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  1. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic This could provide a more durable chrome finish than alclad...   

    No need to clear coat...hummm..I think I`ll try it out. Thanks Harry P.
  2. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic This could provide a more durable chrome finish than alclad...   

    Can Spaz-Stix Mirror Chrome be clear coated without it dulling or affecting the chrome finish or shine? My experience with Alclad is that you can get a good chrome finish out of it  but; if it is not clear coated it susceptible to fingering or handling. However, clear coating appears to diminish the chrome like shine.  To clear coat ALcdad I`ve tried Future  (dipping) and Tamiya clear (airbrushing) and the results were fair at best.
  3. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Pinto Wagon Street Freak/ Gasser Showcar   

    I like the direction this built is going in...I`ll be following this one.
  4. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    Revell issuing `a `70 Cuda AAR,  `70 El Camino,  and a 1/25 `70 Chevelle L-S6 to replace the ancient  1/24 Chevelle kit.
  5. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Scalefinishes: Compatiable Clearcoat   

    The "2 Easy Clear" bottles had the same type of seal that the color coat had. 
    I have purchased his color coat product numerous times and have yet to have an issue with it drying in the bottle. My suspicion is that the "2 Easy Clear" one-ounce bottle is only 1/5th full; hence there is a substantial amount of air trapped in the bottle. I believe e the trapped air is the culprit for the clear coat drying in the bottle.  Perhaps smaller bottle (which will result in a lesser amount of trapped air) might solve the problem. IMHO.
    But as I said I`m not looking to criticise or bash Scalefinishes...they make a fine product and I will continue to purchase product from them. I`m  just looking for another alternative to their "2 Easy Clear" so I can avoid the issues.
  6. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Scalefinishes: Compatiable Clearcoat   

    Yes, he said that this was common and he would send replacements.
  7. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Scalefinishes: Compatiable Clearcoat   

    Thanks for all the replies and suggestions!  I just want to take a moment to let others know the final outcome.
    I opted to follow BigTallDads suggestion:
    It turned out nicely. Thank`s Ray for the advice as well everyone else that responded. I will experiment with the other suggestions on a few of my junk bodies to see how they work out as well.
  8. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Scalefinishes: Compatiable Clearcoat   

    Well, folks, the whole story goes like this.
    Recently, I ordered three  sets of “2 Easy Clear” clear-coat from Scalefinishes; which consist of a "Part A" & a "Part B".  Several nights ago I opened “Bottle B” and discovered the contents had dried in the bottle ; in fact, the brass BB`s was stuck to the sidewall of the bottle. 

    I have sent an e-mail to Jameston but have yet to get a reply. I realize this is not his primary gig and he a pretty busy guy.  However, I went back and looked on your web-site and noticed the “2Easy Clear” was no longer listed. So in frustration, I did a test pass of Tamiya Clear TS-13.  So since he is no longer listing a clear coat I`m looking for other viable options.
    Please note I am not bashing Sclaefinishes..they make a GREAT product.  I`m just looking for a resolution to this issue.
  9. 69NovaYenko added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Scalefinishes: Compatiable Clearcoat
    Finished top coating the body of my project with Scalefinishe`s. It turned out great. I wish to clear-coat the body now that I have applied my decals. my better judgement told me to do a test pass of Tamiya Clear TS-13 on a scrap piece that was shot with the same paint.
    MAN ,I`m I glad it followed my fist mind...the Tamiya went on nicely but twenty minutes later when I returned the Tamiya had quazer the color coat... badly I might add.
    Can anyone suggest a clear coat that will play NICELY with Sclaefinish. 
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  10. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Need: Skinny Front tires for my Pro-Stock - FOUND   

    Do you know of an aftermarket source for Front Runners?
  11. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic And he'z BACK!!!!!!!!   

    That's GREAT news..thanks for sharing the info!!!!
  12. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic "Quarter Million Quarter Mile" Sixties East Coast Street Racers   

    Thanks for the assist Ace & Mark. I was given a tease of the story but never told who won. I finally had a chance to read the story in its entirety. All, I have to say is the T.V. show "Street Outlaws" racers have nothing on those old school east coast street racers......just saying.
  13. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    "Quarter Million Quarter Mile" Sixties East Coast Street Racers
    In the 2011 “Fast and Furious 5” there is a scene in which Dominic Toretto and three of his street racing crew (Roman Pearce, Hen, Brian O`Conner) decide to have a stop light to stop light quarter mile race for a million dollars.
    However, art imitates life. Around 1968 there was actually an east coast  “street race” for a quarter million dollars. Magazine editor Tony DeFeo published the story in Cars Magazine. It is said that the story may have appeared in a 1986 issue.  DeFeo titled this legendary street race the "Quarter Million Quarter Mile." DeFeo knew an ex-street racer and speed shop owner who originally told him about the race. The story published in Cars Magazine basically quotes what speed shop owner told DeFeo.
    Supposedly, the way the story goes is that during the last sixties there was a bitter rivalry between Newark New Jersey and Brooklyn New York street racers. The “Mutt Brothers” (Newark street racers) would consistently come over to Brooklyn and kick the butts of the Brooklyn street racers; they'd take their money and make them look bad on our own turf.
    After a period it was decided by both sides that the issue of who was king of the east coast street racers needed to be resolved. So eventually, it came down to one run between the two cars Newark’s “Mutt Brothers” with Ronald Lyles their star driver most likely have been behind the wheel and Brooklyn`s "Super John" McFadden. The stakes were high; each side put up  $125,000, for a quarter million buck purse; winner takes all. Now remember, we're talking 1968 bucks here. According to my calculations, that would be well over  $6,977,140 in 2016 dollars!!!
    My question is, is anyone familiar with the "Cars Magazine" article, does anyone have a copy of the article or by chance familiar with this story? 
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  14. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic 427 Ford SOHC engine source   

    Could a blue tinted water slide decal imprinted with the appropriate number of fins, FMCO logo and 427 SOHC  script be used resolve the issue...just throwing that out into the universe as a thought.
  15. 69NovaYenko added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Photo-etched set for Dodge Charger
    Is there a photo-etched set for the sixty era Dodge Charger?
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