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  1. I had to stand on small table to get this picture. front to back is 36" long & truck is 17&1/4'' long 53 &1/4'' long
  2. Like it! The wheels are the first I have seen done. I always wonder how they would come out I like the before / after look on the wheels. Hey I need that dozer for my trailer I am building.
  3. I wanted something different so ,yes chuck these are 1/32 wheels on this heavy haul trailer. making it out of wood. The pup on the back is on a pivot as well as the deck. that rear deck on the pup also swivels. Oh the trailer can also unhook for loading I used a s&k alum tube have much to do but, it's a start
  4. are you going to paint under the fenders white at frame?
  5. I think not sure on some things but, a 1/24th scale looks better being hauled on a 1/25th scale.
  6. Looks cool & like whale said, truck looks longer than trailer & that going down the highway would get many looks & comments because, of that look I am sure but, me I see it's a mock set up on how you may do AC & wind guard but, I would dump the headache rack. That's me! The fenders gives that whole truck a plus look.
  7. I looked it over & I am a nit pick & to this 'cause how else can I learn what I did wrong? I thaught I couldn't hold my hand that steady to paint the wheel lugs as u did & than it hit me..Yours is so right I couldn't have a chrome axle hub,so I painted mine as u did. thanks for the eye opening. this other picture is button covers that go over shirt/blouse buttons & work for hub's on rear wheels like so,check out picture. again thanks Rick.
  8. I put the white one next to the black truck. the sleeper on the black one is the size of the white ones sleeper ,cab & hood. together.about 5/8ths shorter.
  9. picture I forgot about the before and after look!
  10. yes but, not the ones that came in kit
  11. Changed front bumper & I forgot plate. Am waiting on marker lights to come in snail mail but,rest is done
  12. because of the stretch & adding 1/2" to hood I had to change steering box.
  13. I did some cutting to make these air breather tubes work water hose I used small plastic line with a wire up through the middle. u can see the wire. It was to keep the bend in the hose,need to paint black
  14. I had one time getting this apart ,but cutting away now I have a good satellite dish. I got this out of a old pick up truck,it was a plate lite in the rear bumper.I will paint the bottom edge black.
  15. so nice! I like the oil leaks at the wheels, water leak, oil/grease the weathered look almost reminds me of some of the things I had to drive. to me it's a work of art!
  16. My wife said , Here use this spare bedroom for your things. So that takes care of the garage for I have no basement. I do just about everything. I have to keep humor in my life while model bashing.
  17. You are dead wrong this time chuck, (look at the wheels) those are 1:25th scale wheels & I cut the body out so they would fit.If u look hard enough the rear wheels has a hub cap.
  18. u r so right I do better work than this,It was laying around for 5 years so I thought I will cut it up & see how it comes out . It sucks from the word go.My imagination & a poor imitation it is.
  19. Nothing it's the way it came I am cutting this up .I opened back end to give it a spread look added to nose & belly along with top. I wanted it bigger.
  20. can't seem to find any good 1/25th trailer looking for a propane trailer so, for now reworking this cow wagon
  21. not done yet but,her's a peek ,the braces are for radiator
  22. First off lost fifth wheel so making one out of wood. Next couldn't get lines for glad hands & elect so made them out of old phone lines twisting them around a finishing nail. license plate for front bumper I printed out UFO#1 New Mexico, I thought it would work for I live in N.M. Tried something else for grill. The hood didn't come out the way I hoped,sides came out fine but, top of hood couldn't get the line out of the add on.sleeper is scratch build,it was made from a keep out sign.
  23. Lets see I have spent some time in truck stops in wv never thought of it as red neck unless you were a coal hauler. Although your population in 2000 was 817 & name three brothers well just may-be close to being red neck:lol:.they have it listed as a town in Ohio county,WV U.S.A. that kind of baffle's me:huh:. Well the time spent on this you may have to patten it. It will be a one of a kind & that is a good thing for I haven't seen anything close to it in pictures or this site. This is very good work . I watch your work progress & it makes me think did I miss anything on my own. It's a good thing.
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