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    That is really cool, but do real trucks like this actually haul cargo, or are they just for show?
  2. The First Air Force One, Flying Again...

    A Connie? I did not know that. Beautiful plane. Btw- a flight on a 747 is on my bucket list. Destination is not important. I called a travel agent and told her that. The only 747 flights out of Austin are British Airways nonstop to London. I may take a long weekend for a couple of nights over there in a few months.
  3. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    I would love to pull into a gas station and get a Snickers bar and a coke, but I'm overweight. I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. It would do me a lot of good to lose weight. I take my lunch to work. I'm eating better and saving money. A lot of money. Fast food breakfast and lunch plus a snack later in the day adds up. Calories and dollars.
  4. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    If it's ok with Steve, I'd like post photos of home made food, whether a whole meal or not. Steve- let me know if pics like these are cool in this thread. Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds. Inspired by a pack I bought at a convenience store...and the price of $1.79 for a 1.5oz bag, I looked for a recipe. It called for a tablespoon of water, but no soy sauce, so I made a substitution. They're good, but I will add more Wasabi powder next time. A much healthier snack than a candy bar or fried fruit pie. I'll add a small bag to my lunch.
  5. what engines

    But hey- if you like the cars but don't like the engines, just put an ad in the Wanted section for whatever engine you like. Lots of us have a big stash of parts and are willing to help others find what they need.
  6. Weird cars Post em here.

    The steering column folded forward and up while the driver got into place, then folded down above the driver's legs. Eating position was obviously laid pretty far back. Someone recently posted footage of it driving down a narrow city street. Another wild car from around the same time was the Pininfarina 512S Speciale. A concept car built on a Ferrari race car chassis.
  7. Weird cars Post em here.

    It's the Lancia Stratos Zero. A factory concept car from around 1970.
  8. Man if I just had $12,000!

    12k and the surface finish of 3D printed parts? No thanks. Not that I could afford it, but still.
  9. What kind of other nerd are you?

    I'm not sure about the lamination being curved. It's not in my hands yet. I think it may be an illusion, exaggerated by the profile of the Monte Carlo cheekpiece. Here's the other side: I didn't ask if it is converted to cock on opening. If not, I'll do it. I like this stock, too. The rifle is built on a Savage single shot. McGowen barrel chambered in 338 Edge. One-off muzzle brake. It's a walnut and maple laminate target stock, covered with several coats of automotive clear. The wood is very plain, no fancy figure. I would love to do this with highly figured flame/quilted maple and some nice walnut.
  10. Old Hobby Shop Photos

    I wish I could find pics of a hubby store myvdad took me to when I was a kid in the '70s. It was called Hobby Hub, somewhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The memories are kind of vague, but it was a fascinating place for a kid who lived on a farm. No cable TV, internet. Only 3 or 4 channels of TV at all. Models were a great hobby.
  11. What kind of other nerd are you?

    I like old military bolt-action rifles, and the sporter (hunting/target shooting) rifles made from them. I just bought this one tonight. It's a Remington Model 30 Express (the factory sporter version of the 1917 Enfield). It has a custom barrel that is single point cut and chambered in .358 Norma Magnum. The stock is a one-off in laminated walnut. I just couldn't resist. It will probably never go hunting. IMHO, hunting is just too expensive in Texas. For the price of hunting land access for a weekend, I could fill a freezer with ribeyes. That's nuts.
  12. Green work mat

    I got one at Hobbytown USA.
  13. Pinninfarina Modulo Rebuild

    Brought to you by the same guy who had the last Enzo rebodied as a one-off P4/5.
  14. What kind of other nerd are you?

    We should start a thread about food pics, to avoid hijacking this one.
  15. What kind of other nerd are you?

    Nerd pictures? OK. Cranberry/Ginger Clafoutis (something between cake and custard). Recipe from a magazine. New England Clam Chowder. Robert Irvine recipe. (Food Network). Oh my gosh this is so good) Savory Crepes. Mushroom and onion filling. Alton Brown recipe. Also asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. Something I first tried in Germany.