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  1. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Cuban Chrome   

    I was the ad on TV. for the show.
    I cant wait until it airs.
    I certain they will be some amazing cars featured.
  2. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Cuban Chrome   

    I was the T.V. ads for the show. Can`t wait until it airs.
    I sure there they are going to feature some great cars on the show.
  3. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Limited Edition Sixties Style Hot Rods, Expressions of Intersest   

    I just love "Lead Sleds" any lead sled and low riders. But to be more specific any 40ties thru `50ties era Chevy`s and Merc`s. As long as is low, custom and cool. A number of the `60ties thru `70ties low riders a also bitchin`. But ,I have a soft spot the classic lines of a customized Chevy`s and Merc`s.
  4. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic 1967 Impala SS 427 "Baldwin Motion"   

    Love what your doing with it, keep up the great work......
  5. 69NovaYenko added a topic in Wanted!   

    `70 AMC Javelin
    Looking for a stock `70 Javelin or a `70 Mark Donohue Trans Am version.
    A Jimmy Flintstones Trans Am version would be of interest as well.

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  6. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic It doesn't make any sense   

    Ditto to both comments.
    Parts are hard to next to impossible to locate, very costly to restore ven if you have the skill and tools to do such.
    To folks in the scrap-metal business it`s just another fist full of dollars in parts.
    And, unfourtunatly it`s a "four door"; which is not the most sort after restoration project in the eyes of many.
  7. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    Sources for 4 and 6 clyinder engines
    It is rare to find a kitted or resin four or six cylinder engine. In general the lowly four and six cylinder engine are mostly overlooked by kit manufacture’s and builders. Now, don`t get me wrong, you can't beat a V-8 power plant for hi-performance, but I have a soft spot of the often overlooked four and six cylinder block; particularly the `60 thru `70 era power plants. They were durable and exceedingly reliable not to mention fuel efficient (long before fuel efficiency was the rage). In fact I recall from my youth a number of neighbors, friends and family members had four and six cylinders not V-8 power plants in their vehicles.

    These cars are what I lovingly call "Mainstreamers". Thats because, the mainstream of the community cars were powered by four and 6 cylinder engines; not big block 396, 427, 428, 429, 454, 455 or 426 Hemi`s. Growing up most V-8 cars I commonly was were the small block 250, 265, 283, 289, 255, 260, 273, 290, 318, 302, 305, 327, 340, 360, 350, 351, 383, 390 etc. cars. In my book, these small V-8 engine displacement cars also fall in the "mainstreamer" category.

    I would like to put together a resource list for `60 thru `70 era four and six cylinder power plants for those who may want to build a 4 or 6 cylinder "Mainstreamer" car.

    Even thought I never seen it, I heard the Galaxy `48 Chevy kits have an excellent inline 6 with some great Wayne speed equipment. Also, I heard AMT's Deora kit has a slant 6. A current post on this forum mentions Model Car World & Replica & Miniatures of Maryland being good sources for Chevy six cylinder engines.

    Can anyone add to this resource list for Chevy, Ford, AMC, Mopar inline/slant six engines...even V-6 engines for that matter. Just as long as its a six or four cylinder engine. Also, are there any sources for speed equipment for the four and six cylinder power plants.
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  8. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic Chevy 292 L6 inline 6 custom motor WIP   

    It`s GREAT to see a six cylinder featured for a change.
    I`ll be following this post for sure.
    Hope you post mode soon.
  9. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic 2'n 1 kits good or bad?   

    That`s a bitching idea. A series of kits featuring `60-`70 era Muscle Car Dealership (Randall Motors AMC/Dana Chevy /Mr Norms Dodge /Tasca Ford etc)prepped cars matter which could also be built as stock. Revell is kinda doing this with it Baldwin Motion and Don Yenko kits.

    I have an AMT-ETRL kit of the `66 Ford Fairlane GT-GTA . It had a single big block Ford 390 engine, but you had two tranny build options. You could build the car with Fords 4 speed tranny (the linkage as a separate piece from the tranny) and have the Fairlane GT version or opt for the C-6 automatic and build the GTA version.

