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  1. OK, I received a 68-72 Corvette kit, thanks Dave (ewetwo). That will be my start. Now I need a 74-75 body at least for the front fender vents and Endura front bumper. Preferably an AMT 1/25 scale. I know, I probably should just get a 73, but they are expensive. I figure I can cut the bodies just ahead of the front doors, or just graft the nose and vents on the one I have. We'll see. Thanks, Perry
  2. gbtr6


    Forgot I have this 34 Ford kit with the wide tires too. I'll try and get a better picture. Perry
  3. My neighbors car, the burgundy one, is a bit of a resto-mod. Outwardly stock, some suspension work, not sure what. The engine is a stroker 383, 750 cfm 4 barrel, aluminum heads, headers, supposed to be good for 500 or so horsepower. Sounds like it. They also added a 5 speed. Perry
  4. Hi Perry.  I see you have some super wide tires.  I need 2 to go on wheels I actually got from Vince.  Can you help me with this?

    1. gbtr6


      The two pair in my picture are spoken for. I have one left, the one on the right. Could you use slicks? I may have a couple of them. 


    2. TransAmMike


      Thanks Perry, no, need treaded tires. Thanks for replying.

  5. Please enlighten us great unwashed masses. Perry
  6. gbtr6

    rear tires

    I have these. Perry
  7. They are similar. They are the Endura style. Slight differences. Bumper eyes are larger on the 74-75. Red one is 75 burgundy one is my neighbors 73. Perry
  8. Bill, are you going to keep the T-Bird? If not, let me know what you'd want for it. Thanks, Perry
  9. That would give me most of the parts I'd need as well. Do you know the scale, or maker? What do you want for it? Perry
  10. Yes, that would be a great start. Do you know the scale, and maker? Let me know please. What do you want for it? Perry
  11. gbtr6


    I have a set from a sprint car too. I'll take pictures if anyone needs them. Perry
  12. I have a resin hood that isn't perfect, FORD letters gone, and front chrome strip a little messed up. I'll take pictures. It's the turn signal hood from Motor City Resins great 67 Coupe. Perry
  13. Looks like a 70-72. That might be a good start for the body from the fenders back, and interior, chassis. What are you looking for for it? Perry
  14. Rats, I imagine they're expensive too. I may be able to get a 72 and put a 74 front end on it. Probably cheaper if the 72 and 74-75 kits are less rare. Perry
  15. Anyone have a 73 Corvette coupe kit? A friend just got a real one and I want to do a model of it for her. Thanks Perry
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