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  1. Thank you. I was thinking Chevelle, but I didn’t know ‘68/‘69 was separate from ‘70/‘72.
  2. I saw this at a job site today. A buddy and I were trying to figure it out. I’m thinking GM circa 1970ish. He thinks it’s from a big Ford.
  3. Sounds good to me. Let me know what you want for it. I have an AMT 1963 in 1/25. I can check the fit of that. If it’s too small, I was thinking of the Monogram 1/24 1965 Corvette, and grafting in a split window.
  4. Do you want the rest of that Lincoln kit? I doubt I will ever build it.
  5. I think it may have been for the Japanese market only. I’ve seen Italeri aircraft reboxed as Tamiya for “JDM”. Here are a couple of links which show the Fujimi kit, with instructions and art from the sides and ends of the kit box. https://ferrari-f40.tistory.com/1686 https://ferrari-f40.tistory.com/172?category=505485
  6. Anyone? FWIW, I want to try building the subject of this sketch by Keith Kaucher.
  7. I’m glad I found this thread. I decided to just jump into the deep end with a die cast project. I don’t know if I would have thought of Milliput, even though I have used a lot of it on styrene projects. Nice work on the pickup, BTW.
  8. Looking for the Revell or Fujimi box. Thank you. Lee
  9. I believe this kit is in current production, or was very recently. It can’t hurt to contact the distributor.
  10. LDO

    Heller BMW 328

    Looking for a builder, not a collector. Thanks. Lee
  11. Thank you. I’m not sure I’ll take the plunge. I have other expensive hobbies, plus a goal of paying off my house, but wow…
  12. Thanks to both of you. I’ve never had one of these 1/8 “subscription” kits. It may be time to try one. I think the Miura is just beautiful.
  13. Where do you get one of these?
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