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  1. Revell Chevy wheels

    May I ask if you mean the Black Widow issue which had 6 lug racing wheels? Or another issue? Not sure if you mean the new generation 57's in 1/25 scale or?
  2. I have used their Aqua Gloss and it does work.
  3. Revell BMW E36 line

    The 320i from Revell was theirs, not Fujimi and has an engine. They did at least a standard and Alpina version. I built the Alpina some years back and the M3 coupe and standard sedan still in the moving box.
  4. ISO California Wheels '62 Impala

    I am still unpacking my stash at the new house. I have this available. It is unopened.
  5. First snowfall of the seaon

    Well, we got the first snowfall of the season overnight. Puget Sound got it much worse this time, but a winter wonderland out the back door. Another chance of some snow Friday night into Saturday, but can't fight Mother Nature.
  6. SABA at World of Speed

    SABA had a show and tell session at the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville Oregon. People stopped by to see our work and ask questions, and I traipsed into the museum and took some photos of current exhibits. Link to the Album...
  7. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    True. I should have left that one out of the list. I like the Fujimi kit the best, even over the MFH which I wound up selling because a club member really, really wanted it. These are the 250 GTO kits remaining in my stash
  8. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    Personally, I prefer the Huayra to the Zonda. I would prefer they invested into a Lamborghini Urus. Wouldn't that be an interesting kit on the shelf?
  9. So...you think you have a stash????

    Just at the end of that. Donated and sold/traded a little over a hundred and fifty. But, I still wound up moving about 700. There is a lot of time to do that. And packing and filtering what family goods to move took precedent. So the ones I will yet likely unload got moved. Looking at it as a new venue.
  10. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    I don't know if I can get more specific than 66-68. I'll look at the kit instructions tomorrow to see if there is any more differentiation. But doubt it.
  11. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    I have the engine and interior as well. As regards Fujimi Ferraris, I have all the Daytonas as well as others. Now to get the new "shop" organized and get building again
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Oh yes. I have the one you did such an EXCEPTIONAL job on, but wanted the performance version for my build.
  13. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    I agree. The F12 TdF has more panache in my opinion. As regards Italeri, these in my stash would be great to see reissued
  14. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    I think the Portofino is next as well, but he also has a 488 GTB coming soon. I suggested the GTC4/Lusso and 812 Superfast to him. I also mentioned the F12 TdF, but he thought it was too late for that.
  15. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    Tamiya LaFerrari and FXX-K came after the Fujimi F12. But only Alpha Models is doing resin curbside of certain Ferrari models such as the 488 Spider, 458 Spider Speciale. There are plans to do more, but they about $150 each.
  16. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    I have an Isetta I picked up last year at a very reasonable price. So, it has been available here in the USA. At 1/16 scale, you can actually SEE it
  17. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    If it would help, OK. But I already have the originals (albeit one in RoG boxing)
  18. Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?

    Oh YES! I like your thinking!!
  19. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    Now that would be interesting to have back as a kit!!
  20. What's the latest Revell North America News

    Are you referencing the kit in the lower left of this move box?
  21. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    Well, thus far, the Land Rover Series III is all that interests me. and, will have to know more before shelling out some cash.
  22. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

  23. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    First arrival at the new address:
  24. AMG Hammer wheels in 1/24

    If the wheels are what I think they are, they'd be in the Tamiya Mercedes AMG kits and some Fujimi kits. My stash is still mainly in boxes, so I don't have easy access to the wheels yet
  25. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    Will be interesting to see what is upcoming.