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  1. LDO added a post in a topic Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis   

    I hope this isn't a hijack... I saw one in the window of a car insurance agency in Amberg, Bavaria in the late '90s when I served in the US Army over there. I knew what it was, and it did strike me as an unusual thing to see. A cool thing, though.
  2. LDO added a post in a topic '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested   

    I would also love to see a '26/'27 T roadster kit. I'm not picky about what frame it's on. Just make an accurate body and I'll put it on whatever frame strikes my fancy. 
    A '27 pickup sounds cool, too.
  3. LDO added a post in a topic Styrene sheet for race trailers   

    I don't know about that area, but any large city could have a plastics distributor with 4'x8' sheets. At that size, the price per square inch a LOT less than you would pay at a hobby shop.
    I bought a sheet of .125" a while back.
  4. LDO added a post in a topic 3d Printed "Roach Coach"   

    Good info, but by "finish it up", I meant build the chassis, drivetrain, interior, etc. Didn't that one have a Porsche race car engine?
    Or will it be a full kit?
    I'm definitely interested in getting one.
  5. LDO added a post in a topic The marketing/SPAM calls are getting weirder!   

    I got so many spam/scam calls on my cell phone, I had the number changed. I would occasionally chat for a few minutes and then say really nasty things to them.
    I recently got an e-mail from the Illuminati, offering to let me join.
  6. LDO added a post in a topic need 1/8 wheel and tire   

    I have a Testors bagged 1/9 kit of a Harley with wire wheels. I can get a measurement to see if it will work for you.
  7. LDO added a post in a topic 3d Printed "Roach Coach"   

    That's pretty cool. Would you be able to help builders with reference info to finish it up?
    This and the Stiletto are awesome...and the Fiat, too!
  8. LDO added a post in a topic Colors by boyd rattle can   

    I just found a sealed can of Alums Yellow Pearl  at the LHS. Let me know if you want it.
  9. LDO added a post in a topic I may be nuts,but...   

    Stretched sprue makes a great super glue applicator. It puts a tiny drop just where you need it.
  10. LDO added a post in a topic Ford '33 GAA Maximum Pressure   

    Someone started a similar project in real life. I don't know if it ever got finished.

    I would love to have a GAA engine. You can get a resin one in 1/35. Whoa. GAA powered staff car!
  11. LDO added a post in a topic My next modeling project... Maybe.   

    Nice find. FWIW- I also think the colors are not so bad. Cool car all around.
  12. LDO added a post in a topic Knock off kits..common?   

    Lee also copied the IMEX 1958 Cadillacs. Someone gave me several of them. The only thing they are good for is chopping up into lead sleds. The body has an orange peel texture.
  13. LDO added a post in a topic Flames   

    He's also on Facebook. I've ordered from him. Had no problems.
  14. LDO added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    A simple height gauge/marker.
    I first saw a tool used for the same thing in a Fine Scale Modeler article about detailing a Lear Jet model. The tool was used to mark out the dark stripes on a light-colored aircraft. When viewed from the side, the strip was a straight line. Due to the compound curves of the aircraft, it looked much different from other angles. From below, the engine nacelles had an egg-shaped line painted on. That tool was purpose built. Mine was thrown together from what was at the modeling bench. Crude, but it does work.

    It is a Machinist's square with a couple of small clamps holding a sharpened pencil. If you get a machinist's square, make sure it has the thick bottom side. Some have a very thin cross-section that will not stand up by itself. The model is a Victorian spacecraft (from a role playing game). The front part is the wheelhouse. I made a mark at the upper limit of the port hole window, then ran the line around to the side, so I could make sure the window on the side is at the same level.
    This tool has many uses. It can mark out cut lines for chopping a top or sectioning a body. Make one horizontal line on a car body, then shim the front end a bit to mark out lines for a pie-cut section.Mark out the location of custom windows on both sides of a '70s custom van.
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  15. LDO added a post in a topic Caliper/micro-meter recommendations   

    I have had an analog Mitutoyo since around 1990, when my (then) employer bought digital. It's a great caliper, but the crystal fell off. I found a place to repair it on Long Island. They mention that they do not repair any Chinese calipers. I found out why, for at least one brand. It was in the consignment section at the LHS. The rack does does come out. Forget repair, it can't even be taken apart for cleaning. I mail-ordered an ancient German caliper. It felt a little "gummy", so I took it apart and cleaned it. Now it works like new. Having said that, a cheap Chinese caliper should work just fine for building static display models. We're not building working engines.