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  1. Back at the El Camino after a lot of disruptions this month. Finishing up the interior. Starting with the kit interior, I removed parts of the seats and the door panels and incorporated ones from the custom option of the Revell 59 Impala. Then I added “carpeting” and detailed up the dashboard using specialty foil, Evergreen plastic half round, Best Model Car Parts gauges, photo-etched speaker grill, steering wheel from the parts box and carved out a spot for a radio I removed from another dashboard. Other than gear shifter, this is as far as I am going with this.
  2. On the first air cleaner, you are seeking a plenum air intake system. They appeared in some AMT kits (for sure). This one is from the AMT 62 Chevy Don Nicholson This one is from the AMT 66 Impala (original issue) Some NASCAR kits have one that goes straight back. AMT: REVELL I think I've seen them in a couple other kits, but always AMT as far as I recollect.
  3. There is no kit. They were in the parts box and I have no idea the source.
  4. Have no idea or what a trade value would be. I have very little 1/20 (mainly Ferrari F! by Tamiya and one Model Factory Hiro). I mainly do 1/24-1/15 modelling.
  5. I can take more detail photos if you wish
  6. If Tom does not have what you need, I did find a few 1/20 tires/wheels. But no big and littles.
  7. Over the course of the next year, I plan to really thin the "stash". I did go to a Model/Craft Store rummage sale where bought-out collections (among other things) were being sold at reasonable prices. I found a few aftermarket parts that will work on some planned projects and got them at a good price.
  8. Got these from C1 Models. I was trying to figure out how to upgrade the Revell Land Rover kit. Then Chris Hale showed the line of options (as well as specific models from the Bond Spectre movie). My order arrived the other day.
  9. I've got buried in the stash along with the bass boat. I won't be able to look for it until Saturday.
  10. Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland has offered Vacuum advances as a separate item
  11. Is that the 1/24 scale? Or 1/25? I MIGHT have a 1/25, but would have to check the parts box to be sure
  12. I think I either need to start thinning the herd or ramp up my building. This is just the Ferraris
  13. There were multiple options for regional car shows today. I chose the closet at the Ilani Casino next to La Center Washington. Quite a mix of interesting vehicles on display. Some samples and a link to the album 2022-08-27 Ilani Car Show Album
  14. Sorry I missed that. The detail on a lot of the engines usually does not include freeze plugs. I do have the kit in the stash and can pull it out to check.
  15. There were 3 iterations of the LT1 engines: 1970's 350 small block with solid lifters in Camaro and Corvette 1990's which you referenced 2014 LS derived direct port injection, again in Corvette and Camaro The depicted version above has a single carbureted small block Chevy. Two other versions I have (some Coupes) have that as well. The GoodGuys version coupe has that and an option for 1990's LT1 using the same block. I didn't check the parts trees to see if there were options other than the instructions
  16. After the permanent loss of one venue (The World of Speed) and the lockdowns caused by the Pandemic, Scale Auto Builders Association has combined two events into one. For this year only, the event will be October 8. In succeeding years, we will be aiming back towards a springtime event. This will be a judged event.
  17. I decided that the trim around the roof was not going to give me the effect I wanted so I've omitted it. I have a couple of references to customs without it. I could still add it if I change my mind, but have to be careful. Since it is a custom, I do have some discretion 😆
  18. Now the fun begins. Got the clear coat on and through mid-level polish. Time to apply the Bare Metal Foil (BMF). The kit trim was pretty “soft”. So, I augmented with Evergreen L-shaped strips as explained before. I also added a custom side spear. One BMF sheet I have kept tearing even with a new blade. Fortunately, I have an older sheet that is working out. Since a custom, I will not be following factory stock trim. But a lot of pieces will be the same.
  19. Well, I have a few of what you are seeking but, unfortunately, they are pegged for projects so not available to trade. I checked my usual Hobby Design sources, and they are no longer there. So I don't have any suggestions at the moment.
  20. Besides the Rosso, which specific wheels are you seeking (pictures would help)? It seems as if a lot of the older Hobby Design stuff has "evaporated" in the last year or so.
  21. What are you trying to accomplish using Novitec wheels?
  22. Wheel assemblies done. Alpha provides two sets of wheels with the kit. But I decided to use a different wheel set. I have 2 sets of the Hobby Design Novitec Rosso wheels and decided to use one here. This also required different tires. Again, Hobby Design came through with their Michelin Pilot Sport tires. I used smaller front and larger rear. I cleaned the resin wheels and painted them (Tamiya Titanium Silver with TS13 Clear). The wheels came with air valves, but my set only had 3. Fortunately, I had backup in the form of ZoomOn air valves and used these. I also looked at applying wheel weights from Highlight Model Studio, but a test showed that they just “disappeared”. So, I left them off. I had to do some modifications to the wheel mountings to the body, but nothing significant.
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