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  1. Anyone casting a 57 Olds?

    The Modelhaus 57 is very nice. I got it about 2 years ago and it is sitting in a moving box. Still trying to decide or mild custom
  2. Revell (Germany) Ferrari 250SWB! New for October

    Not recently on the 250 SWB. I had an AMT years ago but sold it off to a person who REALLY, REALLY wanted it even with its problems.
  3. Revell (Germany) Ferrari 250SWB! New for October

    Sold a few of the MFH's because a club member really wanted them and I prioritized. As regards Ferraris, Here's a good portion of the stash, minus a few sold.
  4. Revell (Germany) Ferrari 250SWB! New for October

    It was an Italeri kit that Revell was repackaging. But these two seemed to have done it often. I still have mine unbuilt with a few others
  5. I tend to scribe the panel and door/trunk lines deeply and then paint. If need be, I will flow a little Tamiya Clear Smoke to enhance.
  6. As I am back in the Chicago area working the next phase of our move, the “Boss” allowed me to go to the Chicago World of Wheels and Ferrari Expo. The World of Wheels had some interesting cars, including the Ridler Award Winner and Troy Trepanier’s Battle of SEMA Builders winner. I have to admit that although each had some interesting features, neither was a standout to my eyes. I then drove over to the Ferrari Expo and swap meet and just missed getting photos of a 250 GT Lusso as it was leaving the parking lot as I arrived. But, in the garage area of the Dealership, amongst other vehicles were a LaFerrari, 812 Superfast and Lancia Stratos. I did find a couple of items at the swap meet that are going right into an open hobby box for the move. Both are combined in one album, the first 200 odd pictures are the World of Wheels and the remainder the Ferrari Expo. Car Shows FLICKR Album
  7. What did you get today?

    My take from the Ferrari Expo
  8. New Tamiya Lacquers for Airbrushing?

    From Jameston's newsletter: Starting this month, my goal is to have the newsletter mailed out every month between the 1st and the 5th. Please feel free to contact me and let me know if there is anything you would like to see in the upcoming newsletters. New policies. The most pressing item this month, I’m going to address, is my lacking customer service. The idea that customers are waiting several weeks on orders to be delivered is something I never thought could happen, but even worse is how often it does happen. So now that I have regular schedule at work, full time pay, and can get supplies without issues, it is time for me to get back to the basics of what made scalefinishes great. 1. Gone is my old attempt at a 48 hour turnaround on orders, the goal is now 3-5 days (1 week will be the maximum) between receiving an order and shipping it. With the increasing number of new customers, and the larger percentage of colors I need to mix per order take longer to process, but sitting on them for a free day to try and complete a whole batch of orders at once doesn’t work at all, so I will go back to mixing each order as it comes in. It’s the way I was doing it before, and it worked good then. 2. No more sales, they are disastrous to shipping times and, for the last few times I held them, have been more trouble than they’re worth. 3. Emails (and other messages) will be responded to in no more than 48 hours. I make mistakes, so if there is an issue, I am always happy to try and fix it fairly, but it needs to be approached fairly. So any message that is disrespectful, accuses me of lying, cheating, or is just a senseless attempt to start the right fight with me will not be tolerated, and the sender will be looking for a new place to buy paint. So that’s this months newsletter, I promise the April edition will be more informative, and much more light hearted. As always, I cannot thank enough, the people who have stuck by me through the good and bad. 10 years is a good run for a model paint company, and I'm looking forward to many more. Thank you, Jameston
  9. Sacramento Auto Show

    That looks like a Dave Kindig design that an episode showed. https://www.google.com/search?q=kindig+lincoln+v12&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj8lq_N-9LZAhULq1kKHU2uBQMQsAQIOA&biw=1613&bih=894 http://www.kindigit.com/gallery/58-lincoln-continental/
  10. As Bill said, clear will make it more transparent. I don't quite know what mean by dark. It sounds like you need to to change the color mix to reduce the Root Beer color. If the color is on to to your taste, then you'll need to work the base coat to address your desired effect
  11. Styrene dump bed and parts

    Just got some of his garage stuff and, with a little extra detailing will work in a future diorama I have in mind
  12. Trading. I do sell at times if a trade can't be worked out, but mainly sell at swap meets. I do not sell on EBAY.
  13. what are you looking for,for one of the amt camper kits??

  14. Everything remaining is packed up waiting to move to the Pacific Northwest with my wife and I. After we settle down, I will reassess