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  1. 1941 Zephyr coupe

  2. 1959 Chrysler Saratoga

    I love everything about it but the headlights.
  3. 1956 Citroen DS

    I like!
  4. 1957 Dodge Coronet 4 dr. ht. Texan

    Oh wow. So sad that there is no real kits of 1950s cars with four doors. I have the urge to build a Cuban survivor...
  5. '89 Nissan Sunny Truck / Hasegawa / 1:24

    Check out my content, I described it many times, I think in the Honda N360 thread in the comment section I wrote a bit more detailed how I do that.
  6. '96 Ford Crown Vic Tyler TX Police

    Thanks! This helps alot.
  7. '96 Ford Crown Vic Tyler TX Police

    Oh, I asked wrong, sorry, which of the Lindbergs is it? That should have been my question. I’m looking for one that either isn’t painted or painted in only one color...
  8. '96 Ford Crown Vic Tyler TX Police

    Which kit is it?
  9. Meyers Manx - 70's Metalflake Beach Buggy

    Love it!
  10. '89 Nissan Sunny Truck / Hasegawa / 1:24

    And the last batch of pics. Thanks for looking, and until next time, happy modeling.
  11. Hello, Just before summer holiday I purchased this kit on sale at "my" hobby store and I planned to take it with me and paint some in the evenings at a summerhouse. I managed to give it a coat of white and to start with the rust before the departure, but didn't take it with me in the end. I picked it up recently because I had an idea for the chrome strip in the windscreen seal, and simply finished it. The kit is close to perfect as is, and there is not much I had to add. I used Highlight Model Studio photeteched sets for the wheelweights, and for the wipers (though I modlified the latter, and am still not sure if I'd rather have them scratchbuild as I usually do), I added the wooden lining on the bed, made the keyholes in doors and the fueldoor a set of numberplates (Hasegawa doesn't add numbers to their decal sheets), a telescopic antenna (works) and I ended up painting the word NISSAN freehand on a piece of white decal, and then transfered it on the truck letter by letter. As for unusual techniques, I opted for not painting plastic bits that are plastic in real life too, like the bumper ends, the grille, dashboard and some other bits on the inside. The kit is very easy, and besides the headlight glass where I wasn't sure how to attach it, and the hubcaps that had to be masked, whereas in Hasegawa's Honda these are separate bits that are way cleaner to attach, there were no issues at all. I highly recommend it if you feel like building out of box sometimes.
  12. 59 cad sedan de Ville Flattop

    Hej, when/if you should make a copy please count me in for one! So awesome!
  13. Taxi Cab bits in 1/24?

    Yea, I saw the top one, both of them have the taxi gear in so bad that a scratchbuild would be easier. As for scale, the difference is so little that it doesn’t really matter I guess.
  14. Taxi Cab bits in 1/24?

    Hej, The store I usually order stuff from has 30% off all Lindberg Ford Crowns, I like the car, but I’m not interested in building a cop car, so I thought why not a taxi? The only Cab I could find though was a Revell Chevy Impala snap kit, and the taxi elements aren’t exactly amazing, now I wonder if there is someone doing NYC Cab bits (rooflight, meter) in resin or maybe there is a die cast one could rob of these bits? Also, which Crown Vic to choose so I get an unpainted version, sadly the shop has only box fronts, and my research shows that some of the Lindberg kits came in prepainted... Thanks Adam