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  1. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic JoHan Maverick Pro Stock Grabber   

    Again, this post has been very insightful and your knowledge of the Maverick is impressive.  A family member owned a tudor `70 Maverick that they would allow me to drive. It had the  200ci inline six, automatic trans, plaid bench seat, air and A.M. radio. It was GREAT on gas, outrageously RELIABLE and the cost of ownership was negotiable.  I have nothing but fond memories of that car...and that`s coming from a Chevy guy.
    As far as the 427 SOHC or BOSS 429 displacement being dropped into that  small very light body should have resulted in one hairy ride.
    As a Chevy guy I would compare this combinations of light body weight and high horsepower engine to the `69 Yenko 427 Nova.  In fact in one of the last interviews before he passed Don Yenko remarked to a close friend "In retrospect the `69 Yenko 427 Nova probably wasn't the safest car in the world. It was so fast (0-60 in 4 seconds) that in the hands of the inexperienced it was DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS....ALMOST LETHAL”.  And, a 427 SOHC or Boss 429 in the light weight Maverick would be DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS....ALMOST LETHAL.

    I am glad you decided to post this topic..it cleared up a lot of things for me...again thanks.
  2. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic JoHan Maverick Pro Stock Grabber   

    I am fourtunate enough to have both the Johan Maverick kits, the Stock/Drag car kit (box artwork has a "blue" Maverick) and the  drag car only  kit (box artwork has a "yellow" Maverick). However I never knew what year this kit represented. Many thanks for the insight and the info. The "Blue" box art Maverick certainly does have the stock interior, hood and inline six.
    I never noticed until now but if you look closely at the Stock/Drag Maverick kit (box artwork  has a "blue" Maverick) written in white letters running along the top edge of the passenger side fender is "429 Runnin` Free". Could it be that the V-8 in the Johan kit is representing a big block Ford Boss 429 engine.

  3. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic JoHan Maverick Pro Stock Grabber   

    So what year Maverick does the Johan kit represent '70...'71...'72???
  4. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic "The Jury" A Canadian Dealships Twist On Pontiac`s `70 G.T.O. "The Judge"   

    Thanks for the history lesson gentlemen...I`m always interested in expanding my knowledge base.
    Greg are`nt the two above pictures of  a  `68 California Specials. These limited addition cars were built at Ford's old San Jose assembly plant and sold only in California. It was a blend of  Ford and Shelby components. Included were a blacked-out grille with aftermarket fog lamps, fiberglass side scoops, side striping, fiberglass rear decklid, quarter panel caps and  taillights from the `68 Shelby.
  5. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic "The Jury" A Canadian Dealships Twist On Pontiac`s `70 G.T.O. "The Judge"   

    Yep...that is strange...but check the 5th photo from top and you will see it had bench seat and floor mounted 4 speed...go figure.

  6. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    "The Jury" A Canadian Dealships Twist On Pontiac`s `70 G.T.O. "The Judge"
    In 1970 Stampede Buick-Pontiac Motors in Alberta & Calgary Canada was trying to create a car that would hopefully bring people into his dealership in search of that unique car.  The idea that they could offer a hi-torque but lower-buck car that had the performance of a Judge without being a Judge.That special car was known as the "The Jury" option package. "The Jury" was  a special G.T.O. that was unique to the Canadian area. They ordered and sold 25 of these cars. They all where Palladium Silver with a blue interior and came with a 69' Judge rear deck spoiler. "The Jury" also featured a distinctively different graphic package from it`s sibling "The Judge". It had a flaming fireball with "The JURY" decal laid over a black and white bumblebee stripe, which around the rear quarter panel as well as down the drivers side of the hood. Twelve were of these special cars had M-21 4 speeds and bench seats. The remaining thirteen were turbo-hydromatics and bucket seats. Additionally, the cars came equipped with  350 CID engines, Safe-T-Track-differentials, 12 bolt performance rear end, Rally II wheels, red line tires, rosewood steering wheel, AM/FM radio, power steering and power disc-front breaks.


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  7. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    Top 10 G.M. Option Packages 1950-1970_ Chevrolet- Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac-Cadillac-GMC

    I thought I`d post this for giggles and grinds.
    If you are a General Motors fan give this list a quick eyeball.
    This list contains the top 10 G.M. option packages across the board at GM including Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, and even GMC. from 1950 to 1970.
    Of course like all these types of list there will be some you agree with and others you don`t  as well as those that you feel should have made the list.
    Hope you enjoy....I know I did.
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  8. 69NovaYenko added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    SS/RS Grill `67 Camaro
    First off I`m very please to see the newly tooled Special Edition Revell `67 Camaro SS kit. I`m also pleased to see it`s a 2 -N-1 kit allowing one to build a stock or race version of the car. My only disappointment is that Revell did not include the SS/RS grill..which in some ways would have made it a 3-N1 kit.
    Has any of the talented and resourceful aftermarket resin folks out there done or are planning to do a SS/RS grill for this  kit.                                                                                                      If so I`ll take four right off the bat.

