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  1. Believe me in the end ,You will understand you have the better job.
  2. Nice job but, the air lines for 2nd trailer? I see the glad hands on front of 2nd trailer but, no air lines?
  3. A picture or two would be worth a thousand words!
  4. Nice set up,I like those mirrors on that old GMC & yup do remember that series truck. Nice build
  5. Need to find a couple of scale horses for this trailer.
  6. Jim it was like a sneak peek nothing is set in place yet,I hope
  7. I wanted something different hooked to this single axle tractor so, here is sneak peak of it in it's works. will add red to trailer to match tractor, horse ramp in working, windows in working, doors in working,just about all I skip from thing to thing here.an all scratch build trailer.
  8. huffanpuff


    I build 1/25th trucks & was checking what others are making & seen you car. The graffiti paint job,style you are unique & looks flawless to me . Yes I would drive a car like that. It also reminds me of E. LA & yes the Bronx,ny
  9. I had a new peterbilt car carrier weighing in at 45,000 empty,company took it to cat got a ticker tape reading & i was told I drive to fast...I of course said,no I don't well,well read this... I did, it said truck was running at 107mph. My answer to that was I didn't know a car carrier could go that fast. It was a 475 C A true story.
  10. I would say good idea & in u.s.a. will work because it would be easy to purchase on line than rather going after money orders or paying for service to add on to expenses that one has all ready like (paypal)you may not like what I just said ,but it's to costly to get what you need out side u.s.a. with the cost of shipping ,for some of it's not worth the price one is asking.
  11. If u r using the mural on the side of sleeper pick color out of mural for frame color than it will all come together .
  12. Ryan here is an idea for your freight liner. yup it's a kw but, so you can build this or do it like this blue & white one.
  13. Matthew, I looked at all your pictures & yet this doesn't let us see the true color you are seeing. It seems to go from a deep mid night blue with shadow's of maroon than again some purple. No black frame! I would shine a light down the side as being seen going past ( a side view ) & see what color u pop out! how about the blue on that cup in the back ground or Maroon. I think I would paint up some junk parts to see how colors match up to it. I try something than get back to u. ken
  14. Yea that is kind of off base but,now I am building a horse transport trailer to go with this truck & the stick will be gone.
  15. I went back & cut new stacks & they are in scale.this time. I just like the hollow tubing. added none slip cat walk, also at doors so driver doesn't get comp injury:angry:. made rear light bar & I see driver is backing over r/rear flap..added also back up or hook up light. A rear sun visor, hub caps on back . added door window to pass side. I tried silver fenders than black than that got me to add the black to the front fenders. than I thought why not go all out & build chrome rear fenders this was a task!. now to think about a trailer for this single ax.
  16. I like your work. I like the winch on the front that's a plus on any wrecker, your steady hand on painting center hubs. looks good
  17. I thought I would try something else so I took this 359 & made it a single axle, still working on it . I started this yesterday be done tomorow
  18. No doubt that has some gloss, nice paint job!
  19. Nice build you have done. I think I would of ran air lines through floor ribs along with elect lines.
  20. don't know how pictures came out so small. I had to down size them I guess I went to far
  21. I painted it red as u can see I thought it looked better. I made landing gear that you pull out pin slide leg up or down. put one on jeep & pup. I made quick couplers for air lines & elect. from goose neck to trailer,jeep to goose neck & rear of trailer to pup. I made the fenders from S&K sheet metal & all pins S&K tubing . Is it done ..not yet
  22. I broke this up so to show hook ups. goose neck off trailer. can hook trailer to truck with out jeep. load pup & jeep than it will also hook to truck.depending on what it will move.
  23. other pictures are posted under (building trailer for long black hood)
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