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  1. Looking for a Revell '68 Firebird kit. May negotiate trades if necessary
  2. Looking for a Revell Ford Thunderbolt cooling fan (part 21). Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a pulley assembly for my Revell 1964 Ford T-Bolt (part 41). Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  4. I have the same kit. I'll be following along.
  5. Looking for Fred Cady decal sheet #461 (Tin Indian Pontiac GTO). I know for a fact that Fred does not have these in stock, and have been looking for this decal sheet for quite some time. Thanks
  6. I'm doing the current restored version of El Cid. I will have to ask the owner about the lettering on the car.
  7. Looking for a set of Fred Cady decals, sheet #98, which are the Purple People Eater Corvette/Nickey McLaren decals. Thanks!
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