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  1. That is really cool, and well done. I've wondered how these kits look built. Some of the earlier ones were less than 3D it seemed. Kinda flat and featureless. Perry
  2. I've got this Teapot kit as well as a Breadvan trans-kit, a 330 LMB trans-kit, and a Herb Deeks Lancia D50, and a couple other old resin kits. Perry
  3. Terry, here’s what I have if you could use it. It’s not perfect. The interior is glued to the chassis. Rear axle has springs glued on, one off now. Let me know. Perry
  4. Nice model. I like that look. I think the pillars you're chroming are C pillars as the B pillar is still in between the doors, just doesn't extend to the roof. I used to bring my building stuff with me on my monthly trips to the U.P. Also rebuilt my TR6 gearbox on a motel room floor in Escanaba once. Perry
  5. Very pretty. Really like the dark blue. It’s a ‘74 with the rubber overrides removed. I’ve had it since ‘77. It’s pretty stock except an S2 cam, higher compression, and SU’s. It’s a dependable driver. That’s my son driving it with his girlfriends son. Perry
  6. Nice garage picture. The Challenger really does make the 6 look tiny. I really like mine.
  7. Thanks. They look realistic. Perry
  8. Great detail on all aspects. One detail I have to ask about. How do you get the wheels, nuts, studs, to look so good? Perry
  9. gbtr6

    USPS Pinto.

    That really is nice. My late father in law was a mail carrier. I’d really like to do one for my wife. She’d really like that. Perry
  10. gbtr6

    1/16 ENGINE

    Pm sent. Perry
  11. gbtr6

    1/16 scale parts

    Casey, thank you for that. My kit has all those parts. I need the engine block halves, the heads, and the firewall. anyone else? Thanks, Perry
  12. gbtr6

    1/16 scale parts

    I am looking for a 1/16 scale Hemi, and a couple of other parts from any of the Revell drag or funny cars. Let me know what you have and what you need for them. Thanks, Perry
  13. Traded with Khils, Kevin, and he was great. I had trouble on my end completing the deal and he was patient til I could make something work. I am still looking for sprint car tires for him. Perry
  14. I used this kit to make a '67 coupe for my son. He has the 1:1 version. Your color and ours looks similar, Acapulco Blue. It is finished, but I can't find any pictures of it finished. Perry
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