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  1. they are 3 high intesidy led bulbs. i got them from pepboys for 8 bucks wired them to a switch in the base and then to 2 nine volt batteries.
  2. im from pittsburgh. and thanks thanks eveyone
  3. heres my dart. its painted red with the black tail stripe all under clear. the hood pins were filled in with putty. i wired the engine and flocked the interior.i used the 426 hemi engine and had to make the stock exhaust fit into the hemi headers. and i also used bmf for the trim.
  4. heres my plymouth roadrunner. its painted sublime green with ppg clear on it all buffed out. i masked the hood and the cowl off and sprayed it matte black instead of using the kits decals. the engine is wired and the interior is stock. i also used baremetal foil for the trim
  5. heres my amt 95 eclipse i built. i painted it sublime green and used ppg clear and wetsanded and buffed it out. the inside is flocked and used leftover decals for all the gauges. the nitrous tank is wired.i used photeched hood pins, i sctrach built the intake,wired the engine and added led lights to the bottom of the chassis to replicate street glow like seen in the movie. its all wired to the base attached to a switch thats wired to 2 9vt batteries.
  6. Im the 2nd loser and it was a sublime green roadrunner. lol
  7. wow man that gtr is amazing love the color great job
  8. really nice man beautiful paint work
  9. lookin good man. bare metal is tricky to learn but once you get it down it pays off big time. i just picked this kit up today gonna get busy on it after my gto and viper are done,
  10. thanks they spray perfect through a mini spray gun but i used my airbrush for my models and it didnt let all the flakes spray out but it has just enough to catch the eyes. thanks for the pics. is a gto suppose to be stock lol? you gotta let the horses out lol
  11. i was just planning on using the kits body and acouple other little things and the rest i would just build. i dont have more than 3 hobby shops in my area and i never seen a ram kit at any of them.
  12. i have a dodge rammunition monster truck kit unbuilt and im not really into monster trucks so i was gonna turn it into a drag truck with some big slicks in the back just didnt know really how to make a frame for the bottom. i got a bunch of styrene and a bunch of old model parts from various cars and acouple of complete sets of cars that the bodys are too badly damaged to save. any help would be appriciated.
  13. is there any sites on information about the shma show and the three river show trying to plan out everything now
  14. is there ant shows and contest coming up soon in and surrounding pittsburgh areas? ive been wanting to go to one but i only know of 1 and im not gonna be able to make it. any help would be apprciated
  15. i usually go since im 30 mins away but in cleveland till thanksgiving. theres always next year tho.
  16. yea i wouldnt mind some engine pics lol. i havent got to work on it recently since im out of state for school but going back in thanksgiving so ill get the engine caught up and painted. i also need to find a way to put different rims and tires on it. the gto rims are nice but was going with a more custom build i might even throw some blue led bulbs under the dash and chassis just wanted to make a nice show peice since i havent been to a show for awhile. but if you could send me some pics of your gto engine bay i would apprciate it. and if you need any mopar pics let me know my buddy restores and collects them so i could take acouple pics.
  17. thanks i built this a while back and finally got pics up but right now i cant remember what its called but model master makes the color but its really close to hemi orange i think it might be sunburst orange i used that color on my supra and they look alittle alike but when i find out i will let ya know.
  18. beautiful man, just beautiful. i need to pick one of those kits up soon
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