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  1. they are 3 high intesidy led bulbs. i got them from pepboys for 8 bucks wired them to a switch in the base and then to 2 nine volt batteries.
  2. im from pittsburgh. and thanks thanks eveyone
  3. heres my dart. its painted red with the black tail stripe all under clear. the hood pins were filled in with putty. i wired the engine and flocked the interior.i used the 426 hemi engine and had to make the stock exhaust fit into the hemi headers. and i also used bmf for the trim.
  4. heres my plymouth roadrunner. its painted sublime green with ppg clear on it all buffed out. i masked the hood and the cowl off and sprayed it matte black instead of using the kits decals. the engine is wired and the interior is stock. i also used baremetal foil for the trim
  5. heres my amt 95 eclipse i built. i painted it sublime green and used ppg clear and wetsanded and buffed it out. the inside is flocked and used leftover decals for all the gauges. the nitrous tank is wired.i used photeched hood pins, i sctrach built the intake,wired the engine and added led lights to the bottom of the chassis to replicate street glow like seen in the movie. its all wired to the base attached to a switch thats wired to 2 9vt batteries.
  6. Im the 2nd loser and it was a sublime green roadrunner. lol
  7. wow man that gtr is amazing love the color great job
  8. really nice man beautiful paint work
  9. lookin good man. bare metal is tricky to learn but once you get it down it pays off big time. i just picked this kit up today gonna get busy on it after my gto and viper are done,
  10. thanks they spray perfect through a mini spray gun but i used my airbrush for my models and it didnt let all the flakes spray out but it has just enough to catch the eyes. thanks for the pics. is a gto suppose to be stock lol? you gotta let the horses out lol
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