fitting of the kit out of the box showed that was going to be a problem. Remaining, I need to finish off the engine bay including touch up; finish the hood; add the front wheels; add the last chrome bits; and call it done.
  3. I have a Stratos and a couple of Porsches I am thinking of unloading. Have a couple of extra Ferrari 365's as well. What are you looking for?
  4. Model Car Garage has a few PE sets for Pontiacs, most geared to GTO's. There is no particular set I am aware that would mate to the mid-60's big Pontiacs. Nor have I have seen decal sets either that might have the script.
  5. I had that happen when using Bob's paints Creme Brulee color. I followed the thinning guideline, and my test shots got the webbing until I thinned it much more. I use an Iwata Eclipse at about 20 PSI. I think this effect was due to the pearl material in the paint. At least that is my guess.
  6. Got my Ferrari SF90 Stradale kit yesterday from Alpha Models
  7. Glad I still have some originals left unbuilt. The 454 SS engine was a disgrace, though. Looks as if they used the small block and changed the heads.
  8. Did you check Scalemates? If you print, you may need to clip sections and print a page at a time https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/7/1/3/1019713-62-instructions.pdf
  9. Yesterday I went to the Pacific Northwest Model Car Fest. Did not see anything in the swap meet that I did not already have or not in the interest zone. Did enter 5 models and came away with these
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