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  1. Sounds good to me. Let me know what you want for it. I have an AMT 1963 in 1/25. I can check the fit of that. If it’s too small, I was thinking of the Monogram 1/24 1965 Corvette, and grafting in a split window.
  2. Do you want the rest of that Lincoln kit? I doubt I will ever build it.
  3. I think it may have been for the Japanese market only. I’ve seen Italeri aircraft reboxed as Tamiya for “JDM”. Here are a couple of links which show the Fujimi kit, with instructions and art from the sides and ends of the kit box. https://ferrari-f40.tistory.com/1686 https://ferrari-f40.tistory.com/172?category=505485
  4. Anyone? FWIW, I want to try building the subject of this sketch by Keith Kaucher.
  5. I’m glad I found this thread. I decided to just jump into the deep end with a die cast project. I don’t know if I would have thought of Milliput, even though I have used a lot of it on styrene projects. Nice work on the pickup, BTW.
  6. Looking for the Revell or Fujimi box. Thank you. Lee
  7. I believe this kit is in current production, or was very recently. It can’t hurt to contact the distributor.
  8. LDO

    Heller BMW 328

    Looking for a builder, not a collector. Thanks. Lee
  9. Thank you. I’m not sure I’ll take the plunge. I have other expensive hobbies, plus a goal of paying off my house, but wow…
  10. Thanks to both of you. I’ve never had one of these 1/8 “subscription” kits. It may be time to try one. I think the Miura is just beautiful.
  11. Where do you get one of these?
  12. I got a good deal on one. It’s unassembled and complete, but the headliner is cracked. It’s the Imai release from some time in the 1980s.
  13. I have only been able to find 1/43. It would be great to have this in 1/24 or even 1/16.
  14. The idea of extra payments for something I own is my bridge too far. I’ll stick with older cars. I’m not an old fart who hates computers in cars. Far from it. I just think they should be limited in what they control.
  15. I live near Austin. There is a show in Austin in October and near San Antonio in January. Both are IPMS. Heavy on military subjects, but not like in years past. Plenty of cars and some real quality builds.
  16. LDO

    Trade only ?

    I wish I had that truck kit.
  17. I’m interested in the Maserati. I have a Tamiya 956 or 962 (I have several. I don’t remember which kits are started). I also have Tamiya 911 GT2 road car missing parts. Will send more info when I get home. Thanks. Lee
  18. Why hot rod a Mercedes? Because it’s there. It’s what the owner wants. I’m 52. Street rods and “classic” muscle cars are all before my time. There was one ‘55 Chevy and one ‘68 Camaro at my high school. All those cars were already out of the price range of teenagers in the 1980s. Now? Forget about it. I paid $4k last year for a 1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E. I paid too much. They sell for less, but this one was within driving distance. I didn’t have to ship it cross country and hope it’s in good shape. That has value. It’s a nice looking car that rides like a cloud and handles great. It’s waiting for a slot to become available at a local shop for engine and transmission swap. It will get a Mercedes-Benz 5 liter M119 V-8 and 5 speed auto trans with aftermarket controllers for both. I do like the style of some older cars. I LOVE the ‘70-‘73 Rally Sport Camaro. Starting with a $4k ‘70-‘73 would bankrupt me. It would be a pile of rust. It would also handle like a pig. This little Mercedes doesn’t need to slow down through the curves on a fun road nearby. It never breaks a sweat. It has 158hp now. Adding 600 more sounds just about right. I do want it to look stock, but maybe go crazy with the paint. Pearl Lavender sounds nice. Maybe Mary Kay pearl pink. Yes, I would drive the heck out of a pink or lavender car.
  19. And it’s another bargain. I got it for WAY less than what others are selling for. It has been started, but very little work done. The kit engine has a rotating crank and transparent cylinders, but I think that’s all a bit silly. I plan to just paint it. I think it would be cool to pair up with scratch but sidecar and a Black Lab passenger. Internet photo
  20. That sounds cool to me. I’m sure we can work something out. Thanks. Lee
  21. I sold one years ago, and now I want to build one. If you have one, let me know what you want for it. Thanks. Lee
  22. That’s sad. She had a heck of a career. I’ll pour a beer out for her tonight.
  23. The owner posted questions about it on the HAMB. Someone asked what the bleep that has to do with traditional rods and customs.
  24. Two each of these. The goal is a body for a sidecar similar the the last photo. The spaceship has a better shape overall, but it will need lots of filling and sanding. Both have lots of interior structure to remove. I would really like to find a 1/12 scale Labrador Retriever for a passenger.
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