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  1. Got rid of a bunch before we waved back to WA state. All I have left are these two
  2. I got my Bronco/Sandman today from a US etailer
  3. Pontiac Iris Mist, same as Chevrolet Evening Orchid metallic. Testors had it in their lacquer auto color line (no longer available). Can get through MCW or Scale Finishes or touch up paint companies. I recollect was a one year only color
  4. I pinged Lyle Willets. It as Carbon Copy Resins, long out of business
  5. I do not remember where I go it but believe it is no longer available. I will check my past stuff and see if I still have the info. I built this from the resin body. It goes on the Revell 49 Mercury kit (chopped sedan, not woody)
  6. Luckily I have this as well as one of the oddities
  7. Not gonna happen 😇. The inspiration
  8. As Steve said. The one I showed in your other post is unbuilt and I have no intention to unload it.
  9. All the ones I posted are yet to be built and I still have a couple of the Olsonite Eagles as well. For some reason, other projects took precedence
  10. My guess is the Indy Lotus versus the 1963 Lotus Ford (in my multiple kit)
  11. As mentioned above by Can-Con. AMT did one, but it has never been reissued that I can recollect.
  12. As most model paints are somewhat translucent, I use a primer that will be most "compatible" with the base coat. And, in some cases, can eliminate a base coat. I used the white primer because of the seat color. The primer will not affect the black carpeting. The Light Gray primer is my go to for most work as it is very neutral. I used the hot rod (dark gray) to fill the scribed lines followed up by the pink as a Maroon will be the body color. It is not necessary to go to this extreme, but I try to minimize the primer/color coats to not bury detail. The only model paint I have so far found to be Opaque is Gravity Colors (the original from Spain).
  13. While working on the detailed 1969 Camaro Pace Car, there is also a “build-off” for Pontiacs on Facebook that I am participating in. Originally, I was going to do a stock 65 GTO using the AMT kit. But the work to do a more detailed chassis AND correct the interior discrepancies would be more than I have time to tackle. Since I had just completed the 1966 GeeTO exhibition drag car, I decided to do a stock 66. I’ve gotten the parts out, cleaned, and primed. General parts got a coat of Tamiya Light Gray Primer. Interior has gotten Tamiya White Primer (parchment seats to be done). And the chassis/suspension Gunze Black Surfacer 1500. I’ve already masked off and shot the frame Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black. The body was cleaned and door/trunk lines deeper scribed then primed in Duplicolor Hot Rod primer. A clean up of the body and then Tamiya Pink primer applied over it. A little more cleanup and a final primer coat before base coat.
  14. My Bonneville and GP bodies are in good shape As for roof line trim on the Bonny, Here are views of both sides And this is the optional tire in the Prestige kits (both Bonny and GP)
  15. Haven't looked at it in a while. I'll check it tomorrow and take some photos.
  16. If there is interest, I have an unbuilt Buick Wagon that I could photograph the contents. Instructions are available online.
  17. I'll reply here as well. Owencraft (in British Columbia) used to do some over 20 years back. You can get some from ProTech Model Parts
  18. Found that one (not in stash) as an option and another not deep dish enough. So some more research to do. Have Firestone tires that would work. John Teresi did a thread here about 10 years back. Need to dig that up and see what he did
  19. Thanks. Had it on my radar off and on for several years. Sort of an iconic and unusual custom with an interesting history. Need to source correct wheels and figure out how it was originally painted. It was a candy metallic apricot color but trying to determine if fading or fogging of white pearl was done. Lighting of the photos (that are color) really matters
  20. Got to source the correct wheels. The wheels in the kit are not the ones I've seen in the original photos
  21. Back at this project. To recap: Chassis: Added bracing for Convertible Body (kit chassis is for coupe body). Modified and added stock exhaust from a 68 Firebird (Kit has chambered exhausts, which are nice but very common). Painted and detailed. About 90% complete (needs engine to compete plus a couple of suspension pieces. Body: Cleaned up mold lines and removed some emblems (to be replaced by MCG parts from PE Fret). Removed molded in windshield wipers and cleaned up frame and panel (parts bin wipers will be used). Opened up grill and corrected depth of headlight covers then added MCG cover parts. Primed and painted base color. Ready for decaling/finishing. Wheels and tires: Using AMT Parts Pack White lettered tires. Found slightly better Rally wheels with open slots in parts bin. Will add valve stems and clean up detail. Interior: Just finished; using Hugger Orange covered with Semi-Gloss Clear. Applied kit Hounds Tooth decals for inserts. Upgraded interior with MCG photoetch for console. Added Microscale decals to reflect faux wood trip on dash and console. To better mimic color of 1:1, added Tamiya Clear Orange over decals. Opened up door grab handles. Added grab handle to passenger side dash to reflect trim level of 1:1. Drilled out and added door lock buttons. Just some tweaks remain. Engine: Basic assembly started. Added PE wire looms on valve covers. Added coupling for PCV on valve cover. Started adding pulleys and accessories to reflect a 396 375 HP engine. This includes power steering pump and AIR smog pump as well as different alternator (not included in kit). Started crafting the AIR piping. About 40% complete here. Next steps: Continue engine detail. Start decals on body. Assemble wheel/tires. Progress Pix below
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