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  1. id love to have one but 70 bucks ill have to think about that.
  2. are there any price estimates for this truck here in the states????i cant wait
  3. ok guys i finally got some time and im nearing completion on this.all i have left is to finish the front bumper,mirrors and i may make some running boards.
  4. thanks guys ill have to check that site out cause i about stuck. this is a pretty nice town and thanks.i use to live in tennessee myself.
  5. stock valve covers with decals on them.im going to have to try to make some myself.
  6. i really like it also and i hope you go with the steelies and dog dish caps
  7. looking great man keep it up.
  8. i started playing around with a idea ive had for a while now and here is where im at.now keep in mind ive never done anything like this and it is just the begining.i plan on redoing everything once i see how it will turn out.
  9. ok guys i got some work done today.body,radiator and grill are glued on.just have to finish my wiring and put some posts and cables on the battery.i also have to fab up a front bumper.
  10. i like it so far and am going to have to watch this one.keep up the good work.
  11. hobby lobby has some that look more correct cause they are smaller.they are with the doll house stuff.
  12. well jim it looking like them duke boys orange clunker car
  13. finally a day off tomorrow.i hope to have this nearly finished tomorrow but who knows lol.
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