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  1. Always thought they should have done the Chip Woodali driven Gene Snow Snowman. Woodali won (edit)Springnationals with car. In an interview Chip said Revell wanted Snow to have a dragster but Snow really did not want it. I got damaged in a trailer accident and was not rebuilt. Pic from Hot Rod Magazine 1972. Anyone want to do decals I will buy a set (hint)
  2. AMT MPC Put Out the Good Stuff!

    Their is no way I am paying 2.5 million for a model kit LOL
  3. Revell/Monogram Aerovette

    one of the iterations of this car had a four rotor Wankel in it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Aerovette Where do you find a 1/25 scale rotary
  4. NEW Round2 MPC 2018

    If they did that I would buy a dozen of them
  5. As per the link that Daddyfink posted the Dennis Priddle Mr. Revell from England
  6. Actually it was worse than just a trailer fire. It was a shop fire and lost race cars, trailer, toter home and equipment inside shop. It happened last October. And you are correct he is not rebuilding the dragsters. He does have a wheelstander that he says he is going to run on a limited schedule. John the mock up looks awesome, can't wait to see the next installment of your build
  7. 75 Charger Funny Car

    good call yes their is http://stores.smhracing.com/78-magnum-nascar/
  8. Looked around a little bit but did not find. Does anyone make a 75-76 Dodge Charger Funny car body in 24/25 scale. Like the one TV Tommy Ivo had with the Rod Shop or the Mr. Norms Funny car. Their were several more I dont do pictures any more, so here is a link http://www.speedhunters.com/2017/03/wally-parks-nhra-motorsport-museum/#_presentation-316490
  9. Golden Commandos 1965 Plymouth

    Mark Twain Hobbies has some http://www.hobby1.com/1-25-1965-Plymouth-Satellite-Golden-Commandos-Model-Kit.html
  10. Round 2 December 2017 Product Spotlight

    I am still buying one LOL, it will go with the Hot Wheel that was produced
  11. Round 2 December 2017 Product Spotlight

    Same as the Snake Wedge, Not a real car, Mongoose never had a wedge
  12. RC2 era 'b and s' cars...

    Didn't one of the kits have a box art of the 68/69 Hemi Under Glass but inside was the 65 car. If I remember that correctly
  13. Donovan 417

    No specific car, was reading an article from 1975 about all the different combinations for Pro Comp that year. And a dual engine injected on gas or alcohol caught my attention. Something different with a Donovan sounded cool. Also thinking about insted of two 417's going with a small block and a Hemi like the Odd Couple gas dragster I mostly build "what If" kind of models
  14. Donovan 417

    Thanks did not even think of that, just looked at the box in my stash
  15. Donovan 417

    Does anyone make a Donovan 417 in 25th scale. found lots of 16th scale suppliers. Thinking of doing a pro comp car from the 70's