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  1. Make sure your tires are the right ones for the rims. Jamie sells 20 inch and 22 inch rims and tires. 22 inch tires will fit too loosely on 20 inch rims.
  2. Here is the truck today: Here is a picture that I took of the 6-71 engine.
  3. Richard Petty had 2 of those trucks, I actually saw one at an ATHS show last year. I talked to the current owner and he told me that he bought it not knowing that it was a former Petty truck (it had been repainted white). Once he noticed that there was Petty blue paint behind the upholstery on the interior and that there was Petty blue showing where the white paint was flaking off, he started digging and found out who originally bought it. The trucks had 6-71 inline-6 Detroits in them. I may have taken some pictures, I will have to look.
  4. Finished pictures are now in the "Under Glass" section.
  5. This was a quick build for me, about a week start to finish. I used the new AMT release of the old Italeri reefer trailer. I shortened it to 36ft, made a new front bulkhead, scratch built a reefer unit, scratch built new landing gear added a side door, and swapped out the kit wheels for some old school resin 5-holes. Today was cloudy, so it was perfect for outdoor photos. I froze my butt off, but I managed to get some pictures. I swapped one of the 5-hole steel wheels out for a 5-hole aluminum wheel. The difference is subtle, but I thought it went well with the "well worn" look. Back in the day owner-operators had to make due with what they could get their hands on at the time, so miss-matched wheels were common.
  6. Thanks guys! I have been busy with this one the last 2 days. I scratch built a reefer unit, and I wanted it to be missing a side panel, so I had to scratch build and engine and compressor for inside the unit as well. I have been playing with some weathering, I am hoping that it will look good out in some natural light.
  7. The kit is too short for a modern reefer in 1/24 scale. It measures out to 12' tall in 1/24 scale, which most modern reefers are 13'6" these days. In 1/25 scale it measures 12'6", which was a popular height in the 60's-70's and is similar to the AMT Fruehauf and Ertl Great Dane kits.
  8. I have seen a lot of complaints about the new AMT release of the Italeri reefer trailer. It is out of scale for 1/24 scale, but I see a ton of potential for it in 1/25 scale. The rib spacing works perfectly for a 70's-80's Brown or Timpte reefer. You can even backdate it further to be an early 60's trailer, as I am currently doing. I bought this kit for the Thermo King reefer unit, which will be used on a different build. Since I had the rest of the kit, I figured I might as well build it. I am going for a well used early 60's reefer trailer. I started by shortening the trailer to 36 feet in 1/25 scale. I added a side door, which helped to hide the panel seam in the 2-piece side. I also scribed panel lines every 4 feet to help conceal the panel seam on the opposite side of the trailer. I made a new front bulkhead using PVC pipe for the corners and a section of the kit roof that had been cut off when I shortened the trailer. The kit wheels will be replaced with resin 5-hole wheels. I also scratch built some old style landing gear. On the front corner I added a patch with some rivets to simulate a repair job on some previous damage.
  9. Your builds are always so beautiful. This is gorgeous!
  10. I use paintref.com for cross referencing paint codes. This looks to be the shade of red that you are looking for: http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?comm=58209
  11. Finally calling this one done. This one fought me quite a bit. After a 2 year hiatus I came back to it and finished it. This is based on a Revel K100 kit. I shortened the chassis and the cab, changed the wheels and tires, and scratch built the fuel tanks, exhaust, and intake. I also added a 3D printed grille and resin bumper.
  12. Thanks Jeff! The stripes are all paint. It took me 2 attempts to paint it, and it still isn't perfect, but it will have to do. If I build another with the same stripe pattern, I will do it differently. I think it would be easier to use a thin decal stripe for the divider stripe rather than try to paint it.
  13. As promised, here are some updated pictures. I still have a few details left to finish up, but it is starting to look like a truck.
  14. After 2 years, I am back to working on this one. I had initially painted the cab with Tamiya rattle can, but when I clear coated it, the paint turned funky, so the whole thing got stripped. This was when I lost interest and set it on a shelf. Recently I got a bug to work on it again, so I mixed up some Tamiya paints from the small jars and sprayed it through my airbrush. The result was much better. This kit has the best chassis of any K100 kit out there, but the cab is terrible. I have never had such a hard time getting a cab together. The door hinges are poorly designed and difficult to work with. The headlights are too large and look out of scale, but it is too late at this point. New pics will be coming shortly.
  15. Oh no! That yellow log truck and blue Pete are two of my all-time favorite build! I hope you are able to repair them back to their former glory!
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