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  1. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic YOUR thoughts on Poison Pinto, Rat Vega and The Vega Mini-Van.   

    Didn't like them when I was younger, don't like them now.  I can remember buying just two Tom Daniels kits- the Red Baron when it was first released, and (just last year) one of the many reissues of the Badman, just for the gasser-style parts.  
  2. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic how to make black interiors nice   

    Use different brands, types (acrylic v enamel) and shades (aircraft interior black, flat black, grimy black, etc- there are so many to choose) and finishes (gloss, semi-gloss, matte or flat) for the surfaces that you will paint.  If you want to simulate carpeting, embossing powder works better than flock.  Of course, that's just my opinion.
  3. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic AMT '66 Nova info?   

    Use Elmer's (white) glue to temporarily secure the headers, then see how things fit.  No problem if they pop off as the white glue can be peeled off the plastic.
  4. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic Why go to all the trouble of a nostalgia look and leave the Edelbrock sticker on the carb ?   

    You have some radical thoughts there, Mike.  I like that.  I like to think that those of us who do appreciate cars do so as not just mechanical devices used (primarily) for transportation, but also as works of art.  "Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder".  Then again, maybe the builder just forgot to remove the sticker.  Stuff like that does happen in real life.  Should it really matter?
  5. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic I don't get it!?!   

    Wasn't there some recent news about that 1/20 Econoline...?
  6. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic 71 Duster Pro Street/Outlaw car   

    Very cool, Brian.  I'll be following this one.  Do you belong to the LIARS club?
  7. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic Clearly Scale?   

    I'll be sending an e-mail soon, and I'll check out the Facebook info.  Thanks for the reply.
     In fact, thanks for all the replies from the rest of y'all- it's good to hear positive things about a vendor.
  8. johnbuzzed added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Clearly Scale?
    Has anybody ordered anything from Clearly Scale?  They offer a supercharged 6.4L Hemi that I would like to get for just $15.50, but I figure a little research before buying is always good.  Thanks in advance.
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  9. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic Concerning the NHRA TV lineup   

    Maybe not a particular network's beliefs and policies, but having NASCAR yellow-flag laps count as competition laps due to network priorities fits in that category.  Can't cut into the sponsor's time.  Kinda like the "Heidi"/NFL situation many moons ago.
    Remember when "Wide World of Sports" presented ALL sorts of auto racing?  Granted, it wasn't live, but it sure was neat to watch.  Then again, I was just a kid... 
    One more thing: Bring back the quarter-mile !!!  Enough of this "Oooooh, it's too fast!!!" crybaby stuff.  There's always the chance to get hit by that bus, but buses still run every day, all over the world.  How many people actually DO get hit by a bus when crossing the street?
  10. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic deleted   

    Revell also had the old, fiddly '55BelAir, but they brought out an all-new tool not too long ago.  "...mysterious ways...", indeed 
  11. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic IF Revell,Round2 and others would make a few more station wagons. What would you like them to be?   

    '67 Fury. '71 Satellite.  '70 Town and Country.  '48 Town and Country.  ANY Olds Vista Cruiser.  And, bring back the old AMT Nova "Crew Wagon" kit, with all of the original goodies.
  12. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic 75 plymouth duster   

    Looks good, so far.  I'll be following this one.
  13. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic Cigarette smoke smell How to get rid of it?   

    Be careful when using Dawn on a painted model.  I had a Krylon-painted body soaking overnight in water with some Dawn to get rid of polishing residue, etc.  After rinsing and drying, I noticed tiny bubbles in the paint that were not there previously.  Dawn cuts grease, but whatever cut the grease at that time (yes, this was many years ago) attacked the paint.
  14. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic Big Dog II ('53 Ford Shop Truck)   

    Maybe use flat black for the scallop?
  15. johnbuzzed added a post in a topic Monogram from the begining   

    To paraphrase Rosanne Rosanadanna: "Mr. Hemified71, you ask a lotta questions."

    One of the reasons for the Forum is entertainment- and there are a lot of us older guys who wax nostalgic, and we like to see these older examples of kits. We find them to be entertaining. Remember- you don't have to read ANY of the posts in the forums. So, move along if the topic doesn't suit your tastes.