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  1. Yes, the truck comes with the wedge. I contacted Round 2 about 2 months ago asking that question. They stated the kit will consist of the long bed truck and wedge. Excellant news I think.
  2. To add , this is great news . For years the naysayers in the model car hobby have been saying " no ,we will never see that subject come out again because the model car companies will not invest monies to fix damaged tooling or even do whole new tooling for that matter." Well, after all these years, they were wrong. We are now seeing new tooling done of old subjects from back in the day.
  3. Yes, it is a good way to widen the audience. However, I initially started the topic in the General section. Went back a day later , but could not find the thread. That's why I started the post again in this forum.
  4. Well, I am out alot. I am very well aware the model aircraft hobby has been popular for many years. That's how I started. We have a lot of locals down here in Florida that have been building cars for years and within the last couple their tastes have been more into building planes. Just an observation and seeing if others on this board are noticing this as well.
  5. In our model car club I've noticed a few members getting into model aircraft building. Also, I'm starting to see on model building sites more aircraft kits being bought and sold. Is anyone else noticing this trend? Right now it's the best of times for model car builders with all the oldies from the 60's and 70's being re-released. Also, it's interesting seeing more aircraft on contest tables as well. Is this shift a temporary phase or will we see more of it?
  6. I've noticed in our model car club that some of our members are getting into model aircraft building. Anyone else noticing this in their club. I'm also starting to see more aircraft and military kits being bought and sold on some of the model car selling sites on FB. Anyone else noticing this trend where they are at? Is this a temporary phase or are we seeing a gradual move away from model car building?
  7. Well said. I am one of those that likes discussing old ideas and topics. It usually brings in new information from those that are reading these topics for the first time.
  8. I beleive you hit the nail in the head. In short, you have to adapt to the changing market conditions.
  9. I know the kit well. I first got this kit in the early 2000's when it was released as a Dick Landy car. That first issue had the body with no marker lights molded in and those side marker decals. All following issues ; the bodies had no marker lights molded in. But, there was also something else in the kit , on the chrome tree. There are two chrome plated disk shaped objects on the chrome tree that look like marker lights. They are very small and hard to notice. If you were to look closely at the chrome trees you will find them. The instructions make no reference to these.
  10. Round 2 , in the last few years have been either repairing/updating tooling and doing new tooling. Case in point, the 63 Chevy II wagon. That's a brand new tool Round 2 just did. I think our chances for an all new kit of the 68 Coronet and 71-72 Demon are very good. Keep writing to the model kit companies. Eventually it will happen.
  11. What I did when I wanted to make round marker lights for the AMT 68 Roadrunner kit; I used light duty aluminum foil, placed a piece over the marker light on my MPC 68 Coronet. Pressed it down to make the impression of the marker light. Filled the backside with a mixture of superglue and baking soda. Now you made a casting of the marker light. The foil sticks to it so all you have to do is just trim off the excess on the sides and your done.
  12. Awesome build. How did you do the round side marker lights?
  13. What was the process to the would stain looking camouflage?
  14. I'm with you on that. Revell could do a 68 like they did with the Chevelle. They did a 69 Chevelle then later on did a 68. Same thing can be done to the Coronet. If Revell does a 68 Coronet; it needs to be in 1/25 scale. It's going to mean a massive retooling. The kit companies are now retooling some of their older subjects. Now could be the right time to do this.
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