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  1. That whole show is a train wreck. His cars are all awkward and ungainly. He always says “let the car tell you what to do” (or words to that effect). Those cars must be smoking crack. One episode had his buddy Gene Winfield stopping by. I was thinking NO WAY. He must be contractually obligated to do that. I’m sure Gene Winfield’s earliest work was better than this clown’s.
  2. That sounds like an awesome powerplant for a dare to be different ride.
  3. Those look nice. I’ve read of people going nuts with that engine; things like spacers between the block and heads for long stroke/insane displacement. What I have read is only rumors of it.
  4. Wow. That is a beautiful engine. I wonder what the price is?
  5. Is this the one Tamiya makes a 1/12 model of? Also- oh my gosh that’s wild!
  6. It’s been for sale for a while. I do searches for old cars, with year ranges being the only filter and I have seen it several times. There was a Pierce-Arrow sedan body and chassis for $1k in the Houston area, IIRC. No hood or fenders. No drivetrain... but wow, what a start for a resto-mod Town Car.
  7. It’s a work in progress. I used super glue for it. I didn’t know how well a solvent glue would work. The wheel openings are filled with Evergreen sheet styrene. That pinkish part at the front is Renshape. It sands/carves beautifully. The primer is grey and white Tamiya spray can lacquer. I think these fenders have a really nice shape. The car is also available in orange and white, without Santa or gifts.
  8. I saw it on eBay a long time ago. I bought 2 or 3 of them. One gave up its fenders for an Art Deco land speed racer project. If you want, I can send a pic later on of a fender “pod” made of two halves of the front fenders.
  9. You might be able to start with the Hot Wheels “Santa’s Speedster” fenders. Use a left and right half and join them together. The fenders are made of plastic.
  10. Sixteen issues of Model Car Science from 1963-1965, including the premier issue. I was only after November 1964, but I saw this listing on eBay. They are all in very good condition. I think the price was fair. Probably less than I would have spent mail ordering 16 issues, and I didn’t spend months buying them one at a time. I’m pretty happy.
  11. Found one. I love reading those old magazines.
  12. There’s a whole lot of different hood shapes from 1936-1948. Can you show us what you’re looking for? I have bought a couple of pre-war model car “junkyards”. I have lots of parts to choose from.
  13. Looking for some big, fat tires for a couple of projects. Thanks. Lee
  14. More screen shots from Instagram. Someone started to build a real version. I don’t know if it progressed beyond these photos.
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