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  1. I see black and red wires, do the lights work? Perry
  2. I like option A. That subtle blue/gray you see now is really nice. Perry
  3. Very cool. When I heard restomod I remembered this one, It's a 300 SL, but you get the idea. Perry
  4. That’s funny. Being a teacher, you’re doing a wonderful thing. And it sounds like your kids appreciate it. Perry
  5. Wow. That’s a bunch of kids. We used to call Steve ‘Hairy Aho’. Perry
  6. That is really sweet for your student to do that. You’re making a difference in all their lives. Good for both of you. By the way, any relation to Steve Aho from Mankato? Perry
  7. I have a box of original AMT ‘63 Pontiac Tempest parts. Lots of custom a stock. No body or chassis. Would like to trade for any foreign kits, sports cars, or an AWB Mustang. What have you got? Perry
  8. Very nice build of an iconic Le Mans car. Well done. Drivers should be Keke Rosberg and Yannick Dallas. Perry
  9. Looks like you could build what you want without cutting up the Mercedes kit. Perry
  10. Exactly. I could see them coming, but you couldn't hear them until they were on you, and past. Of course, at 20,000 feet +, they're pretty undetectable. Perry
  11. Nice BUFF. I got to see these up close at K I Sawyer in the UP. SAC base, They came in over the highway. Quite the site. And sound. Perry
  12. AMT and Tamiya did the 300 SL, street car. Tamiya is a nice kit. There where a few makers of the 300 SL number 722 from the Mille Miglia. Monogram/Revell and Fujimi again. Perry
  13. Fujimi did make one of these. Perry
  14. Looks like Preston Henn's Yellow 275GTB/C Speciale, #6885 one of 3. But his was a 1964. Perry
  15. Kurt, Thank you, I appreciate the trust. Hope to deal with you again. Perry
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