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  1. LDO added a post in a topic Update 5/16/16: 1932 Duesenberg Model J, Berline coachwork by Le Rouge   

     Check with Aardvark Models. They have a hood and engine parts for a naturally aspirated Duesenberg J. It has the arc-shaped louvers on the hood sides like Greta Garbo's J. There's one on ebay right now. Just misspell the name as "Deusenberg" and you'll find it. I believe he has a couple of bodies for Duesenbergs in the works.
  2. LDO added a post in a topic Coyote!!   

    If you don't want the hassle that comes with discharging a firearm, look into big-bore air rifles. They are becoming more common, with prices falling. I have a Benjamin Marauder in .25 caliber. It operates like a bolt-action with a rotary magazine. It is the pre-charged pneumatic type, with an on board 3000psi air tank. The Marauder is available at a good price and can be tuned for more power. You can also re barrel it to use cast lead bullets for more knockdown power.
    Of course, a better fence will protect your pets without need for armed overwatch.
  3. LDO added a post in a topic Resin "Monster Charger" in new issue; is it a real thing?   

    It's on page 5 of issue 200. A review of a resin "Monstercharged" Ford 4-cam 5.8 (351) offered by Clearly Scale. Each side of the intake manifold has a twin-screw supercharger laying on its side.
  4. LDO added a post in a topic Large scale LS1?   

    It's here. Look for a thread on page 2 by Ralph Torres.
  5. LDO added a topic in General   

    Resin "Monster Charger" in new issue; is it a real thing?
    I mean is it a model of a real product? I did a Google search and found a Dodge Charger with Monster energy drink logos on it. Does someone make a real supercharger setup for the Ford 4-can with a pair of twin-screw superchargers on their sides? If not, there should be. 
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  6. LDO added a post in a topic What non-auto model did you get today?   

    One each of three different Williams Brothers 1/32 racing planes from the 1930s; Gee Bee Z, Gee Bee R, Cauldron 450/460, Hall Bulldog, and Laird Super Solution. LHS had them at 30% off. I got a better deal on all five.
  7. LDO added a post in a topic So nobody has a comment?   

    I didn't even notice it. To be fair, I had no reason to notice it. My magazines have never arrived damaged, 'cause Gregg likes me best.
  8. LDO added a post in a topic Alright, we're getting a '48 Ford Coupe. How about a '41, or a '42 ?   

    Sounds like it's pretty well covered for the few people who like that car and would spend money to have a model of it.
  9. LDO added a post in a topic LOOKING FOR OBSCENELY LARGE MOTORS   

    Not much. We can figure that out. BTW I also have several Bugatti Royales, with their monster straight-8.
    Engines may be glue bombs. I bought a lot of pre-war classic car glue bombs at a swap meet a while back. I'll bet I can come up with complete engines, though.
  10. LDO added a post in a topic LOOKING FOR OBSCENELY LARGE MOTORS   

    You could also go bananas and install AMT's Allison V-12 or the Rolls-Royce Merlin V-12 out of the Airfix P-51D/K. Rolls-Royce built a ground vehicle version of the Merlin. It had a cast iron block and was called the Meteor. Much more affordable in real life, and several cars have used one.
  11. LDO added a post in a topic LOOKING FOR OBSCENELY LARGE MOTORS   

    Obscenely large as in out of scale, like the old Zingers models, or in scale, but just BIG? Also- what configuration? Do you want V-8, V-12, V-16, straight-8?
    I've got a spare Duesenberg straight-8 or two, along with old Cadillac V-16s. If you want an awesome modern V-8, the big block Chevy in the Tony Foti LAPD Camaro is great. It has replicas of the ultta-rate (in real life) Milodon cast aluminum valve covers with "Milodon" letters in a rough cast area, with the entire top machined flat. You could also use the engine out of a big rig or diesel pickup. It's not unprecedented in real life. 
  12. LDO added a post in a topic What happened to scalemotorcars.com ?   

    R.I.P., Barracuda project. You deserved better. 
  13. LDO added a post in a topic tamiya two tone   

    I'd give it a day or more before masking. 
    I used Tamiya masking tape for a two-tone Duesenberg painted with Tamiya spray lacquer. That stuff is great.
  14. LDO added a post in a topic Harbor Freight Tools 4 oz. Adjustable Detail Air Spray Gun   

    I don't have one, but I've seen poor reviews of it. Look up Paul Budzik airbrush in YouTube or his website.
  15. LDO added a post in a topic Rise of the Machines...WARNING WARNING DANGER DANGER !!!   

    Robby was also in an episode of The Twilight Zone. He replaced the CEO of a manufacturing company. The CEO was played by....umm...the guy who played Rob Petrie's boss, Mel, in The Dick Van Dyke Show. The CEO had replaced all the factory workers with robots, and now it was his turn. He had a habit of twirling his pocket watch on its chain...and so did his robot replacement.