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  1. Sorry for my dumb question, but would you happen to have any ideas how often Model King issues models like these or how he even decides what to issue?
  2. It sure would be nice if this model came out again.
  3. Would it be possible for an admin to manually change the screen name in the DB? I mean I know it's possible, but would anyone be willing to do it? I want to remove the "BCE" part to just make it "CEKPETHO".
  4. Looks great. Looking at that model I feel like I need to get me couple of those kits.
  5. There are a few models I will never build again. After building a Revell Ferrari Daytona (Miami Vice) I feel like never building another one. Same goes for Revell Shelby Cobra. For some reason I can't see myself ever building another one of those.
  6. Oh, also have a bunch of Revell 40 Fords as well as AMT 39/40 Ford Sedans and 40 Coupes. At this point I feel like I will never have time to build them all.
  7. I have over 10 Revell 32 Ford kits, more than one of each body style. I absolutely love those model and get more of them every chance I have.
  8. Revell 71 GTX seems to be my unicorn. It was one of the first models I have started building and everything it was nearly complete I messed it up. When I originally built it, it was about 99% done and while doing the last touch ups I accidentally spilled testors glue on the roof... I have repainted it at least 5 times since and every time I paint it, I either decide that I don't like the color or I mess up the paint... so far it's been painted red, yellow, gloss black, and flat black... it's even been fully rebuilt and for some reason this time around the hood doesn't fit... After about 3 years on and off working on it, I decided to put it inside the box and get a new model kit of that car, hopefully that one isn't cursed...
  9. I like the coupe better. Without the roof it looks like a C6 with a face-lifted front end.
  10. I have just learned of this kit and was wondering what's the story on it? Is it a reissue of an older kit? Has anyone built this? Also, I've been wondering what is the difference between "Model King" kits and the "regular" ones of the same model by the same brand? Thanks.
  11. Pardon my silly question, but what is the difference between regular kits and the ones by "model king"?
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