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  1. There are some available on Shapeways if want to go that route. Most are coil over. But as stated, can be scratchbuilt somewhat easily and fit them to your build requirement.
  2. These changes were made in the US some years back (before the Hobbico collapse) and align with the RoG ratings. Stuff was amended in the US as releases were put out. Here is there meaning: Level 1 - Beginner's and snap-together kits which require no gluing or painting. Level 2 - Simple kits with up to 30 parts to glue and paint, for beginners. Level 3 - More demanding kits with up to 100 parts to glue and paint. Level 4 - For the more experienced modeller with up to 150 parts to glue and paint. Level 5 - The most challenging level, with over 150 parts to glue and paint.
  3. Was the draincock on the air tank open when you got it? They need to be open after use to allow any moisture to evaporate or the tank may rust.
  4. I'll third that. HIs stuff is absolutely the best I've gotten
  5. Don't know the wheelbase difference off hand or how much chassis detail you're aiming for. But a 59, 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64 frame (Revell for all but the 61, AMT for 62 (newest tool) and AMT/Lindberg for 61). There is also the 59 El Camino. For sure a 59/60 would work being close in age if you don't have a 58. Wheelbase would be a determinant. The Revell 59 Cadillac would have a longer wheelbase version. I suspect some work would need to be done for gas tank/tire well in some cases.
  6. Alpha Models is coming out with a 1/24 scale resin kit at around $150 US.
  7. Did not the MPC 1980 Monte Carlo have a Motorcycle with Trailer?
  8. LMMCC? I am trying to "recognize" you. Were you at the July meeting?
  9. Well here is the only decent Maser 3500 engine photo I found and it DOES NOT look like it.
  10. Aurora/Monogram Maserati 3500 perhaps? Without a photo, tough to guess
  11. Contact Model Empire to see if they have them. They acquire a lot of stock from Fred and offer it. I just spoke with Fred on Sunday at the GTR NNL. He still has a lot of remaining stock (about a third is all gone). He is sending me a catalog so I can post it with information for those interested in getting any remaining stock. Send a SASE envelope in a letter to his old PO Box and ask him if he has the particular decal sheet, including sheet number if you have it. He will tell you if he has it, and, if so, pricing. Fred's mailing address is: Fred Cady Design PO Box 576 Mt Prospect, IL 60056 Fred has retired from the decal business for almost 10 years. He is not making any new ones and he is not doing any online presence offering or selling decals.
  12. As I was running errands last Saturday, I came across a small car show at the Schaumburg Illinois Fuddruckers. The cars were still flling in but I was able to catch some photos. Although not large, there were some unique vehicles there. Link to the Flickr Album
  13. Matt, I am 2,000 miles away from the stash right now as we finish emptying out the old house and turn over to the realtor. We'll be at the new home in about 2 weeks. I have the following kits that moved (sorry for the rough pix but they were for insurance purposes if the mover lost or damaged them). I think both kits came with the OHC 6. I don't know if I raided one or both. I will have to check when I get home. If the engine is there, it is yours for the asking. I will let you know after I get back. I have a couple of other requests pending my return as well.
  14. The Firebird Sprint used an Overhead Cam 6 that can be acquired in the above mentioned kits or Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland sold one as well (need to check with Norm if still available). I built mine using the Revell Firebird. I converted the racing hood to a flat hood by filling it in. I also got a Model Car Garage 68 Firebird PE set that has the correct script. I did quite a bit of work to enhance the interior. I used a decal sheet from a second kit to create the side stripes without the HO designation. Then you also need to make it a single exhaust.
  15. Sorry for the bad picture, but I was photographing all the stuff being moved. I'm 2000 miles away from the stash for 2 more weeks. Do you know if this version has the straight axle parts? I can check when I get home. If someone else has it, go for it Also, do you want the whole kit? Or just the suspension components?
  16. Raffle score from yesterday's GTR NNL in Crystal Lake IL. Bought $5 worth of tickets and got 4 out 6 hits. All sealed except the Indy Car kit which is sealed inside and has all parts.
  17. I know. I'm 2000 miles away from the stash right now, so can't do a check. But SABA club has a Shop Truck theme for December meeting and thinking something along those lines. Have to see
  18. I was thinking the 50 Chevy pickup with a LS engine as well. EIther that or adapt the 39 Wagonrod chassis
  19. Not sure I understand the 1-1/8 inch hole? Sounds like you want to drill smaller? Disregarding the above, I have found when I want to drill a hole "pattern", I will Sketch the pattern on my computer and print to an address label which I will apply to the stock. I will then affix the thin stock (in my case more often Evergreen plastic but the concept is the same) on a sacrificial backing that is not too resilient. Normally I will use thin plywood. I will then drill the pattern. Drilling through the part into the backing provides a cleaner hole, since the drill bit digs into the backer and continues into it.
  20. You know, I plain forgot there were Monogram and Revell versions. Thanks for the correction
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