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  1. What's the best '57 Chevy (two door, stock, 1/25) kit? I'm looking for something that can be put together without too much headache, and it should represent the real car nicley. Thanks!
  2. THIS. IS. SO. COOOOOLLLL! So jealous that you have this kit.
  3. Whoa! That's incredibly clean! They are both great, but the blue one is exceptional!
  4. I have all of them, so scared to start...
  5. Hej, can you do me a favor? can you make a pic of the wheels that were in the Gloria Kit? I know that there are at least two different designs in the box, a wire hubcap, and whatever the other one might be?
  6. Thanks. A shame, minus the wrong manufacturer, the tyres that are in the kit are perfect size and have a pleasant "puffyness" that I really dig.
  7. The Ecto AMT kit comes with Good Years, but needs BF Goodrich tyres, does anyone here know from the top of their head which kit would have BF Goodrich Tyres that will fit? Thanks.
  8. This Chevy: St This was my very first model car. Can't remember when I built it, but it was in a magazine in 2004, still have it for sentimental reasons, after that I built three more cars, and gave up for a while, until I picked up modelling in 2013 I think...
  9. As long as you write me when it is avaliable. I gotta’ have it.
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