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  1. Class A resins was Ben Wicker selling parts made by Jamie Rahmoeller. Ben is done selling parts, but you can buy Jamies parts directly from him now at http://moluminum.com/.
  2. The torsion bar suspension continued to be popular into the early 80's. It took a couple years for the AG100 to become popular. That is the first time that I have heard that the Peterbilt air leaf suspension was a factory option from Kenworth back then. KW had its own 4-bag air ride suspension in the 70's, but it was different from the Peterbilt suspension at the time.
  3. This was a common upgrade for Kenworths that had torsion bar suspensions back in the day. From what I hear. it was easier to replace the torsion bar setup with a Peterbilt air leaf setup than to try to swap on the KW 8-bag air ride suspension. I have seen quite a few KW's that have been swapped from torsion bar to Peterbilt air leaf suspension.
  4. Thank you. I made those out of .030" square styrene rod. They are quite simple to make, but they help improve the look of the model over the molded in wipers.
  5. Rivets, rivets, rivets. Not perfect, but at least there is an essence of rivets on the cab now.
  6. Most of those Dodge NCT-1000's that I have seen have had Cummins diesels mounted at an angle as the drawing depicts.
  7. Thanks Hermann, your builds are definitely an inspiration. Hopefully I can make something close to yours. I did widen the cab by 4 inches. I am going to use a 3D printed grille that I designed to be the correct width. I think I am going to use archer rivets, but I may try some other options on a some scrap pieces first to see if something else will work better for me.
  8. Thanks! Yes I did move the headlights down. I probably should have moved them down a hair more, but then I would be into the heater vent intake on the passenger's side. On the 1:1 the right headlight is about 1" above the heater vent intake, but I don't know how accurate the intake is on the model. The headlight position will have to do for now.
  9. I had to extend the chassis by 10 scale inches to match the longer cab. I also swapped out the spring suspension for an air-ride suspension from a Peterbilt pacemaker. Through the 80's, Freightliner used the same air-ride suspension that Peterbilt used in the 70's, so this made for a nice swap. I sprayed the cab with white primer so that I can see what defects need more work.
  10. I have started on a new (possibly too ambitious) project. Hermann has inspired me to build an Freightliner FLA cabover. I started with an AMT dual drive cabover kit, but the old style 71 series cab needs an extensive rework to be turned into an FLA. I started by cutting the front and roof off of the kit cab pieces. The truck that I am building will have a 96" BBC cab, rather than the 86" of the AMT kit. I decided it was easier to make the sides of the cab from scratch. I cut them out of 2 layers of .020" styrene sheet, laying them on top of each other to make a total thickness of .040. This way I could get the right shape to the doors (rounded corners) and extend the length of the cab without adding extra seems. I widened the kit front, roof, and back wall using strips cut from an old donor cab (which was painted brown). The total width of the cab was increased by 4 scale inches. I also lowered the headlights by 3 scale inches. Still lots of work to do in order make this thing look like a real cab!
  11. Thanks! There were a few reasons I went with the Aerodyne. The truck that I was replicating had an 8V92 engine, 8-bag air ride suspension, wider front grille, paddle style door handles, and oil dipstick door on the passenger's side. It was going to be a lot of work regardless of what kit I started with, but the Aerodyne meant that I had to source fewer parts from other kits.
  12. I'm calling this one done.
  13. I had a minor disaster last night. I was going to put the cab on the chassis and I dropped it to the floor. There are slight scuffs on the back edge of the cab, the passenger's seat was knocked loose, and a few lights flew off. I was able to do surgery through the passenger's side window and get the seat glued back to the floor, and everything is reattached to the outside of the cab.
  14. I worked on getting the cab together this weekend. I am still working on the horns, but the rest of the cab is pretty much done. I used a 3D printed grille, cab fans, and step ladders. I scratch built the windshield wipers and used headlights from a Revell snap kit W900.
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