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  1. I like the way this is coming along..I`ll have to follow this build! P.S. By the way is this your inspiration of this build.... https://www.thedrive.com/news/29379/dodge-charger-daytona-pickup-truck-rendering-fulfills-our-wildest-muscle-car-fantasies
  2. Is there a kitted deep sump oil pan for the 426 Hemi?
  3. Freaking outstanding build!
  4. My finale Jeopardy answer is "What is Grotto Blue Metallic, Alex." 1968 Camaro Paint Charts and Codes
  5. A 1969 428 CJ sounds like an interesting and intriguing project! I`ll be following this one. BTW is that the AMT `69 Mustang kit you are build from?
  6. After watching several of the car restoration TV shows I noticed that when the body goes to paint it was wiped down with a "'anti-static" solution or wipe to ensure the body is free of all contaminates and dust before shooting any paint. Are there any auto-body 'anti-static" products that could be employed in the 1:25 world to ensure the body is free of contaminates and dust before shooting any primer or color coats. What are your best practices to ensure a clean dust free surface before priming or laying down a color coat.
  7. 69NovaYenko

    Crager rims

    The best detailed ones I`ve run across were kitted in the AMT Baldwin Motion 70 1/2 Camaro. Hopefully, you can score a set from that kit. Just an FYI.
  8. Are the decals your looking from this kit.
  9. That sounds encouraging...the few Jo-Han kits I have did not come with the windshield wash bags as kit part. If you have a spear one that I could use as as master I`d be open to some type of trade for it.
  10. I`m certain a few of you recall the days of windshield wash bags and bottles. Is there an aftermarket source for 60ties style windshield wash bags and wash fluid bottles.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I just might table this one and opt for the SMH Resin kit. I only wished the hood was separate. Most likely it was mastered from a promo. But, its a far sight better than what I currently working with.
  12. I acquired mine at a garage sale for $1.00. At the time it seem like a good deal but the more I look at it I`m not sure. You say you have seen them on eBay for $400 & $700..sweet Jesus that's so over the top for a kit! Just curious what did the Modelhaus conversion include? And, what were the challenges that you encountered with converting the `69 to a `68?
  13. I`ve done some parliamentary fitting. Overall the AMT `69 seems a tad wide than the Johan `68. The chassis and interior tub from the `69 AMT 442 thought a tad snug will fit the `68 body. The windshield with some finagling will fit as well. However there is no door side vent glass..so you will have to source that from elsewhere. You are correct the Johan `68 for some odd reason is missing the radiator brace detail (could be because of the funny car build option) and the `69 AMT car will provide that missing assembly. I hadn't thought of swooping out the cowl assembly, but that might be a good idea. It certainly has more refined cowl vent detail as well as windshield wipers. The molded in tabs that Johan uses for the hood hinges will have to be removed from the Johan hood are the `69 cowl will have to be modified to accommodate the tabs. Hopefully, this advance reconnaissance report will help when you start your build. :-)
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