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  1. What is a good tape that can be used when doing two toned paint jobs? Hobby Lobby have something that works well? Thanks.
  2. Now that we have gotten the different versions of the 65 Plymouth , even an altered wheelbase version, what would be the next Mopar model down the road from Moebius?
  3. From a previous post: "No, they are not. They never were, either. PlastiKote was the go-to primer for over 20 years specifically because it was different from anything else available...not as hot as Duplicolor, but just as good a barrier, and easy-sanding." I've used both products for many years, the statement that one is hotter than the other. Not true. I do agree with you that both are a good barrier and sand easily.
  4. Duplicolor and Plasticote are the same product. Lot of places have dropped the Plasticote line and have Duplicolor. Oreilley's, Advance, Pep Boys, Autozone and Bennett have the Duplicolor line. Duplicolor has a sandable primer and it's very good. A lacquer based primer so you can put any paint on top of it.
  5. Just wanted to read other's opinions on this. You see that built-up model on the bay, but it's missing chrome parts that Modelhaus only made. Does that make you think twice about buying that built-up?
  6. It's interesting that this thread has been active for a while. Alot of modelers would like to see an all new kit of the 68 Coronet R/T. Let's all make this happen. Contact Moebius, Revell and Round 2 and tell that this is a highly requested kit and it needs to produced. The more requests they get the more the kit manufacturers will listen.
  7. It will be interesting to see how well the kit sells. Interesting how Round 2 does a completely new tool for something that may or may not sell versus retooling a well requested oldie we haven't seen in years. Never the less, I'll be in for one of the 4 door Impala kits.
  8. That is very true, but that was not the point I was making.
  9. I would debate statement number 3. In no way I am putting this builder down. There are buyers out there that will buy a built model for big bucks regardless of who built it. For example, a buyer has always wanted a model of his pride and joy and there never has been a kit of that vehicle , but sees someone selling a scratchbuilt one on ebay for $2000 or $3000. That buyer who always wanted it will pay the price for it. If it looks exactly like the vehicle he owned and that's what the person wants, he could care less who built it. He probably would not even know if the builder was well known.
  10. That's the 3rd sealed MPC 68 Coronet kit in 3 or 4 months that sold for that price and more. Around September, one went for over $1000. It shows that it's a very desirable kit. Round 2, Revell or Moebius really need to make an all new kit of this.
  11. I'm working on a 72 Charger K&K Insurance . Looking for detail pics of the bottom of car and rear suspension. Thanks. George
  12. Has anyone seen the MPC 1978 Dodge truck kits at Hobby Lobby yet?
  13. I think eventually we will see a 68 Coronet R/T come out by either Revell, Round 2 or even Moebius; despite what the naysayers say.
  14. What is the resin body between the Kharmann Ghia and the chopped top car?
  15. Here is an idea. Maybe do a Paul Goldsmith #99 car. He never raced a 70 Coronet, only the 68 and 69 Coronets.
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