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  1. LDO added a post in a topic need chevy injector stack manifold and looking for someone to make a vacuum formed bubble top for compensation or kit or parts   

    I have a small vacuum former that you can borrow, if you want. You could make a master and pull one over it, or you could make that hard frame for the bottom and blow mold one. That's how a lit of the real bubble tops were made.
    My vacuum former has PVC pipe fittings where the vacuum cleaner hooks to it. I could send a hard extension that I use on my Shop Vac or I could change it to something better for blow molding. I'm thinking of a PVC extension with a schraeder valve so you could use a regulated air/CO2/Nitrogen tank and figure out the right amount of pressure to use. I had never thought of blow molding a model bubble top until I read your post. I may have to try it for an idea of my own.  
  2. LDO added a post in a topic New Alfa body for Pocher   

    I think plans were drawn up by Gerald Wingrove. Last I heard, they were being sold by Stephen Pombo. Scratch build what you need, even if it's to make a curbside kit. Hey- how hard can it be? 
  3. LDO added a post in a topic traveling model building supplies?   

    The Plano 8600 is long enough for Evergreen strip styrene in the sleeve it's sold in. I had plenty of that, plus a bunch of individual tubes of super glue and my ancient glass bottle of Zip Kicker... And lots of other stuff. I used the strip for improving the interior of a Johan Mercedes, a new reveal on a modified Duesenberg, and rebuilding trim on the vinyl top of a Duesnberg town car.
    FYI- Tamiya's empty glass paint jars have a soft plastic gasket that is not affected by MEK, if you use that in scratch building. 
  4. LDO added a post in a topic 1/25 Mafia / gangster parts   

    I have 3 of the AMT/MPC 1928 "Gangbusters" Lincolns. They have an entire sprue of gangsters and parts; two figures plus weapons. IIRC, it's the Tommy gun, shotgun, revolver, 1911 pistol, 2 "pineapple" grenades, and even some deal for smacking people around. I have no use for this stuff. Got anything cool to trade, like street rods, lead sleds, or pre-war coachbuilt classics?
  5. LDO added a post in a topic Pocher Jaguar E-Type convertible - would you buy it?   

    Is there some chance that this will happen, or is this a totally pie-in-the-sky type of question?
  6. LDO added a post in a topic 75 Lincoln Mk V   

    Wow. For $97, I'd buy one and make it look like what I would want in real life. I'm a huge fan of the Lincoln Mk V. ...but that body style was 1977-1979.
    That's such a nice looking car. It would only get a mild cleanup. Maybe do something different with the lights on the trunk lid and get rid of the bumper overriders. Spray on some show car quality candy brandywine.
  7. LDO added a post in a topic traveling model building supplies?   

    The last time I used it "in anger" was 10 years ago. It's a Plano 8600 tackle box that opens like a clam shell on top; two symmetrical sections of small compartments, plus a big open section below. I took it to Afghanistan in 2005. It held a surprising amount of supplies and tools. (There was no quick trip to the local hobby shop over there). I would say that it would hold everything you need for a 1/24~1/25 car project, including spray paint and the car, if packaged carefully.
    I did fill it up a couple of months ago for an out of town trip, but ended up not opening it. Inside was a long term project, a 1/12 show rod very heavily influenced by Dan Woods' "Ice Truck". The body of that car is pretty small, even in 1/12.
  8. LDO added a post in a topic DoZZZer   

    That looks like something that military mechanics might have cobbled together on a Pacific island during WWII.
  9. LDO added a post in a topic 1/8 Scale Ultra Detail GT40 Engine   

    $558? Yikes.
  10. LDO added a post in a topic Lots of talk about rivets from another area in modeling, interesting.   

    Oh OK. I thought you meant car modelers need to demand Tamiya-quality hot rods and pay $70 for them. 
  11. LDO added a post in a topic Lots of talk about rivets from another area in modeling, interesting.   

    Some people are willing to pay $70 for a 1/24 Tamiya car. Some people are not. Revell caters to people who will pay $27. Maybe not the same car, but a few have been done by both companies. It's not good or bad, it's just the way things are. Those less expensive kits can be a way to get someone into the hobby. Aunt Cindy might get Johnny a Corvette model for Christmas, but she is much less likely to get him a $300 B-17 kit. 
    If the '29 roadster kit had an MSRP of $70, I'm sure it would be closer to what Tamiya offers. I'm glad it doesn't cost that much. Mine is not getting the Nailhead, so the incorrect port spacing means nothing to me.
  12. LDO added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    How long for MEK to cure before bodywork/paint?
    I just modified a chassis and used MEK to glue on strengthening "strips". How long does this need to sit before I don't have to worry about distorted plastic under the paint?
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  13. LDO added a post in a topic Paint question. Is there something close to a Rootbeer color?   

    You bet. Testors makes a Root Beer pearl lacquer in their "One Coat" line of sprays.
  14. LDO added a post in a topic Paint that "cracks" like dry lake bed?   

    Thanks for the replies. Now that I see it, I think the effect is a bit much for models. Possibly as an element of something in 1/8 scale or bigger. I think it would be awesome if there were a '70s van in 1/8 scale. That would be a great canvas for a wild paint job.
    I picked up one of these from a neighbor's garage sale, with the idea of a crazy paint job:

    It's an RV for "Bratz" dolls. A buddy came over with his 5 year old daughter. She saw it in the garage and started playing with it. She started crying when it was time to put it up. Well, gee, she obviously liked it more than I did. It's hers now. Two years later, my buddy said she still plays with it just about every day. 
  15. LDO added a post in a topic Working with .9mm rivets   

    Something easier and less expensive to deal with is plastic rivets. I used a bunch on a military project. At first, I drilled holes for them, but the fit (and therefore location) was a little loose. I cut off the stem and just glued the head in place. They were all in nice rows, so I used a straightedge to mark out their location with a pencil. I was able to move them around with a new #11 blade. A tiny drop of MEK to glue them down. This method is great for subjects with rivets that get painted, but if you want to keep the aluminum finish, maybe stick with what you have. It would be a huge pain to paint such a tiny rivet and keep it neat and clean.