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  1. Asking for a fellow armor builder. He wants to build a model of his dad’s old car. Thanks. Lee
  2. The Science Channel is a joke, with its ridiculous shows like Mysteries of the Abandoned, Bermuda Triangle, and other garbage. Now they have helped a crackpot kill himself in the quest for junk tv ratings. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  3. I thought this was going to be about the SR-71 hitting Mach 3.56. But wow, an rc glider going as fast as a jet airliner? That’s pretty cool, too.
  4. 1/43. It’s kinda small. I mean the scale is small, but I thought this jet LSR would be a huge beast.
  5. Check eBay for bargains. I have seen builtup 1/16 rc tanks go for great prices. I got a King Tiger that way. Apparently, Heng Long rc tanks are fairly detailed. A guy in Germany makes parts to add detail, even offering a Leopard 2A4 turret to backdate their 2A6. That company also sells used and demo tanks on eBay for crazy low prices. I’ve seen them listed for $69. I got a Leopard 2A6 minus rc gear and missing track on one side for $49 plus shipping. You get can a full set of replacement track for $14 plus shipping. The tank arrived today. I’ll check it out when I get home.
  6. I just ordered the Ford Nucleon, ‘57 Buick wagon and ‘77-‘79 Lincoln Mk V. I’ll post pics when they show up.
  7. Is that the other Asian kit of a Sonic-1? Was that a real car?
  8. Has anyone here built it? It’s that the kit even exists, but I saw a picture of one built up and it looks like the air intake is really out of shape. Was it just a bad angle? How is the rest of the kit? Thanks. Lee
  9. Mark V Lincoln? Wow! I love that car! Gotta get one of those and that Buick wagon.
  10. Tamiya made a 1/12 rc van called Vanessa’s Lunchbox. It was a late ‘70s/early ‘80s Dodge, I believe. The body is styrene, and thick enough to work on like a regular plastic model. You can find the bodies on eBay. No need to buy an rc van and use only the body. You’ll need to come up a chassis and interior, but you have a great start for a cool van model.
  11. The picture is in my home computer, which is not up and running. The car is blue with orange flames, view is from above. It has a big V-8 with dragster zoomies . If this rings a bell, can you post a link or the drawing? Thanks. Lee
  12. Not a whole meal, but food for a friend recovering from surgery; Spanakopita with Tzatziki for dipping and Baklava for dessert. I love this stuff. I hope they do, too.
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