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  1. Paul T added a post in a topic Any interest in a 8lug truck steel wheel?   

    Hi ryan, how do I order mine, Paul T
  2. Paul T added a post in a topic So What is Your All Time Favorite Big Trucks   

    I agree with most of your list but I would add the following in no order 50s ford f 700 coe, 60s ford f 800/900 conv, HD 950/1000 series coe,ford N series and ford Ws,ltls,C cabs 600 and up.
    GMCs crackerbox,B 7000,C 70s of the 60s,steelecab coes,9500 longhood,astro 95.
    cannonball coe,920 conv.general with 8v92 540hp 13sp.
    autocar 60s DC, 90s ACL64f,autocar AP 19,mormon coe110,Hayes WHX 1000 with a 16v71
    mack B73Lcab,B815,R685st,RL700s,75 superliner,70s MRmodel,mack M36sx.
    72White roadboss,4500longhood,9000shorthood,7000coe,60s white mustang/9000 with a 200 contannal gasser,
    60s white compact 1500????,76 white westernstar 60s dodge coe,dodge D900,70s brockway 760with walkin sleeper.
    IH D190coe,4070 coe,2070a,70s fleetstar,loadstar,4300,9300,paystar 5000,3000 sightliner coe.
    KW W900B,900L,K125 VIT coe,993 heavy haul,900S,C 548.most of the 60s,70s reos,diemond ts.
    late 70s Rader royal,75 diemond reo like AMTS kit with a cat 1693&16sp spicer.
    petebuilt 362H,359x,377with standup sleeper and a365cummins,378,1981 387 heavy haul.
  3. Paul T added a post in a topic Ford C-800 Plow Truck   

    Hay Ryan thats one very cool ford!!! looking forward to the finished truck Q where did you get the bud wheels and tires(with the new tread pattern)??? I would not mind getting a few sets for my upcoming projects.Thanks later PaulT
  4. Paul T added a post in a topic Resin kits   

    the only person that I know of is Illini replica conv you can reach him through AITM at at the bottom of the page. hope this helps.good luck Paul T
  5. Paul T added a post in a topic What is your favorite mold making product?   

    how do i get alumilite products catalog????? PaulT
  6. Paul T added a post in a topic What is your favorite mold making product?   

    where can i find the smooth on products catalog or order direct ????? Paul T