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  1. The new single stage paint is urethane. Alot like the old Imron. I get all my paint at NAPA.
  2. I like it. nice rust job on frame.
  3. Can someone from one of the indianapolis clubs please get me some member info like a contact name or number please? Thanks. Brian
  4. I really like plastikote primer. And only use auto paint basecoat clearcoat.
  5. The wagon gueen family truckster.
  6. Vampira

    40 ford

    yea it sucks all the photos are gone. what happened?
  7. Vampira

    40 ford

    Why has i taken me so long to find this post. good job on a hard chop..
  8. Vampira

    '50 Olds

    excellent work on a very nice kit..
  9. This is a really excellent piece of work..
  10. The fade job looks real good. nice custom touches too.
  11. Awesome truck. excellent finish.Where are the headlights?
  12. Welcome to the boards. Post up some builds
  13. Very nice. Now I have to work on mine..
  14. Will anyone from the Anderson In. area be going?
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