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  1. zak78 added a post in a topic Revell AG Mercedes AMG GT   

    I'm hoping Hobby Design makes a front fascia with open grille areas and PE mesh. When the grille areas are small, painting them flat black is no big deal. Those are too big to go unnoticed IMO. 
  2. zak78 added a post in a topic Beemax Models BMW M3 (E30)   

    I haven't posted in forever but had to join in just to LMAO at that comment . I know what you're referring to and I don't understand the appeal of the malaise-era Olds, etc., either. THIS, on the other hand, is a car I actually wanted IRL. Would you consider slapping an M88/S38 in there? I ordered an extra, just to do that-- in the name of reproducing something like this:
    My thought was to build an informal, street-and-track-day car using the engine that Fujimi has already given us in the old M635csi kits. The coolness factor supercedes any reservations I'd have about modding it. 

  3. zak78 added a post in a topic Revell Mitsubishi Eclipse   

    Indeed. Revell made these in so much bad taste, and it's refreshing to see someone make the effort to turn it into an attractive model that would look good in full scale too.  
  4. zak78 added a post in a topic Clearly Scale thread   

    Awesome :D. I love the subtle color scheme. It reminds me of something the Ring Bros. would do on a classy pro-touring build. Also the first time I've seen someone try out the Spaz Stix colors on styrene. Just found your build thread; keep up the good work. 
  5. zak78 added a post in a topic Clearly Scale thread   

    If anyone has built any of the motors we (JJ and I, his US distributor) would love to see your builds  
  6. zak78 added a post in a topic Clearly Scale?   

    As Clearly Scale's US dist, I'm eager to see the company grow. There's a ridonkulous amount of cool stuff on the horizon . Jeremy is both a straightforward businessman and an extremely-skilled, oldschool craftsman who doesn't need modern technology to make truly-accurate engines and complete models from scratch. He has the rare gift of being able to execute his dreams straight away, which means our "what-ifs" become eye-popping prototypes in no time.  
    When packaging this stuff for customers, I'm always struck by how carefully it's molded and finished. Believe me when I say there isn't a single component that hasn't been scrutinized before packaging. 
  7. zak78 added a post in a topic Flashback: AMT Scirocco   

    A friend of mine, Jeremy (aka Clearly Scale, the guy who did the Vector on another forum) is working on a redo of this, with better-fitting parts, and provisions for interchangeability of an 8v, 16v, and VR6 (all of which he's working on, in some state of progress). It should be here sometime this year. He's at:
  8. zak78 added a post in a topic Scratching out a body kit for Revell 79 Z28 Camaro 3-n-1/Streetburner   

    Hey Ray,

    What sort of body kit do you want to build? The most difficult part by far is the rear valance. Everything can be made with a combination of sheet styrene and putty though. Buy some 0.10 thickness styrene sheet and some Tamiya 2-part putty. Milliput will work too. You want 2-part putty because single part putty will shrink.
  9. zak78 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    External Wastegate--Any ideas?
    I'm doing a project with a couple of big turbos which need external wastegates... but I don't know how to even start to make one. If you have any ideas, please lemme know!

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  10. zak78 added a post in a topic Just wondering about Tamiya spray paint?   

    Same here. It's really "hot" paint but its fast-drying properties are really forgiving when it comes to wetcoats. It's great stuff, and the only stuff I use. Spray your first mist coat of clear into the last wetcoat of color, before it sets up, and you can easily finish the whole paintjob in a day.
  11. zak78 added a post in a topic Procharged Corvette Z06 - updated 4/10 Finished!   

    Above and beyond what's awesome

    Do you sell the resin sleeves?
  12. zak78 added a post in a topic Countach LP500s rebuild   

    I'll give you a kit, if you want one to work from. PM me

    Thanks everyone!

    And yes, I have done that.
  13. zak78 added a post in a topic Countach LP500s rebuild   

    Now that's interesting! What happened to the front flares?

    My plan for the "missing lights" was to install them :b

  14. zak78 added a post in a topic Fujimi Porsche 911   

    My jaw just hit the floor . That's awesome, man. I have a Koenig 928...I'd been looking for this kit as well. Beautiful job so far! Are those 17" BBS with P-Zeros? I
  15. zak78 added a post in a topic Dreaming of a model?   

    This happens to me too. I get totally wrapped up in what I'm doing and can't get to bed or to sleep. A lot of times I'll lay there thinking about what has to happen next, or I'll wake up thinking about it and have to jot down what I need to do. I also have dreams about finding "holy grail" kits.

    And then I dream of the other kind of models too