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  1. LDO added a post in a topic tamiya two tone   

    I'd give it a day or more before masking. 
    I used Tamiya masking tape for a two-tone Duesenberg painted with Tamiya spray lacquer. That stuff is great.
  2. LDO added a post in a topic Harbor Freight Tools 4 oz. Adjustable Detail Air Spray Gun   

    I don't have one, but I've seen poor reviews of it. Look up Paul Budzik airbrush in YouTube or his website.
  3. LDO added a post in a topic Rise of the Machines...WARNING WARNING DANGER DANGER !!!   

    Robby was also in an episode of The Twilight Zone. He replaced the CEO of a manufacturing company. The CEO was played by....umm...the guy who played Rob Petrie's boss, Mel, in The Dick Van Dyke Show. The CEO had replaced all the factory workers with robots, and now it was his turn. He had a habit of twirling his pocket watch on its chain...and so did his robot replacement.
  4. LDO added a post in a topic the problem with dogs...   

    I wouldn't trade Lady, my black lab, for anything. Thankfully, she never chewed things that she wasn't supposed to. 
  5. LDO added a post in a topic If you could afford to have a kit designed   

    In the other thread, I said 1/8 scale '71 Barracuda and 1/8 scale series of Duesenbergs. After thinking about, I wonder the idea would be a waste of time. I'd love to see the kits, and I plan to be a billionaire (before taxes) later tonight, but I wonder if any hobby ships would order full detail Barracudas and Duesenbergs with an MSRP of $300 or more.
    There's now a 1/32 B-17 on the market that costs 4-5 times that of a 1/48 kit. It's not a huge seller. It's kind of pointless to bankroll Monogram's newest release if no one orders it. I guarantee all these subjects that people claim to be a license to print money have been considered and rejected by model companies. No offense to cop car/muscle car fans. I doubt my ideas ever even made it to a design meeting.
  6. LDO added a post in a topic Looking for a 1/8 V8 engine for a Citroën 22CV build   

    I do have an extra Ford flathead, but it doesn't look like your photo at all. It might be better to start with a small block Chevy or the Pontiac engine from the Big Deuce.
    I also have a spare Pontiac V-8, but no spare small block Chevy.
    Let me know if I can help.
  7. LDO added a post in a topic If You Hit the Powerball Tonight...   

    1/8 scale 1971 Barracuda pro/street, with option to build stock.
    1/8 scale series of Duesenbergs. 
  8. LDO added a post in a topic Looking for measurement from '29 & '32 Ford roadsters   

    I wondered if you would be the one with the answer. Thank you.
  9. LDO added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Looking for measurement from '29 & '32 Ford roadsters
    Can anyone tell me the distance from center of rear wheel to firewall on both cars?
    Thanks. Lee
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  10. LDO added a post in a topic Micro Punch   

    Check out UMM-USA (Unique Master Models). They have quite a variety, including punches for square and hex shapes. The company was started by Jon Vojtech. He has built some incredible models. You have got to see the F-1 in the Gallery section. You'll think you're looking at a real plane, The cockpit will blow your mind.
  11. LDO added a post in a topic Looking for a 1/8 V8 engine for a Citroën 22CV build   

    I think I have a spare flathead engine from a Big Deuce. I'll check. If I do, it may be a week or more before I can get to the Post Office.
    Sounds like a cool project. Someone in the US recently put a modern V-8 engine in an old Cord. Ah, here it is: http://www.lsxtv.com/news/product-imagination-ls1-powered-1937-cord-street-rod/
  12. LDO added a post in a topic 64 Caddy   

    Nice work. One of my all-time favorite cars.
  13. LDO added a post in a topic Lathe turning project made by Mom   

    I'll let her know. BTW-the turned parts are acrylic. She used my Micro-Mesh polishing kit for it.
  14. LDO added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Lathe turning project made by Mom
    I took Mom to Woodcraft a month or so back, to get some hardware for wooden boxes she got at a garage sale. She looked around and decided to get a shaving set for my younger brother. The plastic parts were rectangular blanks. I got her started on turning, carving with files, and polishing, then she did the rest. She's really proud of this project. That shaving brush handle looks  like amber colored glass. The stem is nice, too, but it is pearlescent.
    We're waiting for a blank for the razor body. it probably will not be here before Christmas.

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  15. LDO added a post in a topic Welding brass and aluminum   

    As a plumber, I solder copper and brass all the time. If you're using round tube, you'll need to use a round file that's the same diameter as the rod to make a "fishmouth" on the end of each piece that will get soldered. It needs as much contact area as possible.
    You need to get the brass very clean; remove all the oxidation. Solder will not stick otherwise. Use a good flux. I use "No Korrode" from plumbing supply stores, but I also never solder anything smaller than 1/2" inside diameter. Whatever brand or type of flux you get, it IS absolutely necessary. It is a barrier that keeps oxygen away from the metal, preventing oxidation. Some fluxes are more of a pain to clean up afterward. Don't let that bother you. Worst case scenario, you clean up with a solvent and toothbrush when the chassis is complete.
    I have not soldered model car chassis, but I have soldered tank gun barrels and muzzle brakes that I machined from brass. A lot of aftermarket parts like that are aluminum, but I prefer brass. It is supposed to be cut dry (no cutting fluid/coolant. Ideal for tabletop machine tools), and IMHO, solder is much better than superglue for holding metal together.
    I made this gun barrel and brake, plus a few others, for my friend Karl Leidy. At the the time, this Russian 122mm barrel was not available from the aftermarket.