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  1. I've had this kit for almost a year now, thought I'd never have time to work on it. I got tired of putting it off and finally pulled it down from the shelf. This is going to be a slow build, since I'm working on it 30 minutes or so between work and class. This is where I'm at so far.... The kit: Got the grill painted up and put together....it looked good on the bench, but this picture makes it look worse than it actually is. The kit didn't come with tail lights, the instructions just said to paint the areas transparent red. That didn't look good enough to me, so I pulled some tail-light sprue from my box of left overs and made my own....only one so far. Lastly; I'm modifying the chassis. I don't like the "moulded-in" exhaust. So I'm shaving it off in favour of my own design. That is about all I've done so far, plan on little installments over the next year....
  2. Maaso


    I work Saturdays, usually nights from 3p-1a. I'm not going to promise I'll show up, but I will try. Probably can't stay long if I do stop by.
  3. Maaso


    SO where is it? What time? What all goes on, etc....
  4. Is that the steering wheel that was supplied with the kit? It looks a lot like the 73+ steering wheel....
  5. Maaso


    Cheney, and I might....might. I don't do too well in groups, plus I have a thick Irish accent and a raspy 200-year old smoker's voice; so most people can't understand me. Not to mention the few models I've built aren't worth showing off.
  6. I reached the limit of picture attachments on that post, so here are a few more...
  7. I guess I'll show off my old ZR2....I say old because I sold it not too long ago. It started life as a run-of-the mill '99 ZR2, aside from a few mods and bolt-ons it stayed relatively stock for a few years. Then around 140k the intake gasket went and flooded my engine with coolant. So like anyone who didn't want to spend $6500 for a replacement 4.3 crate engine....I built up a V8. ~98 model L31 5.7 "Vortec" engine, Scat forged bottom end, Mahle flat-top pistons, Comp Xtreme 4x4 cam. It came in around 388cui with ~10.5:1 compression. It made over 500lb-ft of torque from 1000-3500 RPM. It was my daily driver for about 8-months, it drove just like stock with the added benefit of being able to out-tow every full size truck in town.
  8. Maaso


    I'm from Kansas too, a small town a few miles West of Wichita....
  9. Well, I found this; so I at least know they exist....problem now is finding somebody that sells it.
  10. I know it seems every time my name pops up on these forums I'm asking for something instead of showing off my latest builds, and for that I apologize. Truth is I can't find anything I want to build.... So I've decided I might as well build a car to stock specs instead of trying to customize a non-existent kit to match which ever of my 1:1 cars I drove that day. So here is the list of cars I'd like to build, but can't find kits for anywhere. If anyone could post a link (preferably not to ebay, I hate that place) or even point me in the direction of where a person could find these kits. That is; if these kits exist - which might explain why I was unable to find them. Kit 1: Lotus Espirit, '93 to '04 body style (I'd really like a 96+ since they had the V8) Kit 2: Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary (I've found a few Countachs, just not the anniversary edition with the sporty cladding/wing) Kit 3: Lamborgini Diablo '90 - '98 (I haven't found a single Diablo kit anywhere!) Kit 4: Bugatti Veyron (Same thing, can't find a kit anywhere) Kit 5: Pagani Zonda (Found a few die cast, but no plastic) Thank you.
  11. I have a 96 regular cab with a 408...it's not magazine quality. But its about as reliable as a 24/7-365 daily driver can get. Being quicker than everyone on the street is cool too. But yeah, I was hoping somebody made a kit so I could have a little version of my truck.
  12. Is there anyone that makes older Dodge Dakotas? Like the years from 87-96? In 91 they switched to the rounded front-end, but anything from 87-96 will work. Thank you.
  13. Maaso

    good humor

    And here I was hoping you would have built Coal Chamber's ice cream truck.
  14. I can't see any pictures... Anywhoo, have you tried that VHT Ventshade stuff? It's a spray made for tinting tail lights on those ricer cars, so I'm sure it would work on a model.
  15. I was young and didn't care about anything, and my driving style reflected it. I grew up after paying almost 10 grand for the engine in the Camaro, and the blown engine in the ZR2 wasn't my fault. Believe it or not, neither the Syclone nor the Typhoon were that fast. They were quick, but my Camaro could run circles around them. They rated very high on the fun factor though.
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