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  9. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    Sixties-Seventies Performance Pontiac Dealerships-Canadian
    This post is a continuation of my earlier post “Sixties-Seventies Performance Pontiac Dealerships .”  I`ve been attempting to find out more about Pontiac dealerships that would allow anyone to walk off the street and get the dealer to installed speed goodies (headers/blueprinted engine /suspension etc.) and drive out in a dealer prepped street racer. Recently, I discovered a northern neighbor, Canada, not only had Pontiac high performance dealerships; they had their own models of high performance Tin Indian`s.
    Conroy Pontiac in Ontario & British Columbia Canada was the Canadian equivalent to the American Nickey, Yenko, Baldwin, Berger high performance Chevy dealerships. They were the  “go to” dealerships in Western Canada if you wanted the fastest car on the street.
    They were notorious for a number of Pontiac Supercar conversions, the `67 Pontiac Beaumont SD “Cheetah” with a 450 H.P. L-72 427 engine was one of them.
    Engine: 427ci/450hp L72 V-8
    Transmission: Muncie M20 4-speed manual
    Rearend: 12-bolt with Positraction
    Interior: Black vinyl front bucket seats
    Wheels: 15x6 front, 15x8 rear American Racing
    Tires: F70x15 front, G70x15 rear Uniroyal Tiger Paws
    Special parts: L72 Cheetah conversion done by Conroy Pontiac-Buick
    If anyone has additional info on Canadian performance dealerships or dealership supercars feel free to share.
    Thanks for looking and thanks in advance for sharing.
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  10. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Sixties-Seventies Performance Pontiac Dealerships   

    Thanks Greg Myers, SFan Goch,Ford Rod n Custom for the leads.
    Royal Pontiac has been the only Pontiac dealership I`ve heard of that would you allow  anyone to walk off the street and get the dealer to installed speed goodies (headers/blueprinted engine/ /suspension etc.) and drive out in a dealer prepped street racer. Never heard of Myrtle Motors of Queens, New York nor Mecham Pontiac of Glendale Az. Thanks again.
  11. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Sixties-Seventies Performance Pontiac Dealerships   

    Thanks for all the replies folks.
    What what I gather from the responses so far, these were all dealership sponsored straight up drag strip cars.
    However, were there any other Pontiac performance dealerships ,besides Royal Oaks, that prepped cars for high performance street application like Chevy`s Baldwin, Yenko, Nickey etc were doing at that time.
    And if so, are there any sought after Pontiac dealerships prepped cars like Chevy`s big block transplanted cars.
  12. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    Sixties-Seventies Performance Pontiac Dealerships
    Besides Royal Oaks Pontiac were there any other Pontiac performance dealerships. My web search tuned up only one other Pontiac Dealership and that was Conroy Pontiac in Ontario & British Columbia Canada. After all Chevy had a number of performance dealerships (Yenko/Nickey/Baldwin/Gibb/Harrell etc). And, are there any notable and highly sought after Pontiac dealerships prepped cars like Chevy`s big block transplanted 427 Camaro`s, Nova`s, Chevelle`s, Biscayne, Impalas, Vetts, and Corvairs. Additionally, why didn`t Pontiac participate in the COPO program; after all at that time they were a sub-division of General Motors. Were they the well behaved and obedient younger child of the family while Chevy was the rebellious, hell raising  first born.
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  13. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic detail engraving in hidden areas   

