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  1. Looking really nice. How about a bare metal foil surface? That would look sweet. Perry
  2. Very cool. Good for her, and it's a nice clean build. Something I'm still working at doing. Perry
  3. gbtr6

    AMT '69 Corvair

    I did like it. It was a Monza, with a 3 speed on the floor. Pretty sporty for a kid in high schrool. Perry
  4. Yeah, FDS are not really great quality. Same or worse with John Day. Great progress and they can be made to look great. A set of BBR wires would dress it up. Perry
  5. gbtr6

    AMT '69 Corvair

    Very nice. I did the same thing with the '69. Mine was a '65 and it was a four door. Had to do some surgery. Used a '67 Camaro top. Close enough. Mine I got for $75, only needed a battery. I sold it a few months later for$150 to the neighbors so I could buy a TR4. The right front wheel fell off it after I sold it. Kind of awkward with the neighbors for a while. Now I have to do a TR4. Perry
  6. Some more progress. Tameo kits are engineered well, and go together like Tamiya kits, just smaller. They are intense, need to only work on it a few hours then walk away. There is photo etch sides to the cockpit, and the brakes are made of 6 pieces. I like the vented detail. Hard to see. Perry
  7. I have 2 sets of 1/18 scale low profile tires, measure 1 1/8" OD, 5/8" ID, 5/8" wide. Also, a set of drag type wheels and tires, with axles and brakes. Let me know what you have. Common domestic kits, partials or builts OK, AWB Mustang decals, Foreign stuff. Perry
  8. It is 1/43. I am trying to get better at clean building. I have to have patience, and use tools. Perry
  9. Starting work on the Tameo Williams FW07, Regazzoni. It’s pretty simple, no engine. Nice detail and fit, typical Tameo high quality. The green decal looks all wrinkly but it looks great in person. Perry
  10. Let me check. I may have a spare. Is it like the McLaren M23 style? What is it closest to in diameter and width. Perry
  11. That really came out pretty. Nice job. Perry
  12. Bruce, Here's a freshly painted 330 Gt in Nocciola. Damn sexy. Perry
  13. Just getting back to post the finish of this car. Was a fun build. Pictures of final assembly and with big brother. Perry
  14. Bruce, look forward to seeing it. Should be spectacular. Perry
  15. Nice, it does have the copper undertones. It looks great on many vintage Ferrari's. Perry
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