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  1. Thanks guys. I am a slow builder. But, I'm still building, so that's a plus. Perry
  2. Little more of an update. Got the MCG detail set and added the door locks, gas cap, fender letters and horses. Built an auto shifter. Also made the rocker trim from evergreen and foil covered. Used the Molotow pen for chrome. Getting there. Am going to see him Friday, so need to get it done to surprise him. Perry
  3. I have to say, Jeff is a great vendor. I got my hood, and he didn’t charge me. I really appreciate him doing that for me. I highly recommend him and Motor City Resin Casters. Jeff, thank you for the help. Perry
  4. Bob, I don't recall the timeline now, but it was a few months. I just recently contacted him to get another hood for the Mustang as I messed up the one that came with the kit. He responded right away and said he'd send one. Haven't gotten it yet, but will wait for it. That is top notch to me. Thanks, Perry
  5. I may have to scratch build one. I'm not the best at that, but it doesn't look hard. I wonder if it would be in the Cougar kit? Should look like this one if so. Anyone have one that could check? Perry
  6. Is there aversion of this automatic shifter available in any kit? Does anyone have one? Let me know please will trade parts for it. 1/24-1/25 scale. Thanks, Perry
  7. gbtr6

    Lil coffin Gseeds

    Really pretty, clean. Like the boat tail Riviera in the background. Perry
  8. Nicely done. That would look cool in 1/16th scale too. Perry
  9. Yes, it’s a GTS, someone converted the Revell kit into a Spyder. Complete, would consider trading for some Formula one kits, maybe 1/12 scale, or I may rebuild. Let me know what you have to trade. Perry
  10. Slow progress. Some pics of the chassis. Painted, weathered a bit. I made straps for the gas tank from left over pe fret. Also making exhaust tips from aluminum tube. Perry
  11. Really pretty build. How did you get the chassis to have that grayish look? Really looks nice. Perry
  12. Slow progress. Deciding how to fill in gap between back seat and interior panel. Any suggestions? I'll be seeing the car this week and will take some pictures. I like the color of the exhaust header. It's appliance epoxy stainless steel. Perry
  13. I have these wheels and tires and suspension pieces to trade. Let me if anyone is interested. Thanks, Perry
  14. I have a partial 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 641/2, F190. I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone have any spare parts for one or a partial kit? Thanks, Perry
  15. gbtr6

    Mustang Quarter vents

    Cool. I built a Pappy Boyington Corsair for my son-in-law. Perry
  16. gbtr6

    Mustang Quarter vents

    Thanks, I appreciate it. Where you in VMF 214? Perry
  17. I need the Quarter Vents for the 67 Mustang like these in the picture. Building my sons car. Let me know what you have and what you want. I don’t have a lot, but I’ll do what I can. Thanks, Perry
  18. Thanks. Yes, I have a complete Shelby GT-350, and a started fastback kit. The vent panels on the outside rear quarters are boogered up on the fastback. None for the Shelby. Perry
  19. Starting on a build to replicate my sons first car, a 67 Mustang coupe. Got it at 16, still has it. He’s 31 now. I got the Motor City Resins coupe trans kit. It looks great. Started on the wheels. They are drag mags from the 60’s. I got some wheels from member 68 short fleet, Jason. I drilled out the windows like my sons. Need to finish paint aluminum. I do need the side vents as the donor I’m using had them glue bombed in. Can’t retrieve them. One question, the resin kit includes interior panels, but the back parts lack detail. Any suggestions? I’ll try to keep up and post progress as I go. Perry
  20. Had great trades with Mike1017 and bismarck. Recommended traders, thank you for the trades, hope to do more with you both. Perry
  21. Thanks Tim. Tim was very understanding and I appreciate the opportunity to trade with him, he is a recommended trade partner. Hope we can trade again.Thanks again. Perry
  22. gbtr6

    Kits to trade

    66 Mustang and 50 Chevy truck traded. Perry
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