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  1. And it’s another bargain. I got it for WAY less than what others are selling for. It has been started, but very little work done. The kit engine has a rotating crank and transparent cylinders, but I think that’s all a bit silly. I plan to just paint it. I think it would be cool to pair up with scratch but sidecar and a Black Lab passenger. Internet photo
  2. That sounds cool to me. I’m sure we can work something out. Thanks. Lee
  3. I sold one years ago, and now I want to build one. If you have one, let me know what you want for it. Thanks. Lee
  4. That’s sad. She had a heck of a career. I’ll pour a beer out for her tonight.
  5. The owner posted questions about it on the HAMB. Someone asked what the bleep that has to do with traditional rods and customs.
  6. Two each of these. The goal is a body for a sidecar similar the the last photo. The spaceship has a better shape overall, but it will need lots of filling and sanding. Both have lots of interior structure to remove. I would really like to find a 1/12 scale Labrador Retriever for a passenger.
  7. My concern is those vents in the front end. Maybe it’s time to finally try automotive lacquers. I remember reading about airbrushing high-fill primer in a Mark Gustavson article. I think it was his article, anyway.
  8. A couple of close ups to show the surface. I’m really looking forward to massaging this into shape. I think it will be a great intro to 3D kits. I have a print file that I haven’t done anything with yet. That one would be a steep learning curve. It’s a Mercedes-Benz 190E. My real car in 1/8 scale.
  9. I just got home. I need to take a shower and get the heck out of here, but I just had to open this package and have a look. It’s my first 3D printed kit. It’s a curbside. Not a problem. I have two glue bomb Tamiya 934s if I want to rob parts off of them. I think it looks pretty good. I want to make it a street car. I may change the tail end a bit. I’ll post more pics sometime later.
  10. I’m nirvana motorcycle guru. I’m wondering if these two bikes are the same, “under the skin”. Can a standard chain drive GS model be built from the Tamiya GSX-1100S Katana? Do they both use the same frame? Thanks. Lee
  11. There is a “blue chrome” late model Ford Mustang in the Austin, TX area. I suspect it is a wrap. I do love that factory Mazda red. Gosh it looks good.
  12. I saw that. I get e-mails from them occasionally. I always check on the progress of the Delage. Sometimes send an e-mail. Nothing yet. It’s a beautiful car.
  13. That sounds really cool. Some guy bought a real ‘69 Camaro and took measurements off of it to build a 1/8 scale model. I don’t remember his name right now. IIRC, I bought some Renshape from him. At the time, he said he would consider selling parts. I was thinking pro/street.
  14. Mine would be a 1/12 scale multimedia kit of a Duesenberg or other pre-war coachbuilt classic. Something on par with Model Factory Hiro kits. I wouldn’t even say it must be this or that exact car. A nice looking Bugatti, Delage, Delahaye, Cadillac, Lincoln, you name it. I think that would be cool. It’s not a pie in the sky daydream that would cost half a million bucks to tool up, then be a flop. What’s your idea?
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