    An A/C units would be nice as well as bench seat & buckets/console build options.
  10. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic 2'n 1 kits good or bad?   

    I fondly remember and loved the earlier 3-1 kits because, they gave the modeler multiple build options.
    I certainly would love to to see multiple build option kit resurface. In fact AMT`s `64 Impala was a 2 in 1 "stock" and "low rider" kit and it was reasonably priced and is still a highly sort after kit.

    Ace-Garageguy and Disabled Modeler are correct the extras parts one decides not to use are an incentive to buy another kit to use them on and that is good for business specially these days. And, in response to those who say that it will drive up Disable Modeler hit the nail squarely on the head when he stated "Costs of kits will always go up." Weather they release a single model kit or a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 kit.

    In today's market hobbits most likely would opt for a Stock/Pro-Touring/Low-Rider 3 in 1 optioned kit. Or, a Stock/Drag/Street machine 3 in 1 optioned kit.
    Like Ford Guy I love having a choice of race and custom parts like wheels tires, and headers/manifolds, intake/carbs, shifters, steering wheels, hood scoops etc.

  11. 69NovaYenko added a topic in General   

    `55 Chevy Sedan150 Gasser "WelderUp"..a little something for you gasser lovers
    I have always been a fan of 60-70ties muscle cars. Gassers are OK but were not my passion. That said, I recently I caught a show on cable called "Vegas Rat Rods".

    In features the builds of Steve Darnell and his crew at Welderup fabrication; their specialty is building custom "Rat Rods".
    However, what caught my eye was one of the personally rides Darnell owns (among several Rat Rods) was a `55 Chevy Sedan150 Gasser called "WelderUp".

    For those of you who love the 50-60ties era Gassers this one is truly a knod to that era. I love this one
    because its authentic touches – like the quick-change rear end – hark back to days spent at the drag races when you might need to change ratios between runs. Steve Darnell and his team have been doing this long enough to know why it’s there rather than just bolting it on because they saw somebody else do it. The same goes for the pie crust slicks: low pressure for traction. You can imagine the white wall crinkling up as the wheel tries to rotate inside it; the Wieand-blown V8 throwing the power to the rear; the weight transfer making the skinny fronts giggle as they momentarily lift off the ground. But, this isnt a straight-up gasser tribite...its been tweaked up to 10+ on the dial and has hints of Hot Wheels about it.

    I thought I would post a few pictures of it for you Gasser lovers out there...hopefully it can provides some great ideas for your next Gasser build.

    I have move photos of WelderUp in my photobucket

    Hope you enjoy.

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  12. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic AMT M&H Racemaster Dragster Slicks & Parts Pack Tires   

    I have purchased several sets of AMT`s pad printed "Goodyear Polygls GT" F60x15 and have been very please with them.
    I have also seen the Goodyear "Blue Streak Dragway Special" 9.00x15 Drag Slicks at my LHS.

    I have not been able to catch up with a set of the AMT PP013, Muscle Car "Red Line" Tires, which are due due March 2015, so far but I hope they are a s nice as the Goodyear Ployglas tire set.
    Will there be a more "Treaded STREET" tires (not drag strip slicks) coming?
    To compliment the Muscle Car "Red Line" tires will there be a Muscle Car "Gold Line" tire set

    and a Muscle Car "Blue Line" tire set?

  13. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic '70 Chevelle kit - Revell vs. AMT   

    I stumbled upon a YouTube video review/comparison of AMT v.s. Revell Snap-Tite '70 Chevelle SS 454 kits.


    Hope this helps.
    Also, I have the AMT Jack Reacher '70 Chevelle kit.
    Even though I`m partial to Revell kits I have to admit the AMT kit has a great set of pad printed white lettered Goodyear GT Polyglass GT L60 x 15 tires.
  14. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic What cars interest you in resin 1/25   

    63 Shelby drag cobra
  15. 69NovaYenko added a post in a topic 63chevy   

    Looks realy..really good!

    Looks really good