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  1. Zhu added a post in a topic Great product for replicating Vinyl tops!!!   

    I can't tell you the number of times I've pondered on how to replicate a vinyl roof, then, when nothings been forth-comming shelved the build or on many occasions not even started it.

    Filed for future reference.
    A thousand thank you's.
  2. Zhu added a post in a topic Stepp´s CAN DO   

    WOW !!
    You've got my attention Jarda.
    Excelent attention to detail & its really nice to see a "weathered" truck. I'm guessing its a cross-over from your armour building techniques?
    Keep up the wonderful work.
  3. Zhu added a post in a topic Volvo VN 670   

    Drop dead gorgeous. Can.t see a single thing I don't like.

    We had a VN & flat deck delivering the fertilizer on the Estate back in the spring. I wish I'd had my camera with me, I could have crawled all over it taking pic's.

    When I got home & told Mary (my wife) she said;
    "Did you have your cell phone with you?"
    "Yep" came my reply,
    "Then you had a camera didn't you, you dipstick !!"
  4. Zhu added a post in a topic Custom Chopper   

    I'm really liking this build.
    She's going to be real peachy when she's done.
  5. Zhu added a post in a topic Mad Max helmet   

    That is sooooo cool, love it.
  6. Zhu added a post in a topic those loving wives.   

    The wife & I have been togeather over 40yrs so I guess nothing suprises her now. And yes, she is very supportive of my model making. She refers to the model club I joined recently as the crèche
  7. Zhu added a post in a topic How Many Hours Per Week Do You Spend Modeling?   

    Zero at the moment, and its been that way since April.

    I spend all my time developing my little farm, gardening & looking after my menagerie. I usualy start at about 7.00am'ish & finish up when it gets dark, thats about 10pm here in the South West UK.
    I don't know how I ever found time to go to work, I'm loving retirement.
    A bit later on in the summer when outside work slackens off a bit I hope to return to the bench.

    I do most of my modelling during the winter months when I guess I'm at the bench for at least 4 hours a day. And if I'm skiving off from, or hiding from, work that my wife wants done indoors I can lurk all day in the shed at my bench.
  8. Zhu added a post in a topic 1960 Ford Starliner   

  9. Zhu added a post in a topic 1957 BUICK CABALLERO "DOROTHY"   

    It slipped under my radar too Danno....

    It's lovely build. I'd give it shelf room.
  10. Zhu added a post in a topic kitbash camper   

    Sub zero, possibly even cooler.
    I can't see a single thing I don't like.

    I've got ideas clicking over in my mind now, as if I don't have enough unfinished projects already
  11. Zhu added a post in a topic Ferrari 288 GTO   

  12. Zhu added a post in a topic It's Tool Time   

    A neat solution to an age old problem.
  13. Zhu added a post in a topic That "other mag"   

    What a shame.
    Why is there an us & them mentality.

    We all enjoy building models don’t we?
    And to debate the pros & cons of model building is a good & healthy thing.
    But why the need to berate another forum because they have a different approach on their board?

    A shared hobby is a hobby that benefits everyone, beginners like me & the experts among us too. To a greater or lesser degree we can all profit from both boards.
    By limiting oneself to just one board for……(enter your own reason here)…seams to me to be short-sighted & restrictive.

    Ok so you are all thinking “the dumb Britt just doesn’t get it†& you’d be correct. I really don’t understand the overly competitive nature that this board has against SA.
    I’d agree SA is different, but does different equate to bad? And in the grand scheme of things does it really matter.

    I remain an old guy bewildered & confused.
    Stay safe everyone.
  14. Zhu added a post in a topic What did you get for Christmas?   

    I’ve had a wonderful Christmas.
    Our festivities started on Christmas Eve with Carols up at the Hall. This was followed by the annual estate workers super served by His Lordship & Her Ladyship in the grand dinning room at the Hall.
    A very proud moment for my wife & I was having our eldest daughter directing the whole evening. She became Housekeeper to His Lordship this year so this was her first Christmas in charge. It brought a tear to my eye as she took the honoured place at the head of the refectory table & was served first by His Lordship.
    Christmas Day was exceptional. All 7 of our daughters crammed into our little cottage, we had a traditional goose dinner with all the trimmings, what a feast.
    We then had a short stroll into the village to the Pub where the Landlord opened up for a couple of hours, first drinks were “on the house†& much appreciated. Then back home to exchange presents & make merry & much merry was made well into the night I can assure you.

    As for presents; well, for me the best presents are the ones money can’t buy. And no amount of money can beat the contentment of having your precious family around you on Christmas Day.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  15. Zhu added a post in a topic Industrial Photo-Op Base   

    It’s a barmy 2 degrees here & falling in South West England Dr C.
    Too cold to be out in the shed or garage, I’ll be modelling on the kitchen table in front of the range tonight. Toasty & warm.

    Nice pictures Wheelman.