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  1. I've been pushing Alpha as well. Instead of the 812 GTS, I was pushing them to do a transkit (Hobby design side) to make a Fujimi F12 into a F12 TdF. Agree on the LaFerrari Aperta. Haven't yet decided whether to attempt or not
  2. Would prefer an SF-90, but this is a good option. Looking to get one. Now, Tamiya, do an SF-90, Roma and, may LaFerrari Aperta
  3. Thank you. Outside my normal build interests, but when I go after a model kit, I try to do the best I can
  4. Update - 12-01. Since I can''t edit title. I have the body initially polished and will wait until rear window creation and back shelf are finished before final polish and BMF for the chrome accent. The resin kit has templates for the rear side windows and shelf, but not rear window. I have clear styrene to make these and will create a template for the rear window. After these are cut and fitted, I will finish off the shelf and then, final polish on the body. For the shelf, I decided to do a tufted finish like the door panels and seats, rather than carpet. I was going to use Evergreen half round for it until I discovered that a HO scale corrugated roof sheet is close enough to the size to use that. Once the basic shelf is fitted, I will apply the corrugation to it and smooth it all out. Regarding the engine, I decided to be a bit flamboyant and did it in Metallic Gold along with some detailing. Simulated some linkage and fuel lines, wired the engine in correct firing order and added non-working dip sticks for engine oil and transmission. Also, the kit mufflers look like Cherry Bombs, so I painted accordingly. For the beehive filter, I drilled holes for the intake and output lines then drilled into Plastruct Styrene Hex Rod for fittings. Hope to get this one done by year-end, or soon thereafter.
  5. I was invited to join a Pontiac Build on FB, due at year end. I put the 69 Camaro Pace Car temporarily on the shelf to go at this. I elected to do the Royal 66 GeeTO Tiger. The kit I have, is the Wangers version, which has several inaccuracies. I wound up getting an original kit to build the 1966 version. Later, I will attempt to recreate the Wangers version (too much work in the available time). I have gotten the chassis and interior basic painted, using Tamiya Matte Black and Semi-Gloss Black. Additionally, I used Testor’s Steel for the gas tank and exhaust system. One thing I discovered is the passenger side muffler is smaller than the driver side. I investigated another kit and it is the same. Is this prototypical? First time I recollect having come across that. I have prepped and primered the body. Yes, the body is in primer, Tamiya Fine White. After thinking long and hard, I decided on doing the white paneled version versus the black. Will start painting the body and detailing the engine and interior. Hope to be done by year end.
  6. I just checked and can't help. I have a parts kit, but the engine is gone. Sorry
  7. I think I have a parts kit in the stash. Will have to check if so and what is still in it.
  8. I think this is Alpha Resin/Hobby Design posting what someone is doing with their products. I was looking at the oster and I believe it is the manufacturer. Might be the wrong spot
  9. Here are the C7 chassis and engine pieces. A little better than a diecast, but not the detail I think you are seeking
  10. I built the Mercedes in the 1991 and it was a decent kit. In 1996, I gave the built kit to a good friend who lived in Half Moon Bay.
  11. They have a simplified LT1 (like the Camaro ZL1 LSA). If you want, I can pull out the kit and do photos tomorrow. but here is what I found on the interenet
  12. Revell C6 Corvettes have full detail. C7's have that simple suspension/chassis.
  13. They are NOT a 1:1 fit. Close though
  14. SO far, it has been an easy build, other than the body and interior corrections. Did my first color coat and one side ghosted a bit where the body side molding was. Even with the usual precautions, it does happen from time to time. Snded it back down and will reprime and paint again
  15. I have some Tamiya 1mm that I got last week and have yet to try
  16. Yup. Had one and sold it several years back. Not much of a Porsche fan.
  17. Igf 1/72 scale, I found this https://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/1-72-Scale-Mehusla-Decals-B-25-Doolittle-Raiders-YK-83-/111598917451
  18. To me, the tires are the weak point. Not a fan of resin (or hard plastic) tires if I can avoid them. Also looking at different wheels
  19. I have two, one has a chopped body to it which I am keeping. The other I would consider a trade.
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