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  1. I saw some die cast Packards on eBay. I’m not sure they are exactly the same grille. If it’s the right one, it looks as good as any kit part. I think you make new vertical bars for the shell if you wanted.
  2. Yeah! Super long shot, but if you have one that you could part with, let’s talk. Thanks. Lee
  3. I have a mostly built kit that has most of the decal sheet left. I know the Switch Panel and Instrument decals have been used. I have no use for what is left. If you can use these, you can have them at no charge. If you know where I can get the little packet with springs and other small parts from the Tamiya 1/6 CX-500, I’m all ears. NOT NECESSARY for these leftover decals. I’m also interested in other Tamiya motorcycle parts and whole kits/separate transactions.
  4. Does the Beer Wagon share parts with the 1926 Mack Truck? I bought the reissued twin pack for parts. I may have what you need.
  5. Three window coupe with a GMC V-12 and a .50 BMG? I could see leaving it as is. Maybe different tires.
  6. If you’re on Instagram, there is no escape from this thing. It is posted constantly. The same rendering in different colors.
  7. Oh my. That front end. It looks so much better on the Aoshima box. In the artist’s rendering. Yikes.
  8. I got one of mine. It wasn’t cheap, but I did negotiate it down 20%. I want to get a real one of these. I think it’s a really cool car. Maybe go for a Tim Taylor Edition (more power). Internet photo. Mine is on its way to me.
  9. I made an on/off indicator for the ice maker in my refrigerator/freezer. It doesn’t shut itself off when the container is full of ice, so it’s easy to have it overflowing or to run out.
  10. ‘67 body style? I have one of those. Not sure it’s complete.
  11. Is that a Latham supercharger?
  12. I’ve seen them on eBay several times, when looking for parts for other projects. I never bought any, though. Now that I need some, I hope I can find them.
  13. Ferrari drag car by Bob Norwood in the early 1990s. Fiberglass body. Testarossa engine with a locomotive turbocharger that had the intake side cut off and replaced with a chain drive.
  14. A local shop had it on consignment. Original kit. Not sure if the decals are still good. Engine is partially assembled. Tires need to be replaced. It was fifty bucks. I did ask if it was marked correctly. It was. Wow!
  15. Sounds weird, but there will always be an Italy. I want to build one with the M119 V-8 out of the Tamiya 500SL, to match my full size project.
  16. That’s good to know. I did some more research and it looks like the Esci is not a curbside. They also have a “pre-facelift” model, which is what I have in my driveway. So, cool. I’ll look for an Esci kit. Or two. Maybe more. The police car version looks cool. So does Ayrton Senna’s racing car. And the 2.3-16.
  17. Are they better than the Fujimi/Revell curbside kits? Just curious. Thanks. Lee
  18. Something new or modified in 1/8 scale. For a new kit, a current Camaro/Challenger/Mustang. Maybe a ‘57 Chevy. 1969 Camaro. Modified reissue: 1963 Corvette. The split window is a classic. 1967 427 Corvette is also a classic. 1929 Ford roadster on the Big Deuce rails. The flathead is great, but another new engine would be cool, too. Lots of options for old school engines; early Hemi, OHV Cadillac, Nailhead Buick, Jaguar 3.8 liter inline six with side draft Webers. A modern EFI engine would be cool, too. A Ford mod motor or Coyote with optional supercharger would look pretty cool in that small engine compartment. A 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan would be cool, too. I’m daydreaming, but it’s subjects that I think could sell. Of course I’m not a mind reader, nor can I see the future.
  19. But seriously- Pro/Touring or Pro/Street versions of: Monogram 1969 Torino Talladega. The looong fastback would look cool in either style. AMT 1966 Galaxie 500. Such a cool car. It needs bigger wheels and tires, and an EFI Ford 4.6 DOHC or Coyote. (Doesn’t the AMT Vickie have a 4.6 DOHC?) AMT 1967 Impala. Another long fastback. Large diameter wheels. EFI big block with valve covers that say 572c.i. or 632c.i. Include a second set of valve covers that are smooth, plus decals for them with other displacements or graphics. Pro/Street version would have a rear wing big enough to launch F-18s. AMT 1965 Riviera. A Gentleman’s hot rod. Give it a modern EFI power plant. Chevy LS or Buick 425. Pro/Touring only on this one. New interior. AMT 1966 Riviera. Different body style, and boy does it look nice. Pro/Touring. Give it a nice interior, like something that would come from Chip Foose or Dave Kindig.
  20. Pro/Street Mercedes 560SEC. Revell 560SEC kit. New back halved chassis. Centerline Convo-Pro wheels from Revell Jukebox Ford. New wheel backs to fit Revell Pro/Street tires, or new tires to fit the Convo-Pro wheels. Tool up a Mercedes M119 engine with a custom intake manifold that has a twin screw supercharger in the lifter valley blowing air up through and air/water intercooler. Have an optional twin turbo setup with the turbos poking through the hood on either side of the big cowl induction hood scoop. Also have an optional 8-71 supercharger poking through a stock hood. I tell ya, Revell is making a HUGE MISTAKE by not doing this. Just kidding on that mistake issue. But I would buy one.
  21. I did look on eBay for those two. I want the supercharger for a kitbash Mercedes model. If there’s not a good one in a kit, does anybody offer one in resin or 3D print? Worst case scenario, I could take measurements off a real supercharger and scratchbuild one.
  22. This has me thinking about a custom intake manifold. The sheet metal efi front inlet tunnel ram type. Have charge air exit an air to air intercooler and go straight to the manifold, where water/methanol can cool it further. The factory manifold makes the air take a tortuous path. It works. Some guys in Sweden crammed a bunch of boost into the factory manifold and made 1000hp.
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