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  1. Gorgeous pair of 40's, Tulio!!!?????????
  2. Beautiful looking flames for a first endeavor!!! End result is gorgeous, Michael!!!????????
  3. Great start, Michael!!! I love the body mods out back and tightening the rear fender openings looks good. Looking forward to following along as I'm looking for inspiration to start on mine.????????
  4. Your work is amazing, Michael!!! The car is going to be beautiful when you're finished!!! ?????????
  5. Since "TROG" has come to the forefront in the real car world it has taken off in the scale world as well. Kind of refreshing to have some new subject matter to model. You've taken the scale TROG world on in gentleman fashion, Bernard, and this 2nd build is very kool. As I've got one in my mind in the planning stages, you're quite an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing all the kool builds that come from your hotrod mind!!! This one is gonna be awesome!!!?????????
  6. I remember when this kit was in the hobby shops years ago but I never bought one of them. I wish I would have now. Niko, this build is absolutely fantastic!!! I look forward to seeing more progress!!! ?????????
  7. Cool project and nice start. Don't forget the load levelers or the high jackers!????????
  8. Very nicely done and thanks for explaining your process for the distressed leather look. All in all, a very convincing build, love it!!!?????????
  9. Now this Cobra is just krazy kool, Cobraman!!! Looking forward to the next update!!! ????????
  10. Off the chain Kool project!!! I just love the enormous amount of scratchbuilding in this model and the craftsmanship is awesome!!! The 1:1 Z car is way kool as well!!! I'm sure you're having a blast with both.????????
  11. Thanks, Jeremiah!!! I've been a bit under the weather yesterday and this morning but here's where I left the Caddy on Sunday evening. I need to do something about the lighting, not so good for pics... jf
  12. Very well done and presented!!! They're all beautifully finished and detailed!!! Your Ford showroom is a cool way to show them in pictures. ?????????
  13. Great looking pair of classics, Tony!!!?????????
  14. Thanks for the compliments, comments and suggestions, gentlemen. This build definitely makes me think things through even as I'm working on the car. The windshield frame may have to stay because as Bernard said, I'm not sure I have the intestinal fortitude to change it and somehow keep the roof in its current configuration. I love the idea of adding the vent wing windows and I'm probably going to do that. Some decent wire wheels are not affordable right now so I will put that suggestion in my future files because I'm pretty sure that I'll be doing another of these Caddy's in the future with a more detailed, elegant design. I must say that this is the most fun I've had building a model car in recent history!!! On to the cleanup of the front end and adding some chrome back to the body sides. I've already got something in mind and hopefully will have more pics later this evening. gb??
  15. Awesome, awesome, awesome, George!!! And a Merry Christmas to you!!!????????
  16. Greg, I'm loving the rebuild!!! It's so cool the way you've made a clunky restyle from the original builder into a graceful custom with your well chosen mods all in keeping with the original theme. The interior looks awesome. Beautiful job saving this old Ranchero.?????????
  17. And a fine conundrum it will be!!!????????
  18. After reading through your thread, Jay, I like the compliments you paid to Foose. He is very talented and I actually do like most of his builds including the Eldorod. Like you, I guess I'm not a replica builder. I like to use my builds to express myself and see what I'm capable of. As you know' I'm into my own build thread and challenged by your build to see what I can dream up with mine. Thanks for sharing your ideas on your build.????????? Gorgeous restyle, Jay!!! I love it...I'm kinda thinking of doing a fastback transplant as an encore to the current Caddy. Thanks for leading the way!!!??
  19. That sure would be a great kit as I ponder it and think of the possibilities, Jay!!! Nowadays with the kits we're seeing, you might be onto something. I would have two or three for sure.?????????
  20. I finally got some bench time in today and got the right headlight roughed in and a test shot of a wheel/tire setup. Kind of liking this look so far...thanks for the suggestion, Geno!!! Not set in stone yet but I do like the chrome wheels and wide whites. Time to think about the grille choice and maybe looking at changing the looks the back of the car. Also, I'm pondering a change of windshield and windshield frame to further distance this car from it's intended style. The more I ponder my plan for this the more I want to change...Here's a few pics and as always, ideas, suggestions, criticisms are welcome. ?
  21. Very well done millwork and the overall build is looking great!!!????????
  22. I really like your engine buildup and the way the chassis is coming together. It's going to be a cool late model when it's finished, JC!!! Carry on!!!????????
  23. Very nice color combo is looking good!!! I'm anxious to see how the flame mask works. I love flames but I've never tried to do them myself...????????
  24. Very nice, Daniel!!! Looks great and I'll bet it's very fast, too!!!?????????
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