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  1. Is this the kit that Round 2 was going to announce? Everyone on the "Rumours" thread was taking guesses as to what could possible be announced. Looks like this was the big announcement.
  2. Despite the fact Salvino's does developement and manufacturing in the U.S., resulting in higher MSRP of their kits, they are doing very well. I bet Round 2 and others see this and could be debating to do the same thing sometime in the future.
  3. Ok. We give up. What will be the kit to be announced?
  4. Not stock, but maybe another possible subject to be announced. AMT 66 Mercury Cyclone drag car.
  5. Any hint as to where you read about the release?
  6. Here is a link to the 68 Superbee show circuit car. http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2017/02/convertible-super-bee-with-yellow.html
  7. Not factory stock. Could it be the 1968 Hemi Under Glass Barracuda?
  8. Someone stated the possibility of the Mission Impossible Coronet being he subject being announced. Would the 68 Coronet convertible kit have the correct parts to do the MIP Coronet. At least the 68 body would be correct .
  9. I agree. So much speculation going on. One thing for sure, we'll know what it is when the announcement is made. Time will tell and we will see how accurate our guesses were.
  10. I have a gut feeling it's going to be either the 71 Dodge Demon or the 67 Ford Galaxie.
  11. Now that we have the upcoming release of the MPC 68 Coronet convertible kit; anyone here going to try to do a 68 Coronet convertible custom that was on the old Mission Impossible show?
  12. I thought it was strange as well. I was hoping to read his comments on the upcoming MPC 68 Coronet convertible kit release.
  13. It's a little disappointing reading this. Seems to be more of a kit that enables a builder to construct a day two 57 Chevy.
  14. Those hubcaps on this kit are not the same. If you put them next to each other, they are different.
  15. No kit has those. Fireball Modelworks sells those hubcaps. I beleive they are 3d printed.
  16. Can you point out the upper body crease in the doors? Was trying to look for that.
  17. I agree. The level of detail is very good. In addition, I'm fine with the front wheel pins too.
  18. The 69 R/T; if Round 2 decides to procede after the 68's, I think it will be better seller than the Monogram 69 Superbee. The body proportions are off a little bit. Not that noticeable , but are there. Also, is the Monogram Bee still coming with a Plymouth interior? My 80's version of that kit had that interior. A few innacuracies there as well. I think more people prefer 1/25 scale over the larger 1/24 scale. Would love to read other's thoughts on this.
  19. In keeping to the topic of the upcoming release of the 68 Coronet R/T convertible kit; upon reading Tim Boyd's comments on this subject, he mentioned possible future variants on this and the hardtop kits . I think there is a hint here. Speculation on my part but could we very well a have drag car version of the 68 Coronet, ie the Fever Bee down the line somewhere?
  20. Well, I'll gladly step up to the plate and purchase that 68 Coronet reheated, promo leftover kit.
  21. The Mission Impossible kit is the 69 Coronet R/T kit with the custom parts added. Nothing here from the full size Monaco kit.
  22. I agree. To add, I will call this the year of the Coronet. I think this year we will be shelling out more from our wallets than anticipated.
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