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  1. jhwelch5 added a post in a topic Help with a painting question   

    not to sure about spray cans but i do know that laquers shouldnt be sprayed over enamal because it sometimes causes the enamal paint to lift. i do automotive paintwork and laquar is a hotter paint than enamal. i repainted a couple of models that had been sitting around for a while already painted and decided to spray them with a laquar paint when i did the enamal had a reaction with the laquar and started to lift. but like i said im not to sure about spraycans.
  2. jhwelch5 added a post in a topic Help PAINT PROBLEMS   

    i think 62rebel is right, sounds as though the metallic flakes were popping out of the binder. i wouldnt scrape the body just yet, first i soak the body in castrol superclean for a few hours, then take an old toothbrush and scrub the body throughly. ive used superclean for stripping models for years now and havent had a problem yet. it doesnt hurt the plastic and leaves all the body details. make sure to wear gloves and safty glasses.
  3. jhwelch5 added a topic in General   

    seperating resin...
    need to know of any ways to seperate resin parts after being glued with superglue.
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  4. jhwelch5 added a post in a topic photo displays?   

    thanks for the ideas guys. i have a friend who is an architect thats uses styrene for his model homes. and said he could help when i was ready. now all i need are some ideas for garage setups. thanks again
  5. jhwelch5 added a post in a topic photo displays?   

    thanks for the info barbo. i was at the hobby store after i wrote this, and i noticed that the styrene that i have been buying comes in different patterns like v-groove siding and all kinds of rods and tubing. it says for architectural and military so i was wondering could that stuff be used?
  6. jhwelch5 added a topic in General   

    photo displays?
    ok heres the deal, i keep seeing photos of models in scale garages and i think thats great, so great in fact i to would like to put together a garage display that i could to take photos of my cars. but heres the delima, i know nothing about how or where to start in the construction of said garage and would like some help or ideas of how to persue and construct a scale building.
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  7. jhwelch5 added a topic in General   

    pics size
    ok just posted some pics of my current project and the pics are alittle big, what is the best size for posted pics?
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  8. jhwelch5 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    acura rsx-rr in process
    here are a few pics of my current project. lots of mods and scratchbuilding

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  9. jhwelch5 added a topic in General   

    new guy saying hi and have a question
    my name is james and i just joined the forum, wanted to say hi to everyone. been lurking around for awhile before i joined and kinda noticed something, which brings me to the question. does the majority of the people on this sight only build hot rods and muscle cars? i build a vast selection of cars and trucks, muscle, hotrod, lowriders, trucks, and tuners. right now im building an acura rsx and i havent noticed alot of tuners on this sight. kinda looking for new ideas for mods. just a question really love the sight. once again hi to all.
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