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  1. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods "barn find" dry lakes belly tanker   

    Pretty awesome!
  2. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Honda N360 (NI) / Hasegawa / 1:24   

    I make the peeling paint after a method invented by Mr. Satoshi Araki. It's basically carefully cutting into the plastic under a very shallow angle. The best thing about that method is that it's relativley clean (not much mess on the table), and that it's absolutley not random. One is always in controll of the effect that is to be achieved, whereas by using salt or hairspray it's always kind of a gamble what one can achieve. The method makes it possible to make rust, scars and whatnot exactly where and how one wants it, even resembling real damage from pictures can be done.

    The rusty areas are then treated with a round mill to get some structure, and primered with Motip primer form a rattle can. Then I paint the whole body with a semi gloss, also from a spray can...

    After it dries, I sand it down with 2000 grid paper for a dull finish, and build up a bit of shine again by polishing horizontal surfaces with a cotton stick dipped in car polish, if one does it carefully enough, a smooth transition from a shine to flat can be achieved. After that I paint on the rust. The only paints I use are Black, Trans Orange and Hull Red by TAMIYA diluted with their thinner. The streaks are build up carefully in many layers of trans orange thinned quite a bit...

    Then follow shadows, some washes with thinned mix of the three colors, all mixed and painted by eye.

  3. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Honda N360 (NI) / Hasegawa / 1:24   

    TAMIYA. It's in the Campus Friends set. This wone was superdetailed though.
  4. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic 57 ford galpin gasser   

    Way cool!
  5. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Honda N360 (NI) / Hasegawa / 1:24   

    That I don't know, and to be honest aluminium makes perfect sense, but it didn't occur to me. Maybe.
  6. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Post pics of your fave paint jobs!   

    Wow! This is nuts!
  7. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Honda N360 (NI) / Hasegawa / 1:24   

    No Sir. These cars may vapor away, but every single picture I found shows that the trunk lid stays mint, no matter how much of the rest of the car is left...

    Thanks for the kind comments, I'm glad you like it. 

  8. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Honda N360 (NI) / Hasegawa / 1:24   

    And the second batch. Thanks for looking.

  9. Mr.Zombie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Honda N360 (NI) / Hasegawa / 1:24
    This is my latest build. It's Hasegawa's Honda N360 in 1:24. This was my fastest build ever, I usually take my time, like a year, with abuild, but this one I completed in under two weeks.
    The reason for the rather speedy build was the excellent fit, not much engine, very little, very detailed and crisp parts, and the fact that I never owned this car, so I kept changes "because I remembered stuff different" to a minimum.
    The only changes to "box stock" build are the far deeper mounted headlights, grille was changed to a fine mesh, scratchbuild wipers, numberplates, shift lever swapped for a fine wire, headliner, ashtray, and a wheelweight which is a fantastic little photoetch detail by Eero Kumato.
    And of course all the damage to the body, but that sort of just happened.
    I experimented a bit with the interior, because the model is tiny, and very hard to see in, I added things I never tried before. There is rat poop (Hunter virus!), mold on the seats, spider webs, french fries, casettes, half a Happy Meal and other junk. Not entireley convinced about all that stuff. but oh well. You never know before you try.
    The model will recieve a small base, and it's first then I shall malke the tyres flat. Also, I wanted to put the model together with the Vespa on one stand, but I first put them together today, and now I think that the colors are too close. I think I build one more in white or cream to go with it.
    Enjoy! See you next time.

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  10. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Citroen 2CV Club / TAMIYA / 1:24   

    Well, I know how sharp the photos can be when my buddy really wants :).
    And yes, I made mistakes. Wrinkles in the Bare metal Foil on one of the mirrors, the wheels could be a lot better...
  11. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Citroen 2CV Club / TAMIYA / 1:24   

    And the last batch. Thanks.

    A few pics shot outside.

    And that's how the real car looked like.

    Thanks. Have a nice weekend.
  12. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Citroen 2CV Club / TAMIYA / 1:24   

    A few more...

    A few closeups and detail pics...

  13. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic Citroen 2CV Club / TAMIYA / 1:24   

    Some more pics.

  14. Mr.Zombie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Citroen 2CV Club / TAMIYA / 1:24
    This is my latest build, it's a Citroen 2CV Club from 1984. I had the real car for a while, and thought it would be nice to have a model of it. I began the build in February 2016, hoping for a fast project, and planing to build it out of the box, just weathering the body to match the real car. I ordered the Revell Charleston 2CV as it's the same year as my car was, but upon closer inspection I felt that Revell's Citroen is poorly executed. Many details are wrong, the overall shape is a bit off... So I ordered the old, but way better and more accurate TAMIYA 2CV and upon inspection of the sprues decided to do a hybrid between these two.
    Unfortunately, only few pieces form the Revell box are actually better than TAMIYA's. Even items that seemed better, or more delicate (air filter housing, grille), compared to TAMIYA and the real thing the shapes or dimensions are wrong. I ended up using the roof around the back window, as it's a separate part in Revell's box, unlike TAMIYA where it's molded together with the rest of the body. I used the hubcaps, the battery and some other tiny bits.
    Other things I made from ground up, as mentioned, I planned to build the model straight out of the box, but the finished product utilizes about 160 scratch build details.
    The most important things I added are the folded roof that I made out of masking tape and wire, the revolver shifter is now out of 10 pieces as opposed to the original part where this is only one element, I sratchbuilt the turn signals, as they are wrong in both TAMIYA and Revell boxes, wipers which are now out of 7 elements each and the inner structure of the body.
    I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, there are some neat moments here and there, but I also managed to make a few mistakes, and I'm not entirely happy with for example the wheels. Also, the color is a bit suboptimal for weathering purposes, if my car wasn't blue, I'd never go for that color. 
    Pictures are not very best, my buddy who is a genius in setting up the camera for me had a bad day, and though he did it twice, the studio pics are not as perfect as they are when he is in the mood to set up stuff...
    Thanks for checking out my build, see you next time.

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  15. Mr.Zombie added a post in a topic 1949 Mercury Hardtop   

    The quality of your paintjob is some of the best I've seen here. Wow.