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  1. Jerred C. added a post in a topic need advice on some items   

    Thanks Harry, but is what I meant about the rust and dust is, since it is used for a smaller scale will it cover more than one car. I was just wondering if anyone has used it before on model cars. After I read my post I could see where you would get confused. LOL
  2. Jerred C. added a topic in General   

    need advice on some items
    Ok, I am about to buy some items from Micro-Mark and I need some advice from you more experienced builders first. I have my eye on the rust and dust 4 stage system mainly meant for trains, but was wondering if it would work for model cars. I was also looking at the age it easy for wood (for dioramas), it is a liquid brush on I think. And I was also looking at the soldering iron/knife for cutting plastic, but is what I really need to know is, does it work. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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  3. Jerred C. added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Help-85 mustang GT
    I am starting a project for a friend I work with and need a little help please. This friend wants me to build a 1985 mustang Gt like his 1:1 mustang, so I bought the monogram 1985 mustang SVO and come to find out the head lights are different. I was wondering if there was a GT version made out there somewhere, or anybody has any idea of how I can build the headlights using styrene. I did notice there is a seperate grille piece from the hood on the Gt and the SVO hood comes down past the grille piece. Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance.

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  4. Jerred C. added a post in a topic Oldsmobile ?   

    Thanks for the help I really appreciate it. I am really looking forward to getting some of my projects finished so I can start on this one. Thanks again. Jerred C.
  5. Jerred C. added a post in a topic Oldsmobile ?   

    Ok I have done a little more surfing and came up with this photo of a 1959 that resembles it well. I also had taken pics of the model, but I will warn you the pics arent very good I appolagize. Jerred C.

  6. Jerred C. added a topic in General   

    Oldsmobile ?
    Ok, I was at a yard sale on Friday and bought a whole box of glue bomb model cars for $4.00. The box contained alot of vintage models that I have seen before, but there is an oldsmobile curbside by jo-han (I think its a 1960 but not sure) model car in there that I have never seen before. I was wondering if anyone knows of this kit or may have one. I stripped it down today and threw it in the purple pond, to get the 45 layers of paint off. This kit does not have an opening hood, therefore there is no engine, but if i find out its not rare the hood will open and it will be packing some iron. Im not really familiar with these kind of cars, but the body style is pretty sweet. I dont have any pics now but I will post them when I get it out of the pond. Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Jerred C.
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  7. Jerred C. added a post in a topic Zoku style hot rod   

    Very nice job man. Im not making fun, but the last pic resembles a box of McDonalds french fries with two fries sticking out the top. Very unoque build and once again, GOOD JOB.
  8. Jerred C. added a post in a topic '56 chevy Gasser   

    Wow, That is one different build. I really like how the box rolls with the lines. Good job man.
  9. Jerred C. added a post in a topic 1955 / 2010 Custom Chevy   

    Hmmmm No back windows, no mirrors, hope it doesnt have reverse. LOL, just kidding. I really like the tear drop style windows in the doors. The color turned out sweet. Very nice work.
  10. Jerred C. added a post in a topic '72 Ford Farm Beater   

    I am really surprised nobody has asked this yet, but what is that raw umber colored thing in the bed of the truck. You done a really good job at this one. I really like your weathering. BIG J
  11. Jerred C. added a post in a topic Then you might be a young model car builder   

    If you have ever cut your finger on a hobby knife and thought the shade of the blood would look really cool on a car, you might be a model builder. If any kids are reading this PLEASE DONT try this. LOL
  12. Jerred C. added a post in a topic to wait or not to wait   

    Thanks for all of your opinions, and as soon as the first post came up I went out and bought it. Sorry crazyjim, I would send it to you, but this thing is pretty cool. I am really impressed with how clean the parts are. Thanks everyone BIG J
  13. Jerred C. added a topic in General   

    to wait or not to wait
    OK, I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and found the L.A.Fire Rescue Peterbuilt on clearance for $40. Should I buy this model or should I wait and see if it goes down in price, it was originally $79. I was really tempted, but my wife told me it has been on clearance for a while now. Just looking for your guys opinions. Thanks in advance.

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  14. Jerred C. added a post in a topic late 70's dodge truck   

    If you dont have a stock hood, I think I might have one from the lil red wagon truck that I dont have any more. I built a mud truck clone of my buddies mud truck for him and it does not have a hood, so i have the hood still in the junk yard. If ya need one just let me know. BIG-J
  15. Jerred C. added a post in a topic Who rides bicycles here?   

    You all have some pretty cool looking bikes. I myself do not have a bicycle now, but when I was a kid you couldnt get me off of mine. When I was in high school a friend and I had taken a small starter off of an old ford festiva and welded a chain gear on to the starter, and than we made a pretty heavy duty mount for the middle bar of the bike and mounted the chain. We made a basket on the front for the battery and all you had to do was start out down a hill and once ya got going just touch the positive to the battery every once and a while, cause if you left it connected you probably wouldnt be able to hold on. The reason you had to start out on a hill is cause we tried without the hill and you couldnt keep the bike underneath you. Any kids that are reading this PLEASE do not try this at home. BIG J