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  1. Interesting how this topic got off topic from the 68 Coronet announcement to ownership rights of Johan and what kits or tooling is currently with the current owner.
  2. You're spot on. I agree. I don't think that thread will continue. I beleive we've closed the book on that one. We'll probably see new threads on this kit where builders are showing their completed Coronets. Thanks for the compliments.
  3. I totally agree with you. Prices are going up on everthing; that's just the way it is. I also use Duplicolor. It's a great paint paint. Far superior than the Tamiya or Testors. Been using Duplicolor for many years. The prices have gone up on those but, I will continue staying with it.
  4. Looks like this thread continues. As was stated previously, 3 are done. My list of possible subjects remaining to be cloned: AWB 64 Cutlass F-85 "The Steaker", 67 Galaxie, 69 Coronet R/T, 71 Dodge Demon, 67 Bonneville, 67-69 Chevy C-10 truck.
  5. Gosh , I remember that. I was one of the ones that every now and then would start a thread on the MPC 68 Coronet and hoping it would some day be released. Had a few naysayers on those threads stating that Round 2 would never do it because it was not cost effective or the tooling was gone because it was modified for the 69 Coronet. Even a couple stated that they hope it's not released just to keep the values up on the originals. For the most part, they were wrong. Very happy that this is finally happening. Definetly a long time coming.
  6. Lets continue this thread; I would say soon to be followed: The AMT 67 Galaxie and AMT AWB Olds Cutlass F-85. Tim Boyd and Steve G; how far off would these be?
  7. Excellant news. We were close on the guesses made for the altered wheel base cars. Looking forward to this one. I wonder if the AWB Cutlass F-85 Streaker will be following this one?
  8. Saw this on Round 2's FB site. "The Lil Hustler" Datsun drag truck. Is this the mystery kit? https://www.facebook.com/Round2Models
  9. I beleive the Lenni Pond car was reissued by the Model King a few years ago. Same car but a different decal scheme. So, what is the big announcement supposed to be? Maybe someone here in know can give us some hints?
  10. Definetly do this. I did the same thing to match a medium green for some paint to paint my vehicle. I brought my model car to an automotive paint supply store, They used a camera to get a shot of the color. They uploaded the image into their color matching system. In my case, the match was a little off.
  11. Correct, Thanks for pointing that out. Forgot about that.
  12. Here are pics of the Cutlass Streaker parts from the Cutlass kits recently released. Yes, the whale tail circled in red is in the hardtop Cutlass kit. Notice the super charger front pulleys; circled in red. They look like the traction bar wheels that are on the AWB Streaker kit. That's in the convertible kit along with the bulge hood and the convertible tonneau top. Those are the only Streaker parts in the kits. Just need the AWB body, chassis and the rest of the drag parts. Definetely can be done if Round 2 has this kit in their archives.
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