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  1. revell 29 ford hood wanted

    Why not a Revel hood?
  2. Also- I have a glue bomb 1/8 Lotus that could be used for suspension and transaxle. Would not put a Cosworth DFV in a street car model.
  3. I wish I had magazines going back that far. I tried searching the internet but I am obviously using the wrong terms. I can't right-click at Instagram and have google search for that photo to gather more information. It would make a cool model, but it would also be a way to have a wild roadster with leg room. Something that could be driven on long rod runs (if it would be allowed to join in. I know it doesn't fit into standard categories for hot rods).
  4. Does anyone have any information on the Model T/F1 hybrid car under construction in that Instagram link? I couldn't get any information with a right click. It looks pretty wild. Wondering if it ever got finished. Thanks. Lee
  5. Wire wheels needed

    For narrow wheels and tires, the Tamiya Jaguar MkII Saloon is a source for very nice wires.
  6. Wire wheels needed

    Fujimi's Ferrari Daytona models have beautiful chrome wire wheels.
  7. Bummed out

    You have my condolences. It is always hard to lose a loved one.
  8. Very weird Mustang/pickup

    Why not? It's his car, he can do whatever he wants to with it. I think it's kind of cool. I think it would be cooler as a street car, but that's just my opinion. I would love to find a '60s or '70s Cadillac that has been turned into a pickup or station wagon.
  9. Revell Hot Rod Monster Machines

    Hmmm yeah. I would not have chosen that car. The real thing was silly. Not that there's anything wrong with multiple Allisons...or Merlins. A 1/8 scale pulling tractor with multiple aircraft V-12s would be really cool. Something that would be easier to get parts for would be an exhibition 4-engine '65 Corvette. If only it came with a big block.
  10. Just curious. I've heard conflicting answers.
  11. Revell Hot Rod Monster Machines

    I want to see someone build a 4-engine exhibition drag car with Pontiac engines out of a Big Deuce. Maybe 4 of those 1/6 scale diecast engines. The blown 427 SOHC looks pretty good.
  12. Wanted 1/8th Scale Unbuilt Kits

    I would like to see someone turn that into a Callaway Sledgehammer.
  13. R.I.P.

    Or...maybe it's not falling. We don't know. We have no evidence either way. Let's get to speculatin'.
  14. BMW M635Csi - Fujimi

    You read my mind.
  15. Robert- Thank you, but I just got a PM from another member who is making photocopies. I can't wait to read the whole series. Lee