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  1. thank you for your inspirational comments
  2. Hello guys sorry for the confusion, i mixed the photos and topics to each other and i couldnt fix it... Thanks for the comments on my FORD ...
  3. I used a chrome spray over matte black, thats the result...if you apply it over gloss black you get a close look like alclad.. Thanks Brian..
  4. You are exactly right with the hood badge, thats my huge mistake..i wasnt sure about the pinstrip at the beginning therefore i left the hood badge..after the paint i decided the put the pinstrip and it was too late But about the door handles and the trims, this is the exact look i wanted... Thanks...
  5. Really appreciate your inspirational comments...
  6. Nice color combination
  7. kekefe

    Rauh Welt GT2

    One of the best rauh-welt's been done
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