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  1. Nice build but , you need some kind of stack support for in real life they would shake so much you would be hitting the sleeper but, than again this just a model.
  2. I can remember when a 2000 pete car carrier truck & trailer was $1,75000. same truck & trailer last year over 200.000.yup some things do change.
  3. Price: $95,000 Click thumbnails above to enlarge. < Prev 8 photos total Price: $95000 Description: 2009 Beall 9500 gallon, four compartment, aluminum double conical, 2-axle gasoline semi. 871/32893/U
  4. (if) it's 40' long trailer would be 9000 gal's this is a truck trailer 5th wheel combo,If a 3axle truck with a 2axle trailer this is also 9000gal's that would be 4200 in truck & 4800in the 2axle trailer,say's calif!
  5. well it was only a matter of time I think i'll just sand away at there names
  7. the revolver is a lamp from hobby lobby as a gift,but this one is real A 10" barrel
  8. Got it at hobby lobby ,same section for train things. Horses,lions ,dogs etc,etc,etc I think of it now I should of got the paint they had for it had a bridal ,but didn't like the Arabian saddle plus wasn't sure that it was in scale.
  9. The Horse. I understand this isn't a truck chopped up or stretching a frame but, it is a time assuming piece of work & what good is the tractor with out a trailer to hook to it.
  10. I know that about horse people but, how do you know I am not using it for beding:lol:
  11. I redone just about most of this trailer because of a real bad paint that seemed to never dry,it fished eyed in one section & finger prints showed nicely. out side of wheels & tires this horse trailer is all scratch built. I got a picture or two off internet & between these two horse transporters I made this one. the silver sides on trailer I had to scribe it so it looked like that diamond effect is stainless steel. I had scribed 406 lines in sides. Oh i screwed up & had to do a whole section over again that was only 116 scribes. door on right opens but horses come & go from back end . The windows are covered with two sheets of colored plastic. well clear & green. some of the windows i fixed as open & latched to trailer. Same effect as shutters. I added ladder to front of trailer so to get to hay rack & hay on top back. I made the hay bails out of dead grass & weeds plus some dirt. the doors open & close with doll house piano hinges. My better half says, it's one of your best build in trailers so far!. Well some sections did take more time. I think I spent more than 3 days on rear doors & a complete day on side door.I added red stripping to black pete so all this would all come together.I also used a section of aluminum tube to lock rear door on traile. I made brace on top of rear door drilled hole in brace & top of rear bumper tube slides down through drill holes & presto door is locked. you just have to pull up on tube 1/4 & back door will open.
  12. That is nice & it's kind of funny taking away your sleep & modeling time if that is all she takes from you & yours feel blessed, I have two & two girls first than boys & today the girls are 27 & 28 & still the baby's , & wanting, wanting, wanting, there is never an end to them.:lol:ken
  13. (toshay) I'll say one thing about this older model, they were the best & if you wanted to paint hubs they were separate section , separate frame rails I mean they had holes in rails for parts to fit but when you wanted to extend frame I found it easy with a new frame section & drill holes where you wanted things & no chance of bowing.nothing what you get today. I could care less how scarce it is, it is pure greed to ask such a price as they do because it's an out of production. this is just the way I feel about it. I think back than when they were making these there were not that many interested in modeling than as they are today . today if something isn't moving people stop making it like stores stop selling a item you can't get it any longer. just my thoughts.
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