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  1. There's one on ebay. Out of stock on Amazon. Revell made a 1/426th scale kit in 2012, so hopefully it will be out there. Good luck. Wish I could help more. Perry
  2. Looks real nice. I know for me, I have problems when I rush things too. Especially paint. Perry
  3. Still have the '36. Anyone interested? Looking for an AMT 65 Galaxie, or an AMT '58 Impala. Or,? Perry
  4. Kerry, You ought to see if Tom has plans for that bulldozer, or at least the tracks. Perry
  5. No need to chuck the body. Try stripping first. You can probably get it off, and start over. One thing, try light coats. Let it dry thoroughly between. Perry
  6. ‘27 is traded, I have my ‘55 Nomad. Thanks, George. Perry
  7. Anyone interested in these for a trade? AMT ‘36 Ford 3 in 1, complete still in plastic bags. Build coupe or convertible. AMT ‘27 Ford Model T 2 in 1, complete, still in bags, has a six cylinder with speed parts, nice. Looking for foreign stuff, sports cars, F1, or AMT ‘55 Nomad, ‘56 Ford, Revell ‘55 Chevy or ‘57 Nomad. Thanks, Perry
  8. Simon’ Just got in early this morning. I don’t have that exact bumper, but here’s what I have. I think it’s for a ‘73 Carrera RS. I need an exhaust header for the ‘73 Carrera RS. Let me know if you can use this bumper and if you have a header. Thanks, Perry
  9. Very nice. I hav3 this kit and may have to steal your ideas. How did you paint the hood medallion so nicely? How did you do the wood? Thanks, Perry
  10. I may have this. I’m out of town all week though. I’ll check when I’m back. Perry
  11. Going to attempt a WIP. Here are some pictures of my start. It's a Lotus 79 World Champion kit from Tameo. I'm building Andretti's ride for a friend. The Chassis will be black but the silver is actually polished white metal. Nothing looks like metal more than... metal. Lots of PE and detail. Enjoy.
  12. I have both mirrors on mine. Can’t help with decals on PE unfortunately. I’d be willing to take it off and send it to someone to cast for you or scan and print if it would help. Let me know. Perry
  13. I have a built DBS at home. I'll see if I have the mirror. Perry
  14. Following this one. My son has an Acapulco Blue ‘67 coupe. His first car. I got a resin coupe conversion and built his car. The PE is really good too. Perry
  15. I have this unbuilt Suzuki Hayabusa to trade. Looking for basic kits, sports cars, F1. Let me know what you’ve got. Perry
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