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  1. What the...no I’m not. It may be another Nick. I’m just hoping his recovery goes well. I don’t think he will be casting while at a loved one’s house, so anyone hoping for him to restart the business will have an indefinite wait. I try not to dwell on it, since it’s all outside my control. Nick
  2. That's the one, yep! Thanks for your replies, fellas, and I'll post whatever I come up with...
  3. I feel like a fool asking this one! I found a hardtop Firebird at the MAMA show the other day, and want to turn it into the LSx-powered monster I'll build in full scale some day. With the MPC / AMT kits, there is a gap between the first, plain-bodied, '82 Firebird with its slatted, front "intakes," and the more bulbous, no-grilles 85+ body style. There are some crazy aero pieces in some of the kits, and I know I can piece together something that looks right for an '84, but it would be great to find the factory kit in ready-made form. If I recall, the Revell kit was slightly different in scale, but I'll certainly use it if it contained optional pieces that fit the bill. Here's how it looks. My favorite of the third-gens, save for that silly rear wing. The optional pieces in the '82 kit remind me of the Mecham T/A. Not bad, just a little extreme lol. Thanks for any input you can give me : ) Nick
  4. Cool. I've been wanting to build an early third-gen and haven't done one since the early 90s at the latest. Great thread for reference. The exhaust looks *exactly* like the one I had on my '79 during sophomore year of high school in 1994 lol. It's hard to believe we used to just run a set of headers to glasspacks, clamp on a couple of crush-bent 90-degree bends and call it a day...
  5. Mikhail Petrenko is a very skilled fellow; he has a lot of WIPs that are still in progress, due to his absolute need for perfection to the last rivet. You can get in touch with him through AF, where he's known as Stratos75. I have two of his BMW S70/2 motors (McLaren F1 powerplant). He was the first to make these in resin, predating Hobby Design by about four years. I think I bought them in 2009.
  6. Hi Nick, sorry to hear about Jeremys situation, I hope he recovers well. I did order items from him, does this mean I will still receive them or can a refund be arranged ?

  7. Hello, this is Nick, his de facto distributor and friend in the US. Although a very private person, you should all know that he has been recovering from cardiac surgery and having a rough time of it. He has no home internet, so he can only return your emails from the library when he’s not in the midst of surgical rehab. I couldn’t tell you how many times he’s been re-hospitalized in the last year, since the first surgery...but he’s too private to talk about it and his lack of communication has taken its expected toll on the business, so I’m informing you here. Please forward to me a pic of whatever you need, as I have some Hemis of my own and may have the parts you need
  8. Wahooo! I'm glad it's working out. This is inspiring me to start mine.
  9. The window banner and the unicorn in the back...Bahahahaha! This is why models are fun...Awesome job, man.
  10. Incredible job with the CF! Well, incredible job on the whole thing.
  11. Thanks everybody. In retrospect I'd leave out medical-tape upholstery that looks like a bath mat up close...and fill the holes in the uprights for the cage, near the B-pillars...but I guess that's what they call learning
  12. You used the stock 964 wheels...and for some reason it still looks awesome...because you're Jon. Same with the Esprit. Any fitment issues with that one?
  13. Hmmm...which RS was too wide, the '74? I haven't built my '73 yet. Interestingly, 2014's re-release of the '73 comes with not only your choice of rear trailing arms, but also with a full early 930 (non-IC) turbo motor. They're like $17-$25 from numerous Japanese eBay sellers...I just haven't gotten around to hoarding them for their parts yet. If I buy a few more I'll let you know, and you can jump in the deal for cheap shipping. Good luck, and let us know how the test-fits turn out!
  14. Thanks! Mike Newport gets the credit for the one-off trim (and for drilling out the center, given that none was marked when I got them!) Thanks! Thanks! It started out as a "Singer-inspired build" and got outta hand. Thanks! It's my favorite too. I'd have every car in Mica Blue if I had a choice lol. Thanks JC! Thanks! Thanks!
  15. zak78

    Rust-Sun 240Z

    This is really well-done; that L24 engine bay looks exactly like the 1:1s I looked at before the car in my avatar started living in the garage space. How did you do the windshield?
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