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  1. Now I am curious, I have never heard of this guy. Is he still around or is the site old?
  2. Timpte reefer trailer

    Thanks! For the reefer I just mixed a few drops of Tamiya clear-blue with some white and just eyeballed it. Most of those reefers faded a lot, so I figured any shade of light blue would look realistic with a little weathering.
  3. Timpte reefer trailer

    Thanks guys! I almost smashed this thing near the end. I was putting the final details on the rear doors and I banged the front top corner against my table and broke it off. I then tried to peel the roof off to make a new one, but it was glued on so well I started to destroy more and more in the process. I may have said a few bad words, but I eventually got it straightened out.
  4. Under slung unit

    Here are some pictures that I have saved from the internet.
  5. Here is a scratch built 40ft Timpte reefer trailer that I have been working on. I got a little cross-eyed gluing all of the ribs on the side walls, but it worked out in the end.
  6. I tried to send him an email, but it got kicked back saying that it could not be delivered because that email address was not found.
  7. Wheel sizes 1/24th & 1/25th

    Italeri's 1/24 scale rims are slightly out of scale and actually measure out to about 23.5" when scaled up in 1/24 scale. If you convert that to 1/25 scale they are close to 24.5" rims. I have seen it done a few times and it looks fine on a 1/25 scale truck.
  8. Thanks! I do not have any engine shots at the moment, I will try to get some later. I used the AMT kit grille and radiator, I just cut the center out of the kit grille and glued in 3 vertical bars. I did a slight black wash on the radiator to make the louvers stand out.
  9. I think this is close enough to finished. AMT California hauler and AMT Fruehauf trailer with a few modifications.
  10. I am going to have to pick up a few of these when they come out. These kits build a nice trailer right out of the box, and an even nicer one with a few mods. Here is the one I just built using a previous issue of this kit with a few mods.
  11. Thanks guys! I used o-rings with an 8mm ID and a 2mm cross section. I ordered a pack from McMaster-Carr so I would have plenty to use on future Peterbilt models as well.
  12. I am still waiting for the truck door decals to arrive, but I couldn't pass up the photo opportunity of the pair almost completed.
  13. For the trailer, I used an old glue bomb AMT fruehauf. I cut the bottom rails off of the sides and made new rails to represent a mid-60's model. The ribs on the front bulkhead were sanded off to give a smooth look and vent doors were added to the front corners. A side door was added along with a resin reefer unit. The landing gear was scratch built to be functional.
  14. Next the cab and hood were painted. The grille was cut out to give it an older "late 60's" look. Mufflers were made from styrene tube with aluminum tubing as the top pipes. The exhaust heat shields were photo-etch from CTM.
  15. This was a quick build for the most part, so not too many in progress photos. I tried to keep this build as box stock as I can, the only major changes that I made were wheels and tires and scratch built exhaust and visor. I replaced the kit suspension air bags with some rubber o-rings, and the kit roof lights with some parts box lights, as the mold flash on these kit parts were terrible. I cut the kit grille out to reveal the louvered radiator. I started with the kit chassis, but added a steerable front axle. I used some AMT front rims and reshaped the rim to make it more accurate. I cut down a resin trailer hubs to make hubs for center point steering. The rear rims were drawn in 3D cad, then 3D printed, then cast in resin just for this model. A set of quarter fenders were scratch built out of some flat stock and styrene tube.