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  1. I like the look of it. I saw a funny car at a contest years ago with a multi color big flakes and it blew me away. Anyway- I read about a flake gun that shoots them dry. Will they stick to fresh lacquer? Does it stay tacky long enough? I've used Tamiya spray lacquer and like it, but now I want to step up to airbrushing lacquers. Just wondering how it's all done. Thanks. Lee
  2. sanding

    My preference is put clear over the color and sand/polish the clear.
  3. 1/8 scale 32 rolling stock

    What is the tire made of?
  4. More good info. I came back to ask where to get some tempered glass. Thank you.
  5. If I can't find a cutting board big enough, I'll use Corian. I want it to be big enough to go across about 80% of the sink, and be elevated on the countertop. It would be for things like cargo beds and boxes, sides of a tank hull, the "house" for a WWII ambulance/radio truck. I'm working on a 1/24 house for an Opel Blitz truck. To keep it symmetrical, left and right halves are glued together with tiny drops of superglue near the edges of the parts. Same with front and back. After lots of sanding and checking to make sure everything is straight, the parts are separated by running an X-Acto between them. Now I have 2 identical parts, but they need that superglue sanded off. For a 1/24 truck, that box can take up a lot of a 9x11 sheet. Go to 1/16 and two sheets would be better. I think I need to dig out some scrap Corian. Thank you
  6. I use it on a flat surface for scratchbuilding projects. Squaring up box sections, sanding off superglue, etc. I would like bigger sheets for bigger projects. Is it available anywhere? If it is not available in bigger sizes, would two sheets side by side be ok, as long as they are held in place securely? I haven't tried that yet because I don't have a big surface to hold them securely. I plan to modify a big plastic cutting board just for that. Something to place over the kitchen sink, angled down slightly, so water can drip onto it and carry away the dust/swarf. Thanks. Lee
  7. 1/8 camaro build

    Very impressive. Good to see you posting again. I would also like to get in line for a kit. Maybe body only, though. I wouldn't be able to resist going pro/street.
  8. 75 Charger Funny Car

    Wow. I never knew that body style was also a Charger. Dark days for cars back then.
  9. I hope this is not considered a hijack, but what about laser cutters? I may get access to one soon. I wonder if anyone would want parts cut from sheet styrene? One application I have in mind is the box/shelter on the back of an old military truck. The Opel Blitz was used as a mobile communication van and ambulance, among other things. You can buy a kit of the radio truck in the standard armor scale of 1/35, but I'm thinking of making one for the 1/24 flatbed kit. There are lots if thins that can be made from flat sheet. Even more when flat sheets are glued together...or soldered. I'm thinking of brass frame rails in 1/8 scale. Imagine a C or box-section frame for a Big Deuce lowboy, or a stretched nose for a V-12 engine.
  10. No. The thread is probably several years old. It has Heller's 170V Lieferwagen (delivery vehicle/sedan delivery) mated to Heller's BMW 328 grille and maybe fenders. Nice build in four link, though.
  11. I remember it was just a mock-up at the time, but was pretty cool. I did a search and could not find it. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Thanks. Lee
  12. Jerry Van Dyke, Dead at age 86

    And Coach. I watched that show when it was on. "They say all you can eat, but they don't mean it". Rest in peace.
  13. I came up with a solution, for now, anyway. I took the regulator off my old compressor, along with the fittings that attached it to the compressor. I then attached all of that to the new nitrogen regulator. An inelegant solution, but it should work. I do plan to get a proper fitting to go from nitrogen regulator to airbrush hose, but I need to wait until tomorrow to talk on the phone with people who sell the parts.
  14. I just bought a regulator for a Nitrogen tank. It was from a Homebrew store, so it has a barb fitting. I need to remove that and go from 1/4" NPT to the airbrush hoses. Thanks. Lee
  15. I've had a paid Fotki account for 16 years. Never had a problem. Free (limited) accounts are for the birds. It's not cool to read a how-to article with pics, when the pics have been substituted with things the poster grew in their garden.