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  1. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    Racer Movers-Race Car Transports
    While researching something else I stumbled across this interesting article. The Ferrari transport is certainly an unusual looking car hauler. So, I thought I`d share it because it might be of interest to others or possibly an inspiration to someone  of a build.

    Race Car transporters were like working folk in coveralls: seen but rarely noticed. Then suddenly, like the secretary in old movies who removes her glasses and wows her boss, old transporters started turning collectors’ heads.
    Transporters didn’t begin to appear in numbers until the mid-1950s, when race cars became too specialized to drive to tracks. In the 1930s, Enzo Ferrari used ordinary trucks to move the Alfa Romeo team’s race cars, so it was no surprise that for his own team he used Fiat transporters.
    Like old race cars, transporters were discarded. Mercedes-Benz was probably the first to cherish its racing history, but that did not extend to The Blue Wonder, a carrier powered by a 300SL engine and designed to speed a race car to its destination at up to 100 mph.
    The Ferrari transporters, in relatively good condition, were the first to attract collectors. Then, collector Dick Skipworth bought and restored the Ecurie Ecosse Commer to complement his stunning blue team Jaguars.
    At Goodwood, Skipworth said he was going to the States to buy the most storied transporter of all “before the Yanks find out what they have.” But vintage racer, collector and hot rod savior Don Orosco overheard the remark and beat him to it. In 2008, some two years and $600,000 later, Orosco appeared in Monterey, California, with his two Scarab Formula cars and Scarab sports car on the restored eight-wheel Fiat transporter, resplendent in Scarab livery.
    The Fiat truck platform began service as the Maserati F1 team transporter in the mid-1950s. It later contested the 1960 Formula 1 season in the blue livery of American Lance Reventlow’s Scarab team. When he took his outdated cars home, Carroll Shelby bought the truck to support his Cobras in their successful European episode.
    Others whose colors had decorated the Fiat included Lotus, Alan Mann (Ford GT40s), JCB Equipment and David Piper. Piper put it to use with Steve McQueen while filming LeMans in 1970. During restoration, Orosco’s paint team counted seven liveries.
    Transporters took another move into the spotlight when Lawrence Auriana celebrated Maserati’s 100th year by bringing his Fiat-based Maserati transporter to the 2014 Monterey Historics. Suddenly, it was 1957 and Fangio was winning the World Championship in the legendary 250F.
    Yes, the race transporter has arrived. And don't be surprised if you begin to see them displayed at concours around the country.
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  2. 69NovaYenko added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Replicating Body Side Marker Lights How 2: Suggestioins Anyone
    After putting in a substantial amount of time and effort to sand, putty, prime and shoot several color coats in an effort to execute a flawless paint and body work on my projects I always seem to struggle with those darn body side  marker lights. Provided I have managed not to bury the detail throughout the sanding, priming and color coat phase. They are small detail in 1/25 scale that masking and brush painting is challenging at best. I have botched several great paint jobs attempting to replicate this tiny detail. And, God forbid please don`t let the pesky little buggers be round instead of rectangle...that`s a whole different can of worms. I`m inquiring to see how others have addressed this issue. Of course I could just ignore them but that would not be replicating the cars faithfully nor growing my skill set.
    P.S. How do you replica Amber (basely yellow) side masker lights on a yellow car body or Red side markers on a red car body? The brushed in marker lights just seem to blend into the background not pop and stand out as they should.
    Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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  3. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic 'Joker Goon Car' kit - built as a rust bucket '77 Monaco   

    It looks darn good for a 70ties car that has managed to survive the harsh winters and  been on the salty roads in my part of the world until 2016. I have seen some were the entire lower rocker panel beneath the doors is totally gone along with a third of the outer skin of the door and fender sheet metal. I`ve seen silver duct tape holding the outer skin of body panels sheet metal in place to keep it from flapping in the breeze as it goes down the road. They call my part of the world the "rust belt" for a reason...lol.
    I think it looks good; it just a matter of how ratty you want it to look..it`s a matter of personal taste.
  4. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    I agree the 69 Firebird Trans -Am is a good idea.
    I`d truly like to see a 1/25 scale `70 Cuda "AAR" (street version) spin-off from their newly tooled `70 Cuda kit...please..please..please. I mentioned this back when the `70 Cuda was initially released. There was talk about a Sox & Martin drag car as the followup; with the "AAR" to follow close behind.   However, it has yet to  appear..I truly hope Revell will follow though on that one!!!
    The other cars on that hand written list that I would absolutely LOVE to build would be a newly tooled `70 Chevelle SS LS-6 car. Both the AMT "Red Alert/Jack Reacher" and Revell snap were older per-eighties castings and had a number of short-comings and are well over 20 + years old. The `70 Chevelle is one of those iconic muscle cars that deserves to FINALLY be done right with a fresh tooling and current state-of the art chassis/engine/interior detail upgrades. The other car from that list that falls in the same category is the `69 Pontiac G.T.O Judge. The recently reissued of MPC`s Arnie Beswick funny car just does not get it. The older Monogram 1/24 was marginally OK but it was not done in 1:25 scale.  There has not been a 1:25 "stock" version of this subject since the MPC kit issued that same year. A fresh tooling with current state-of the art chassis/engine/interior detail upgrades is long over due  as well.
    The `70 El Camino SS also is one of those Holy Grail of  the vintage American muscles car era. To the best of my recall this iconic car/truck has only been available to the car hobbyist as a 1:18 die-cast. Most likely the Revell `66 El Camino 2 N 1 kit could be a good starting point for this kit. And, if they do a fresh tool of the `70 Chevelle there should be a substantial carry over between the `70 Chevelle SS and `70 El Camaro.
    Even though I`m supportive of a new `69 Pontiac Trans-Am car I`m more in favor of a  `70 Pontiac Trans-Am over the `69. The `70 Trans-Am hasn't been offered sine it original release in 1970 by MPC...that's forty six years ago. 
  5. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic TRULY RAREST OF THE RARE 1/25 MUSCLE CAR KITS OF ALL TIME   

