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  1. Beautiful builds! Well done!!
  2. Thanks again for the great comments! I was curious about the tooling's lineage because there were two distinctive molded-in rivet looking things along the rear fenders that needed to be sanded smooth. It turns out the '88 release of the Exotic Car Series was the third issue of the kit, with the originals being in '81 with the stock 635CSi first and then the Group 2 version. It was certainly a departure from Monogram's typical US muscle car subjects. In the 80s as a kid any kits from Tamiya or Fujimi were much harder to get a hold of, so it was a real treat when something like this would pop up on the K-Mart shelf for under $6.
  3. Amazing model and incredible build! Wow!!
  4. Great looking build! These kits are getting harder to find and creeping up the $ ladder. It's nice to see one built so uniquely and cleanly. Well done!
  5. Excellent, interesting, and obscure! It makes me wonder how the auto industry in the US would have responded had more JDM cars like this been imported to our market in the 70s and early 80s. At least we got the Cressida until Lexus emerged on the scene. Great work on this build!!
  6. Moving yet another project from the WIP pile to the display shelf. This 80s issued Monogram T-Bird has been a thorn in my side for a couple years as it cycled its way from the bench to the shelf of doom and back. Originally it was planned to be silver, but when the first color coats were drying it was evident there were some issues with the lacquer I was using. Since I had some champagne gold that was a color offering on the T-Bird TC, it became the second attempt at laying down some base coat. When the same issues surfaced with the gold paint, it went back into its box for yet more simmering. Since it was a project I was looking forward to finishing, it got its third attempt using some Tamiya metallic grey that went down nicely and accepted the lacquer clearcoat suitably. While the grey was not the first pick, in the end it worked out just fine and I was pleased with the result. There's the added benefit of yet another spot cleared on the bench. Thanks for looking, much appreciated!
  7. Beautiful clean build! Very nicely done!!
  8. Thanks for the comments! This was a kit I tried building as a kid but it turned into a glue bomb and it likely met its fate in a scale model crash test 😵 Here are a few more pics as requested, and thanks again for the great feedback!
  9. Keeping up with the momentum of clearing out the works in progress shelf of doom, this build finally made its way to the display case. I started it a couple years ago and was mostly awaiting the body and trim work. It's an old Monogram tooling from the late 70s and early 80s that I believe was first tooled as a race or rally variant. With other "better" kits of this E24 BMW that were made by Fujimi and Tamiya, this one from Monogram is a bit underappreciated. It fits together mostly well but the instructions are vague with identifying attachment points of some parts. It seemed to me the tooling represents a 1979 or 1980 model year, with the absence of the passenger side mirror being period-correct for these early-ish 635CSi coupes. I regretted not fitting and gluing the sunroof closed before body prep and paint, and it turned out to not fit very snugly so the tilt-up position was represented and would have been accurate for the 1:1 design. This was one among three BMWs that was stuck on the WIP shelf, so it was nice to finally finish it up and move it along. Thanks for looking!
  10. Thanks everyone, much appreciated! I'd owned a few 1:1 variants of this platform including an '88 and '89 MX-6 GT, '90 Probe GL, and later a 2nd gen '93 Probe GT, so this build was nostalgic in that sense. The kit itself was engineered decently and mostly everything fits as it should, but if you know the 1:1 cars you'll discover the instruction sheet wants you to attach the headlight doors to the hood rather than to the fascia and fenders. The one-piece window unit is a bit tricky, and it'd be an easy enough modification to trim out the side windows. After giving it some thought, and appreciating the structural rigidity the intact unit provided along with the relative sparsity of detail in the interior components, the windows stayed rolled up. Thanks again for looking and for the great feedback!
  11. This was a mojo-builder as I'd been in a slump for a few months and needed a quick fix. I had an AMT Taurus SHO promo that had seen better days, and some leftover parts bin items from the old Taurus police and RoboCop kits, so it seemed like an easy enough solution. It was also an experiment using some different finishes that I wouldn't normally consider, so not expecting much it moved forward. Aside from some scratch built items like the push bar, aux lights, and repurposed radar unit that became the search light, the annoying chrome plated headlights were recast in clear resin to more closely resemble the 'futuristic' units in some of the movie shots. It turned out that back in the late 80s when I was around 13yrs old I'd bought and built the first release of the '89 Taurus SHO kit and tried to replicate the tricky tail lights - they were still in my parts bin all these years later and finally found their home. It could use some bar code license plates, but it was intended as a quick build and so it was. Thanks for looking, and cheers!
  12. As a fan of this era and these G bodies, it's delightful to see your build so accurately detailed! Great work!!
  13. Very nice! Awesomely clean build!! The Monte looks amazing as well, and they're a perfect duo. Kudos!
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