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  1. I could be wrong about the rod. I know I had one plane like that...it’s been a while. I have also used a Dremel to reduce weight aft of cg. Cool idea.
  2. But seriously, I pre-ordered one at the LHS and picked it up yesterday and my mind is blown. A totally new take on modeling the P-38. The fuselage “pod” and booms all have an insert to make them stronger and keep everything lined up. I thought the forward end of each part looked odd, then read the instructions. Each part has a round receptacle to hold a stainless ball bearing that comes with the kit. They are to keep the plane on its nose. I had a circa-1960s Monogram P-38 as a kid; it came with a rod that was glued to the horizontal stabilizer to hold the tail up. The decal placement guide is pretty impressive, also. It’s full size and in color, showing top, bottom, and sides. There are two decal options; “Miss Virginia” (White 147) and white 33, a 39th FS bird in grey and olive drab white blue spinners and white sharks teeth on the fuselage booms. A really nice looking plane.
  3. Wow. I hope to see 350 before NHRA slows them down again. Remember when John Force said he thought funny cars could be faster than dragsters and no one took him seriously?
  4. Oh. I didn’t see the Dart and Mustang. I’m not a huge fan of Pro Stock. I just see it once in a while on TV. Thanks
  5. I’m watching coverage of it now and I tuned in just as a driver was being interviewed at the finish line. They mentioned a big number for top speed, and the driver was happy that it was faster than his 334mph run at Pomona. What was the big number at Ennis?
  6. Asking for Mom, who wants it for an AMT 1950 Chevy pickup. She does not want to airbrush, period. I went to the LHS but they were out of a lot of Tamiya spray lacquers. It’s ok if it’s a flat military color. She can just spray clear over it. Thanks. Lee
  7. This is the Meng 1/35 kit. I knew it was more detailed than previous 2A4s, but...wow. These individual track links are a monster pain. Three separate pieces per link. The kit came with four assembly jigs which I glued to some sheet plastic to make a longer section at one time. Pretty detailed, though. It’s been ages since I sat down at the workbench. I haven’t had one in a long time. I lost it when I rented a room to my brother. I’m house and dog sitting for my sister this week, so I taped some heavy sheet plastic over her wooden dinner table. My goal is to have the Leopard done for an upcoming show in San Antonio. update: about one hour later, I have the second side of the track built. Glad that part is over.
  8. Ace- I like the one from the tweet. Phire- That’s really interesting about the Aurora Archeopteryx. Tamiya also include a really small one in a set of dinosaurs.
  9. Yeah, the dinosaur proto-bird. (Having trouble posting a pic right now) I suppose it wouldn’t sell, or someone would have already made one. It looks like a daunting scratch build. Maybe I’ll get really bold one day and try it.
  10. Wow. I really expected my request to go nowhere. Trading whole kits sounds cool to me. I’ll look for a box big enough to ship this in. I’m in construction and can not get to the Post Office on a weekday. I’ll have to send it on Saturday. Thanks! Lee
  11. I have a 1926 Dump Truck that was sealed this morning. Would be happy to trade the dump bed for a fuel tank or we can work something else out. Thanks. Lee
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