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  1. Do you need to sign up as a customer to buy from their product line up or can you just fill out the section that asks for your email address to sign up for great offers? Thanks.
  2. I gather they only got reponses from those that might have built a model here and there during their lives. Would have been interesting to see comments on that review from those that live and breathe the hobby like we see here on this message board.
  3. Interesting article. We should keep this as a sticky in the tips and tutorials section.
  4. Does anyone know if any of the resin casters do a 68-69 Mercury Montego?
  5. Tom Geiger said: "This is gonna be fun watching people go crazy until Round 2 announces what they actually are gonna do! " I agree. It's funny to see people speculating on what might happen. For all we know, Round 2 might come out and announce they are doing a 68 Coronet station wagon.
  6. How well is the the altered wheel base Plymouth kit selling? Are the distributers seeing constant orders on these? Is there alot of people buying the kit?
  7. MR Mopar "two Big rigs sounds good ..... to bad Jamie did not say what they are ....... come on Kenworth mixer ? could we get that 68' coronet r/t ?" I was the on the blog for the whole hour. Numerous times I posted about the 68 Coronet R/T; stating it's a very requested kit, which was supposed to be a released back in 2008.
  8. Hey guys. The the Round 2 blog is on. Lets all be heard.
  9. You will need to sign up for a yout tube account if you want to reply. Is that right?
  10. I agree about not liking the MIB movie car. I just like the stock 68 and 69 Coronet R/T. I would be happy to have that model without the MIB parts.
  11. I have always had good results with Duplicolor primers. I have never experienced it bring too hot for plastics. I don't use heavy coats. Duplicolor is all I use. Was just at the autoparts store; available is the sandable primers; which I use, primer surfacer's and primer sealers . This is at Advanced Auto.
  12. Snake 45 "But it still won't happen." Never say never. Who knows what will happen.
  13. I whole heartedly agree on the Coke themed 68 Coronet. I wouldn't mind; I'd be happy to see it come out with Coca Cola decals and marked box. Would be a very successful addition to some of the other models coming out with the Coke theme.
  14. wrenchr "Has round 2 made any new kits or even new bodies in the past? From what I can tell they clean up molds/tools and tool some small new parts and reissue the snot out of it Coca Cola and everything else. If they have tooled new kits what are they? Or even an all new body? Don't get me wrong this has allowed me to buy kits I would not have spent the money on old issues in the past but it seems like they are exhausting what they can reissue that has not been touched in a long time. I'm not bashing them just saying. " Yes. Round 2 just did a new tool for a 4 door 67 Chevy Impala, from the Supernatural TV show. They must have spent good money on that. Yes, Round 2 can do new tooling if they wanted to. Not everyone is into 4 doors. I would venture to say that this would tailor to a very limited market. We'll have to see how well it sells as time goes on. If they can do this Round 2 surely can dig into their vaults and resurrect kits that have never been re-released. IE: 71 Dodge Demon, 68 Dodge Feverbee, Superhemi, etc.
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