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  1. I am rebuilding an old gluebomb and the windshield is trashed. Does anyone have an extra windshield for a snap kit kenworth W900 kicking around? Thanks!

    If the headlights are too small, it can't be by much. They don't seem to throw off the overall look at least. I built this model using an AMT Tyrone Malone Aerodyne kit. I cut the frame shorter, cut the aerodyne roof off, and cut the cab down to 86 scale inches in length. The AMT bumper is way too skinny, and the Revell one is too fat. I think that correcting the bumper goes a long way with either kit.

    The AMT kit can be built into a standard tractor, as the general chassis detail is there (as much as it is on any AMT kit). With a little work, it can turn out to be a great build. The Revell kit is more detailed for sure, but the hinges on the cab doors and the separate roof take away from it a bit.
  4. 1978 Mack U-Model "Overnight"

    Awesome job!
  5. Different styles of "Budd" disc wheels

    In the 80's there was a brief period where 8-lug wheels gained popularity on trucks. They were available in 22.5" and 24.5" diameters.
  6. 70's Swinging meat trailer

    Thanks guys! I made the meat out of clay and painted it. I had tried a few different things first, but none of them worked out the way that I had hoped.
  7. Aftermarket thoughts

    Personally, I fall under the "it has to be just right" group, so admittedly I do not purchase a ton of aftermarket parts. From the few vintage parts I have made, it does seem like they do not sell well. I think they appeal mostly to the builders that want something specific. It seems counter intuitive because so many kits are 70's era, but that seems to be how it goes.
  8. Aftermarket thoughts

    Matt hit it on the head. I have found that many model truck builders often fall into a few categories. One group builds for fun and does not fuss too much over details. These builders will typically build box stock or find some donated parts here and there to switch things up. This type of builder is not looking to spend $60 on a set of rims and tires because kit wheels work just fine for them. Other builders fall into the "it has to be exactly what I am looking for" category. These builders will not buy a part unless it has every exact detail that they want. I had a builder tell me that a tire I cast is perfect, except that it didn't have the brand name that he wanted on the sidewall so he could not use them. Getting one of these builders to buy an aftermarket part is very few and far between because you have to get lucky enough to have made the exact part with every detail that they want for a specific build. Typically they will not use the same part on multiple builds, so sales are even limited there. Most aftermarket sales seem to go to the in-between crowd, which is a niche of a niche. Now return on investment is tough. Take a tire for example, I may spend 10 hours drawing a tire in CAD, then spend $45 to have a master 3D printed. Then I have to spend another 3 hours making a mold (which uses $30 worth of silicone). Now I have spent $75 and 13 hours before the first tire is made. At $10 per hour, that would be $205 that would need to be recouped. When all is said and done I have to sell around 150 tires to break even at $3 per tire. I have tires that have been very poor sellers, I even had one tire that I was never able to sell a single one. It seems that it is a gamble as to whether it will be popular or not.
  9. New twist on old ads

    I did the text myself, but I tried to replicate old magazine ads that I had. I tried to use similar fonts and I used some of the same wording as the real ads that I had for inspiration.
  10. New twist on old ads

    Thanks! I wish I had real photoshop. I actually made these with Microsoft Word.
  11. I decided to have a little fun with some recent model builds. I always loved the old advertisements in Overdrive magazine, and I thought "what if I made my own?". Here is my take on some late 70's style ads featuring some of my models.
  12. Peterbilt 352

    Nope, the chassis is all stock.
  13. Peterbilt 352

    Yeah, I kept the kit engine. This truck is the closest to box stock I have ever built. I changed the bumper to the California Hauler one, made some grille shutters, added a steerable front axle, and changed the rims and tires.
  14. I used Spaz-Styx chrome sprayed over white primer. I have found that it makes a nice aluminum look.
  15. Peterbilt 352

    Thanks! I made the grille out of styrene half-round strips. If you but them up against each other then it looks like shutters.