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  1. Not really hot to get it for any reason. I remember building it long ago and would like to tackle it again. The 49 Revell kit would work. Perry
  2. gbtr6

    Looking for wheels

    Great! I look forward to it. Perry
  3. Anybody have one of these? Are they hard to find?
  4. I got the Detail Master Mahogany bed it. Anyone use it and have any tips for install? As a side note, I went to the local smoke shop and they gave me some small pieces of fine thickness veneers for free. Could be good for woodies and such too. Thanks, Perry
  5. gbtr6

    Looking for wheels

    Looking for a set of mags from the AMT 32 Ford Roadster kit. They look like these drag mags. Perry
  6. Thank you, those would work. Perry
  7. Outside laced Boranis would be correct for most racing Ferraris of the 60's. Love to have some for the GTO, Testa Rossa, etc. Perry
  8. Thanks, these were on my sons -67 Mustang coupe and I am going to build a model of it for him. His first car. It has Drag Mags on it now. Wish I could find those. Perry
  9. Anyone know of a wheel like this, either from a kit of resin? Thanks, Perry
  10. Completed a great trade with Dale Gribble. Thanks, Perry (Gbtr6)
  11. Had a great trade with casey 429. Thanks Casey. Perry (gbtr6)
  12. While I wasn't able to complete my trade, it was my fault, I wanted to say DragMonster is an upstanding guy that goes the extra mile. I sent tires that were not the right size. He not only sent them back, but sent me the postage cost back. I only hope I can help him in the future.
  13. I have a 1/12 scale MaistoSuzuki GSX 1300 Hayabusa kit, complete in open box, die cast and plastic. Let me know if you’re interested and what you have. Perry
  14. This is a Chapparal. I'd be interested in it. Is it complete? Do you know the scale? Perry
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