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  1. Les Mosher added a post in a topic Scale Finishes Moving Sale, Anyone got their stuff yet?   

    I sent in my order for the "Sale Box" and paid with PayPal on August 22, (2016). Received my order today, October 3 (2016). A bit of a wait, but I know he's very busy with work, and the move. I'm happy.
  2. Les Mosher added a post in a topic Scale Finishes??   

    Just a quick update. I received my paint from Jameston today, one month to the day from ordering. Not bad at all! He even threw in a bottle of primer for the long wait! I will definitely use again! Thanks!
  3. Les Mosher added a post in a topic Rebooting   

    I'm rebooting as we speak! I'm nearly finished a '53 Chevy Bel Air, and I've made more mistakes on this kit than the first model I ever built! Smeared super glue on the paint, only sits on 3 tires, and many other problems. All the sub-assemblies were OK, but the final assembly has been a nightmare! I just started a "Model King" Lindberg '64 Plymouth Belvedere, going slow and hoping to put the gremlins behind. (Although the tail lights are missing, I hope it's not a sign of things to come!).
  4. Les Mosher added a post in a topic Scale Finishes??   

    Nope, I don't mind waiting, as long as there is some communication. This is my first transaction with Jameston, so I really had no idea on the wait time. I do agree though, it would be nice if he would put an estimated delivery date. Thanks for all the info!
  5. Les Mosher added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Scale Finishes??
    Does anyone know if Scale Finishes has closed the doors? Ordered November 4th, haven't received my order. No response from e-mails? Or am I expecting more than I should?
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  6. Les Mosher added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon 2'n'1   

    Well, another kit I guess I won't buy. I thought it was a nice looking kit until all of it's problems were pointed out. But I don't want any kit that has so many issues. I guess I'll wait for the next new kit.
  7. Les Mosher added a post in a topic Plymouth Volare Resin Parts?   

    Thanks Alan
  8. Les Mosher added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Plymouth Volare Resin Parts?
    Just wondering if anyone knows of any resin casters who make Volare parts? I'm looking for a (1977) Hood and Front Bumper/Grille. Thanks!
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  9. Les Mosher added a post in a topic Castenparts on Ebay?   

    Buyer Beware!!
  10. Les Mosher added a post in a topic Bench Rage! Have you ever lost it?   

    Did this just once, trying to BMF a '57 Chrysler 300. At the time, I had little experience with BMF, and I now think I had an old sheet(that just wouldn't stick). Launched the body against the wall, stomped on it a few times for good measure, and into the trash it went. Felt so bad afterwards, I went out and bought 2 more of the same kit, but I haven't attempted to build one yet!