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  1. KJ790 added a post in a topic Help with 'BJ and The Bear' project   

    Not to hijack too much, but I find Brown's history interesting. Way back in the day, some of the largest trucking companies thought it would be a good idea to build their own trucks instead of buying them from an independent manufacturer. Consolidated Freightways built Freightliners, and Associated Transport built Browns. Brown built both trucks (based off of a Corbitt) and trailers. By the mid 50's they decided it was better just to buy trucks from a manufacturer, so Brown stopped making trucks, however their trailers were pretty decent, so they continued to make them, but began selling them to the public to avoid legal issues.
    I only know all of this because my Grandfather's first truck was a Brown that he bought used (retired Associated Transport truck). The trucks are very rare today, but there are still a bunch of trailers floating around since they were made for many more years.
  2. KJ790 added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Kenworth W900L   

    If you want to see how the aerocab sleeper looks without stacks, maybe this will help. I know it isn't the W900L, but the T800 uses the same cab and sleeper, just a different hood. The front corners of the sleeper slope in to the cab, the roof of the cab slopes up and fits into the rounded top front edge of the sleeper.

  3. KJ790 added a post in a topic Truckers, What's in those boxes?   

    We also did it for weight savings. We ran one fuel tank that was extra long. One long 240 gal tank is lighter than two 120 gallon tanks (saves the weight of 2 end caps, fuel caps, fuel tank brackets and straps, etc. All in all you save maybe 150 lbs, but if that means one less overweight ticket then it is worth it. There are still quite a few scales on major highways around the US.
  4. KJ790 added a post in a topic Truckers, What's in those boxes?   

    I would rather change truck tires than car tires, I find them easier (though a lot heavier). You can easily change a truck tire with two long tire-irons. Just let the air out, break the bead down, push the bead into the drop enter of the rim (the hump in the middle of the rim) and pry the tire off. Some tire guys change the tires while the wheel is still bolted onto the truck. Many trucks have a small bottle jack in their storage box, and a lot of guys have a spare tire already mounted on a rim hanging under the trailer in a carrier. This eliminates the need to swap the tire on the rim on the side of the road. Back in the day it was pretty common for drivers to at least change the whole rim/tire on the side of the road themselves, but that is less and less common now. Most people call a roadside service company to come out and change tires on the road now.
  5. KJ790 added a post in a topic Truckers, What's in those boxes?   

    Here was one of our old trucks with the fuel tank on the driver's side only. The front box in the picture is the battery box, the rear box is just a storage box.

  6. KJ790 added a post in a topic Truckers, What's in those boxes?   

    Sometimes the boxes are actually the battery box (where the truck's batteries are located). sometimes they are just a cover hiding part of the exhaust system (especially on new trucks with the fancy new emissions systems), sometimes they are APU's as mentioned, and sometimes they are just storage boxes. All of the storage boxes I have seen are just aluminum inside, some guys put cardboard or wood on the bottom, but some don't. Every driver is different, some keep a gallon or two of oil in there, some keep work gloves, chains or straps, a small toolbox, etc.
    Our company used to order a lot of our trucks with only one fuel tank, always on the driver side for us. That seems to be the most convenient.
  7. KJ790 added a post in a topic Current truck aftermarket?   

    I actually sent Dave an email last night and got a response this morning. I just used the email address from his website.
  8. KJ790 added a post in a topic BRBO Kenworth K123   

    Alright, Sam (guitarsam326) was nice enough to trade me a V8 detroit engine for some parts that I had. This week I finished the masters for my correct 8V92 valve covers, it always bothered me that the kit valve covers were wrong. Here is how the new ones look.

  9. KJ790 added a post in a topic exhaust manifolds and turbo for 8V92T Detroit   

    Tentatively have a set already. Thanks to all!
  10. KJ790 added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    exhaust manifolds and turbo for 8V92T Detroit
    I have an 8V92 Detroit diesel engine, now I want to add a turbo to it. Does anyone have the exhaust manifolds and turbo from any of the AMT K100 aerodyne kits that they are willing to part with? I would be interested in a whole engine if you don't want to split up the parts, I use those engines in a lot of my builds so I can never have too many. Thanks!
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  11. KJ790 added a post in a topic BJ & The Bear KW   

    Wow, you finished that one up quick! That looks great!
  12. KJ790 added a post in a topic Melbourne Model Truck Accessories   

    I'm pretty sure the K100 aerodyne is labelled as an 8V92 on the box. I could be wrong, but I believe the 8V71 and the 8V92 were the same physical size, but the valve covers were different beyond the very early years of the 8V92.
  13. KJ790 added a post in a topic Melbourne Model Truck Accessories   

    Yes I will, I will make sure to have some of those valve covers then.
  14. KJ790 added a post in a topic Melbourne Model Truck Accessories   

    Funny you say that, I am actually getting ready to make some 8V92 valve covers for my BRBO build. I have the masters made, I just need to make molds and then cast them. I can hook you up with a set when I have them done.
  15. KJ790 added a post in a topic Melbourne Model Truck Accessories   

    I got some stuff about 2 years ago, but I am pretty sure they are out of business now. Nobody has been able to get in contact with them for a year or so.