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  1. Airbrush poor!!!!!

    I could be called a airbrush hoarder. If the urge hits-----LOOK OUT----- New airbrush coming. I like the old saying " The one with the most is the winner". I think I'm too critical of my projects. I can be painting a model and thinking, this is not looking good, but then looking at some on the shelfs, I think they look pretty good. Richard
  2. Airbrush poor!!!!!

    Well I used to use them for pictures I airbrushed over the years along with model cars I have built. It's just an accumalation of them over the years. I don't do pictures anymore since my hands and eyes aren't that good anymore. I guess I just like using them and enjoy trying different ones now. Most except the paasche's are fine and ultra fine for the details I could get with them. Totally cars now and the Iwatas and badgers are pretty much useless with the cheap acrylic paint I am using for the cars. Probably would call me a sucker for having so many but have just decided to use only the paasches now for cars. There's no need to do fine detail in what I build anymore and don't want to get rid of any in case I want to do a picture. Each brand has their own little quirks and ways of using them. Also have a lot of illustration paint that I might try on the cars. The Iwatas are the best and then the Badger Kromes are second for detail work which I don't need for cars. Hope this might explain why. Richard
  3. Airbrush poor!!!!!

    I have 5 paasche H's, 2- paasche VL's, 2- Badger Kromes, 2- Iwata's- HP-SB plus and Neo CN. I use the H's for most of my model cars and I wanted to get some new parts for them. I searched the internet and found that I could get the whole set with 3 tips and needles , that I wanted to replace, by using Amazon. New airbrush, 3 needles, airhose and other parts that are included a lot cheaper than ordering just parts for the ones I have. Now if I could only get a good paint job that pleases me would be great. Richard
  4. Junior's 1965 rides

    There was something on TV the other day about Junior but I missed it. I think the intro was about his moonshine hauling days. Richard
  5. What else besides chrome markers?

    I've had the masking one for a good year and really don' t like it. My hands are not that steady and precise anymore so I usually make a big mess when trying to use it.
  6. Darell Waltrip Tide Monte-Carlo Aerocoupe completed

    Very good car and paint. I liked Darell because he didn't take any bull from the other drivers. BUGGETY BUGGETY BUGGETY------- Let's go racing boys. I liked his announcing with that at the start of the race. Richard
  7. Going to build old kits

    I think I got close to the box color for the green. I am going to reshoot the green and make it a little lighter though.
  8. What Irked You Today?

    Reading this post of the forum brought back a memory that I remember very well. I was working out of town and was on my way back home from a long day at work. The road was a 4 lane with 2 lanes each way. Came upon a car that was in the passing or fast lane as they call it. He was going 15 mph below the speed limit and what shocked me was he was reading a newpaper covered over the steering wheel and every now and then he would look up to make sure he was still in the lane. Every attemp to make him move over or put the paper down was useless. Finally had to move over to the right lane and pass. Idiot no doubt.
  9. Bobby Allisons 83 miller buick

    Excellent work on this car. It's kinda strange that I was thinking about Bobby Allison this morning and his car shows up here today. I have Davey Allison's #28 on the shelf but don't want to build it quite yet. That was a tragic accident in the helicopter. I remember watching Nascar at that time when it happened. I'm actually a Dale Earnhardt and Jr. fan. I was watching the race when Dale died. Like to have fell in the floor when they announced his death. Richard
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I am a sucker for VW's. This was what I bought from Southern Motorsports Hobbies yesterday. I have owned quite a few VW's in my lifetime. They are fun to drive and work on. Richard
  11. Going to build old kits

    Well so far I have primed everything and now time to start getting the colors mixed right. Looks like some spoon time will be done today. I like the way this build is coming along. I can tell there is a difference between USA and CHINA styrene. Just a photo of the start of the Quaker State #26.
  12. What Irked You Today?

    I heard that. It's awful hard to use a cell phone, drive with the other hand and use the turn signal at the same time. I have seen people drive, smoke, cell phone and they are driving with their knees. Make me wonder where they will wreck.
  13. How to pre-assemble a kit?

    Thanks Brian. I will give this a try and see if it works for my builds. Will look it up today and see if I can find any locally or internet. Richard
  14. Going to build old kits

    Hey Mike. I have not built any Nascar kits before this run of them I have. Looking through the instructions I saw this one has a gas can and a jack. That's pretty neat that the mfgs have included some accessories with the kits. A few years back I used to race 1/10th and 1/8th dirt oval cars and a lot of the people that worked on the Nascars in the shops would be there racing also. They normally didn't have to go to the races but had to fix and repair, paint them when brought back to the shop wrecked. Richard
  15. Going to build old kits

    Thanks Mark. So far this has been a very enjoyable build. Very little cleaning and scraping of the parts. The one I started- Quaker State- has been going very good. When I finish putting some parts together and finish checking everything for fit, I'll prime and paint. Pictures will be coming soon. Richard