    Ditto...they do come in handy for diorama builds.
  14. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    My vote is for the Javelin; the 1968/1969 and the 1970 model years. The Javelin was a serious street, drag strip and Trans-Am racer in it`s day.
    The Javelin has been the long over looked "pony car" built by American Motors Corporation and is sorely over due for resurgence.
    True, there have been a few independent resin casters who have take a stab at resurrecting this AMC muscle car, but no major manufacturer has endeavored to put the full force of the talents and capabilities behind reissuing this subject in 1:25 kit form since the annuals issued by the now defunct Jo-Han models. Folks come on were talking 47 years ago. Everyone has concentrated on the Chevy, Ford and Mopar lineup. It would be a refreshing change of pace and see AMC represented once again in 1:25 scale. I truly hope Meobius takes this to heart and puts their talented forces to work and bring this long neglected classic muscle car subject to market.
    The `68 and `69 model years exterior sheet metal and glass were extremely close in appearance. The interior was very similar minor change depending on you opted for a base model or SST model. There were minor variances in the hood in `69 when AMC offered the “Go Package” along with an power plant upgrade from 209 cid to either a 390 cid . Also in `69 the aesthetically pleasing “Mod Package” included twin fiberglass (non-functional) hood scoops, fake side pipes and simulated fake side exhausts and Craig Breedlove roof spoiler. The "Magnum 500" wheels are correct factory options for 1968 thru `70 model years. 
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/Ads-Muscle Car/1968-amc-javelin-sst.jpg
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/Ads-Muscle Car/1969amc_javelin_red_big_bad_orange.jpg
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/68-70 Javeline/1920px-1969_AMC_Javelin_SST_pony_car_red99_1.jpg
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/68-70 Javeline/AMC_Javelin_1969_Craig_Breedlove_roof_spoiler_1.jpg
    It was the `70 model year that the "Power Blister Hood"made a dramatic change in Javelin`s appearance.  If you opted for the rarest of all Javelins, the  "Trans-Am" version it came equipped with tricolor paint, a Hurst four-speed, Ram-Air hood, spoilers, 140-mph speedometer, tach, power steering, front disc brakes, heavy-duty suspension and raised white-letter tires on the 500 Magnum-style wheels and rear deck spoiler..
    1970 Trans-Am
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/68-70 Javeline/1970.jpg
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/68-70 Javeline/70jav2-rear_1.jpg
    If you opted for the Trans Am racer Mark Donohue signature edition model you got the “Duck Tail Spoiler”.
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/68-70 Javeline/1970 Javelin Ad-03_1.jpg
    Just LOVE these vintage Javelin ads:
    69 Javelin fully opted out:
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/68-70 Javeline/1969 Javelin Ad-01.jpg
    They were very serious about their racing:
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/68-70 Javeline/PublicidadJavelin1969.jpg
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/68-70 Javeline/68jav.jpg
    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/68-70 Javeline/1970 Javelin Ad-01_1.jpg
  15. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Kit Bashing - The Art of Rivet Counting   

    First off CONGRADULATIONS AFX on having one of my projects selected to be to offer as a kit, it`s certainly a testament to your model mastering skills.
    I also concur that constructive criticism is one thing but nit- picking, rivet counting, manufacture bashing is another. It is truly unfortunate if the model companies have discontinued their participation on the modeling forums because of the rude, childish responses of some (not all) forum participants. However, it is evident that they have occasionally listened to request of the modeling community which is apparent because of the  “new” issues I`ve seen of late.  It`s refreshing to have new subjects kitted and not have to be content with the same old re-pops.
    There are numerous challenges to overcome when replicating a 1:1 subject in 1:25 scale that have to be taken into consideration. Additionally, one has to consider the “Business Process” variables that are in play when bring a “new” kit to market (allotted budget, available mastering/tooling skills, manufacturing timelines, projected sale etc. ).  When one takes into account all the above I fell a number of kit manufactures as well as after-market resin caters do a great job (IMHO).
    True, many modelers are on target with “some” of their observations. But, the incisively whining and over the top criticisms is a bit too much. As Ace Garage Guy pointed out “criticisms of kit flaws usually start out as polite pointing-out of a fairly visible inaccuracy, backed by a credible reference or extensive first-hand experience with the subject.” Then come the folks that want to pile on; like sharks that get the scent of blood in the water. I`m not discouraging criticism but lets be respectful and civil with our critiques. 
    It`s certainly reasonable to have expectations that instantly visible proportions and dimensions should be portrayed accurately in scale so the kit TRULY looks like its 1:1 counterpart.  We buy the kits because we want to build fairly accurate depiction of certain 1:1 subject matter.  If the rumors are true, possibly overseas out-sourcing of the mastering/tooling could be part of the problem; because they do not have extensive first-hand experience with the subject..but that's purely speculation on my part.
    However, following today's business model manufactures’ should duly make note of the flaws that knowledgeable people point out and make the required corrections with the next project. This business process is called “Continues Improvement”. “Continues Improvement” is one of the major building blocks that make a company viable in today's business world. In theory the mistakes should rapidly become fewer and fewer as they move forward with new releases. This methodology should hold true, particularly when one factors I the escalating cost of kits.
    However, for those that are not as meticulous, posses a less discerning eye, find the scale-infidelities less bothersome or have the skills to make the necessary corrective changes then press forward and purchase the kit. True, we should not have to make in the field alteration of their mistakes but, as my 1st Sergeant would say “Yeep...the brass have screwed the pooch again, but it`s up to us to make it work inspite of it all...so adapt and overcome soldier”.  For those that find the discrepancies intolerable may I suggest they pass on that kit and wait for the next new release.