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  1. Looking for some big, fat tires for a couple of projects. Thanks. Lee
  2. More screen shots from Instagram. Someone started to build a real version. I don’t know if it progressed beyond these photos.
  3. Send a PM. We can talk curbside/slammer Lola T-70. I want the transaxle and rear suspension parts. Btw it’s missing wheels and tires.
  4. Yeah, but I have a complete T-70. This one is missing parts and I got it for $35 delivered.
  5. I got a screamin’ deal on a gluebomb/unfinished build. I was looking at the engine and transaxle, thinking that is one good looking gearbox. Then it hit me; cannibalize this thing to make a model of a drawing by Larry Wood. (He was a Hot Wheels designer) I don’t know how to save a picture from Instagram, so his drawing is a screen shot. If I chop up this Lola, I will separate the engine from the gearbox and use the engine from Revell’s 1/12 2010 GT 500. That’s what I would use if I built this in real life.
  6. Is the M8B still available?
  7. I had that model years ago. I also saw one the real cars on the street around 1980. It was in or near the town of Hartsville, South Carolina.
  8. Which Cadillac? They made three. Do they all have identical chrome trees?
  9. A Big Deuce body, with 7 1/2 scale inches of extra leg room. It might be a better idea to combine two Deuce bodies, rather than adding filler plugs to one.
  10. I don’t know about the fit issue, but Tamiya did make a 956 with #2 Rothman’s decals. Place a “Wanted” ad for that decal sheet on this site.
  11. A hanging file setup. Yes, I need to add more sizes and shapes.
  12. I can’t believe I didn’t see this thread the first time around. I would also like to know if I can buy the articles or magazines. I think articles about the history of our hobby would be great.
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