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  1. I wipe off with Hardware Store Lacquer Thinner. No immersions and no puddling. Tedious, but does work. Have it back in primer ready to paint.
  2. Revell 6 Nova kits thus far. The Yenko and COPO are big block and the SS has the small block.
  3. Would definitely want a good air current across the workspace and probably a mask. Vapors from that would not be healthy. I have a tool with multiple tips including something that is like a Number 11 Xacto blade to use in working plastic. That stank when used and seemed hotter than the 97 degrees he referenced. Need to dig it out when back from our trip
  4. C1 Models is coming up with a bunch of goodies for the LR including these
  5. Well, I have this (original not recent issue) and this one And the Danbury Mint die cast. So, I think I am set.
  6. Iceman Collections sells a set of 4 that appear similar if not the same
  7. After the first clear coat, the color darkened more than I expected. Decided I didn't like the result and stripped it. Going to my fallback, Rosso Fiorano.
  8. I remember buying this when it first came out, started but never finished it. School and a part time job were taking too much time and energy. Somewhere along the way, the kit disappeared. So, I was excited that AMT reissued it a few years ago in the original box art plus the diorama display. So, I went and got one. Additionally, I won two more in a couple of show raffles. Once again, it sat on the shelf waiting for me to get the build interest. That finally came while I have a couple of projects in painting. I decided to go for it. In my opinion, the kit will build just fine from the box. There are, however, some details that could spice this one up. First is the Replicas and Miniatures VW engine “hop-up” kit that I got for just such a moment. Improved detail in the engine area, given that it is so exposed, would be very beneficial. Second, the 1:1 body attaches to the shortened frame with bolts. There is nothing representative of that sort on the model body. I found photos of the pattern, marked them on the body and drilled holes for eventual bolts. The real car body also has rough lower body since the gel coat is only the top and interior. The AMT kit is not smooth, but no texture is there for the fiberglass. To address this, I will be using medical tape that has a granular look and will apply to the body before the black coat. Finally, the wheels and tires in the kit are alright and suspension not bad, it would benefit from better tires, wheels, and brakes. I pulled out some tires I felt would work from the parts bin along with a set of VW mags and drum brakes. Again, since relatively exposed, I felt a little bit more detail is warranted. I’ve washed the parts and am striping the chrome from the engine. Getting ready to primer and need to select the color.
  9. I use the Hardware store lacquer thinner as you do. Works well.
  10. If there is interest, I can check my versions to see what stock parts MAY be included. Of course, I still have a stock version. The in between release is open, and I can check that as well
  11. I don't have the kit, but HLJ has pictures of the instructions that you may be able to enlarge and match the numbers https://www.hlj.com/1-24-scale-shelby-mustang-gt500-photo-etched-parts-for-revell-kalke24030
  12. The only First gen GT I am aware of in kit form is the Polar Lights kit. I don't recollect any aftermarket parts for that. There may have been decals, but do not remember anything. I have a version of the 1st gen in the stash if you want to look at it at tonight's meeting. Stretching further back, there are GT40's and that is a different conversation.
  13. Okay Jon, which Ford GT? The current version (2nd generation from 2016 on up) or first generation (2005-6)? Since you mentioned Tamiya, I am assuming current gen and it would be the go-to for a street version. There is aftermarket available depending on how detailed you want to be. Here is a good spot for reference... https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=49570
  14. First base coat, Bob’s Paints Crème Brulee. Accidentally spilled the jar doing a refill so having to a new order of this from Bob’s. Guess I will move to the interior and chassis while waiting.
  15. Guess I'm glad I have these in the stash (unbuilt as yet).
  16. Got these on the to do list, so interested in what you're doing
  17. The wheels you're showing are the Fujimi ones, not Tamiya. Tamiya wheels do not have the lug bolt feature (at least none of the one's I've had/seen)
  18. I'm assuming a 57 Chevy is too narrow in the pod area and the sweep at the ends is a bother
  19. I went downstairs to the stash and pulled out the unbuilt convertible kit. The custom parts for the 65 Impala Convertible are in the pictures. NOTE: I did not cut parts off the sprue, so stock parts are intermixed in some photos. This kit, or any parts in it, are NOT up for any trade, just trying to help identify the parts needed.
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