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  1. That is one heck of a gap between original production and continuation series.
  2. I did a quick search, looking for models. Not a lot available, at least in 1/24. I did see that a guy in England will soon be offering models built to order in 1/8 scale. He currently offers a Chevron B8, Lola T70 MkIIIB, and some ugly old Lotus. His prices aren’t that bad.
  3. Stumbled across this while looking for pics of the Porsche 906.
  4. LDO


    Preach it! I’ve had a paid Fotki account for about 19 years. I get what I pay for. I also visit sites about hunting and target shooting. I am amazed at classified ads for $15,000 double rifles without pics. They can buy a rifle that costs as much as a car, but can’t pay for a photo hosting account? Gimme a break.
  5. Are they marinating with mayo? Because that sounds nasty.
  6. Dessert tonight is crepes with mascarpone filling covered in cherry sauce. They use it on Food Network a lot...and mispronounce it a lot.
  7. People who put the “R” in the first syllable of Mascarpone. THAT’S NOT WHERE IT GOES!!! eh. First world problems.
  8. I think that second pic is part of a 1930s/40s Opel Blitz cargo truck. I don’t remember which manufacturer or scale, I have had several in 1/35 and 1/24. The larger kit is also offered as a civilian version and a fire truck. Great thread, Casey.
  9. LDO

    The Perfect Deuce

    Was that airplane fuselage part of the show? Because if that thing is some kind wacko bus or rv, that would be the coolest thing ever.
  10. I didn’t notice it was resin. Still, buy the kit, measure the parts with a dial caliper, multiply your measurements by 1.4 and make new parts in 1/25 scale from Evergreen sheet and strip plastic. Go bananas and multiply by 2.19 (2.1875) and make one in 1/16 scale. Then sell the unbuilt original kit on eBay.
  11. Wow. I had no idea Cobra and Ace were 68 and 68+. 😮
  12. With no compound curves (that I can see), how hard could it be to scratch build? The wheels may be a bit of a challenge. Make one and get resin copies.
  13. Hey wasn’t that car...(checks Google)...yeah. It was in an episode of Miami Vice. Was it a real 906 or a replica?
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