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  1. retired & glad added a post in a topic Finished a 5 ft. model today   

    Ray, in highschool I dated a midget a couple of times. I'm not but 5'9" and the top of her head was about just above my stomach.  Her parents were normal size and her sister was also a midget.
  2. retired & glad added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I picked up a Tony Nancy 22JR roadster and dragster kit today. Been wanting to get into drag stuff and since it has 2 cars in it, I thought it would be something to get my feet wet. The parts look awful weak. It looks like some time spent on cleaning the mold marks and flashing will be in order.
  3. retired & glad added a post in a topic possible '76 Ford pickup?   

    I've been wanting to make a cast of something. Would have to read up a lot on how and what not and what to do. I'm sure YouTube would give me enough ways to do it.
    Maybe will try it if I can't find what I need. My friend didn't restore back to original and he added his touch to a lot of the '76 Ford truck. He sure gets enough trophy's with it.
  4. retired & glad added a post in a topic Old Fart   

    I know the feeling about getting old. I'm a old fart. I belong to a band that I play the steel guitar with and our name is Eddie and the Old Farts. You are not alone here. I'm 72 and still try to do things I used to could when younger but now with vision, shaky hands, memory and old looks, I can't do some I used to be able to do.
    Have a good time building and let us see something soon.
  5. retired & glad added a post in a topic More and more sanding (Shapeways 66 Pro mod Nova)   

    Ron, you've spent a lot of time on this body just getting it to look good. I hope it exceeds your expectations when finished. I'm sure it will turn out great. Keep on keeping on.
  6. retired & glad added a post in a topic Finished a 5 ft. model today   

    Thanks all. Inexpensive acrylic paint is about all I use anymore. I have to thin it a lot to shoot it with the airbrush. Next one will be better. I didn't spend enough time with the primer sanding and it shows up close. Top coat is Future. I've had the bottle of Future for years and still have a half bottle left. I need to play with the vallejo primer and get it a little thinner for a smoother coat.
  7. retired & glad added a post in a topic Finished a 5 ft. model today   

    Well here is what it looks like but a little closer than 5 ft. I can only use acrylics now and the primer was Rustolium to start. That mistake went into the purple stuff. Got most of it off. I reshot it with vallejo black surface primer and it is my first time using this primer. Not bad but not perfect.

  8. retired & glad added a topic in General   

    Finished a 5 ft. model today
    Let me explain. I finished a 1941 Plymouth today and if you stand back 5 ft. it looks pretty good. Any closer and you can start seeing how bad my painting is. I didn't sand much on the primer and it shows.  hahahahaha.
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  9. retired & glad added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    possible '76 Ford pickup?
    A friend of mine has completely restored and made a show truck of a '76 Ford pickup and he takes it to shows and usually wins a trophy or something. I told him I would try to find a model and make one for him of this pickup. Has any company made a mid 70's Ford pickup? Hope I might can find one without spending a fortune if any were made.
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  10. retired & glad added a post in a topic ready to learn   

    Welcome and you will have plenty of building help from here if you need it. I am already nuts so you will fit in if this happens to you. I am 72 and it makes my days very enjoyable. Hope the knee replacement goes well. I guess you will be building the drag cars. In my younger days I did some drag racing but the tracks started closing due to noise and the building boom. Just hollar here and someone will help you.
  11. retired & glad added a post in a topic Finally,thanks TDR. (Pro mod 66 Nova body)   

    I hope it does. Back in the 70's and 80's I had a photo studio. I raced locally and followed the Winston circuit also. I use to call the tracks and get a starting line pass. I could go anywhere except the tower and take or record pictures of anything. The only ones I would go to was ones I could do in a day of driving. Took a lot of film photos at Darlington,SC and Bristol,TENN. I have film of the greats back then. Funny cars, Pro stock and some of the lower classes. I remember at Darlington the Funny cars and rails were ready to go to the line and I would go in front of them and take shots of them in their cars with the front raised up. Some would thumbs up me and some would just be concentrating on getting to the end first. I'll look through some and see if I can find something to post. I will have to scan the neg. and make it digital. Fun times back then. Now no one is allowed except the official photographers. I was at the starting line one time and when the car took off the motor blew and a piston came rolling up to my feet. Don't know what ever happened to that piston but it might still be here somewhere.
  12. retired & glad added a post in a topic Finally,thanks TDR. (Pro mod 66 Nova body)   

    I don't think I could handle this body. I have always had some patience but in my older age they get mighty thin. Looking at the roof circles, it would have been in the trash can long before now. Good luck on this build.
  13. retired & glad added a post in a topic A 55 BY ANYBODY   

    Got one in the group of next to build. I've never built a convertible before so have to make sure the interior is done good when I decide to start it. Mine is a 2010 issue Monogram so the copyright says on the box.
  14. retired & glad added a post in a topic The future of model car building has arrived Shapeways 3D printing   

    Man, technology is far exceeding my wallet contents. I would love to try one but that means I can mess something else up. HaHaHa
  15. retired & glad added a post in a topic A Drill for General Model Work Recommendation   

    I have a dremel but at Harbor Freight the other day I bought a mini drill, like a dremel, for $6.99. It is walwart powered and it came with a bunch of bits, sanding , polishing and lots of small grinding bits. I usually use a finger drill but thought for $6.99 I can't afford not to get it. It does work good but will probably just use it for the grinding part. I usually build stock box so the drilling parts don't get used much. It also had 3 or 4 collets for the different sizes needed.