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  1. Moebius 55 or 56 Chryser 300 interior

    I have one that I got for the engine, wheels, & tires. I can part with the interior. I can't think of anything I want in trade. PM your address and pay postage and we'll be cool. With any luck I can send it out on Saturday. Monday through Friday is not possible.
  2. IS-3 with BL-9 in 1/35 scale?

    Scratchbuild it. I made a better barrel for a T-72 long before aftermarket barrels were available. Hand tools only, no lathe or even drill. You might find another aftermarket barrel suitable for it, then make the BL-9 brake. Just go for it.
  3. Ki-84...

    Good job. Really looks like the salty air is taking a toll on the paint.
  4. I like using MEK applied with a paint brush. Try it on a some spare parts.
  5. Weird cars Post em here.

    Likely for hunting hogs. In Texas, feral hogs are a huge problem for farmers, causing about 50 million dollars a year in crop damage. There is no illegal way to kill wild hogs in Texas. You can pay to shoot them with a machine gun out of a helicopter.
  6. What Headphones are for...........

    Wow. I would love to hear "How Many More Times" on that system.
  7. 1/24 Tamiya Porsche GT2

    The wheels, tires, seats, and mirrors are going to the 962. Oddly, one seat is black and one is white. Are they like that in the GT2 kit? (They're in the 962 box now.) The instructions are long gone, so I can't check. I also don't know if there are any parts missing. I suspect not, though. It would need to be an entire sprue missing. Any chance you have a good 1/24 962 kit to trade? (with something extra from me, since my GT2 is missing parts) Work stalled on my project when I realized the 962 was Tamiya's RC car body with its inaccurate radiator intakes.
  8. 1/24 Tamiya Porsche GT2

    I'll go through it tonight and let you know what I'm keeping when I get home. IIRC, it's wheels, tires, mirrors, and seats. If you want the mirrors and seats, maybe we can figure out a trade. Lee
  9. 1/24 Tamiya Porsche GT2

    I have that kit. Do you need everything but the body? I bought it for the wheels and tires, plus a couple of other small parts. The plan was to kitbash with a Tamiya 962 for a 962 road car. I could supply most of the GT2, but I don't know if I have what you're looking for.
  10. I have wheels and tires. Hoping to find transaxle and suspension. Yardley McLaren would be ideal, but that era or newer can work. Would also consider glue bomb kit. Thanks. Lee
  11. Stumbled across it online. Looks like a basic curbside, and the body appears to be in two pieces; the cut line is from side to side, including the roof. That's a bit odd. My big concern would be the overall proportions and quality of the castings.
  12. kits on the block ANY OFFER WILL BE CONSIDERED

    Sorry, I don't have any good trades for the Charger III.
  13. kits on the block ANY OFFER WILL BE CONSIDERED

    I'm interested in the Charger III. Sending pm.
  14. What non-auto model did you get today?

    A Tamiya 1/16 Tiger I tank (early production). Early version of the tank, not the model. I got the display only version. It costs a lot less than the r/c tank. It was also a great price, even for the display kit. Here's a comparison of a 1/16 and 1/35 early Tiger I. [