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  1. That's what's fun about reading these posts. Right on about the speculation. Oh, and I love the rumors too. Most of it with no fact to support them. Just like the record player, round and round.
  2. I do the same as you. I do light coats with duplicolor. Never a problem. The same technique I use when doing full scale automotive painting which I have been doing since 85.
  3. I understand the statement you made. My purpose was to take it a step further. I don't know how involved the model kit companies do their market research or testing. I wanted to get input on how they do it. That's why I used your statement. It just turned a light bulb on thinking what a model kit company would do.
  4. Ok. You mentioned 5+ decades of experience, then share what could be the cause?
  5. Humidity causes crazing. I don't have this issue because I spray indoors with a spray booth. Are you spraying outside? Sometimes it's good to test sprays so that you can see early in the process if you will have any problems.
  6. That looks like the primer is crazing. I've never had that happen with any of the Duplicolor primers. I've used both the sandable primer and filler primer without any incident. What was the temp and humidity when you sprayed the body? My method is to start with the regular primer; if their any pin holes or anything, fill those and then use the filler primer. How was the body prepped? Was it scuffed first before priming?
  7. "but most importantly, have some real, Market Tested Numbers to justify the sales potential of this, or ANY other subject that you care to present." The above statement was taken from a posting about Atlantis Models. Do model kit companies do markets tests to see sales potential of a kit they are considering developing? If so, how do they go about it? I see Moebius doing prototype models. This is probably how they test the market. I can't see the model companies doing some sort of tooling to do a limited number to judge sales, it be too cost prohibitive. Maybe someone in the know could answer this.
  8. My bad. I actually said it wrong. What I meant to say was asking if Atlantis was focusing on those that buy kits at Walmart or any other large box retailer versus focusing on more nostaligic subjects for us more dedicated model builders.
  9. Wanted to ask if Atlantis is coming out with subject matter tailoring the Walmart builder or to us builders? What market are they trying to target?
  10. Moebius has done pretty good with the Ford trucks. I would think that releasing any 68-73 Dodge truck would sell just as well. Someone mentioned the Dude Dodge truck. I'm in.
  11. I remember back in the 70's we had kits of the Husquevarna motocross bike, Roger Decoster Suzuki kit, Yamaha 250 dirt bike and others. Is Revell planning on re-issuing these again?
  12. GMP440

    73 or 74 Charger SE

    It is doable. Some work needed to do the opera window and other mods to make a nice looking SE. That 74 Super Charger kit is pretty affordable and would make a great start for the project. Saw this page from Model Car World Finishes. Looks like they casted a 73 Dodge Charger SE. Here is the link. I would contact them to see if they still cast it. https://www.globuya.com/US/Massillon/456936001156924/MCW-Finishes---Model-Car-World-Paint-and-Resin I
  13. Is Moebius coming out with any new car models next year? I remember the pics of the prototype 63 or 64 Nova drag awb car, but are there any plans for any other future car model subjects?
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