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  1. welcome gregg.i liked the revell pete it was a good truck to get into big rigs.this is mine before decals. i did a 2" frame stretch custom front bumper,exhaust,fender extentions and put a window into the back of the sleeper.here is a link to all of the pics of my truck httap://s265.photobuc...0truck%20model/ DSC02766.jpg

    Nice build but , you need some kind of stack support for in real life they would shake so much you would be hitting the sleeper but, than again this just a model.

  2. Looks good. Great detailing.

    Not to sure about storing the hay bales on the roof, though. Horses can't eat hay that gets mold in it (and horse people are REALLY particular), so the hay would probably be transported in the trailer. Besides, who would want to lift it up there anyway. They're heavy!

    I know that about horse people but, how do you know I am not using it for beding:lol:

  3. I redone just about most of this trailer because of a real bad paint that seemed to never dry,it fished eyed in one section & finger prints showed nicely. out side of wheels & tires this horse trailer is all scratch built. I got a picture or two off internet & between these two horse transporters I made this one. the silver sides on trailer I had to scribe it so it looked like that diamond effect is stainless steel. I had scribed 406 lines in sides. Oh i screwed up & had to do a whole section over again that was only 116 scribes. door on right opens but horses come & go from back end . The windows are covered with two sheets of colored plastic. well clear & green. some of the windows i fixed as open & latched to trailer. Same effect as shutters. I added ladder to front of trailer so to get to hay rack & hay on top back. I made the hay bails out of dead grass & weeds plus some dirt. the doors open & close with doll house piano hinges. My better half says, it's one of your best build in trailers so far!. Well some sections did take more time. I think I spent more than 3 days on rear doors & a complete day on side door.I added red stripping to black pete so all this would all come together.I also used a section of aluminum tube to lock rear door on traile. I made brace on top of rear door drilled hole in brace & top of rear bumper tube slides down through drill holes & presto door is locked. you just have to pull up on tube 1/4 & back door will open.

  4. Hello Ken,

    Well thanks you!

    This is the first time for me to celebrate this day, since wy wife gave birth to our first child on 17/03/2010.

    But you know what? The new member gave us happiness, a reason to stay wake in the nights and took me all my free modeling time!!! LOL LOL.

    Any way her name is Anna and I hope that someday she will be attracked on model building...


    That is nice & it's kind of funny taking away your sleep & modeling time if that is all she takes from you & yours feel blessed, I have two & two girls first than boys & today the girls are 27 & 28 & still the baby's , & wanting, wanting, wanting, there is never an end to them.:lol:ken

  5. Actually, Ken, I think what Ben was referring to by section of the quote I highlighted about the tiny red dot is how to replicate the Stemco hub in scale. I believe the tiny black circle he is referring to is the clear area of the hub sight window, which appears black with the oil in it. The tiny red dot would be in the middle would be the rubber plug. Now if you have a really small brush and want to super detail it, you could put another black dot inside the red area representing the red plug to represent the weep hole you mentioned!

    (toshay) I'll say one thing about this older model, they were the best & if you wanted to paint hubs they were separate section , separate frame rails I mean they had holes in rails for parts to fit but when you wanted to extend frame I found it easy with a new frame section & drill holes where you wanted things & no chance of bowing.nothing what you get today. I could care less how scarce it is, it is pure greed to ask such a price as they do because it's an out of production. this is just the way I feel about it. I think back than when they were making these there were not that many interested in modeling than as they are today . today if something isn't moving people stop making it like stores stop selling a item you can't get it any longer. just my


  6. My opinion is, I think you need more paint on the frame! ;)

    Seriously though, maybe paint the hubs the lighter green to contrast with the frame? I would also detail the front hubs to look like Stemco oiler hubs. (silver cap with a tiny black circle and then a tiny red dot in the middle of the black circle) I think that really adds appeal to it.

    Right on the stemco oil hubs & the plug came that was rubber & came in black or red. The tiny dot you call it was a weep hole in the center of the rubber seal. for some reason as long as I can remember auto car had many green trucks with red axle hubs.

  7. I ran two fish lines through trailer & through two eye hooks inside trailer. added eye hooks to folding decks. also had to wd spray the piano hinge so it flops free. pull on line (1) starts to lift deck as 2nd half of 2nd deck starts to hang down. pulling on line (1) & (2) as it comes up & tucks away into trailer. was going to use a spring to pop it out but would be in way of entrance.

  8. You do some beautiful work. I've been saving some of the pictures for future reference. I hope you don't mind. I've got so many irons in the fire right now that I don't know when or if I'll ever get to it, but it's good to be prepared.

    It's ok keep anything you need what I did wrong was put the roof on the trailer,that should be the last thing done for it would be easy to build could of made roof with a edge on the side to fit like a cookie jar than take it off & on but, was brain dead at this time.now everything I need to add go's through the bottom middle section & it's only 6"long x 3&7/8 wide using watch maker screws & tools. Hands are to big sometimes .

  9. I have a opening tri fold door on piano hinge. wanted something for a ramp. I wanted one that you didn't have to pull out & than how to stow it also was a issue so, I came up with this ramp that un folds. I also am changing trailer side for rear wheels. Because of the skirting & just may be you had to work on rear wheels or change a flat I am making side panel so it comes up opening the side up.Also adding rack to top back with my also scratch bails of hay.Might also add spent 3 days just on rear doors & ramp & spent 9 hrs today on side door for trailer.

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