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  1. ok thank you for all of the ideas. i was figuring ebay was going to be the avenue i go down. will be gathering up a list of things i will be selling this weekend.
  2. i have bought quite a few models over what i can build anytime soon. that coupled with a leaking roof have made me decide i want to sell off some of them. is emodelcars any better the ebay? is there any other site? i know selling on here is forbidden so i am kinda stepping on eggshells but i feel like i needed to ask. have a good day
  3. i like this. i dont have half of the talent you have but i really wish they would release some new cars for us nascar fans. i am so sick of building 1990's chassis with mildly updated bodies.
  4. last i heard, the track construction was put on hold and thats one of the major reasons that f1 is running in new jersey. i love the v8 supercars. wish i could see them more.
  5. im on here 6-8 times a day. i think its mostly due to bordom at work though. lol
  6. you know what, i thought is was just me! i got back into this a couple years ago. i have finished 1 kit. i have several almost done or somewhere in partial build purgatory. i am on here all the time but it is rare that i actually do anything to complete them. and my building station in on my enclosed/unheated porch so i dont really want to be cold either.
  7. petty crashed his car in practice and they did not have a rule to allow a back up car back then.
  8. well i am doing my first heavy modified model. this is half gremlin and half stock car. started as a wheel stander but right now i have no idea where it will end up.
  9. i got 2 new unbuilt and 3 built cop outs. going to have fun with these.
  10. just got 3 used cop out models, 2 nib cop outs and a 49 ford parts lot
  11. i wasnt born till after AMC was already dying if not dead already. that being said, i fell in love with that car the first time i saw it. it was the early 90's and cars were already looking the same as each other and then i saw the gremlin. i instantly fell in love with that car. it was the oddest thing i had ever seen and i loved it then. still do.
  12. i haven't even finished chopping my first 49 merc so this just blows my mind!
  13. they can be. i know i made mine have 4 wheel independent rear steer just like the real monster jam trucks. the original came with only front wheel steer.
  14. thats a wheely king. i have a few of them. the are so much fun!
  15. i love my animals. i have 2 cats and a dog. my dog named mongo was found at an animal rescue. alex is my male cat that i got from a co-worker and sofi showed up at our door the day after we got alex. i love tham all and can understand the pain you feel. i lost my last dog in 2002 and it was horrible. we had gotten her in 1990 and she had a great life but it hurt losing the dag i had gotten when i was 11.
  16. just trying to find a club to join. something in the central ct, northern ct or southern mass. any info would be very cool.
  17. i bought a collection from a buddy of mine that totalled 65 plus the 50 or so otherwise bought. i didnt get to finish any but i have a 1950 ford f1 that should be done as soon as everything is done being unpacked.
  18. would we be complaining if gm said "and our concept 2014 chevrolet uterus"? i know i would have just left it alone in the hopes that it looked better at the time of production. chevelle it ain't and i say that not being a chevelle fan. i do like the thought of the reutrn of the z24 badge. i can almost like this as a z24.
  19. I AGREE! i love the holden and vauxhall versions of gm cars more then the garbage we are stuck with.
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