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  • Location Cleveland, Ohio
  • Full Name Donald R. Gardner.
    I work hard, I build models for relaxation and fun.

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  1. DRG added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got my latest order from Micro-Mark in the mail today.

  2. DRG added a post in a topic Another New Guy???   

    Welcome aboard.
    There are a lot of nice guys on this forum that will be glad to offer advice and answer your questions.

  3. DRG added a post in a topic WORK BENCH SATURDAYS!!   

    Wow, i had a good day. I actually got some work done on the frame and got the first coat of paint on the body of the Willy's.

  4. DRG added a post in a topic Is styrene carcinogenic?   

    There are always new reports coming out that this or that is bad for you.
    While I'm not totally careless about my health I live life as best I can.
    Yes I love pulled pork.
    I have a drink every now and then.
    I do smoke to much.
    I drink to much coffee.
    I work on models to escape from all the doom and gloom predictions.
    Give me a cup of coffee, a smoke and let me build my models.
    Thank you very much.

  5. DRG added a post in a topic Hollywood Knights 57 Chevy   

    those are two very nice builds.
  6. DRG added a post in a topic 1913 Mercer racer   

    You did a good job, looks real nice.
  7. DRG added a post in a topic WORK BENCH SATURDAYS!!   

    OK, I know it's Sunday but I haven't touch my workbench in several days.
    Currently working on a Willy's.
    Yeah I know, my workbench is rather simple, but it works for me.

  8. DRG added a topic in General   

    I am done for awhile anyway.
    I don't purchase models, paints and supplies very often. I usually go on a spending spree and get things all at once.
    I now have a total of 23 unbuilt kits and one B17 Bomber kit to build.
    I have a total of 7 models in various stages of completion and one on the bench.
    I have all the paints I need, all the other accessories I need.
    The wife got her hair done yesterday, looks good too.
    That deal is now complete and personally I think I made out real good on it.
    There is nothing else I want, well maybe that 62 Thunderbird, that 50 Texaco truck looks interesting.
    What kind of a deal can I make now?

    Happy Modeling.

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  9. DRG added a post in a topic always read the directions CAREFULLY when building a model   

    Reading the instruction sheet is something I always do.
    I lay out each tree and look them over. I locate parts I'm not sure about.

  10. DRG added a post in a topic Charger R/T   

    Here are links to the on line people I deal with.
    great service, good prices.



    Forgot one.


  11. DRG added a post in a topic 69 Daytona Pro Mod 1/16th scale updated 4/3/12 ..It's a wrap!   

    There are those that build models. I am in that class. you can at least tell what it is supposed to be.
    Then there are those that build a model and it looks so real that it's hard to believe it just a model.
    Then there are guys like you.
    The models you build are so real they should start and run.
    The artistry and craftsmanship is so over the top it beggars description.

  12. DRG added a post in a topic those loving wives.   

    A supportive and understanding wife is indeed a blessing.
    I ordered eight kits from JimnOhio, then ordered two from Deans Hobby.
    My wife ask what about my Munsters Koach. What about the paint, distributors and other things you need. Go ahead and order them.
    I, being an obedient husband ordered two more kits from Deans, paint from JimnOhio and distributors and such from MAD.

  13. DRG added a post in a topic Prayers for my town   

    Having been through a few in my lifetime I know the trauma that can be caused even when there are no injuries.
    Our prayers are with you and your townsfolk.
  14. DRG added a topic in General   

    those loving wives.
    It has been a rather long time since I went on a spending spree buying kits, paints and other supplies.
    My wife has supported by purchases completely. We discuss all expenditures before they are made.
    We have been doing that for the 38 years we have been married.
    My wife agrees with and actually enjoys my hobby, though not to the extent I do.
    She helps with picking colors and making other suggestions, some of which I follow.
    I was just wondering, how many of you guys have a wife/girlfriend that supports your hobby?

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  15. DRG added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I got these today from Deans Hobby.