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  1. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic The Javelin & Other AMC Muscle Cars   

    I know someone that has a Flintstone '70 Javelin that they picked up several years ago. The one they have is cast in a very..very thick, very..very dense, very..very heavy resin.  I'm not bashing the Flintstone piece  but stating the quality of the body I saw.  It certainly was not a crisp clean thin casting that you would get from other resin casters i.e. Missing Link/Modelhause etc or manufactures like Möbius, Revell but; I guess it's better than having nothing. 
    Again I'm not bashing anyone or their products....I'm just saying😁
  2. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Moebius - Now that the Comet is out, What's Next   

    While  I would prefer to see a stock '70 Javelin SST with a Mark Donahue build option I could can certainly see myself being agreeable to your suggestion. The first release would be a straight factory stock kit with some drag accessories for us stock/drag builders and a second kit that is a full tilt Trans-Am car with roll cage etc for the hardcore road racing crowd. 😎
    Between the two kit variants the build options (stock/strip/road race) would be endless!
  3. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic The Javelin & Other AMC Muscle Cars   

    Sweet Jesus...that`s a VERY good looking early-seventies Javelin!
  4. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic The Javelin & Other AMC Muscle Cars   

    Ohhh...how could I ever forget the vacuum wipers. The lower the r.p.m. the slower they operated...which was not a good thing in a heavy downpour. If I cold get my hands on another Javelin now I would have to change that wiper motor over to an electrical one!!!
    My sister`s brother-In-law owned a `68 AMX after he got read of his 67 GTO; he was the one who turned me on to AMC cars. He was such an advote AMC enthusiust that the guys on the street nickednamed him "Captain America!" Lol
  5. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    The Javelin & Other AMC Muscle Cars
    The AMC 1:1 car muscle cars were grossly underestimated and undervalued in their time. There were several guys that raced them locally. Thanks to AMC`s "You are driving your granddaddies car” persona they surprised a substantial number of the Mopar, Chevy and Ford crowd around town. Not only did they whip a lot of butts they took a LOT of cash out of the pockets of unsuspecting and overconfident competitors.  LOL Of the group there was a guy named mike that drove a stripped down bearly street legal `69 Rambler S/C Scrambler.  With its compact light body and big block powerplant, that car was more than fast...it was downright FRIGHTENING and SCARRY QUICK!
    I know this to be true because I was one of two dozen or more local AMC drivers back in the day. I street raced a 390 SST Javelin equipped with the "Go-package" option. The factory-approved "Group 19" dealer-installed performance accessories included among others, dual four-barrel cross-ram intake manifolds, high-performance camshaft kits, needle-bearing roller rocker arms, and dual-point ignition and a few additional over the counter aftermarket go fast goodies. Even racing driver Gordon Johncock said the Javelin had "A nice, all-around blend of features", that it "stacks up as a roomy, comfortable, quick and handsome example of a so-called "pony car" and that after his road test he "wanted to take it home.
    I truly desire to replicate my beloved Javelin. The 1971 Hornet S/C is another AMC model that, has been neglected by the 1:25 scale model companies. In fact, I do believe Jo-Han only offered it as a funny car kit with NO STOCK build option, unfortunately. :-(
    In the past 43 years why hasn’t any mainstream model or resin caster taken on these AMC cars in 1/25 scale since Jo-Han original offering in 1967-1974.  Does Jo-Han have a "for a from here to eternity" copyright lock on this subject matter?  I am certain that I`m not the only modeler out there that would relish the opportunity to build several of the AMC muscle cars. 
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  6. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Only 18 Percent Of Americans Can Drive Manual. :(   

    I have no issues with those individuals that enjoy a manual. However, the 25 minute stop and go highway traffic I encounter going to and from work on daily basics is my reason I do not enjoy manual shift cars.
  7. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Only 18 Percent Of Americans Can Drive Manual. :(   

    I learned to drive my buddies 3 speed in the column Ford Econoline van the mid 70ties when I was living in New Orleans...and truth be told I wasn`t that good at it.  Have not been near a stick since then and that was is about 49 +++ years ago. One of my closest friend LOVES driving sticks. He just purchased a 2016  Toyota Mark X and loves it. But, in my circles of friends, he is the ONLY one that drives a stick.
  8. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Moebius - Now that the Comet is out, What's Next   

    There are a number of good ideas represented however, I truly strongly desire that Moebius would keep a promise they made several years ago  of reissuing some of the AMC (American Motors Cars) kits.
    There haven't been any 1/25 offerings of the `68 thru`70 Javelin since the were original casting by the long defunct Jo-Han models. I passionately wish to see the ``68 and `70 Javelin model years reissued.  Hopefully, the `70 Javelin will include an SST  "Mark Donohue" build option with the rear deck and front chin spoilers.
    The `71 AMC Hornet S/C/360 would also be nice.
  9. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic "Mod Top" Water Slide Decals   

  10. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic "Mod Top" Water Slide Decals   

    Thanks for the response..I`ll follow up on both these leads.
    By chance do you recall who the e-bay seller was?
  11. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Houndstooth Interior   

    Thanks for all the responses..had no idea the material was the frequently used.
  12. 69NovaYenko added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    "Mod Top" Water Slide Decals
    I vividly recall someone was offering 1:25 "Mod Top" water slide decals. For the life of me, I cannot recall who it was. I`ve Googled search and could not come up with anything. Of course, they may not longer be making them. Can anyone give possible leads on this?
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  13. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Houndstooth Interior   

    Your kinding...I certainly didn`t know that factoid. Thanks for the reply.
  14. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    Houndstooth Interior
    Was just curious, beyond the  `69 Chevy Camaro what other years and cars models offered a "Houndstooth" patterned as an interior option. 

    Hoping this forums collective memory could provide me with an answer.
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  15. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Chevy Big Block 454 L-S 6   

    Would pefere the LS6 induction system, including the air cleaner.