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  1. early iron added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Old Fashion Contest - Orland Park, IL
    Just an FYI for locals interested:
    Hobbytown located in Orland Park, IL is having a special contest for the Super Shaker kit.
    They have a ton of the kits special priced at $ 10 each, and will have a contest on June 18th for that kit only, box stock only, no other parts.
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  2. early iron added a post in a topic Revell 62 Impala   

    Thank you Rusty. I too have owned and restored a few '62 and '63 impalas, still my favorite cars.
  3. early iron added a post in a topic Revell 62 Impala   

    Actually, the front one is the fuel tank, the rear one is the trunk well.
  4. early iron added a post in a topic Monkeemobile   

    Excellent color! Mine will be candy green and white when I get around to building it.
  5. early iron added a post in a topic YANKEES # 1 AGAIN!!!!!!   

    So you're the one guy who doesn't like Jeter.
  6. early iron added a post in a topic '78 Dodge Lil Red Truck   

    I too had a '79 (well my father owned it, bought it new, but I drove it some times) and it had the flat hood. I think the other hood was only on the '78. That was a fun truck, probably one of the fastest vehicles made at that time.
  7. early iron added a post in a topic 56 Del Ray   

    I would still be a 210. The 210 hardtop is one of the rarest models in each of the tri-five years.

    great look on the '56
  8. early iron added a post in a topic 67' Plymouth GTX   

    thanks for the info. the car looks great. a guy down the street has a 1:1 in copper color, very similar to yours. great job.
  9. early iron added a post in a topic 67' Plymouth GTX   

    great looking muscle, can I ask where the redlines and ignition wires came from. They look great.
  10. early iron added a post in a topic What?!?! A Box Stock Build?   

    i don't think he is going factory if he plans to use the lowered supensions with the mags.

    btw, great Galaxy in your gallery. I always go for mags over hucaps.
  11. early iron added a topic in General   

    I have just discovered your magazine and site after visiting the ihobby show on Sunday. I have been disappointed in the "other" model car mag since it was purchased and away from the hobby for a few years, so reading your magazine has been very refreshing. The amount of talent out there is unbelievable.

    so, I just want to say thanks for the great publication dedicated to the hobbiest and also for the great online forums which have made me less productive, but are very entertaining.
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