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  1. Don Garlits Blow Over

    I wonder if you might be remembering Eddie Hill's 1989 crash. His car lifted and body panels flew off. I found a video clip but am having trouble posting it using my phone.
  2. Hot Wheels 50th anniversary tour pictures

    Love that Twin Mill.

    That's what I meant to say. The one in which Icewave just got shredded. That episode could have been a "greatest hits" compilation.

    Friday's episode DELIVERED THE CARNAGE. I love the show. There was one match on Friday that had parts scattered everywhere. The other fights weird incredible, too. It was an awesome episode. I prefer the Fembots from the Austin Powers movie.
  5. Years ago, I also used artist's acrylic paint for the white shoe polish markings on funny car tires. That application was okay to have streaks and be imperfect. I mixed in a tiny bit of yellow and brown to get the look of sun faded shoe polish.
  6. Imposter

    I had not heard of that car. Cool idea and brilliant execution. But...6 years. Gee, I wonder what it cost. Gotta be 7 figures.
  7. AMT Studebaker Avanti parts wanted

    It's not where I thought it was. I know I have a sealed Avanti around here somewhere. I'll have to keep looking.
  8. World's fastest piston powered vehicle

    What was the highest speed he reached?
  9. AMT Studebaker Avanti parts wanted

    I have one of these kits. It will take a day or so before I can get to it. I'll let you know when I do. (I need to push a pickup without an engine out of my garage to reach it. Not doing that at 11pm)
  10. Looking for a complete, unbuilt kit. Box does not matter. It's for building, not collecting. Thank you. Lee
  11. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    No pics, but I made steak fajitas last night. The recipe was from an episode of Good Eats about steak. They were not very good. I don't know if I did something wrong or if I just don't care for his marinade, but it was still a bummer. If I try it again, I'll use something other than skirt steak. Maybe wait for ribeye to go on sale. I think I'll look for a clone recipe of Taco Cabana's fajitas. I really like theirs.
  12. I'm sitting here watching this on cable TV. During the scene in which the Auto Destruct sequence is initiated, passageways from the bridge open, to let crew members evacuate. Each passage has door that lowers down like a ramp. The lower surface of the ramp is a cowl induction hood scoop. I wish I could do a screen grab and post it here.
  13. Scale Engines that run...

    Yeah I'd like to see a scale R-4360 pulling a race plane around the sky.
  14. Big Three engines by FTB

    Ah. Ok.
  15. Unusual stuff to trade

    I'm interested in the Opel Blitz fire truck and the Heller Parisian Bus. Will send PM.