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  1. I was able to get some color on the chassis this weekend.
  2. I worked on the cab a bit. I cut off the roof and shortened the length to 86 scale inches. I made the seam int he side line up with where the rear grab handle of the step ladder will go to help hide it. This way I could try to preserve as many of the kit rivets as possible. I made the new roof out of some .060" thick styrene sheet. The raised areas in the roof were cut and sanded to shape out of .040" styrene sheet. One thing that has always bothered me about this kit is the lack of the heater vent detail in the front. There is a weird oval indent like the vent was a separate piece at one time, but it does not seem to be included in the kit. I made some 3D printed vents a while ago to rectify this. This will be my second build using one. Here is the kit as supplied: And here is the 3D printed vent in place: The panel seem is in the wrong place on this kit, as it is not supposed to be going through the middle of the vent. That will have to do for this build though.
  3. Thanks guys! I am a weirdo and almost always start my builds with the wheels first. For this build the kit wheels are going to the parts box. I had some old blemished dayton hubs that I had held onto from when I used to cast them. I had to make new molds for my tubeless dayton rims and cast up a set for this build. Some rubber tires and baby moon hub-caps complete the wheels. I still have to do some light weathering. This gives you an idea of the main color of the build, a metalic brown with a hint of red added.
  4. Thanks guys! Hopefully everyone isn't tired of K100's. I get a kick out of building them with different base kits (or sometimes parts from multiple different types of kits). This is our first baby, so life will be changing a bit for me in a couple weeks!
  5. I am not sure if I will be able to finish this one, it will all depend on when this baby decides to come. I will try my best. I had previously built a 1981 K100 that was 3-tone blue using a RoG K100 kit. I have been wanting to build its sister for a while, which was spec'd the same, but was different colors. I will attempt to build it using a Tyrone Malone kit. This will take quite a bit of modification, as the truck that I am replicating was an 86" flat top cab rather than a 108" Aerodyne. I have made these modifications before, so hopefully it will all go smoothly.
  6. I started this one with an AMT Tyrone Malone Papa Truck kit. I shortened the chassis and the cab, cut off the aerodyne roof, and made a new flat roof for the cab. I added some aluminum front wheels and resin 2-hole drive wheels, then scratch built the exhaust, intake, and fuel tanks. The engine and transmission were swapped out for a 3406 Caterpillar from a Revell snap kit.
  7. Finished photos are now in the "Under Glass" section.
  8. I was able to get some outdoor shots this afternoon. This started as an AMT California Hauler that I scratch built a new hood and sleeper for. I shortened the frame and made new wheels and tires as well. The trailer is the new AMT release of the Italeri reefer trailer (with modifications). I was using the truck from the 1973 movie "Road Movie" as the inspiration.
  9. I am on the home stretch and I hit a road block. I recently ran out of CA accelerator, so I picked up a new bottle. It seems like the same stuff that I always used, and it says on the bottle that it does not craze plastics, but while assembling the mirrors I misted the new accelerator over the cab and the windows turned cloudy immediately. I have never had this issue before, so I am not sure if the new accelerator is different or is AMT changed their clear plastic parts? I had been told in the past that Future floor polish will fix cloudy windows, but that did not seem to help at all. I also tried to polish it out with Novus plastic polish, but no such luck. I found a new cab with windows on ebay so I purchased that today, looks like I am going to have to pull this cab back apart and replace the windows. Until the new windows are in, I am not going to bother adding the horns or wipers. In the mean time, I decided to set everything on the frame and take some pictures. Still a few more details to go, but it is coming together.
  10. For some reason the movie truck had red drive rims on the drivers side, and (dirty) white rims on the passenger's side. It also had worn "lugger" tires on the rear axle and worn parallel ribbed tires on the front drive axle. I did my best to recreate this with what I had: And a quick mock-up:
  11. For some reason the movie truck had one red quarter fender and one blue quarter fender. The shade of blue does not seem to match the cab color. I scratch built these out of styrene shapes. I hated the "rubber" flaps with a lighter to get some distortion to make them look more like rubber and less like ridged plastic.
  12. I was able to lay some paint yesterday. For the fenders I added a few drops of white to Tamiya black to get a dark grey color. I added a drop of brown to Tamiya white to get a slightly off-white color. I have found that using true black or white tend to pop too much on a finished model. I then used Tamiya "Metalic Blue" for the blue color. I am color blind, so I have no clue how close it is to the movie truck, but I think it will give a good vintage look regardless. I made some decals using Microsoft Word and my inkjet printer. I noticed that you could see the shadow of old permit stickers on the sides of the sleeper. I used some clear decal paper with blue ink on it to replicate this look. It took me a few tries to get it as subtle as I was looking for. I also noticed that the tires in on the movie truck are almost bald. I shaved down the tread on an old tire master that I had and made a new mold. The first tire came out of the mold this morning. The tread is hard to see in the picture, but hopefully it will look alright on the finished model. I still have to add dust weathering to the whole wheel.
  13. I have been working on a scratch built sleeper. I used some half-round rod that I trimmed down to try to replicate a rippled-back panel.
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