    My short list encompasses the following kits:
    01) JOHAN `68, `69 & `70 JAVELIN (An absolute number one draft pick)
    02) MPC `69 GTO “Judge” Hardtop (not this funny reissue BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH)
    03) MPC `70 Firebird Trans-Am (Please..please..please bring it back someone)
    04) MPC 70 Camaro (with the FULL BUMPER  please..please..please)
    05) JOHAN `69 GTX
    06) JOHAN `70 AMX
    07) JOHAN `68 OLDS 442
    08) JOHAN `69 & '70 Rebel
    09) MPC`69 Coronet R/T
    10) MPC `70 Mustang 2 N 1 (orginally kite with 302 Boss or 428 Corba-Jet...would love to see it refitted with a 302 Boss and 429 Boss engine option)
    11) MPC `69 Mustang 2 N 1 (351 Cleveland or 428 Cobra Jet)
    12) MPC Charger R/T
  6. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Quick hello, from Canada   

    Greetings Lloyd. Very nice work...hope you post more of your projects.
  7. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic `67 Camaro SS 396-Revell   

    No its not you, I accidentally flipped the image around when loading files...oooppps!
  8. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic `67 Camaro SS 396-Revell   

    Thank you for the kind remarks.
    The firewall was done with "detailing wire" from Detail Master DM-1102  the package says .0075 diameter. Got it in several different colors from them a number of years ago...not sure if they still carry it.
  9. 69NovaYenko added a topic in How To Use This Board   

    Posting Images To Forum-Problem
    Read the thread on how to post photos. And, I so happen use Photobucket as the hosting site for my images. I have followed the post instructions on how to 2 do it.

    Click on "Share" and you get this:

    Click on the info in the "IMG" box (I circled it here in red)... when you click on that, it will turn yellow, which means you have copied it.
    Now just paste that info into your post here. You will see the link to your photo appear in your post. Once you actually post, we will all see the photo you linked to.
    However, I found I`m able to post SOME images from the hosting site while others just appear in the post as a broken photo frame (as implying they are corrupted or too large). I couldn`t be that the resolution the image files posted on Photobucket (300dpi)  are to large because I would not be able to get any of them to load on the forum. Ant suggestions on what I`m doing wrong? 
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  10. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic TESTING   

    http://http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/69 Plymouth GTX-JoHan Promo/DSC_0041.jpg
  11. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic `67 Camaro SS 396-Revell   

    http://http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/67Camaro-Revell-/DSC_0272 copy.jpg
  12. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic `67 Camaro SS 396-Revell   

    A few more shots of the finished project.

    http://http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/67Camaro-Revell-/DSC_0279 copy.jpg
  13. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic `67 Camaro SS 396-Revell   

    Thanks for the kind word everyone. This is my first time posting any of my finished projects. I`m contemplating doing the Revell `67 NICKEY Camaro as my next project. But, I have to many half finished and stalled projects laying around gathering dust or taking up precious workbench space. So, I think I will get those done before I start anything new. Thanks for looking.
  14. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic `67 Camaro SS 396-Revell   

    http://http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y207/454chevelle/67Camaro-Revell-/DSC_0272 copy.jpg
  15. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic `67 Camaro SS 396-Revell   

    Revell incorrectly kitted the `67 Camaro with multi-leaf  springs. The `67 Camaro was fielded with a single leaf which resulted in excessive rear wheel hop under heavy acceleration; however the next model year 1968 this issue was resolved by incorporating a multi-leaf spring setup. This was easily corrected with a sanding stick; turning the mutli-leaf springs into a single leaf spring. Note photo with leaf spring modification.
    Also, contributing to the rear wheel hop issues was Chevy`s engineers decision to mount both rear shocks forwarded of the rear axle.  In 1968 they corrected this problem by staggering one shock forward and one shock aft the rear axle. However, in 1967 a number of Camaro owners resolved this issue through the addition of slap style traction bars. I sourced a nice pair of resin cast Lakewood style slap traction bars from the Revell Monogram `70 Ford Torino GT Pro-Modler kit and give them a splash of Tamiya flat yellow.

    We also sourced the steering column mounted tach from the Revell `69 Daytona 2-N-1 Pro-Modler kit. I also enhanced the appearance of the dash and center console with Keith Marks `67 Camaro decal set by adding air vents, gauges, in-dash radio and Camaro scripts. Additionally, I mounted an 8-track player to the top of the center console courtesy of Replica & Miniatures of Maryland `67 Deluxe Interior Package kit to give the interior a true sixties vibe.

    I opted to use a Morgan Automotive Detail pre-wired distributor for the engine

    and  I also did some minor firewall wiring.

    I took a moment to enhance the chassis detail by pulling out the engraved fuel and break lines as well as the muffler hangers brackets with a Prismacolor metallic silver art pencil.

    I also used a black wash on the "Fly-eye" style air cleaner to bring out the very meticulous engraving Revell did on the piece. Additional items like  photo-etched radiator cap and battery terminals from Detail Master were used to enhance the engine bay appearance. Era correct "Chevy #1" decals on the valve covers, "Delco" battery logo and fan shroud "Caution" logos were conveniently supplied by the Revell kitted decal sheet.

    Thanks for looking. Your questions, comments and critiques are welcomed.