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  1. Gorgeous sedan, you've captured "the look" to a tee with this one and it's gorgeous in black!!!?????????
  2. Very beautiful and well done, RRR!!! ?????????
  3. No rush, whenever you've got the time. I understand the building by geological changes as its been about three or four years since I've finished anything...??
  4. I agree, Fred, that looking scale is much better than being scale. I also believe that less is more in some cases, especially for builders like me who build at a snails pace and eyesight is not what it used to be when trying to work with tiny details. I would really enjoy seeing pics of the midget that Tim referred to. Is it on this forum or do you have a photo site that's accessible??? Thanks, gb ?
  5. Very cool and very well done!!! You're a great teacher and an inspiration to me to step way outside my comfort zone!!! ????????
  6. You've got a cool project going, Ismael!!! Considering what you've got to work with, this is going to be a gorgeous Vette when you're finished if the interior is any indication!!! I've got a couple of Vette kits, one being a snapper, so I'll be following your build from here on out!!!????????
  7. RRR and KK, you guys are great teachers and I for one am becoming more interested in building 20's and 30's models because of the knowledge gained from you two and others here on this forum!!! Many thanks!!!????????
  8. You have some beautiful craftsmanship going on here, Fred!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more!!! You have got yourself a true scale hot rod going on and it's going to be gorgeous when you're finished!!!????????
  9. Nice start to this Vette, Curtis!!! Nice change from a pavement pounder!!!?
  10. Very good looking!!! Keep up the fine work!!!?
  11. Thanks for the encouraging words, guys. Geno, I'll check out the chrome wheels. They really give your Super Bee a great factory stock appearance. I'm spending a little time with the "Caddy" this weekend as I find time. I'm also spending a great deal of time searching the web for anyone who may have been at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand between April of 72 and October of 72. Anyway, this is more fun but an agent orange disability check would be good as well. I'm working on the right front fender tonight and hopefully will have a couple more pics by tomorrow night. This car is really turning out to be more fun than I imagined. If anyone else besides those already in build threads on the site, I would love to see what you're doing with yours.?
  12. Way kool build, Dennis! I'm sure learning a lot about building a proper hot rod here!????????
  13. Gorgeous build from every angle!!! I suspect the open hood louvers show up much better in person than in pics. Thanks for the great lessons in scale rod building. Definitely a build to be proud of!!!?????????
  14. Thanks for the encouragement guys!!! Ted, the wheels are definitely not set in stone and I'll be looking for others that might fit the theme a tad better. I even thought of the chrome steelies from the Revell '49 Merc...I'm open to consider any suggestions. ??
  15. You have got a few challenges but it appears that you have this project well in hand, Art!!! I will be patiently waiting for updates on your Elky. Your building this as a gift from Mr. Bailey's wife to him is a really cool deal. ????????
  16. This is my first attempt to actually share a build here although I've been here following and occasionally commenting for several years. I'm working on taking the new Foose '48 Cadillac and making it my own. Hopefully there won't be much evidence of it's original intent when finished. I've done several mods so far including reshaping the upper rear quarters, reshaping the roof and adding trim, reworking the hood and grille opening. I'm now adding '55 Chevy headlamp eyebrows and have the left side roughed in and about to do the right side. The chassis and drivetrain will probably remain untouched for the most part except for some Pegasus wheels, tires and brakes. I will be adding some removed body trim and such back as this car comes along. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Here are a couple pics of the build so far.
  17. I'm really liking this 'Cuda build!!! Great save and there were some in short track racing. I'm looking forward to following this build and here's a pic of Roger Dolan of Lisbon, Iowa who was a Winston Racing Series champ in his day.
  18. For me one word says it all...Sweet!!!?????????
  19. Sweet roadster!!! Looks just right!!!????????
  20. You're off to a great start!!! The dash looks awesome!!! If that dash fixes itself, I'm gone!!!?????????
  21. Thanks for the info on the lighting. I think even I could pull that off so I think I'll try that out on a future build!!!?????????
  22. geewhiz

    '56 Bel Air

    Gorgeous finished build, Steve!!! For a first timer doing the mods you did, I'd say it's darn nicely done!!! Your Chevy truck looks pretty sweet as well!!! gb?????????
  23. Well, sir, very nicely finished and the modifications will get easier the more you do them. I love the lighting. Where did you source your lighting kit from??? Looks so kool with the lights on!!! gb ????????
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