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  1. Those 4 3/8” tires look pretty good. I may order some. Thanks
  2. Wow. That’s some big rolling stock. Makes sense, though. If G.I. Joe can drive it, it’s a big model. I wonder about using the bottom of a big soda/beer can for vacuforming salt flat discs. Modern cans have date codes stamped ito the bottom, so that would need to be filled in. Some interesting problems to solve.
  3. Someone did that. Years ago, someone made a large scale model with metal body and, IIRC, a working V-12. It may be in an old issue of Cavallino.
  4. I’m looking for 1/6. The body will be a 1/72 Skipjack submarine hull that is 42" long. In 1/6, that equals a scale 21’. It is 5.25" in diameter, a scale 31.5”. Just about right for 1/6. It doesn’t look exactly like any specific drop/belly tank, but to me, it just looks like a good size fuel tank. Not sure what I would do for an engine. I don’t want any of the available 1/6 die cast engines. There is a plastic (or mostly plastic...I think) Ford Flathead. I’m not crazy about that, but a set of Ardun heads and a S.C.o.T. Blower could remedy that.
  5. I’ll check it out... in another town. The only 2 rc shops I know of in my area are run by an idiot. I bought a defective product there and they refused to give me a refund. They offered store credit only, after I paid with cash. I wouldn’t spend money there if my life depended on it.
  6. Anyone? If not ready made, does anyone have good measurements/photos? Thanks. Lee
  7. Hmmm looks like the photo didn’t show up. Gotta learn how to use this new phone.
  8. I bit the bullet and ordered a 1/72 Skipjack submarine model. I think it is ideal for a belly tank LSR. Does anyone offer suitable wheels and tires or will they need to be custom made? nice shape, eh? thanks. Lee
  9. BAC TSR-2 Another could-have-been. British tactical strike/reconnaissance prototype canceled before production. One more vote for the P-51D also. I also like it as a racer. And for elegance, the Concord. What I would give for the chance to fly on one.
  10. There was also a Soviet spy at Avro.
  11. There was also a Soviet spy at Avro.
  12. This bad boy, compared to "standard" 1/35 scale. That pic is from someone else's buildup of the R/C tank. I got the much less expensive display only version. It is hard to find, but still a bargain compared to the R/C version. Can't wait to ummm...find a place to work on it.
  13. Definitely a source of inspiration for the early Firebird. The nose, anyway.
  14. I am a huge fan of Milliput Superfine White putty. It dries hard, but can be sanded. It can also be worked with wet tools/fingertips. Just use water, no need for solvents. To make it stick better, get it slightly wet and then press it on to the plastic. It is very versatile. I have rolled it into thin sheets and applied to to a model tank, for simulating Zimmerit; an anti-magnetic coating applied to some German vehicles in WWII. I scratched the surface with the back edge of an X-acto to give it more to hold on to, then rolled the texture into it with the lid of a paint jar. Again, I am a huge fan of this stuff. King Tiger tank in winter white Camo. Markings painted on by hand. With a test piece for practicing the Zimmerit and painting markings by hand.
  15. The 6.5 Gibbs is a fine cartridge. Years ago, I had a full custom rifle for 1,000 yard benchrest in 6.5 Gibbs. I once put 10 shots into 6.855" at 1,022 yards with it at Williamsport, PA.
  16. Kurt- cool old pic. Is that a Mauser? I'm looking at it on a phone screen, so the image is kinda small. Looks like it has a jeweled bolt; always a nice touch. What is it chambered in?
  17. Bill- I'll send a PM. I would rather have a pro do it than try it myself.
  18. It has very little collector value. Unknown gunsmith. It was a working man's custom rifle. I saw it in a classified forum and couldn't resist. I had wanted one exactly like it for a while. It has an Oberndorf style stock with raised panels by the action and a schnabel tip. Original barrel rechambered to 8mm-'06. A gunsmith has it now. Carved horn is somewhat of a lost art (would cost more than the rifle is worth). I may go with metal. I will also get a copy of that book. I wish there was an exhaustive book on FN commercial Mausers. I'm no guru, just a big fan. I have 6 rifles and 4 bare actions. One rifle is a .30-'06 built by P. O. Ackley. Also have a pair of 6.5-'06 single shots.
  19. I have a 100 year old hunting rifle that was made from a WWI military Mauser. A dog knocked over the rifle and the buttplate cracked. It's not an easy replacement; it's a one-off made of buffalo horn. If I glue this back together and do some "bodywork" on it, could a copy be made in a material that can stand up to use in the field? Not sure if what I'm asking for is possible. Btw- I did not yell at the dog. He didn't know better and I left it out so the accident could happen. Thank you. Lee
  20. I have one that I got for the engine, wheels, & tires. I can part with the interior. I can't think of anything I want in trade. PM your address and pay postage and we'll be cool. With any luck I can send it out on Saturday. Monday through Friday is not possible.
  21. Scratchbuild it. I made a better barrel for a T-72 long before aftermarket barrels were available. Hand tools only, no lathe or even drill. You might find another aftermarket barrel suitable for it, then make the BL-9 brake. Just go for it.
  22. LDO


    Good job. Really looks like the salty air is taking a toll on the paint.
  23. I like using MEK applied with a paint brush. Try it on a some spare parts.
  24. Likely for hunting hogs. In Texas, feral hogs are a huge problem for farmers, causing about 50 million dollars a year in crop damage. There is no illegal way to kill wild hogs in Texas. You can pay to shoot them with a machine gun out of a helicopter.
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