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  1. element added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Dull coat over decal on tire.
    I need to dull coat over a redline decal placed on the tire(to shiny). What is the best for this.
    Somthing like Testors dull coat (hot) or something water based.
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  2. element added a post in a topic any ideas?   

    Yeah, I need to learn how to do that. It is on my " to do " list as well as about 100 other things. LoL
  3. element added a topic in General   

    any ideas?
    I bought a Fruehauf flatbed trailer off of the 'bay a while back. I just opened it up today and found out it was a original kit from the '70s and has no decals what-so-ever. Anyone know who might sell aftermarket decals that would work? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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  4. element added a post in a topic A Sad Warning For 1:1 Owners   

    No matter smart or dumb the owner is, nothing justifies taking another persons property, period. That is why they call theft a crime.
  5. element added a post in a topic Scratchbuilding vs. Kitbashing   

    How could it be any different? If you made the part, it is scratch-built. If a model company or resin caster made it and you used it / modified it to fit your model it would be kit bashing.

    Just because I opened a cake mix or defrosted pre-made rolls doesn't mean from scratch. The cheesecake I spent 3-4 hours on that started out as just 2 & 1/2 lbs of cream cheese and a few other items, now that was made from scratch. BTW, it was delicious.
  6. element added a post in a topic Cobra Daytona Coupe   

    Oh it is obtainable, you just have to come up with $125 + shipping from Japan. I have the ever rare Indian Scout by them. I paid way too much, but it was on my " must have list " and was worth living like a pauper for a month. IMO anyway.
  7. element added a post in a topic Crankys Workshop article in the new issue   

    talk about being a week behind and a benjamin short. ... I thought I had a bright idea and purchased 1mm x 3mm magnets, about two weeks ago, to keep the doors, trunk and hood shut when I modify them on future builds. I was/ am still figuring out, in my head, the best way to go about it... Guess I will just pick up the issue and save myself some brain cells.

    I just subscribed to MCM today. I hope my subscription starts there, if not, I will have to order the back issue. On the bright side, I purchased 126 magnets for $ 15.08, shipping included so I will be ready one of these days.
  8. element added a post in a topic Fixing Warped Parts   

    I have the same problem, a warped / bent A pillar on a tamiya skyline kit. What do you think about using steam from a tea pot to help in back into shape? It took a little squishing on its way here from Hong Kong a few years back.
  9. element added a post in a topic How about an Ugly car contest?   

    That first one in primer made me LOL! Too darn funny. I don't know what to say about the Jeep. I love them but think the owner went a little off the deep end.
  10. element added a post in a topic Frontier Resin Design   

    I did a search on Ice Cream on the 'bay. His product was the only one that came up for what I was looking for. Just the old time one that used to go through my G-mas neighborhood.
    Do a search for Ice Cream, If nothing shows up on the current, do a search for completed listings. Still come up empty??.. do a search for resin in the model car automotive section and look at them one by one. His other offerings may be better than the ' kit ' I received.
  11. element added a post in a topic You don't see this everyday..................   

    It is a loooong way from " Corvette Summer". Maybe Corvette Autumn?
  12. element added a post in a topic '53 Ford Rat Wrecker Rig   

    great idea and execution, love it!
  13. element added a post in a topic Frontier Resin Design   

    I talked to a friend and he said my ice cream truck could be built with no damaged. The rear of the body is twisted where there is a 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 inch difference between the right and left side. I looked over their replies and it seems the seller, Curt, talks like yoda from star wars.
    They may do a fine job with truck cabs but I wouldn't recommend this kit, ice cream truck, unless it was a last resort. The only decent part of it was the freezer box. The molds for the body, grill and interior tub need a lot more work, IMO. I'm glad this wasn't my first resin purchase.. if it was, it might have turned me off of resin forever.

    Just my 2 cents... As always, your opinions/results may vary, .
  14. element added a post in a topic Some Ideas for R&R Resin - please add your input.   

    Please, how about a good cast of an Ice Cream truck. The one I purchased is lacking in many many areas.
  15. element added a post in a topic Frontier Resin Design   

    i purchased an Ice Cream truck from them. The grill didn't fit, front fenders were warped and large gaps everywhere. I sent it back and got another one even worse. There is a 3/4 to 1 1/4 inch difference between the back fenders that mount to the ice cream freezer. Any way to fix this or should I just try and get my $ back?