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  1. Revell 2019

    Of course, there are companies modifying LR's with LS engines, upgraded suspension and interiors
  2. If I Ran Revell....

  3. 1961 Chevy impala 2 door

    Yes. Misshapen to say the least. But they corrected reasonably quickly and actually sent replacement bodies/hoods to those who already bought. But, one had to be careful for a few years after if picking one up at a swap meet.
  4. 2019 Shizouka Hobby Show

    Precisely what I was thinking. I wanted roofed versions more than Spyders. I am also thinking if I could use the Fujimi F12 with some work under the 812. The big thing there is how difficult to open the hood and the changes in the engine bay to reflect the differences. I did get some detail 812 engine bay photos at a recent Ferrari Expo
  5. Looking for a LS engine 1/25

    The Revell 1999 Silverado and SSR have LS based engines (in the real vehicle, they're steel not aluminum but the same from the exterior). Any Revell C5, C6 Corvette kit has an LS engine of some sort (including supercharged) but use transaxles, so you would have to work out the transmission. Revell's 2010 Camaro or ZL1 Camaro have LS engines with transmissions (I think the 2010, at least, has a modern automatic). My stash is at the new house, so can't confirm. There also was an AMT ( I Believe) late Gen 4 (around 2000 to 2002) that has an LS with a manual transmission (again, I don't have my stash nearby to confirm)
  6. 2019 Shizouka Hobby Show

    Well, so far, my wallet is safe. None of these bear any interest to me. Good for others, perhaps. Glad I have a large unbuilt stash and Alpha Models is doing some interesting modern Ferraris. Was hoping Aoshima would consider expanding out their Lambo "line" with an Urus (would be interesting)

    I built the Italeri version over 20 years back, before a lot of goodies were available for it. The kit built well but had some corrections needed since it was based on their previously issued 250 GTO. There was a lot of the GTO DNA in it, particularly parts of the interior and the engine. I made the corrections using parts box items and scratch built a proper air cleaner. There were a few fitment issues, but overall a good kit
  8. Keith Marks Decals

    Was about a month and a half ago
  9. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Yes, it is. Tamiya also released the BMW 850 from RoG. Haven't seen either in years
  10. Sizing Images for Decals

    I then copied your reduced image (which appears a bit blurred) and printed on same paper at high quality and got this. Photo quality paper would be better, but the bitmap image, on reduction, is also an impact. If I were doing this, I would likely consider a trace in CorelDraw to a Vector image.
  11. Sizing Images for Decals

    I copied your image and reduced it to 3% (rough sizing, not accurate) and printed as gray scale on the old Laserjet and got this. CorelDraw is on the home computer in WA state. Did this test in 5 minutes. Not the best paper (also at home) and draft mode
  12. Revell Ford GT LeMans

    No interest whatsoever. Other things on my plate once the "shop" reopens late May
  13. Is this your fathers Oldsmobile?

  14. Wow. Interesting history. Even though most of the stillborn models aren't in my interest area, they would have been additions to the AMT line up. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Chev air cleaner

    AMT 67 Impala: AMT 69 Camaro: AMT 68 Camaro:
  16. Hobby Design McLaren F1 Super Detail-up Set

    Or try here: hobbydesign@live.cn Or here https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004617422899 That should get you to HD Direct
  17. 2019 Ferrari Expo

    Don't recollect one being there
  18. 2019 Ferrari Expo

    About 2 months ago, I fully expected to be going down to the Portland Roadster Show. But, plans changed. Still being back in the Chicago, I went down to the Ferrari Expo at Continental Motors in Hinsdale Illinois. There was no model contest this year, but quite a few vendors and, more importantly, quite a few “toys”. As the engines are an inseparable part of these works of art, I took detail photos where I could. If you are a modeler like me, these details help in getting the finishing touches. Link to the Flickr Album...
  19. Kits wanted for a friend

    69 Edsel?
  20. Scale Model Air Conditioning Parts

    I'm away from the stash right now, but A/C can be different things in different models. You may need to be more specific in your want. For example, the Revell 65-66 have GM/s compressor, etc. for the era. Same with other kits. Older A/C Delcos: And then there is the (I'll use the term) "generic piston type compressor used in Vintage Air type setups and OEM on some older vehicles The Foose FD-100 and, as already mentioned, Revell 32 Fords optional Ford V8 appear to have the latter (though I would have to get back home to check how accurate. The Revell Impalas with the BBC have the first pictured period type A/C compressor:
  21. '61 Pontiac Ventura or Catalina

    How soon are you needing? I have an extra Ventura, but back in the Chicago area at the moment. Won't be back until mid-April
  22. 2019 Ferrari Expo

    Yes there were. I would have liked one of the two 812 Superfast's to follow me home. But, my wife said, my wallet wasn't big enough
  23. Spotlight Hobbies?

    What Dave said. Tom is safe to deal with, gets orders out quickly and a generally good guy
  24. Modern Big Pontiac Chassis.

    What about the new version AMT 62 catalina? Too short as well, I guess
  25. Since I am back in the Chicago area for one, final move related trip, I took time off to go to the World of Wheels show. Sadly, I didn’t have the time to get into the long line to greet and meet Dave Kindig, but the Blue Lincoln he did on the show is there as well. Just one of a stunning set of cars on display. Here is the link to the Flickr Photo Album of the show. Link to Flickr Photo Album...