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  1. Because I would love to have one. Or several. Thank you. Lee
  2. I just got home and a package was waiting for me. Several 1/8 scale transmissions; two Muncie 4-speeds, two Powerglides, and a 6L80E. The old school transmissions are for a friend in New Zealand. My half of a trade with him. The 6L80E is for me. In real life, I would like to put the 6-speed behind a Mercedes-Benz M119 DOHC 5.0 to go in a 1987 190E. These parts blow my mind. They look as good as any injection molded parts. The support “dots” are mostly in unseen areas. If they need to be removed from a surface that gets glued, it’s easy to do, and unseen after assembly. Muncie 4-speed
  3. Both ways. I bought a bunch of plastic cups from a restaurant supply store. They look like Pizza Hut cups (plastic 32oz glasses). Since they’re tapered, I stack two together and alternate, to make better use of cabinet space.
  4. This is in a Firestone in south Austin. I’m just kind of curious. It’s a shadow box diorama with a diecast or motorized toy Lotus, plus other unrelated parts.
  5. Years ago, negative feedback could only be erased if both parties agreed to it. A seller once left me negative feedback, hoping I would erase his. I bought two books from him and it took several months, plus numerous phone calls and e-mails to get what I had paid for. His company had said yes, they would combine shipping. The company owner said no, after the fact. I did not erase his negative feedback. I made a website called “ohojimsucks.com” instead. **** that guy.
  6. This has been going on for a long time. Ten years ago, I worked for a company that would have two guys in call at all times. One was the primary guy and one was the backup. Calls went to the primary, unless he told the answering service he had too many calls. The calls would go to backup guy. I was always partnered up with guys who only answered the phone when they felt like it…so basically, primary all the time. It was all ok with the boss. The dirtbags never got in trouble.
  7. Unreliable coworkers. I’m a plumber. Three of us are on duty. One called in sick. One is not answering his phone. I get so tired of this.
  8. I think the article was 1988-1990, possibly a little later.
  9. That old article was in Scale Auto Enthusiast or maybe Car Modeler. The build was by Don Fahrni, who was (still is??) famous for building super detailed drag cars.
  10. Honda four cylinder chopper? Anyone want the Monte Carlo that comes with it?
  11. Would a shortened V-16 work? I have several unbuilt 1930s Cadillacs with V-16s. I’m not big on displaying engines. If you could use one, let me know.
  12. Some places are taking pre orders, like Spot Model https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=56585&language=en I’ve ordered books from them. Great folks. Buy with confidence.
  13. I want to try modifying a couple of figures for a diorama. It would be at least two civilians with a remote control airplane. One standing, holding the transmitter. One or more starting/prepping the plane. I’m open to other figure sets, like pit crew. Thanks. Lee
  14. I found it. I apparently sent entire sprues. The only thing left is the body and sprue “E”. I’m sorry I couldn’t help.
  15. I may have it. Is this the blue box with white car? I’ll see if I can find it tonight. I robbed the seats and wheels out of it. I sent something else to another modeler.
  16. Imaginationland? I think these kind of photoshops/renderings are lame. They often lack imagination or taste.
  17. An orange funny car. I think it was a Vega. Around 1974. I would have been five years old. I would like to show the box art, but…I was five and I just don’t remember much more. Just two or three years later, I learned a valuable lesson about following the instructions. It was the Monogram MiG-15. I glued both upper wing halves together.
  18. There are 20 listings on eBay right now. Several scales, several year models.
  19. I know I’m not going nuts. I remember a European big rig that had icebergs/arctic sea graphics painted on it. Italeri made a model of it. What was it called? How can I find it? It was pretty cool. I saw the real thing on the Autobahn several times. Thanks. Lee
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