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  1. Fantastic job on this one. What paint did you use on it ? I've often looked at other things instead of cars or trucks but never dove into buying anything. Might look a little harder at other stuff.
  2. I've had the same thought. I used to like magazines but I would subscribe to a digital version. I would think it would be a lot easier than going through the process of a hand held mag.
  3. I can't think of many things that aggravates me more than when it's time to install the glass and windshield. I am almost to the point of making a mold of them before installing and make another set. You've spent hours building and painting and then when time to install the glass, it screws up the whole look when you blotch with the glue. Do they still make tube glue. I thought that was long gone by now. When I was a lot younger, that was all anyone could get. I do remember when I used to use it, it would really glue the parts by digging in the styrene.
  4. I was talking to someone yesterday about this problem. I don't think I've ever built one that I didn't get the clear glue somewhere on the glass where it shouldn't be. I have lightly sanded the glue and dipped or sprayed it with Pledge (Future). It works.
  5. I also have the same kit but haven't started it yet. I like VW's. Also have had quite a few 1:1's. I even had a drag VW. It was a very fast car. Will be following this build also.
  6. Thanks Mike for the added photo. I enjoy seeing things different from the normal plastic. It looks like you spent a lot of time on this. Detail is extraordinaire great.
  7. You have to have excellent eyes and very steady hands. This type of building with metal is extremely interesting to me. No way could I do this type of detail and craftsmanship with my eyes and hands. Show us some more if you have photos. You've done an excellent job with the motor and frame.
  8. Thanks Ricky. I should have been a little more specific. It is the 3 window coupe but the 5 window will do. I downloaded it and it should help me with identifying most of the parts. Thanks
  9. I have a kit that I didn't finish and the parts went into the spare or junk parts box. The interior is finished and looks good but I don't have the instructions anymore to try and find some parts I know is in the box but can't tell if it's for a coupe or whatever. The body was painted and worked on some, so I put it in the pond yesterday and it is clean down to plastic. I think I was putting this one together around 2012 or there bouts. I could sure use the building instructions pictures to locate the parts. If anyone could just email me a scanned copy would be great. I could print the pictures or pages from that. Thanks if anyone has any. I'm not sure who mfg'd it but I will assume it is AMT, Revell or maybe Monogram.????? PM if you can provide and I'll send my email address. Thanks Richard
  10. That sure looks like a hot place. If that is the clutch and brake pedals, I like the homebrew way of it. The heat sure has played havoc with the dash.
  11. I have a lot of experience with life things. I have just recently come back to building myself. I enjoy out of box but like to play with paints. I painted the inside of one Sunday and let it sit overnight. Ugly color, so it went into the pond and it came out back to plastic. Welcome back Eric
  12. I can't remember how long ago I had bought a couple of the pens but for some reason I do remember throwing them away for some reason. I might try them again soon and just see if they will work again for me. Thanks
  13. I'm maybe not smarter than my dog but I am going to try this. Thanks for the tutorial on making belts. It's amazing how things are made to add to the builds looks when you need something not in a kit.
  14. Thanks Ray for the info and tutorial. I am just amazed at what some come up with on how to make things that work on this forum. I'll give this a shot and see how well I can make some.
  15. Thanks Peter for the concern. Yep, safety has always been on my mind when messing with circuits. ( History )=== I started in the electrical trade in 1969. Got into Ham radio in the early 70's and have operated and built more than I can remember numerous transmitters, receivers, and lots of accessories for them. Most worked but had a few things that didn't work. In the electrical end, I have been a employee, contractor, and an estimator over this time period. Now to the safety of this project. When I found it at the thrift store I thought it was a new one. It still had the plastic cap over the plug as shipped. It looked like it had never been used. When I plugged it in there, the motor made a terrible sound and the heat didn't work. I got it real cheap and had a good idea and hoped I could fix it. When I got it home, I took it apart and found the fan blades was hitting the frame, so I shimmed the motor and that cured that problem. Checked the heater and found the inline series fuse was bad. It is a one time fuse about the size of a small resistor. No markings on it for the temp. limit. I found the thermostat wires were wrapped around the thermostat and looked like it could have caused the therm. to not operate right. The heater winding's looked new and not burnt into. So, I bypassed the fuse and the heater works. I then replace the power cord with the unit I made years ago for another one that quit working because of the motor bearings finally wore out. If it had been used, then the fan intake could have been blocked since the intake is on the bottom and could have restricted the air flow. I hooked up the external dimmer from the last one and adjusted the voltage for 102 degrees and that keeps it at a comfortable temp. After unwrapping the wires from around the internal thermostat, I played with the internal thermostat all day to make sure it was working OK. So I have it set up to use the dimmer control to set the temp. and the internal therm. to use as a higher limit. I keep a metal thermometer in the top lid and can check on it often. I'm never that far away from the unit and I also have a fire extinguisher close by also. The one I had before finally gave up the ship because of motor bearings worn out. I've been using this one for the last few days and have let it operate about all day to dry some enamel paint on some parts on a kit I am working on. I appreciate the concern on this and I think it will be OK. If not, the fire station is just a few blocks from me. LOL
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