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  1. Which Cadillac? They made three. Do they all have identical chrome trees?
  2. A Big Deuce body, with 7 1/2 scale inches of extra leg room. It might be a better idea to combine two Deuce bodies, rather than adding filler plugs to one.
  3. I don’t know about the fit issue, but Tamiya did make a 956 with #2 Rothman’s decals. Place a “Wanted” ad for that decal sheet on this site.
  4. A hanging file setup. Yes, I need to add more sizes and shapes.
  5. I can’t believe I didn’t see this thread the first time around. I would also like to know if I can buy the articles or magazines. I think articles about the history of our hobby would be great.
  6. Hey cool. I built the Lotus 7 kit in high school back in the mid ‘80s. Looks like it has upgrades, too. I’ll have to get one of those.
  7. One odd thing about them is that the door panel details are all molded on. Door handles and window crank look like they were painted on with a brush and thick paint. Not a deal breaker by any means. Just a weird quirk. They do build into beautiful models. My Coupe was painted with Tamiya spray can lacquers. Candy red followed by pearl clear, then probably a whole can of clear. That was followed by a polishing kit for a showcar shine. Unfortunately it fell off a shelf and has a small chip that went all the way to the blue plastic.
  8. Donnie Brasco had two different body styles of Lincoln Continental as the same car in one scene.
  9. I’m into more than Duesenbergs. I have all kinds of unfinished projects.
  10. Three Duesenberg projects. The resin conversion has not been started. What is a “Coca Cola Stand” streamliner?
  11. Could we discuss this offline? I tried sending a PM but it says you can’t receive them. Thanks. Lee
  12. True, but I also wonder if it could done real world. I have this crazy idea of a custom car inspired by the Duesenberg “Mudd Coupe” (owned by Dr Seeley Mudd). It would absolutely have to have that beautiful eight into one exhaust.
  13. Let’s imagine a pair of Oldsmobile Quad-4 engines inline. Can they share an 8 into 1 log manifold...with no weird side effects? The goal would be something that looks like this.
  14. Are you still missing parts? I have a bunch of parts for this kit. Let me know if I can help.
  15. I didn’t soak it in WD-40. I put some on a paper towel and rubbed off the tape residue, then cleaned off the WD-40.
  16. Ok. I tried WD-40 and it worked great. On one side, there were a few tiny spots that just would not go away. After cleaning several times with Dawn, a close look revealed that the spots were chipped paint. Kind of strange that it only happened on one side of the car. That’s OK, though. I can do some more masking and spray on some more blue. Maybe it sounds weird, but spraying more paint is a better option than stripping paint and starting over. I would like to finish up the cars I started while deployed and keep them together as a group. That deployment was so boring...I can’t describe it to someone who hasn’t done that. Working on model cars helped me keep my sanity.
  17. I dug out this project from 2005/2006. It is painted with Tamiya spray can lacquers. Colors separated with Tamiya masking tape. I would like to avoid stripping the paint and starting over. The work was done while I was deployed to Afghanistan. Thanks
  18. Alan- I do not have the tail fins. If you still have some, I would love to get one or two. (I’m missing the bottom half of the second car) After taking that picture yesterday, I cut out the bottom half and began truing it up. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with a vacuform. I need to make some bulkheads to give the body some strength. It’s a pretty cool project. I have always been a fan of streamliners and thrust powered cars. As a kid around seven years old, I checked out a book at the school library about land speed racing. I remember being fascinated with Craig Breedlove’s first Spirit of America and Gary Gabelich’s Blue Flame. I checked that book out many times. I also have these. The photos are off the internet. My Spirit of America is missing its fin. It was a friction motored toy from way back. I want to rebuild it. The Sonic One is a 1/43 kit.
  19. That is a cool idea. I have a rocket LSR project made from the airframe of the Lindberg “Snark” missile. It is a “slammer”; it will have black paint for a windshield. The rear wheel covers are laminated sheet plastic carved to shape with files and sandpaper. I have a 1/72 B-52 model and noticed that the airframe has a rectangular cross section that is rounded on the corners. Ideal for LSR. Jet airliners have long, circular airframes. Submarine models could make a belly tank lakester. The Skipjack has a really nice shape. Mobieus makes one in 1/72 scale. That would be a huge model. I think it would accommodate one of those 1/6 scale diecast engines. You’d have to find wheels and tires for it, but imagine all the detail you could put in a model that big.
  20. Sounds cool. 😉 Greetings from Texas.
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