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  1. Let's see those finished Mooneye's Dragsters.
  2. Just received the kit. Looks like the only thing not included in this kit is the 392 engine.
  3. To get back on topic. How cost effective is for Round 2 take a kit, from their archives in which the tooling is not there and use 3D printing to do new tooling? Subjects such as the 68 or 69 Bonneville, 71 Dodge Demon, 68 or 69 C-10 truck where the tooling is no longer there could be done this way.
  4. It's supposed to be a 72 body. I would return it.
  5. Anyone know if the AMT 68 Corvette will be the a straight reissue of the Corvette kit that came out in 68?
  6. Just throwing this out there; about two years ago Salvinos showed us on their FB site the 3D renderings of the 72 and 73 Charger stock car bodies. Very favorable comments came out of that in reference to the accuracy of the bodies. Had Moebius did the same thing , showing the 3D renderings of the Chevy ll body to us so we can comment on it ; could that resulted in a more correct body being produced?
  7. This arguing back and forth is doing nothing for this thread. All that is happening is for this thread to get locked. Wait till you get the model in your hands, then decide for yourself.
  8. That's good that the grill has no R/T emblem. With the plain grill you could do a 68 Superbee or even a 440 model.
  9. Lets back up a little bit. Who cares how Model King designs the boxart. We need to applaud the Model King for doing what he is doing with model kit companies. If it wasn't for him and his financial backing of model kit companies we would never have seen exclusive kits come out ie; HUG, altered wheelbase Falcon, Pontiac Tempest and now the Mobius Ford pickup trucks. His partnership with the kit companies has been stellar.
  10. To add to the list: 67 Ford Galaxie and the 64 Pontiac Grand Prix. Anyone know if the 64 Grand Prix tooling is still around or scrapped?
  11. Here are the differences between the 1973 and 1975 Dodge Monaco's. Here are links that show more detailed pics of both cars. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-dodge-monaco-brougham/ https://www.classicautomall.com/vehicles/1194/1975-dodge-monaco-sedan
  12. The My Three Sons character Chip Douglas drove a 64 Tempest or Le Mans convertible during the 70 and 71 seasons.
  13. The 68 and 69 tooling is probably at Round 2. Wouldn't be surprised to these come out in the near future. Casey to the courtesy phone.
  14. I agree. They can call it something. I doubt there would be any licensing issues.
  15. In reference to sentence one. Requests for a re-release of the MPC 68 Coronet R/T kit was mentioned a couple of times in this very thread. It has also been mentioned many times on other threads about kits that should be done. This has been going on for many years. Round 2 is starting to listen and as a result we have gotten the Chevy ll and 64 Olds Cutlass kits released. The ball is rolling. I bet there will be some good surprises coming from the kit manufacturers before long.
  16. Round 2 needs to do a reissue of the MPC 1968 Coronet R/T kit. We haven't seen it in over 50 years. We have 3D printing , prototyping technologies available for kits to be re-engineered. Now is the time to do it. Please release this one.
  17. Good opportunity for us to voice our opinions.
  18. Thanks for the info. That's actually good news. I beleive the Husquivarna moto-cross and desert racer are the same.
  19. What kits did you see in the collection when you were there?
  20. Did they say anything about the motocross kit?
  21. Good job on the aftermarket 8 track under the dash.
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